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Just 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography Engine Oil 3.0 V6

Review Experience Range Rover Autobiography 3.0 V6 Oil Engine Price 4 Billion

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Hello everyone, we meet again on the Great Car show. This is a Range Rover, perhaps you are too familiar with this car, but this is a very good version that is Range Rover version 3.0 Autobiography diesel engine. If in the old days of 2014, it sold somewhere 4 billion for the cheapest version, then this version is sometimes up to about 5 billion some 6 billion or so after 6 years of operation very smoothly now it is still sold with price of more than 4 billion at Son Tung Auto. Wow, why is there a Range Rover that keeps the price so much? The reason this Range Rover keeps the price so is tax, since the tax increase, this car now if you buy a new version like this it is also very expensive, extremely expensive. Even as the recent 3.0 version I introduced to you the SV version, it also fell to about 13 billion, at that time you just put in a range of 7 billion, so now it is still too stable, right?

But there is a good thing is this 3.0 V6 engine this diesel engine standing next to home, standing right next to the house blasting smoothly like a gas engine, blasting smoothly like a gas engine, and when it comes to the cockpit it is as quiet as the engine gasoline. And the engine has the good thing that its torque is very large, this one has only 260 codes which means it's not something terrible, enough to use. But if its torque is up to 600 Nm of maximum torque, it's terrible. I'm going to open the capo to let you know how quiet it is. See, sometimes I'm a bit surprised at why it's so quiet. This car has been well maintained by the owner even though it has been 6 years, but very well, ah too hot, very hot, calm down, I see it here. Right now I'm starting the engine so it's very hot, it's quiet, quiet. This car has just been spa, so looking at the interior compartment and the interior of the engine is very smooth, it looks like new, the engine is really quiet. Range Rover's oil engine is impressive, at first I thought I was criticizing this and that, but no, this one now sells me 3 billion so I buy and play.

Small 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography Engine Oil 3.0 V6 2

Then we have a Range Rover just like other Range Rovers, it's just different from diesel engine, we still have the same light cluster, the front camera has 2 cameras, not one, normally. I'm going to have one mounted in the middle of the license plate, but here's one this side, and this one side too, that feels the 360 camera. We'll have a set of wheels you come over here, you'll see a 22-inch set of wheels of the expensive version from the olden days the propeller shape or we call it a very impressive turbine, of course this rim has been painted in black, because traveling in Vietnam is hard to avoid scratching. especially paint and rim. We have steps up and down like other cars, we have a snorkel, we have a jet-black car with the same black bezel. Suspension is also air suspension. In short, the brand name is complete without anything.

Small 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography 3.0 V6 3

Here we go to the rear end, all the headlights and taillights are still very good, six years from now, but not 2014. Every feature I check is still working quite smoothly, I touch it so it will sensor. Look at the felt here now, if you look at the felt here you will see whether it is used a lot or not, this felt if compared to a new car is not inferior. This, it proves that the owner of this car is hardly used at all in this trunk, does not use much.

Then now we go to the interior to see how old it is after 6 years, actually 6 years is just a number, and counting the time of use, I think it's only about 5 only year. Here take out the glasses to see it clearly, what you will often see that the oldest is the leather steering wheel and seat, then look at this part of the steering wheel and we can tell whether this steering wheel can be touched a lot. No, it's a lot of grips, but it still feels soggy. Logo does not bubble, that's cool.

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Next is looking at this part, is it wrinkled, this side of the border is wrinkled or not, it will prove that this chair sits too much, then this chair I still see the neatness. . Next one that is very easy to scratch is this part, this black wood paneling, with my car myself this black thing I only used for about half a year it has scratched a lot. Okay, scratching things up even though I do hold, this can't be helped. Here I see a few scratches here, not here yet, proving that it is also relatively conservative, the owner is relatively conservative. The area in here is quite old. Maybe the car has been meticulously by Spa, so it tastes a lot. Looking at the leather trim here, I don't see any degradation, although I've seen a lot of Range Rovers about the deterioration of the leather trim on the dashboard as well as the pulse areas. around. However, this car looks very well tropicalized, there are no skin blisters here, which is a relatively impressive thing on this car when I met it.

What do we have, we have the entire ceiling is Alcantara, the panoramic sunroof is so beautiful and very new, you see this ceiling is still very new, really beautiful, beautiful. The massage chair, my chair is fully massage, I'm just telling you and this car is massaging me very comfortably, I will increase the wind to make it a little more cool. The air conditioner is still very smooth, sometimes on this compartment, I told you earlier that the oil engine is smooth, smooth like a gasoline engine, no vibrations, no roaring, and a while later. We're going to go low, let's see how it works. Now I will go back to see what is still delicious behind it?

In the back, we are only 4-seater car, but this place we cannot build up to sit, a lot of good compartments here, still relatively well-adjusted, not too new but still tasty. If the new version has a table with the things here, and this car does not, here are USB plugs and freezer things here, this is not so necessary. Having this chair massage and adjusting everything here is still delicious, there is a screen here. The screen of the Range Rover this generation, this generation it is not as smooth as the screen of the new generation, the screen of this life is still dim, it looks not very impressive, not really impressive. very much. The seat is spacious because the version is not a long wheelbase version so it is not extremely defensive, but overall, here I show you. This is a phone, here I sit up straight, also around about a small phone, around a phone is still reasonable, called reasonable for the Range Rover, the big box is like that. This is very comfortable already. We can also adjust the chair, here adjust this back, back up all then I go forward, it all fell, like this is fine. Fully equipped to sit still smooth, leather seats are still very delicious.

Small 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography Engine Oil 3.0 V6 5

Then now, when we got on, we tried to drive it to see how? Actually, when I sit on a Range Rover, I have to repeat that the box is big, it still has something that is very noble, it is very majestic. Do not know if it is cool enough, open it up a little, today it is very hot, very hot. Cam back only does not have 360 cam, maybe not press the show button, here I will press this button to see because the front also has cam, reverse camera, reverse cam and front cam. The two front cams are probably in charge of the situation when we go from the alley to the exit, the suspension is still very quiet, I don't understand what kind of maintenance and maintenance is still good, the oil engine is too good.

There was a roar, but the roar was no different from a gas engine, it was still great. The first is the feel of the engine, since this version is the 3.0 version, it is different from the versions that what I have shown you is the gas engine. So this oil version the first thing I want to talk about is the vibration, the ground vibration is not there, very quiet, Range Rover did this oil machine too well. Even if this car is 6 years old, its vibrations are really impressive. Damn it! It can't be as smooth as a gas engine but it's still too quiet, oh good hang, it's still delicious.

Small 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography Engine Oil 3.0 V6 6

Next is the noise of engine oil pouring into the cockpit is not there, there is not, is not there, like a gas engine. In fact, today's diesel-powered cars from high-end brands like Range Rover or even BMerc run like gas engines. I used to run a Merc across Europe with diesel engines, oh I run and I feel like an electric car, not a gas engine anymore, the thing that the oil engine is on luxury car manufacturers like this Quiet sitting is very normal, so quiet. If this child goes Offroad is the best, why? Because it is an oil engine so its torque, its pull force is very strong 600 Nm which is extremely strong, so it is heavy carrying or climbing downhill things as long as the table, go Offroad. But no one buys a Range Rover to go offroad, even abroad, I rarely see people go Range Rover Offroad, there is still something special about this big box, what is there? It is fair, it is reasonable to go to show it to look, but it makes sense to buy a Range Rover to go Offroad to hear it wrong? It's expensive and it's beautiful, it's cool, isn't it?

Just 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography 3.0 V6 7

The steering wheel if the car wears diapers, it is usually dirty, the Rotuyn rulers will have a certain deterioration of things. When you drive you will see a slight drop, I still feel that its accuracy is great, it cannot be like new but this car still has a steering wheel. delicious, the steering wheel is still delicious. Real quality, 6 years and still like this. 4 billion, I do not know if you think it is expensive or medium, for me, at the present time, I am saying that at the present time, 4 billion for a car like this, still new like this. It's a Range Rover brand with this big box, I find it too delicious, I find it too delicious, I don't know if you guys find it delicious, comment below for our brothers to exchange. But for me, this car is impressive, very impressive, the oil engine runs really great, it runs smoothly in the street like this, the suspension is still very good, the soundproofing is delicious. The two layers of soundproof glass, in short, the high-end brands are still equipped on this car, nothing missing, that's new or good.

Small 4 Billion Have Immediately Range Rover Autobiography 3.0 V6 8

Here you guys look down here a little bit, a lot of features, Offroad here, all kinds of journeys, climbing this mountain pass, then downhill, etc., is this good? Oh, this car is not happy, I have to wish, 4 billion is also very close. In the old days, if I could buy a HSE version of 4 billion, when the tax time was not up, that was really cruel, why is the State taxing cars so high? The items that I think are necessary every day for the people of this house and the cars and the fuel and fuel are now greatly reduced, extremely reasonable, extremely supportive. And this car, import tax and excise tax, if the price is more reasonable, is it delicious? Because Vietnam can produce cars anywhere, we just expect Vietnam to produce cars so that they do not have to tax, so that the people can access them more easily. The car that Vietnam is producing I think is high price compared to the general ground, a bit wasteful, the dream of a Vietnamese car it thinks is close but in the end it is still very far away.

That's all, today, I have introduced you to the Range Rover Autobiography 2014 diesel engine with a price around more than 4 billion sold by Son Tung Auto. People see how this car is, please comment below so that we can discuss whether this car is really okay or not at that price. Don't forget to Subscribe our Youtube channel and click the bell button to subscribe to the videos more frequently. And now goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye.

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