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BMW X7 Version 6 Billion How Different Version 7 Billion

If you want to watch television, what do you have to watch television in Vietnam? All out again and install, the mode is fine, but it's not as good as zin. Here press the Media button here, then watch TV as well, dupe?

Hello everyone, hello hello, out of Covid and so happy, we got a car review again. Where in Vietnam can this many BMW X7 converge? Is it EURO Auto? No, where to get it. Is it THACO Auto? No, where to get it. Phan Dung Auto has just converged three X7 in the same place like this. But no matter how he sells, Phan Dung, today I stole these three of his cars here to show you why three X7s? Because neither one is the same, even though it is the same full option, although equally beautiful, the exterior looks the same, but when it comes to detail it is different. That's why there are only more than 6 billion, some up to under 7 billion, 7 billion more than 7 billion or more, that's my fault. For example, if I like a lot of equipment and things, it will cost a lot of money, but those who like the style it is affordable, still get the same thing like this but only have over 6 billion, then this can alo give Mr. Phan Dung the phone number below. Now I go to find out why it's just over 6 billion, and why is it 7 billion? This for example, this one more than 6 billion looks like the other around 7 billion, right? No difference, the lights are also laser, big kidney, also chromium, also aluminum, 360 camera and full radar don't lack anything. In short, the outside is no different, it is possible that in this version it is an LED light, the LED light on the X7 is not different from the laserer design. But this part, this little detail, if it's the laser, it's blue, the rest are all the same things. With light, laser lights are much better, much brighter, and much better.

BMW x7 experience

But talking about that pragmatic value, the led lights are too good to use, but whoever likes to play, they just play lazer, right? For example, I have a lot of money, for example, I play lazer and I always don't talk much. That this version is an led light, look no different than the laser light on the other side, after a while you will see the laser light, you will know. For example, on this one, you will see this side, although the 22-inch wheels, the body kit are the same, the body kit in the package is Pure Excellent. However, if you want to personalize, it means that you set the custom package, the package you want, chances are you will both Pure Excellent and Emperformance for the clutch or brake. For example, this clutch is a normal wheel, 22 inch is very nice, but this brake cluster you look is not a MSPORT brake. Here if MSPORT, it will be green, on the other side it is blue, that's why this car is still very good in performance but it costs just over 6 billion, that's why the other child is it more expensive than that.

BMW X7 Version 6 Billion How Different Version 7 Billion 1

All the options, if placed outside, I choose, the best one is that place. In addition to this car, in addition to a little change, I see that this is also a different equipment, normally if another car it will be a chrome rim, if you personalize and you like it is black. For a sportier look you can set this border to black. For example, this more than 6 billion version, the legroom it does not have, it is just a normal step up and down although there is also the MSPORT badge on this side. But when I come over to this side I let you see this side, in this car, you will have a footstool here, the door sill climb up here. It is easier to step up here and when it looks from the outside it seems more spectacular, of course whoever is careful but for me, it is too delicious. They chose the chrome border for this version, that's good in that place. If you buy from genuine, you will almost only have one option, and how the company sells, you have to buy like that.

If you like personalization, you can also do it, but I think it's difficult, but outside, you like it, right to Phan Dung, you like how to do it, like black then black, like chromium is chromium, like brown then brown, like yellow then yellow, like that. This chrome plated, look at the brake cluster here it is MSPORT, it's different in blue like this, these little details make it expensive here, that's why this car is Nearly 7 billion, not more than 6 billion like that other car, it's around there. The glass is dark in color, the glass is optional dark color, double-layer glass is always, soundproof and heat-insulated against all kinds of rays harmful to health, BMW's car is very good.

BMW x7 experience

I love BMW more and more because the design plus the technology of BMW today is so impressive, from the smallest, the lights, the wheels, the mirrors, and the stuff, every day. I like it more. Every time I like a different brand because there are brands that they break up in each phase, for example, I liked Merc in the past, I still like now but now I'm a bit inclined. About BMW because the BMW technology is youthful and it makes me feel more sympathetic. Of course this is everyone's taste, there are people who like Toyota, right, don't like BMW, but I like BMW.

BMW X7 Version 6 Billion How Different Version 7 Billion 2

So my brothers and I got on this car so I let you know how is the interior on one side different from the interior on the other side? Why is it more expensive and cheaper, come up here and see. Come here, please.

Then the door inhales these fully furnished, what do you differentiate interiors? For example, the regular car, which means the non-personalized version, this area is just something called not really plastic but it is not leather, it is a high material Soft and soft, it looks like leather, touches like leather but it's not real leather, it's still very nice, but a little while, compared to that expensive version under 7 billion it will be real leather always.

Next is that you will probably not have the smart screen key, in fact I don't like that key very much but I see it later, which is also a good one. See, here too, the wood paneling, this wood itself is beautiful, but paving the wood that personalization it is even better, this is brown, one color I also really like. . But when I paved to the wooden panel and added money, it looked different, it looked different, full option. Ah for example, last time I showed you the X5, the button of the glass is black, you just need to add money, it turns into the aluminum color right away. Simply put, in short, whatever you want, you only have money or not.

How BMW X7 Version 6 Billion Is Different from Version 7 Billion 3

And the best part about personalization is that you like something because you have money, and I think when you buy these cars, people won't be short of money, I think nobody is short of money. both. However, buying and buying exactly what I like, he likes it even more, even more expensive than a few hundred million, but it's just what I like and no one has. If you buy it in bulk, it's fine, but it can't be as good as what you like, right? For example, traveling with the same car but my car has this one and it is more powerful, my car has that one and it is more powerful, it is clear that it is better, even though it's the same X7. That is a very worth mentioning. Show you the other car too, you will know what it is like on the other side?

This is done, earlier I showed you this light here, you look here, the laser light is it this green. In terms of design, the form is identical, it only differs from the color here and the one inside it is the laser. Ah here and there, this one is sure everyone knows. This grille when first started, it closes in so that it heats up faster, helping the engine to run smoothly faster. And when it gets to enough temperature it opens up to cool, this one is also a good one, that's cool.

Here over here, if you personalize, you will see right on the steps here, this step has BMW Individual, instead of MSPORT, then this step looks different, here This is the step to climb up here. Now I'm going inside to show you how beautiful this interior is.

This first, first look at the wood, and then I'll show you a bunch of personalized stuff, here I'm going to open this up, oh my goodness? This first is the wood, this wood on the other side of the car is brown, it was very beautiful, but on the other side it is this color, what color is this called? This color is called unknown color, BMW wood color, in short is a very beautiful wood color, gray, gray, blue or what color I don't know, stone color, stone color, but it's impressive. , extremely beautiful, the wood grain is also beautiful. Next to this area like I said if the car on the other side is not leather then this is genuine leather, good leather, leather must be different, don't joke, it must be different leather.

BMW X7 Version 6 Billion How Different Version 7 Billion 4

And if you get in this car, that car also, in the BMW X7 you will feel fragrant, it is fragrant in two perfume bottles here, two perfume bottles stuffed in here, you will have two jars. perfumes and four genuine BMW scents you put in here. And this is great, you press this button, press this Home button, now I will adjust the perfume, when you get in the car you will go into this mode, press the screen or press the wheel. OK, in this Experience Mode, it will have the Mode for you to choose, three Modes are preset personal options, I will enter the Mode that activates all the features I will press. Now, the lights, the temperature, the massage chair, the temperature of the chair, the sunroof it will open and close, the perfume, all the cool features in the car it activates all the way to make the occupants feel the most relaxed, or extremely cool, and at this moment its perfume will fly. I don't know exactly what BMW perfume it smells like, but it feels very relaxing, very relaxing.

I missed a flight to Europe to join the very sorry GENEVA MOTOR SHOW, why regret it? Because I will be meeting my idol, legendary musician Hans Zimmer, who is one of the German music wizards, if I remember correctly, and already the greatest Hollywood composer, writing for top Hollywood movies. Then why do I mention him? He's the one who's going to appear in that GENEVA show at the BMW booth because he has composed so-called epic songs for BMW to incorporate this feature, then when he got up there were some. good music. It must be like that, must be the most famous composer in the world and own production, right? That's very nice, maybe no one knows about it, but I'm a music enthusiast so I like it, and when I get in a car I listen to the music but just having experience alone, but my idol is different, it is not the same with any experience at all. It's that simple, having money is so happy, having money is really good, if we have money, we just hope to come like this, what more needs to be done? About 7-8 billion is just delicious.

BMW X7 6 Billion Version How Different 5

Ah next I open this wooden case for you to see, if you remove it, you will see that above the version why this version is more expensive, it has this key, you see? The key with this screen is actually for color, I see this it is not too cool, of course but where to go, to the coffee shop or where to go. There it is luxurious, put this key on the table, oh my god it is majestic, it spreads. And when this is because it's a screen that looks like a mini phone, that's why the battery will run out quickly, somewhere using this for about 5 days, 5-6 days is out of battery. How will you charge? This is a good battery, can be charged continuously at any time, not yet fully charged, can always charge, that's why when you get in the car you will put it in this place, this is the place to charge. wirelessly it will charge the key itself, always full battery, so you don't have to worry about forgetting it. And this area you notice is that when you go up, you will find that opening this compartment you will find that there is cooling and heating for the cup holder, and there is a USB port. Why do I say the USB port, although every car has it, but this USB port when you plug the music in you need anything you download you will load the music directly into the hard drive of the car, and the hard drive capacity very big, you load it right away and you don't need to carry a USB anymore, you can still listen to music directly in here, which is a great one.

Referring to listening to music, I will continue to say that on Individual version like this, it will have Power And Winkin speakers, but if you want to watch TV, what do you do in Vietnam to watch TV? All out again and install, the mode is fine, but it's not as good as zin. Here press the Media button here, then watch TV as well, dupe? While a BMW car and a Vietnamese television listened to it being bluffed and wrong, this car did. That is why you have to spend more money, small ones like this only, each of a few tens of millions, a few tens of millions of expensive ones, then hundreds of millions will make a pile. Well, now you can watch TV right here. And yet in this, there are also many channels here, many channels, these channels are satellite channels, so wherever you go, you can watch, sports, movies, music, health. Adjusting this side, you can adjust the custom sound mode here, there are many Modes, Theater Mode, then Auditorial Mode, Mode means many modes, you like what mode you can adjust. . I only watch TV when I stop the car, but when I drive, I can't watch, in fact I can't watch it, when you move, I watch it in the two rear seats, not in preview. can see.

BMW X7 Version 6 Billion How Different Version 7 Billion 6

That is one of the reasons why this car is more expensive than the other car, sometimes I don't know when I look at it, really. That is why many people kept asking that my car, he bought 7 billion, I bought only 6 billion, listening to it yes, he bought better than me. But when you compare carefully the equipment in the car, it turns out that you have 7 billion, you only have this much, you have only sticky rice, you get lost, you have the cranes, you have a new business. . As for Mr. 6 billion, for example, he only has sticky rice with leaves, but all leaves are less sticky rice for example, something like that. I have experienced this car quite a lot, you have also watched a lot of my videos about driving a BMW X7, so maybe there is no need to drive anymore, you can review the feeling. My experience in the previous videos, but this video I will show you the equipment like that.

In short, it's up to X7, even the standard version, even the genuine version is extremely delicious, extremely delicious, only the price will be a bit high. And if you want to call the personalization of what you like, what you want, and what others don't have, a little more money, a little bit, a few hundred, at most 1 billion is that you will have a lot of things that you have only. That's the beauty of the personalization, that's all. Which BMW X7 will you guys choose, comment below. Now goodbye, see you in the next videos, remember Subscribe and press the bell button. Bye.

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