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1. The Range Rover SVAutobiography board, the overall details are like the regular versions but the small details are very delicate, such as the Range Rover letter engraved each small detail on the inside is very meticulous and class. only the small details make the difference and this difference is made up of a section called Special Vehicel Operation, which is why this car has the first 2-letter version, the SV.


2. If you look at the head many times when we have an idea that the front of the car is shiny chrome, luxurious, ... but Range Rover SVAutobiography is different, very little chrome even the steering wheel surface is very gray and black with the color of paint, the body does not have any chromium, the tail does not have any chromium. But it is far more classy than chromium, at the front of the car you can also see a very beautiful system of lights including LEDs, borders, daytime positioning combined with very smart projecter basic noun arapit. Under the bonnet is a 5.0L V8 engine system that produces up to nearly 550 horsepower, it is slightly higher than the Black Autobiography version, and torque up to 680Nm and must be so strong that it is enough The power to propel this 3 ton heavy vehicle extremely fast and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h takes just 5.5 seconds.

3. Range Rover's height is not unusual at all and it is a huge SV. And of course it also wade up to nearly 1m almost submerged in the water.

4. The body does not have a luxurious chrome finish, but on the special version it has a black body roof. The paint part of the car is divided into 2 distinct colors above black and below can choose 9 colors. In the brace is not a chrome plating but a thick silver thread and there is an L here, the L represents this is a long, long wheelbase version that is very wide and is the most expensive, tall version. most level. This SV version is also equipped with extremely large wheels up to 22 inches and the body can lift and fold as soon as it moves so extremely convenient. The doors open very firmly, all 4 doors are very comfortable snuffers. And when you touch the closed door, the footrest will automatically open.

5. As for the overall design of the Range Rover, there are few curves, only straight lines, and the tail, too, even the lights are almost straight lines. At the rear, there's a little bit of chrome on the door brace and the Range Rover repair is also meticulously engraved as the word Range Rover on the front. Open the trunk, we only need to kick the foot, the trunk will open itself up and a small wing below, on this version is equipped with all felt, there is a special type equipped with wood lining but in Vietnam wood will be affected by perishable temperatures so the felt is still better.


6. When you close the Range Rover door, the chassis will raise itself, or you just need to touch the door handle to open the door, the chassis will lower itself so that people in the car can step down. easy way. Even the thread button shows the difference, the surrounding edges are milling with diamond shapes extremely class. On the right side, there is also a button like that and just push it, the trunk of the car automatically opens. The leather wrapped on Range Rover SVAutobiography is an extremely classy leather and sits very comfortably. There is a point that you pay attention to is the headrest, not every car has a comfortable headrest like the headrest of this car, just leaning on it will make you feel completely relaxed. The wood in the car is covered with sandalwood and creates a luxurious and pleasant aroma.

7. But the small details on the car, such as the knob to rotate the shift lever or the mode dial are also made of metal meticulously diamond.

8. The steering wheel is also covered with extremely luxurious wood and leather, and there are combination buttons on the steering wheel and the gearshift pad is also monolithic aluminum. Moreover, the steering wheel also has a heating function, which feels very warm to the touch. The center screen is a bit small and not very sharp, but it exudes a very elegant touch, the screen has a combination of multiple buttons. Range Rover seats not only sit comfortably, can be massaged, they also have cooling or drying modes for all seats. When you sit in the back seat you will feel more comfortable, you will see a screen more than 10 inches like a TV. And the speaker system is equipped with 29 speakers that produce up to 1700W, and right behind the back of the TV is a speaker.

9. Between the two seats of the backseat, there is a tray to hold the drink very smartly, when you press the button, it appears and it also has a cooling function. Right in front of this is also a very deep storage compartment, and an extra 12V charging port. And between the 2 seats, there is an extra slot for water toad, a sound plug system and a headset for 2 with 2 12V charging slots. There is also a smart one in front of each chair, which is designed to be very smart, can be used for eating, watching phones, having a place to plug in the charger, for a laptop or can work as a portable room. , made of wood that is aluminum cut whole.

10. When you spend a lot of money, what you get back is extremely worth, 13 billion with a fully equipped car that you need is extremely reasonable.

11. As the most luxurious, powerful and impressive SV model in Range Rover's range, Range Rover SVAutobiography was created by Special Vehicel Apperation, a division that always creates luxury cars. and unique. Firstly, the interior of the car has scored with the opposite with a bonnet that is shaped to look strong, the wheels are certainly sporty, the exterior is mixed between two unique colors: black and gray mouse hair with a polished chrome grille, and translucent Range Rover lettering in matte black instead of chrome as in previous versions.

12. The car has a length of 5200mm, width of 2220mm, height of 1840mm, wheelbase of 2921mm. Highlight details such as the L added to the metal brace on the flanks are a sign of the extended wheelbase version and the SVAutobiography emblem is displayed on the rear door, and the sporty exhaust exhaust all show special edition of the British luxury SV. Dubbed a specially developed super luxury car, it is not too surprising that the interior of the car is luxuriously covered with leather and high quality wood panels, the details of the steering system are decorated. High-strength aluminum alloy shown at the staff stop button, the central control knob in the front and rear seats are integrated with similar features. The toad box and socket cover are made of high-quality materials that not only make customers feel comfortable, the rear seats are business seats with electrically controlled desks, coat hangers. made of hard aluminum alloy mounted on the rear axle, even a refrigerator.

13. Power of Range Rover SVAutobiography: 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine, made of aluminum alloy, producing 550 horsepower and maximum torque of 650 Nm, the car can accelerate from 0 to 96km / h in just 5.5 seconds before reaching a top speed of 220km / h this power is transmitted down the wheels via ZF 8-speed gearbox. Range Rover SVAutobiography 2016 long wheelbase version LWB is priced at more than 10 billion Vietnam dong in Vietnam market.


14. Strictly Range Rover in the inner city, the first is to adjust to Auto because it is not necessary we have to switch to terrain mode, the chassis can be lowered a bit, it will be quieter and more balanced, Adjust the air conditioning and massage chair for more comfort. The visibility of the car is high and very easy to see, the rearview mirror is very large and the observation is extremely easy to almost do not have too many blind spots or can say is very small blind spot. The steering wheel of this large Range Rover is quite light, if compared to sports cars, the Range Rover is relatively lighter, it feels more luxurious to the car instead of the sporty feeling. Because the car is equipped with air suspension, you will not need to complain much about the smoothness of the car even if it is a bit too quiet so there is a feeling of flutter that makes the people behind if not familiar with the car. easy to get drunk. Really soundproofing of this car is too good when in front of you is a supercharged engine 5.0L V8 5000 cc, although the car weighs 3 tons but the car still shoots very fast and the top of the car is almost peeled up. Initially driving this large van seemed a bit overwhelmed because of the bulky fear, but after a while, it felt a little idle because the light steering wheel, very good visibility and everything in the car gives you a feeling of relaxation. Relax, luxurious. The car is equipped with an 8-speed gearbox but in the inner city cannot get to an 8-speed gearbox. Range Rover gear changes very quickly and very smoothly.

15. Experience Range Rover in the suburbs, the car runs at a higher speed but still not to the maximum, the car is still smooth and moving smoothly. The intelligent system on the vehicle will signal to you that when you go slowly, you let the roar or low roar, it is reasonable to go low so that the low roar is so reasonable, you have to adjust the roar. How low, ... then the system will notify you and suggest you switch to a more reasonable mode to go for safer. Range Rover has an all-terrain feature of five modes. The front display is a screen, not a mechanical watch, so it's smart.


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