One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day

One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day

Hello friends, I am present at My Dinh stadium in Hanoi to participate in a Mitsubishi program of Vietnam, the Mitsubishi Experience Day program. And today, this car company has invited a very special character that is a young and beautiful girl over there, she will come here to pick me up and maybe we will go with her. Take a tour around the area to see how.

One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day 6

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That and now I will get in the car to go with her, this is a Triton car, today she will take me for a tour, there will be nothing special. Hello! How are you? I'm Tony, Nice too meet you, You are beautiful! Yeah! Thank you. What do you do for me now? Drink it ok thank you Wow Slow slow. It's too good to introduce anything….haha haha…then this part is easier this part is easier than this one, one more round, one more round. You drink more water. Ok, so that means I have to finish the bottle right? That's right. I spilled some water here and I'm sorry. Drink it all up, open the bottle. Now I have to finish this. Now start ok. One more round, are you okay? No no no I'm not fine Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh my god what a girl drives so bad. Let me out, let me out. Let you out? No more rounds. I don't drink water anymore. Maybe I will….Drink the whole bottle of water. No thanks, I haven't had enough. I'll leave it here, maybe it's me...

One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day 7

Let me introduce to you and your friends this is Leonatrip a very skilled vip girl from Malaysia and today I almost made me drool. Thank you for treating me. Sorry for spilling water on your car. Nothing nothing. Thank you very much, I will take this bottle, drink it all out in the car….Thank you and hello.

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Wet all pants and then sew but not because of other water but because of this water, lucky, so scared!.

I am at the Mitsubishi super tire experience area, please look over there, now I will be with a very hot Mitsubishi 2 crane, that is the Mitsubishi Pajeoro Sport will experience the journey with me. this. And first we're going to experiment with the first exercise, which is the zigzag, the run and the side, and now I'm going to adjust the chair so it's roundest. Right now, the car doesn't see the key, should I just leave it like that? That's right . Then this car is very cold ok. Here's a little bit of seat belts, full comb mirrors. Okay, now we'll get into the topic. Begin. Ok! Then now they will exchange this car, now I will drive this car, I will follow them guys. This car, they won't cross the other bridge because this car it's a tow truck it can actually pass but it's bumpy so it won't pass anywhere and my car will pass.

One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day 8

Introducing you, this is Vinh Quang with long hair, very beautiful, sorry, very handsome. Then we'll start now, Mr. Quang, now we're going to speed up this part, isn't it, Mr. Quang? At this stage, I should go at 40 trees / h because going at that speed everyone will feel the level of stability and maximum noise reduction. Ok, can I speed up now, Mr. Quang? Now wait for the car in front to go exactly, now I will accelerate, please watch me accelerate 1 2 3. Then ok this is it, rub it sweetly, and now go back to touch. Now this is the good part, now is the good slope now with the Pajeoro Sport with the inclined road. Then now I have misplaced the wheel, it's okay now I'll step back a bit, the misplacement of the wheel may be because my driver's license is not very accurate. Now I'm going to go a little further. Oh, this is it, is it ready to tilt? Brother, it helps, there are many times when I have experienced so many times like this every time I go to the top, then this part is easy, then this part is easier to go uphill, Mr. Quang just reminded me not to I stepped on the brake but it was the 2 of us, so to go at difficult levels, it's best to go on 1 bridge to avoid going 2 bridges and also avoid it.

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One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day 9

The road that a bridge like this can't cross, but because of the two bridges, it connected the wheel to push the cart across, transmitting the force to the wheels so that the wheels hit the ground and the wheel didn't touch the ground, but it didn't. spin again. Using all my force to push the cake on the ground actually I experienced a lot this time but this time I experienced why it trembles, it looks like it's majestic, it's scary, and then this slope is simple. Simply climb up the slope where between the car, the angle of arrival and the angle of exit, the exit angle is very standard, then the car has automatically braked and set the downhill pass mode and it's very good. Now this is the difficult part, now that I look at it broadly, how good it is, now I will turn around to climb the other slope. That slope is called climbing to heaven's gate, how do you climb up to heaven's gate? Go straight here, right? Ok, let's go straight here. Just like a few months ago, Pajeoro had a video of a car going up a high slope that made everyone extremely shocked, today Pajeoro Sport can also do the same and not only do it but also do it simply. Now it will be this slope that looks exactly the same now also have to climb but it is not easy. Then let's climb, now set the gear for it properly, the first step is very important until the middle, stop to try the mode. Now I'm going to climb up the throttle, do I have to adjust to 2 slow cranes and now stop, I'm on the brake, but now if I let go of the brake, I won't drift because there is a horizontal departure assist feature uphill, I took my foot off for a few seconds, but now I go slow, go slow, slow down, steer stop, steer stop, steer stop, thanks to a guy above for guiding me very well, otherwise If I don't see it, I only see the sky, there is a camera to monitor this, looking at the camera, I can tell that this is me driving very well, then I'm so scared bro, so tall bro, so calm This one is also rolling down, ready to sink into the ground.

One Day Experience With Mitsubishi Experience Day 10

How can this be too high, over and over, ok now let go of the brake pedal, let go of this, it automatically comes to life and then comes back to life but I'm still afraid a few minutes ago I was cold but in general I was scared, fortunately I'm over it, amazing, I have to say that after going through these posts, I know I'm also very brave, I'm also very shy, shy because it's okay to get up to the place where my heart is pounding but it's important This car helps me pass safely. Well done, thank you Mr. Vinh Quang for guiding me to cross that slope, it's really a very difficult slope when reaching the top when falling down, it's like this, it doesn't matter. is that we passed the car that supported me very well. Remember to subscribe to Xe's Youtube channel and press the bell button to watch our latest video and now please and see you in the next videos. Hello friends!

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