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Hello everyone, for those who like the feeling of sitting comfortably like sitting in a Sesan but having a car as wide as an SUV, you will probably choose a truncated sedan or we also call it a vogong and so on. then this is one of the options for you an imported car of the Swedish brand and we have the opportunity to introduce to you a lot of Volvo v90 cars that look a lot like the S90 to introduce only it's just a truncated tail.

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The engine of this car is a more powerful engine that is a more powerful engine that is a T6 engine with 320 Horsepower and torque up to 450 Newton meters that can be said to be a huge power for the car. like this and the car is like a low-rise sedan like the S90, but the drill in the back is a truncated tail, it's very wide. However, in Vietnam, the shape of a vogong car like this is not really popular because it looks a bit fancy, but if you go to Europe often, please pay attention. In Europe, we often run cars like this because like I said, it's comfortable to drive because it's low ground so it's not as crowded as the second highest undercarriage SUV is the storage area. wide period. In Europe, they are very practical, not only in Japan, they are pragmatic, there they want to carry a lot of things and they still travel comfortably, this type of car is very popular.

TExplore Volvo V90 Cross Country 12On this v90 car, it also retains the recent Volvo design language, especially as you can see that the LED daytime running lights are shaped like a T or something, all cars Volvo's new cars are all designed like this and are full of LEDs both above and below, the lights at the bottom are also LED lights and are also Led lights. In short, about modern luxury, maybe not Much more needs to be said about the Volvo car because Volvo has proven to us that their cars are full of all that every luxury car can have, so is this car, even the hood is good. so it looks very long and the car looks very elegant in fact, it's only the front part, and soon you will see the hips, you will see that the whole car is as long as a boat, that's right. is something that we will find strange because in Vietnam there are not many cars as long as this boat and as low as this but in return, the compartment inside It's so wide and I like it so much.

But this v90 car in Vietnam is not much, so now it is almost sold out but very little, so if you want to buy it, you have to buy it quickly or else someone else will buy it up front. It's the same with the S90 or the xc90, the Volvo logo is very controversial recently, but personally, I think this logo is quite beautiful, but the camera image is here. On this part of the glass it Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 13there are cameras so that it activates the feature of keeping lane and keeping distance automatically braking and so on and so forth. In short, in terms of safety, Volvo is currently one of the safest car manufacturers in the world, so we don't have to talk about safety anymore from the chassis to the very supporting industries. Modern, the wheels of this car are 19-inch wheels I think fit a car like this, 9 inches like this, neither too big nor too small for a car like this .

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Here you can see the body of this car standing from afar, looking out here, you can see that it is as long as a canoe like a canoe is always long. The rim of this v90 is the black painted border, isn't it? chrome plated, all the lower parts where painted black below are also painted matte black here and there, and the glass of Volvo cars is always darkened and UV protected, It's dark, dark This is the rear of the car you'll see, it's also like an SUV, but it's very similar to the xc90s I've introduced, it's quite good, isn't it? looks pretty good t6 engine here is the v90 cross country version this is the version name, it's a Vogong.

Around the front and back of the car, the two mirror edges and everything, the exhaust pipe is also very neat and tidy. In short, the designs of the Nordic Swedes always have something that is simple and light, it is not overwhelming but it will make me relax, it is not boring, but the overall Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 14Volvo, inside and out, has always designed it beautifully and neatly. Then now I open the trunk, you will see that the trunk of this car is very large, this car also has the function of kicking the trunk, but now I forgot I don't have the key so it can't be kicked. so you must have a lock on you to kick it. The trunk looks huge, wide, this is a compartment to pull up with you see This trunk that can put the bike in is also suitable of course the bike we will make or fold It's a little bit compact, it's also very spacious. And there's also a compartment here that stretches out to stretch out for what so we can put something on top of this and cover the part below.

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And if you don't like this, it can be removed and removed, there is also a compartment below to lift it, when lifted, it will be divided into two compartments, dividing the rear trunk into two compartments. so that it doesn't fall out, but if you guys know it, you'll see this sheet, it's not made of a normal middle, it's made of fiberglass or laminated yarn. I don't know but this is not a normal piece of plastic, it will be flexible and if it breaks down there, it will not form a sharp piece of iron but it will be soft, it will crumble it, it will be flexible, it will avoid being damaged. injury to people if not Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 15fortunately, accidents happen This is a very good thing that I appreciate the Volvo brand that always thinks of people as the most important thing, even the smallest things are really safe even In the event that even in 1 billion trillion percent it is safe to do so, that's great, this plate is the best and has hydraulic support, there is a partition between the base layer and the upper support plate. It's also made of fiber, which means it's expensive, first of all, it's more expensive, it's more expensive, it's like carbon fiber, but instead of carbon fiber, it's fiberglass or fiber. something plastic something rather than a sheet of plastic. All very good, very safe.

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It is true that Europeans are different from people who think safety first. Then now I test how people get into the compartment on the interior compartment above the car. Please pay attention to the seats, the lower parts are electric seats, it has a full massage and everything in general, nothing is missing, the car can also be opened smartly, only all Volvo cars All of them don't have a door, the company's explanation said that they will give preference Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 16First of all the life saving part rather than luxury hit why is this so they have calculated that if there is an accident, their doors will open more easily after the accident then if it happens If they just need to lightly pedal, they can open up and go out, then they have carefully calculated the safety for the occupants of the car and how the interior department is.

You can see that it is almost identical to a Volvo car that I have introduced xc90 then S90 then xc60 the same with nothing else on the new version of Volvo cars then it also has the first feature that I forgot about but in general, but in general, most of the features are collision warning which is toxic and which means when you go to meet a sea If something says 50 speed limit, it willExplore Volvo V90 Cross Country 17 shows 50 in this screen so you know it's only 50 if you go too far it will tell you you're going too fast that's very smart in general it's smart it reports everything, like a That assistant is like an assistant that informs you and then it helps you brake automatically when entering a crowded road without you, it will automatically brake and so on and so on many automatic features. That's safe, then this one has so many smart features. Just need the big screen like APEC.

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On this car, the wood has many versions, but the wood of the car we are looking at is always a tree that is not the shade of the original like the original wood, it looks lumpy. and it's blurry, it looks very close, it's very beautiful, this picture is the most beautiful, it looks very simple, it looks extremely simple but not monotonous, simple but still exudes respect. Nordic people Their design is really good and always creates closeness to the user. This car is also equipped with B&W powertion speaker Wiki look at this speaker you will have those opions, this opsion It's a relatively expensive opsion because this speaker system is a 2M speaker system and a very good 5 star 6 star speaker system and this chair and chair and armrest are all covered with genuine leather. genuine leather upholstery. If I'm not mistaken, that nappa leather is very good, only that the high-end version like the other day I introduced it, the xc90 Excellent, it has a suede-covered ceiling and this one is covered with fabric. but it's also very neat and elegant.

Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 18That's the front room but I'd rather go to the back, I'll sit to this position to see how wide the rear seats will be, of course I have to adjust this chair to the position that it is. I've already driven, come to the electrician here, for example, as I said, I will take this comfortable position. Now I try to go to the back. That I knew right away, but like I said, the back seat of this v90 aka cross-country car, it's that wide to see. From here to here, a glove always falls between 20 and more than 20 cm, which is very wide, very wide, very very wide, only I have not found a button to recline the seat, it is likely not. I can't fall the chair here and there, what button is there, this button is likely to fold the chair, this is to lift up and down to do anything, I don't know how to lift it up and down, I haven't figured out what to do why don't you meet the chair again to meet the chair to tidy up and then I won't need this then you probably need to do something then it will just come down here for now, just leave it like this, the next time it's wide like this and control the air conditioner it's still a screen, please touch it here, there are charging ports here, please also charge 230v, please ban the dryer, refrigerator, and battery bla here is only 150w, so only a device with a small capacity can be used, but the sunshade is also manual, not electric.

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Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 19Actually, for this money range in Vietnam, imported from Europe like this, pulling the hand from it is correct, this armrest is also covered with genuine leather and there is also a genuine leather, there is a back there. I don't know what this compartment is for, just ignore this compartment. This is where the cup is. Then the interior compartment of this v90, you see, it is very wide, it is always comfortable to sit and its car is low, so if you still go, you will be like driving a sedan like sitting in a sedan. stack of SUVs, but the drill on the inside, especially the storage compartments, is extremely large. That's on an imported car and the price of the v90 cross country car is about 3 billion 090 million, 3 billion or so.

In terms of the price of a car of this size, if compared to the common ground like me For example, an imported E300 is about the same, I think it is similar to the price of only The thing is that the E300 is a bit picky when compared to the engine, but in return, Mec's brand will be older than Volvo and it is more popular in Vietnam than Volvo because Volvo is a brand name. relatively new in Vietnam but recently a lot of people have liked Volvo because firstly it's simple Explore Volvo V90 Cross Country 20Close to the second is already safe, one of the safest cars in the world. That's what the v90 car gives me today and please comment below to see if this car is beautiful and how it is, do you guys respond or not? Please let us know your opinion and don't forget to subscribe to XEHAY's youtube channel. And now we ride around to see if the car is lovely or not. Please. The sound of the door closing firmly, it is true that European luxury cars have a different sound of closing the door neatly and firmly.

I have to admit that this car's shape will be liked by those who come back from Europe or have lived with Europe, but those who do not often go to Europe and have not seen many of these cars, it may be a bit strange. , it's a bit weird. Then we can stop at the tail. Hello goodbye and see you in the next videos of XEHAY. Hi!

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