Change Old B1 Car Driver's License to New (Plastic Pet Card)

PET plastic driver's license is a driving license issued by a competent authority with high mechanical strength, water resistance, impact resistance and good abrasion compared to the old model paper form.

According to Circular 12/2017/TT-BGTVT, the State encourages to change the old model to PET before December 31, 12. Although it is not "required", PET plastic has many advantages and if the old license expires, it should also be changed to a new PET plastic one. Here are specific instructions How to change the old B1 car driving license to the new one? for your reference.

Change your old B1 car driver's license to a new one
Change your old B1 car driver's license to a new one

Learn About B1 Car Driver's License

B1 car driver's license is a certificate to control automatic digital cars, specialized trucks to serve personal and family travel needs, issued by competent state agencies. Holders of a B1 car driving license are not allowed to practice driving in any way.

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B1 driver's license includes two types: manual driver's license and automatic driver's license. If the vehicle owner only has an automatic B1 driver's license, he or she is not allowed to use a manual transmission car. However, if you own a B1 car driving license, you will be licensed to drive certain automatic transmission vehicles.

Photo of driving license test B1
Photo of driving license test B1

Who Can And Can't Change Old B1 Driver's License To New

New Licensed Subjects

  • Old model B1 car license with paperboard.
  • New model B1 car license is damaged, blurred, wrong information.

Objects cannot be exchanged for new ones

  • The B1 license does not have information on the driver's license management book, the list of lists, the driver's license information system.
  • The time of departure is more than 6 months for the military license issued by the Ministry of Defense.
  • Does not meet current health standards.
  • Foreign, international, police temporary driver's license has expired, is torn, erased, no longer has enough characteristics for identification.

Procedures for Changing Old B1 Car Driver's License to PET Plastic Card

Dossier to change from old B1 to new

To change your old B1 driver's license to a new one, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Application for change of driver's license B1 (buy or receive for free at the check-in place).
  • Passport / ID / CCCD copy (not notarized) with the original for comparison + B1 car license to be changed.
  • 3×4 image with green background.
  • Medical certificate certified by a competent medical authority.

The process of changing the old B1 license to the new one

Step 1: Submit your application

Prepare the required documents and go to the Receipt and Return Department of the Department of Transport or the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to submit. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to the following addresses:

  • 937 Ta Quang Buu Street, Ward 5, District 8, City. HCM.
  • 08 Nguyen Anh Thu Street, Trung My Tay Ward, District 12, City. HCM.
  • 111 Tan Son Nhi Street, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, City. HCM.
  • 51/2 Thanh Thai Street, Ward 14, District 10, City. HCM.
Address to change old driver's license to new one in HCM
Address to change old driver's license to new one in HCM

Step 2: Take a photo and pay the fee

The applicant takes a photo directly at the application agency and pays the fee of 135.000 VND according to the regulations of the state. After completing the procedures and documents, the applicant will receive an appointment letter.

Step 3: Receive a B1 license with a PET card

Go to the state agency that has applied for a license change by appointment to receive a new PET plastic card B1 driver's license or you can also choose the door-to-door driver's license service.

Notes When Changing Old B1 Car Driver's License to New (Plastic Pet Card)

  • If it is still valid or less than 1 months old, you just need to submit an application, no need to retake the theory and practice test. In case the driver's license is overdue for 3 months - 3 year, the theory test will be retested, if it is over 1 year, the test will be taken for both practice and theory.
  • Do not authorize to make a driver's license because you have to take photos directly at the competent state agency.
  • While waiting for a new license, vehicle drivers still use the old license for circulation. When a new license is granted, the old license is stolen and returned to the owner.
  • If you have many types of old driver's licenses, you can combine them into 1 common license, but the license exchange fee is only 135.000 VND / person.
  • Information about the new B1 license is stored in the database of the Ministry of Transport.
Service to change old B1 driver's license to new one in HCM
Service to change old B1 driver's license to new one in HCM

Instructional articles How to change the old B1 car driving license to the new one? (PET plastic card) for your reference. If you have any questions, you can contact us Driver Training Center. Ho Chi Minh for more specific support. Operating for many years in the profession, the unit specializes in receiving services:

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