Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam


Fee for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners, Overseas Vietnamese Driving License In Ho Chi Minh City - Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam

Instructions for exchanging foreign driver's licenses and things to know:

You are a foreigner, you are about to come to Vietnam to settle, travel, work or study. You need to change your foreign driver's license to be able to participate in traffic like many other Vietnamese.

1. Cases in which a foreign driver's license can be converted at the center

  • As a foreigner, currently living in Vietnam and having a driving license issued by their country, wishing to join traffic in Vietnam. Our countries
  • Being a foreigner, a foreign vehicle registered in Vietnam with a period of 3 months or more already has an international or national driving license, is still valid for use and has the need to drive in Vietnam.
  • Being a Vietnamese while residing in a foreign country is granted a driving license by a foreign country, returns to Vietnam and wants to join the traffic.


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Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam 10

Sample of foreign driver's license after conversion issued by IAA (USA)


2. Procedure to change foreign driver's license at the center

To change foreign driver's license At the driver training center in Ho Chi Minh City, customers should carefully prepare the following procedures:

  • Passport photo, valid Visa
  • Residence card, stay, temporary animal, permanent residence ... or card of equivalent value photo
CASE 1: is a foreigner
1/ Photo 2 copies of the following documents
1.1/ Foreign passport
1.2/ Visa valid for more than 3 months or temporary residence card
1.3/ A page with the latest entry date stamp
1.4/ Current Vietnamese driver's license
1.5/ Foreign driver's license
2/ The original of item 1 (from 1.1 to 1.5)
CASE 2: Vietnamese people
1/ Photo 2 copies of the following documents
1.1/ Identity card
1.2/ Vietnam Passport
1.3/ The old visa of the time of obtaining the degree abroad to prove the lawful living abroad
2/ Original copies of the following documents:
2.1/ ​​Identity card, passport, old visa, current visa
2.2/ Foreign driver's license
2.3/ Certificate of health examination at the Hospital
2.4/ Current Vietnamese motorbike and car driver's license
CASE 3: is a person with dual nationality
1/ Photo 2 copies of the following documents
1.1/ Vietnam Passport
1.2/ Identity card if any
1.3/ Foreign passport
1.4/ Last entry date
1.5/ Foreign driver's license
1.6/ Vietnamese driver's license if any
1.7/ Health examination certificate for people with ID card
2/ The original of item 1 from 1.1 to 1.7

Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam 11


Only 3.000.000 VND

When coming to apply for a driver's license, customers need to present their original passport, residence card, temporary residence, stay, permanent residence ... for comparison.

Customers in 1 of the following countries will get it done faster: USA (USA), UK (United Kingdom), France (France), Germany (Germany), Switzerland (Switzerland), Korea (Korea), Japan (Japan), Belgium (Belgium), Taiwan (Taiwan) , China (China), Netherlands (The Netherlands), Philippines, Australia (Australia), Thailand (Thailand), Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Singapore.

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Why should you choose? EXCHANGE LICENSE at Ho Chi Minh City Driver Training Center?

1/ Procedures neat - does not take much of the customer's time.

2/ We have consultants enthusiastic, professional, can communicate in English with foreign customers. Take guests to take photos at the Department as thoughtfully as possible.

3/ The center is located right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City - very convenient for students to register.

4/ Students only lose min to take pictures at the Department because there is a service center.

5/ Within 15 day students already have VIETNAM driver's license with plastic card (PET) in hand.

6/ Register online quickly No need to go to the office, you can still register by sending image , and ID card or passport Wed Zalo, Viber, Email afterward transfer for the center => create favorable conditions for customers who are far away or register urgently to meet the deadline.

Account information:

       Vietcombank – Tan Binh branch

       Account holder: Huynh Thi Kim Vi 

       Account number 044 100 3782 543

7/ Ho Chi Minh City Driver Training Center always aims to provide honest, attentive service, and take care of students as devotedly as possible.

Here are the reasons why students should choose the website – Ho Chi Minh City Driver Training Center to register for a license exchange.


Students can refer and recommend to relatives and friends to soon have a driver's license in hand!


In addition, we also have service International Driver's License Exchange for those who have the need to travel or study and work short-term abroad.


Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam 13

Office Contact:

Call Center: 1900 633670

Ms Kim Vi – +090 243 0787


Building No. 23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District

Building No. 30, Street 9, Linh Tay Ward, Thu Duc District

City Driver Training Center. HCM is pleased to serve you.

Customer feedback:

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong – Australian overseas Vietnamese

Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam 14

I have been in Australia for 20 years. Recently returned to Vietnam to visit my son, I happened to look online and found that website has a foreign driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license. I registered for both me and my son, we were guided by the center to take pictures at the Department of Transport and Public Works. Now I have a Vietnamese car and motorbike driver's license, which is very convenient for traveling and sightseeing in Saigon.

Thank you Dong Tam center for supporting us!

Mr. John Khanh said

Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam 15

I have only been back home for a quarter of a month and felt that I needed a Vietnamese driver's license to be convenient for traveling, so I searched online and found the Dong Tam driver's license service center. The center did the paperwork quickly and also had a staff member accompany me to guide at the Department of Traffic and Public Works. After only 1 days I had my degree in hand. Now I can go anywhere I like with my degree in hand.

I sincerely thank the DONG TAM center

Martin Fruensgaard – live in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Procedures & Fees for Changing Driver's License For Foreigners In Vietnam 16

I have just come to Vietnam for a while and work in District 1, I need a motorbike license to easily move around in the area I live. I went online to search about getting a driver's license for cars and motorbikes for foreigners, and was introduced by Google Map to a reputable exchange service center.

I read the information on the center's website in English and understood the procedures, in addition, I called and was consulted with full information. After 10-15 days, I change driver's license from Denmark to Vietnam and can run vi vu on the streets of Saigon.

Thank you very much Dong Tam Center.

Video Answers:US Driver's License Is it possible to drive in Vietnam?

Can overseas Vietnamese use an American driver's license in Vietnam?

Vietnamese type can use an American driver's license in Vietnam, I am a Vietnamese citizen but immigrated to the US since 2014 in the extra time I have to take a driver's license test in the host country and get a driver's license Now, I plan to return to Vietnam to visit my hometown for a month and intend to join traffic in Vietnam.

As far as I know, Circular 12/2017 TT of the Ministry of Transport, Article 37, about 5 points I, stipulates that Vietnamese people who have Vietnamese nationality during the period of residence, study and work abroad are granted a license by a foreign country. valid national driving license.

If you have a need to drive in Vietnam, you are allowed to change to a corresponding license of Vietnam, now you do not permanently reside in your household registration because you are going abroad, your permanent residence right is no longer valid, however. When I return, I will declare my temporary residence in accordance with the law. So let me ask you what documents do you need and what are the procedures to change your driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license? What procedures do I need to do to be able to use a US driver's license in Vietnam?

 According to the provisions of Point I, Clause 5, Article 37 of Circular 12/2017 of the Ministry of Transport providing for specific training and testing for issuance of road motor vehicle licenses, Vietnamese people hold Vietnamese nationality for a period of time. If you have a need to drive in Vietnam, you will be considered for conversion to a corresponding Vietnamese driving license.

Accordingly, you already have a US-issued driver's license, so you are considered to change the corresponding Vietnamese driver's license, except for temporary foreign driver's licenses, international driver's licenses, driver's licenses. The vehicle of a foreigner, military police officer, has expired according to regulations, is erased, torn, and no longer has all the necessary elements to change a driver's license or has a difference in identity or driving license. foreign countries not issued by competent authorities, specified at Point A, Clause 6, Article 37 of this Circular. Procedures for changing a foreigner's driver's license are specified in Article 41. Article 41. Procedures for changing a foreign driver's license or driver's license:

  1. The driver shall make a dossier and send it directly to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam or the Department of Transport where he/she registers his/her residence, stay, temporary residence or permanent residence, the dossier includes:

+ An application form for the change of a Vietnamese driver's license, made according to the form specified in sub-law 19 attached to this circular. For foreigners, follow the form prescribed in sub-law 20 attached to this circular.

+ The translation of the foreign driver's license into Vietnamese is guaranteed by the translation quality at the notary public agency or the embassy or consulate in Vietnam where the translator works, stamped adjacent to the copy of the license drive. In case of doubtful legality, the driving license-issuing agency shall send a written request to the embassy or consulate of the country issuing the driving license in Vietnam for verification.

+ Copy of passport, identity card or citizen identification card, diplomatic or official identity card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam or copy of residence card, residence card, temporary residence card, card permanent residence, documents verifying long-term settlement in Vietnam for foreigners, in case of suspicion when coming to carry out the procedure for changing driver's license, the driver must take a photo directly at the agency. issue a driver's license and must present the originals of the above-mentioned documents, except for the originals sent for comparison.

  1. The driving license renewal application file assigned by the driver license exchange agency to the driver for management is the original dossier consisting of the documents specified in Clause 1 of this Article and the foreign driver's license.
  2. Dossiers for changing driver's license of foreigners who do not permanently reside in Vietnam, which are kept for 1 year by the driving license exchange agency, include the documents specified in Clause 1 of this Article.
Can overseas Vietnamese take the test to change their driving license for cars and motorbikes in Vietnam?

Question: I settled in the US this time I am in Ho Chi Minh City, I have a question, please answer, can overseas Vietnamese take the exam to change the driving license for cars and motorcycles in Vietnam? If so, what procedures should be done?

Reply: To be eligible for the A2 and A1 class two-wheel driving license, the two-wheeler driving license is under 2cm, the first condition is that the passport must have a visa to Vietnam with a period of 175 months or more. health check, passport, 3 2x2 photos.

For theory and practice exams like domestic candidates, the fee is 300.000 VND/person, the time to issue a driving license is 1 days from the date of passing the test. If you already have a driver's license and want to take the test for a 10-wheeler's license, you must submit an application with the above procedures and only take the practical test, the fee for the practical test is 2 VND and the issuance fee is 120.000 VND. For those who already have a car license abroad but want to change their driving license in the country, the application for change must have the seal of the foreigner's management agency, one of which will certification, embassies, consulates, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Immigration Registration, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Foreign Trade, Joint Venture, 90.000% foreign owned company. In addition to the application to change the driver's license, additional procedures for a valid international or national driver's license are required, Vietnam's visa is valid for 100 months or more, 3 2x2 photos.

Submit the application to the driver's license renewal department at 252 Ly Chinh Thang, District 3. The change fee is 30.000 VND, the change time is 10 days. In case overseas Vietnamese want to study and take the test for a driver's license in Vietnam, they must register for a driving course at an institution with a training function. class.

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