A Guide to Estimating Specific Car Rolling Prices

Hello everyone, I wish you a very good day. Dear friends, today I will give a way to estimate the most accurate car rolling price. This way, it is also for reference only.

Instructions on How to Estimate Specific Car Rolling Prices 8

Then the rolling price of the car, what else must be added. Then it has several main types like this. The first is about the registration fee. The registration fee it depends on each locality. For example, in Hanoi, its registration fee is very high, 12%. Ho Chi Minh City is 10%. And regions 2 and 3 too are both 10%. That is the registration fee.

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What is area 2 like? Area 2 we understand simply includes cities across the country except these 2 cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. As for the third area, we understand that outside the city, the rural and mountainous areas... That's called area 3. The first is about the registration fee, which is 12% or 10% of the listed price.

The second is about the license plate fee. The number plate in Hanoi is 2 million, in Ho Chi Minh City is 20 million. In area 11 it is 2 million, and in area 1 it is only 3 hundred thousand dong.

Third is the road toll. This toll is for 3st year only. The road tolls are all the same at 1 VND. All places are the same

Instructions on How to Estimate Specific Car Rolling Prices 9

Personnel liability insurance premiums for vehicles, insurance and a number of other fees are called other fees. For example, insurance, registration fee is about 340.000 VND. As for personnel liability insurance, it also depends on the type of car you have. For example, a 4-seater car is more than 4 hundred and a 7-seat car is more than 7 hundred. In general, the total cost it is considered as a 4-seater car is 1 million in total, and 1 million 500 thousand is a 7-seater car. I just consider it like that. It didn't come, but I'll keep watching. There are other fees such as environmental insurance 50 or 100 thousand, I just add it.

But the two main fees that make the price of a wheelchair so large are the registration fee and the number plate. The number plate, if you are in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it is expensive. But if you're in area 2 and 2, it's cheap. Recall that area 3 is other cities and towns across the country, not Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

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For example, if I live in Hai Duong city, Thai Nguyen city, Quang Ninh city, etc., and area 3, except for everything called cities and towns, it's rural, this mountainous, then that's it. is called zone 3. So the biggest increase in fee is this registration fee which increases by 10 or 12%.

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In the future, in 2018, people have a policy of increasing this registration fee. For example, in the areas outside the 2 3 area increased by 15% while Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City increased by 17 18%. This one doesn't have accurate information, I just heard people speculate. So now I will take a specific example so that I will calculate this registration fee.

For example, here I already have a table like this. The model I need to calculate is the Toyota Vios 1.5 liter version E, the number is the manual number. The manufacturer's list price is 564 million. But in this July, car companies will promote 7 million to make a registration fee. That is, people will reduce their price by 30 million of the total price of the car.

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This price is called the promotional price. But when calculating all these registration fees, the management agencies do not use the promotional prices, they use the prices that are already listed and reported to the state agencies, they are fixed. this price. When car manufacturers want to change this listed price, they must notify the state agency.

It is also stipulated that the price must be reduced or changed by more than 20% to update. But also discount, change less than 20%, people do not update, still get the old price. That's why the last time many car manufacturers had a very strong discount, but the percentage of it was not 20% so it was a fee, everything still had to be based on the old price, so the customer did not benefit much. . It's about the list price.

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Now let's try to calculate. For example, let's calculate the area of ​​Hanoi first.

List price = 564 million VND

KM price = 534 million VND

Then 12% of 564 million

Hanoi (12%) HCM (10%) KV2 (10%) KV3 (10%)
Entry 67,68 56,4 56,4 56,4
License plate 20 11 1 0,2
1 year road fee 1.56 1.56 1.56 1.56
Other fees 1 1 1 1
Total 90.24 + 534 = 624.24 68,96 + 534 = 602,96 58,96 + 534 = 592,96 58,16 + 534 = 592,16

Note: if you calculate this sum as the sum of all the cells, it will be 90,24 million. Then this 90.24 million is the amount after the amount that is paid more than the selling price. Then this money is called money to roll the wheel. Then I added the promotion price to 534 million.

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Thus, the price difference of areas 2 and 3 is only 800, mainly the difference in other areas and Hanoi area. For example, the difference between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is more than 20 million. In general, the difference between Hanoi and other areas is about 20 million.

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Then you can see which area you can apply, you can estimate your rolling price. In fact, this is just the level in my opinion, it's just the bare minimum.

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In addition, if you want to buy body insurance or physical insurance on the car, it's not mandatory, it's voluntary, the fee is calculated by year 90 million/year or something. I'm not very clear.

Well, the above are some estimated rolling prices of a Toyota Vios line that hopefully can be of help to you. If you or your friends know this or have any questions, please comment below the video.

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