1. Range Rover car with SVAutobiography board, the overall details are the same as the regular versions, but the small details are very delicate, for example, the word Range Rover is engraved with every small detail inside, very meticulous and classy, Only small details make the difference and this difference is made by a part called Special Vehicel Operation, that's why this car has a 2-letter version of SV.


2. If we look at the front a lot, we often have the idea that the front of the car is shiny, luxurious, ... but Range Rover SVAutobiography is different, very little chromium even the steering wheel is very gray and gray. black with the color of the paint, the body does not have a bit of chromium, the rear part does not have a bit of chromium. But it is much more classy than chromium, at the front of the car, you can also see a very nice light system including led lights, borders, daytime positioning combined with very smart projecter basic noun arapit lights. Under the bonnet is a 8L V5.0 engine system that produces up to nearly 550 horsepower, it is slightly higher than the Black Autobiography version, and torque is up to 680Nm and must be so powerful it is enough. The power to push this 3 ton heavy vehicle is extremely fast and accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in just 5,5 seconds.

3. Range Rover's height is not normal at all and it is a terrible SV. And of course it wades extremely hard up to nearly 1m, almost diving in the water.

4. The body of the car does not have a bit of luxurious chrome, but on the special version it has a black roof. The paintwork of the car is divided into 2 distinct colors, the upper part is black and the bottom 9 colors can be selected. In the brace part is not chrome plated but a thick silver thread and there is an L here, the letter L indicates this is a long wheelbase version, the seat will be very wide and the most expensive version, tall top level. This SV version is also equipped with extremely large wheels up to 22 inches and the body can be lifted and folded right away, so it is extremely convenient. The door opens very firmly, all 4 doors are very comfortable doors. And when you touch the door to close, the footrest will automatically open.

5. Regarding the overall design of Range Rover, there are almost no curves, only straight lines intersecting each other, and the tail is the same, even the lights are almost intersecting straight lines. At the rear, there is a bit of chromium in the door brace and the Range Rover repair is also meticulously engraved like the word Range Rover in the front. Open the trunk, we just need to kick the foot, the trunk will automatically open a wing up and a small wing below, above this version is equipped with all felt, there is a special type equipped with wood lining but in Vietnam wood will be affected by heat easily, so felt is still better.


6. When you just close the door of the Range Rover, the chassis will raise itself, or you just need to touch the door handle to open the door, the chassis will lower itself so that the occupants can step down a bit. easy way. Even the button can see the difference, the surrounding contours are milled in extremely classy diamond shapes. The right hand side also has such a button and just press it, the trunk will automatically open. The leather upholstery on the Range Rover SVAutobiography version is extremely classy and very comfortable to sit on. There is one point that you guys pay attention to that is the headrest, not all cars are as comfortable as the headrests of this car, just leaning on it will make you feel completely relaxed. The wood on the car is covered with sandalwood and creates a luxurious and pleasant fragrance.

7. But the small details on the car, such as the knob to rotate the gear lever or the mode adjustment buttons, are also made of metal that is meticulously diamond-milled.

8. The steering wheel is also covered with extremely luxurious wood and leather, and there are also buttons on the steering wheel and the gearshift paddles are also monolithic aluminum. Moreover, the steering wheel also has a heating function, when touching it will feel very warm. The central screen is a bit small and not extremely sharp, but it exudes a very elegant touch, the screen has a combination of many buttons layout. Range Rover's seats are not only comfortable and can be massaged, but also have a cooling or drying mode for all seats. When sitting in the back seat you will feel more comfortable, you will see a screen more than 10 inches like a television. And the speaker system is equipped with over 29 speakers that produce up to 1700W of power, and right behind the lower seat of the TV there are also speakers.

9. Between the two seats of the rear seat there is a tray to store drinks very smart, when you press the button, it will appear and it also has the function of keeping cold. Right in front of this tray there is also a very deep storage compartment, and there is an additional 2V charging port. And between the two seats, there is an additional tray to store water toads, an audio plug-in system and a place for headphones along with 1 12V charging sockets. There is also a tray in front of each seat that is cleverly designed to be hidden, which can be used to eat, watch the phone, have a place to plug in the charger, put a laptop or can work as a mobile room. , the tray is made of wood and is cut aluminum.

10. When you spend a large amount of money, what you get in return is extremely worth it, 13 billion with a fully equipped car that you need is extremely reasonable.

11. As the most luxurious, powerful and impressive SV model in the Range Rover range, the Range Rover SVAutobiography was created by the specially developed Special Vehicel Apperation division that has always created luxury cars. and unique. First of all, the interior of the car has scored with the opposite person with a powerfully shaped bonnet, a set of sturdy sports wheels, the exterior is mixed between two unique colors, which are black and gray mouse with a Glossy chrome grille, and matte black Range Rover inscription instead of chrome like previous versions.

12. The car has a length of 5200mm, a width of 2220mm, a height of 1840mm, a wheelbase of 2921mm. Highlights such as the L added to the metal side skirts that mark the version of the extended wheelbase and the SVAutobiography badging on the rear doors, and the sporty exhaust pipes all show distinctiveness. of the British luxury SV. Dubbed a specially developed super luxury car, it is not too surprising that the interior of the car is covered with luxurious leather and high-class wood panels, the details of the steering system are decorated. High-strength aluminum alloy is shown in the staff stop button, the central control knob in the front and rear seats is integrated with the same features. The toad box and socket cover are made from high-quality materials that not only bring comfort to customers, the back row is a business row with an electrically controlled desk, a coat holder. Made of hard aluminum alloy mounted on the rear axle, there is even a refrigerator.

13. The power of the Range Rover SVAutobiography: 8L supercharged V5.0 engine, made of aluminum alloy, producing 550 horsepower and maximum torque of 650Nm, the car can accelerate from 0 to 96km/ h in just 5,5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 220km / h, this power is transmitted to the wheels through an 8-speed ZF gearbox. Range Rover SVAutobiography 2016 LWB long wheelbase version is priced at more than 10 billion VND in Vietnam market.


14. Experiencing Range Rover in the inner city, the first thing will be to adjust to Auto because it is not necessary for us to switch to terrain mode, the chassis can be lowered a bit, it will be smoother and more balanced, Adjust the air conditioner and massage chair for more comfort. Visibility of the car is high and very easy to see, the rearview mirror is very large and the observation is extremely easy, almost without too many blind spots or it can be said that the blind spots are very small. The steering wheel of this big box Range Rover is quite light, compared to sports cars, the Range Rover is much lighter, it gives the car a luxurious feeling instead of a sporty feeling. Because the car is equipped with an air suspension system, you will not need to complain much about the smoothness of the car, even if it is a bit too quiet, there is a feeling of floating that makes the people behind if not familiar with the car very much. get drunk easily. Really, the soundproofing of this car is too good when in front of you is a supercharged 5.0L V8 5000 cc engine, although the car weighs 3 tons, the car still jumps very quickly and the top of the car is almost peeled up. At first, driving this big truck seems a bit overwhelming for fear of being bulky, but after a while, I find it a bit leisurely because the steering wheel is light, the visibility is very good and everything on the car gives you a sense of relaxation. Relaxed, luxurious. The car is equipped with an 8-speed gearbox, but in the inner city, it is not possible to upgrade to an 8-speed gearbox. Range Rover gearshifts very quickly and very smoothly.

15. Experience Range Rover in the suburbs, the car runs at a higher speed but has not yet reached the maximum, the car is still smooth and moves gently. The intelligent system on the car will signal to you that when you go slow, you leave it high or low, is it reasonable to go like that to lower it, and it is not reasonable to go like that to lower it, but you have to adjust it. how low, etc., the system will notify you and suggest you switch to a more reasonable mode to go for safer. Range Rover has an off-road feature that includes 5 modes. The watch displayed on the front is a screen, not a mechanical watch, so it's very smart.

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