Hello guys and gals, today we're coming with a super product that a lot of people email us telling us to check out this car, yes! Ladies and gentlemen, right next to me today this is a used Range Rover Evoque, now let's explore this vehicle.


The Range Rover brand is a very famous luxury and class British brand, but now it has been sold to the Tata brand, a very popular brand, producing the cheapest cars in the world. of India. Hopefully the quality of the Range Rover will remain the same, will not be too influenced by its owners and I believe so, this is a brand that I love very much, standing by my side. is a genuine imported Range Rover Evoque with a price of more than 2 billion and nearly 3 billion, so what is the highlight of a genuine imported car and what is not really outstanding. I will show you, this is a used car, and you can immediately notice the word Range Rover it is a bit silver, actually used I think not much. No wonder the word it has been silvered like this, one must immediately think of the quality, also immediately think of the company that owns this Range Rover brand, really have not thought much, but about the overall exterior, there are One can say that the Evoque is a beautiful car, maybe even a very nice one.

It inherits all the design language, the most quintessential, what is Range Rover on a small car like this, very beautiful, from the lamp cluster to the radiator grille, to the straight lines. each other and the rounded lines are very nice but even this letter I saw the quality is not good, and now I will show you the quality is not good on this car, what is it? If the car is also equipped with a smart key that allows you to touch to lock, then touch to open, this car can now be touched and cannot be locked and can not be opened by touching. I also don't understand why the car is so expensive but its features are so fragile. A very good feature that even a KIA Moning car used for decades without breaking, this Range Rover Evoque is already broken, and of course to fix this feature, oh it's extremely expensive, not yet if As you can see in this part of the mirror, this part of the mirror is a bit creaky, I expect a car of a really classy brand, if you import it, it must be a solid rock, if you Close the door, close the door, the mirror it flutters, even the mirror surface vibrates, you can clearly hear the sound of this mirror is very bad, not yet on this car I drove I bumped The wall is very light, it creates a scratch, but it is worth noting that in this scratch it has completely stripped the paint, which means that the paint of this car is very easy to peel off in this part of the mirror. Yes! Really, the mirror of this car is really bad, please pay attention to a car with a price of nearly 3 billion, pay attention to the rims, the rims are only equipped with 18 ing rims, for the price If you buy a GLC 300 or buy an XC60, you can absolutely own a set of 19 to 20 ing rims that are extremely beautiful, very beautiful, and this rim looks like a set of rims of a Fo-use car. -the end of life is 2 thousand 0 hundred oh, very bad, very very bad, thick tires with small rims, really too bad for a car that can be said to be so expensive.




Under the hood is a 2.0 engine with a capacity of up to 240 horsepower, an engine that can be said to be very powerful, but for such a price, compared to a GLC 300, this engine is still nothing. , and if compared to a T60-engined T6-printed Volvo XC60, this engine really has no door to talk about the XC300's engine up to 320 hp, 3 hp more powerful than the Evoque a lot and the price is even cheaper, that's new. Let's move to the rear of the car, in the body of the car, you can see that the design is also very loose, very loose, beautiful, neat, and personality. All the ABC poles are painted black to make the car look longer and stronger, in terms of design it is impeccable, it is really beautiful, but look at the rear of the car, there is one thing. but I also want to remind you that the word Range Rover here has also peeled off quite a bit after a period of use, the quality can be said to be a bit bad compared to the aristocratic brand in the UK, The quality of this car makes me suddenly think of the Chinese car manufacturer Len-Win clones with these Range Rovers, exactly the same, but of course, the quality is Chinese quality, and the car This genuine car also reminds me of those fake cars, it's a bit bad! This car is only equipped with reverse sensors, yes! A car that can be said to be such a terrible class, with a sky-high price, nearly 360 billion dong without being equipped with a reverse camera. Not to mention the XNUMX° camera, this reverse camera here is a dumped, re-installed reverse camera.

It looks a bit ugly, a bit weird. And yet, open the trunk, not open….Ah! here it is, the trunk opens with rice, yes! Nearly 3 billion dong but you still have to use rice to open, don't have a car large enough, automatic enough to use but still have to open manually, the trunk is actually not too bad. A small car, a trunk like this is ok, I have stored a lot of things, but if you are a golfer, it is difficult for you to pack a neat, well pedaled and full set of golf yes, especially for those who use golf bags because it's big, it can't be stuffed here, let alone two or three sets, a bit of a waste and really regret the feeling that you have to use your hands to close the trunk. for a car with a price of nearly 3 billion like this. Stepping into the Evoque's interior compartment, sitting in this driver's seat also seems to be wide, comfortable, quite comfortable, the seat cushions are soft and the hug is very sporty, just what I expected, thankfully, but wait, this is just a matter of seats and seating areas. But look at this area, wow! It's plastic, it's all plastic, not a single piece of leather. Plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic…. yes! Very bad, but the problem is that the plastic of the area around this car is not made in the imitation of leather, it's always plastic! Visually it is not beautiful, looks worse than a Toyota, Fin-Op, the cover of Fin-Op is even more beautiful like this, although it is the same plastic but that of Fin-Op it's fake leather and if you look at it with the naked eye it looks like leather, but like this, we look at it like a Chinese car, very bad!


This cover if you slap it on it, shake the whole place, not sure at all, and this aluminum painted plastic part is very easy to crack, you can let it I see, here you go! Looking at this aluminum color, it looks nice but it's easy to break, it's a bit of a pity, the steering wheel is very nice, the steering wheel is probably not…nothing to criticize, just take a look at these the button is very loud, it is very similar to the Za-Hoa that I have introduced to you and your friends, the button rattles, sounds extremely Chinese, without a bit of it. what it calls drunk, extremely boring! The dashboard is big, clear and beautiful, very similar to the KIA Moning, you can see two wires hanging out here, as I said earlier in the rear of the car, the car has a reverse camera but reverse camera it does not display on the screen, it also does not show in the mirror, but it shows on a small screen attached to the outside, here is connecting the two wires, and actually I looked I saw that screen and I found it unbearable and I broke it and I threw the whole thing out, because it looked so bad for a car that was nearly 3 billion dong and didn't have a reverse camera, yes! Why is that? please bow to this car, why is it like this? too expensive and too bad, there is not a single point that can be criticized anymore, no! Here, this is the point to criticize, first of all when it comes to the screen, the screen of Range Rover in general and Za-Hoa are all very blurry, the resolution is very poor, it is even worse than the resolution. prize of a KIA Xerato that I have just introduced to you and your friends.

Regarding the sensor, it seems to be quite jumpy, but in terms of resolution, it is blurry and poor, a bit disappointed in the interior drilling a bit, the material is rickety and not durable plastic, the level of meticulousness is extremely poor. , the ability to touch and touch it does not give the luxury feeling of a car, but it should be much more luxurious, you can even see the word Range Rover here it has also been peeled. peeling a lot, didn't expect Range Rover could make a boring car like this, this is the area where you honk, it looks very plastic, looks like plastic, not plastic anymore, no I don't know how to describe how ugly this piece of plastic is, pretty bad! Fortunately, the car has a full side Paronama window, not a window but just a Paronama window, pulling back other cars it also has. Now we'll go down to the rear, see if there's anything that can undo the front compartment. Stepping into the back of the Evoque you can see that it's not very comfortable, the front seat I still have. Close to the position where I sit, and there is a small amount of space left behind, the head is still ok, but this backrest it is very straight, it does not recline and it is hard, extremely hard, it is not exaggerating. then the back seat of this Evoque car is even more uncomfortable, tighter and more boring than a KIA Moning, sitting very boring, with armrests but not very comfortable.

All the panels here are also plastic, the feeling is really not high-end at all, very silly, all plastic is plastic and there is no air conditioning vent on the back, it will be very hot. this, and this area looks very bad inside, also all plastic, very ugly, very bad, I don't understand why a car of nearly 3 billion can do like this. It's too bad for a Range Rover, I'm a big fan of Range Rover, but actually sitting in this car I'll probably have to rethink that, yes! Now we will experience this luxurious expensive Range Rover Evoque in the inner city, this is a compact car with high ground so it is relatively easy to go uphill like this, but realistic a car with a picture can do it, this car is quite small to help us move in the inner city quite flexibly, yes! Of course, its car is as small as this, and this is a relatively high ground vehicle, you will be completely assured when you go home on the sidewalk, not worrying about flooding…etc…and… etc., this is also a car they call the king of terrain, yes! But really, for those who have bought this car, even if you buy this car, will you rush into the rickety terrain like the pitfalls competitions in Vietnam are often held or not? Definitely not, right!

The car is too expensive but it's too expensive to drive, it seems that the people who buy this car we only go to work, go to coffee, at most travel to beautiful places, long roads, not to let it go. Going on a rickety road seems a bit bewildering, because you will really miss when an expensive car has to go through such a mess, that's why it can be said that the ability to creak, the ability of the terrain of the car. this car is almost wasted, of course the car will be very convenient when you climb the sidewalk, if your house is deep inside but obviously if you just climb the sidewalk or go through potholes then a low-riding KIA Moning, or a low-riding Ren I10 can also do it and we have tried the KIA Moning and the Ren I10 even going down the road it's still good, if As it is about the driving experience of Range Rover, people often say this driving feeling is good, hold it firmly and then believe it, to be precise, yes, it is, but with what I tell you,If we only go in the inner city, go to work, go to coffee, there is really no condition for us to experience the so-called feeling of driving it, obviously when we need to turn left, turn the steering wheel to the left, when you need to turn right, hit the steering wheel to the right, when you need to go straight, don't hit the steering wheel to go anywhere, it's just like any other car. The steering wheel is only as light as this, or it is only compacted to this extent, if it turns on the left, it still turns on the left turn signal, when it steps down, it still turns on the side turn signal. must be the same as the Moning!


But the KIA Moning has a lot more scuffs, the camera is even drying the seats, drying the steering wheel, drying the mirrors, sensors around the car, the big screen is clear, and the full thing is also missing something. but Evoque lacks too much at a price that can be said to be nearly 10 times more expensive than KIA Moning. Yes! Moreover, the equipment here is too bad, all plastic, rickety, with this money you can completely buy a GLC with dramatic metal, GLC 300 with a lot of rickety top technology. extremely cool, even creaky is better than this car, extremely spacious, extremely luxurious leather interior but still have money left over to buy a KIA Moning, even a KIA Moning is more bumpy than a car. this car. If talking about safety, this car is far behind the XC60, XC60 is the safest car in the world and it is even cheaper than this car, and even the equipment on the car. much more than this car, and the details on the car are many times more meticulous and luxurious, wood paneling, dull leather, class, higher technology, bigger screen, camera around the car, bigger rims…vv…and…vv, and it's also cheaper than this car. Don't understand why Range Rover Evoque is so expensive?

Yes! Granted, it gets the word Range Rover something we call a brand, but given what we've seen so far in this car, is this brand worth it? to be that expensive or not on this Evoque and not another car like I told you just now, cheaper, more luxurious, a lot better quality, like I told you, the car this is equipped with 18 ing rims, the rims are not big for an expensive car like this, the tires are thick, but the noise reverberates in the cockpit a lot, please say that this noise is more terrible than the noise of the Fo-Len-Z, a diesel pickup truck, yes! a diesel pickup truck is quieter than this one. So why is this car so expensive? pretty bad! After all, I really want to tell you and your friends that I love the Range Rover brand very much, love this car very much and if I were rich and I was the adopted son of Uncle Vuong Minh Com, for example, I would surely I'm sure I'll have a couple of Range Rovers in my garage, not one, because I really like the brand, but with what I'm feeling today, I'm really disappointed with the Evoque. hey, it's too bad for the price of nearly 3 billion that it gives there are so many better, cheaper, better quality, smarter choices than an overpriced Evoque that has nothing but nothing durable, but sitting still not comfortable. So which car will you choose? Please comment below this video, and now say goodbye and see you in the next videos!

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