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Experience A Range Rover Autobiography As Cheap as a Jeep Wrangler

How is the capacity of these two? This 3.0 child is 260 horsepower, and this one 2.0 has more powerful 272 code, but the torque of this child can eat off 600 Nm, but this one stopped talking.

Hello everyone, today we come again to the comparison of these two cars looking unrelated, not the same segment, not the same level, nothing is the same. But it does have one thing in common that is worth mentioning is that both cars are being sold for around 4 billion. Do you believe that? Range Rover Autobiography version 4 billion while a Jeep is also 4 billion, why is that so? Ah so strange why is that? Because this Range Rover is a used car and it has been in use for almost 6 years, since 2014.

Experience the Range Rover Autobiography as Cheap as the Jeep Wrangler 1

And this Jeep's Wrangler Rubicon is a new, hard-made 2019 model of 2020 and a new king of coong. Both are the Offroad king, the terrain king, this one is equipped with a 3.0 oil engine, this one is equipped with a 2.0 turbo petrol engine. How is the capacity of these two? This 3.0 one is 260 hp, and this one 2.0 has a stronger 272 code, but this child has a torque of 600 Nm, but this one just stopped talking. But that said, it's not like this car is weak, we will go try it later.

I do not know which of these two cars is difficult to choose, with the same price but different class, then a new one is hard to break the stamp box, one has been used for 6 years. I am very confused but today we will dissect the details. Firstly, in terms of beauty, in terms of playability, on majesty, I find the Range Rover is better, it is more classy, in terms of class it will be better, especially the exterior design, Range Rover's exterior design is more classy, much better.

Experience the Range Rover Autobiography as Cheap as the Jeep Wrangler 2

Turning to this Jeep, it has a very personality that no car has, even ok this Range Rover is really classy, but when it comes to toxicity and personality, this child is it. than. Very different personality, not touching any segment at all, everyone looks different, right? Then here on this car is equipped with Offroad equipment such as the super hard steel front bumper, then the winch, the hook, and the Offroad lights everything, look good. Here I will open the capo of this Rubicon, every time I open this one is tired, I have opened it countless times already and I'm tired, stop opening it, I'm tired. This child asks if there is technology or not, a lot of technology, we will have a very large projector here, then full LEDs. It looks very classic, but still completely led, the signal is big here. We have a set of standard Offroad tread to Offroad tires set just as well. This is a feature seen from the side of the car, you will see that this is a car with a very individual color, personality, and not mixed with the crowd. It doesn't bring luxury, but it's really impressive, right? Very impressive, with the same money, also worth considering, remember, break the stamp box.

Experience A Range Rover Autobiography As Cheap as a Jeep Wrangler 3

But going to this side, oh, I have to call it a luxurious sky even though it was 6 years ago, cam 360, the air inlet, and the air suspension lifted, the 22 inch wheels, then So big is it the tough Range Rover? In order to choose these two right now and me right now it is likely that I am leaning towards this one, because my intended use is to be chic, to show off, to show off, to go to call. business, this child. If I were someone who had a nice car, for example an S-class or something, it was very likely that I would choose this car to go personal, go cafe, sometimes go camping with him. For everything, this car will be great, if you go to a coffee shop it will be delicious. Brothers and sisters come in and take a look, see how delicious the interior is! No matter what, Jeep is so cool, try to keep quiet, close the door as if closing the door of the tank.

Experience the Range Rover Autobiography as Cheap as the Jeep Wrangler 4

This one is, internally, the best of it is not here, but here. This ceiling can be removed so we can make the convertible, can remove the back of the front, it makes an extremely cool SUV with its convertible. I have introduced to you these cars then it has a so-called certain impression. Then the impressive part is this area, which is bold in raw masculinity, square and sturdy, which button comes out, has the big screws here, is it quality?

Experience A Range Rover Autobiography As Cheap as a Jeep Wrangler 5

Now I will turn on the air conditioner to cool down a little, today the weather is 40 degrees too hot outside. We will have all the details of a technologically high-end luxury car, buttons to keep the distance, keep the lane ah without holding the lane just keep the distance, brake the speed. All things, Classic Cruise Control then the clock has a nice big color display in the middle. Next is that we have the screen in the middle of the screen is extremely sharp and responsive. Next is that below we have a bridge setting system, front-wheel differential lock, rear differential lock, locking both, front lock and even triple bar that can be switched on and off, then set the 2H mode, 4H or 4L here means two fast bridges, two slow bridges, stuff here etc and so on and so forth. In short, this is a true Offroad, technology. But to the other side it has not? Excuse me, it does, and it's electrically controlled, it just needs to push the button, not push it like this, this is almost like that, but it's good, people that Offroad professional is. I like it, and on the other side, it has the character of luxury. Until now is still difficult, right? Up to now it's still difficult, but anyone who likes to play around a little, this is also delicious.

Experience the Range Rover Autobiography as Cheap as the Jeep Wrangler 6

Come on invite you to come up here, let's take a tour to see if this baby is delicious? The other SV I left, you have already seen the video, ah not the SV but the Range Rover Autobiography oil engine. So now we will go to this to see what it is like, I'm on 4H mode right. Oh the sidewalk, the high sidewalk for me, my car is an Offroad vehicle, to see how it looks like 272 codes. The shot is very good, the swing is very good but the throttle lag is a bit too big, I find out if there is a Sport mode, I have to close my glasses, this mirror is a bit big, this mirror is square. So loud we can hear a little wind when we hit the mirror, calibrate a bit. Oh this kid drives a good, the Jeep is good, the upcoming Jeep has a genuine dealership in Vietnam that I think will also be very delicious, so if you run the Jeep now, don't worry about the maintenance. Where, don't worry too much. Oh, but running this is very attractive, have a good trip, go sure the car is extremely good, go extremely well, sure is sure. Every wind noise is the most complaining, the rest are all delicious, the steering wheel is delicious, the engine is delicious, the engine is delicious. Hanging a bit hard, the reason this suspension is hard because it is a bit inclined to Offroad so all of the chassis, under the base of things it will harden, it is not inclined to the smoothness of the car. to.

Experience the Range Rover Autobiography as Cheap as the Jeep Wrangler 7

It's very durable to walk with this one, but a Jeep, in the old days, whenever the jeep reminds me of those war movies, there were Jeeps, the bosses and the generals were able to go right. are not? Durable, very durable, but also loaded, this car is okay guys. Now I'm leaning in to this car again, when I'm done with this, because the Range Rover is already six years old anyway, although this time the moment I test the car. hey and that car is a Range Rover it still runs really well, I made a private video of it and you can watch it again. It's good to run, but because it's 6 years, I don't know when it comes to illness, when it's running and if it gets sick it will be very tiring. And this car is a new hard car, you will run for 3-5 years if you do not destroy it, so to tell if there is a problem, it is really difficult to break. This animal is running very well, actually I have run this a lot already, but coming back today, I found it still very cool. Even if its price is a bit better then Ok, to me, 4 billion seems a bit high, I don't know if you see it, you comment below. As for me, if it is a little more reasonable, a little softer, then this child can be driven, especially those who like not to touch, like to assert themselves, have something unique. This child is too suitable. Do not know if you guys see that, comment below for our brothers to exchange.

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