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Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 with 1,185 billion excluding registration fees.

Interior: leather-wrapped steering wheel is very soft, the design details like on the Ford Ranger pickup have a clean, crisp design and bring solid emotions.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 1

The lightness of the details: when standing next to a giant car like the Ford Everest, you cannot believe that the inside of the car is so light, gear lever, handbrake lever, steering wheel , all details are very gentle, even need to pull the hand brake it is lighter than small cars Ford Ecosport.

Vision: in the seat of the Ford Everest is impeccable, you will feel like you are sitting on a fortress, even the motorcyclists next to you, we will have feeling that the top of their head has not exceeded the sill, is really a sitting position with very good visibility, very airy, we almost grasp the situation of communication in the front.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 2

A little more about the 1A part of the Everest is not thin, but you will not believe that this car with a length of nearly 5m has a 1A section that is much thinner than the junior Ford Ecosport. . Besides, young people are very pleased with the way Ford arranged the device in the Ford Everest.

The car has 2 12V ports and 2 USB ports, can charge 6 phones on the car, not to mention the rear in two rows of seats with 12V socket to charge the phone very handy. And yet, there is an Apple Kplay or Androi Auto connection system to be able to use the features of the phone right on the car's touch screen.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 3

The performance of the vehicle in optometry is bulky and lumbering. 2.2 diesel engine is equipped on the Ford Everest Trend. In essence, the engine oil is always late. The 2.2 engine is quite hard to create the acceleration to push the car away from a stationary state.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 4

There are two factors that create the sluggishness of the Ford Everest in the streets: the first is at level 1 and level 2 cars both keep quite long at around 2000 rpm, second. is the way that the engine reaches the threshold at 2000 rpm which is quite slow so when traveling at low speeds, generally speaking, going to death when standing still at 30km / h is usually within the speed range. That your experience will be quite slow, this bulky vehicle cannot have the flexibility and serenity.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 5

Sound insulation between the engine and the cabin is very high, but when the engine reaches around 1500 rpm, the sound of the engine can be completely heard without turning on the music in the car. However, Ford is also quite wise to equip this model with active noise control system, which consists of laminated glass parts for better sound insulation and a system that includes the above microphones. In the car ceiling, when we turn on the music, the way the sound waves the speaker system creates helps to partially block the noise.

The bulky 7-seater SUVs need not be said much, 7-seater SUVs often have very long and very bulky axles, need a pretty big fork to be able to turn around, while in on small streets, turning around is really difficult.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 6

The first impression of the Ford Everest version 2.2 is very good soundproofing, really if ignoring the vibration of the engine oil it can not completely eliminate, the sound of the car chassis can say almost Perfect in the affordable car segment.

At speeds of 80 or 10km / h, it is almost impossible to hear the road coming into and out of the cabin. This car is using 18-inch lazang, very large tires about 265mm but almost no sound of tires, but the sound of the wind on both sides of the car, especially when we go very close to the median strip is still there, still distinct.

The chassis of the pickup carried to this 4SUV makes the car very heavy in the street but in return it has a certainty. Ford Everest has an SUV-like suspension system, which is quite hard but sure, the stiffness of this shock absorber is very evident when passing through the ledges, the ferries on the highway, they we will have a rather uncomfortable feeling but in return the car will be stronger, easier to control. That certainty is essential to an SUV like the Ford Everest that is able to overcome bad roads stably.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 7

Fuel consumption of the car is 5.7l / 100km, significantly lower than the figure that the manufacturer offers.

EXPERIENCE: At White Stone Pass, with 5 people with lots of luggage in the car, the kicks on the pass, the speed of 60 even 80km / h are very powerful, 2.2-liter Ford diesel engine it produces maximum torque from very low revs at only about 1600 rpm, and that is why this vehicle can operate relatively comfortably on steep roads and with very high loads. Many people like this.

In addition to the 2.2 engine oil with a very large torque, a sturdy chassis and a lot of other safety systems make the driver can confidently bend in the White Rock Pass with a speed up to 80km / h. (maximum speed allowed on this road). If you need a smoothness, Everest is not your choice, but if you need power and certainty, especially when riding the mountain roads, you only need 2.2 engine, Everest is satisfied. demand.

Ford's diesel engine has a great use, because the soundproofing between the drill and the cabin is really good when honking the horn, the whistle is not significant even though the horn is emitted from the outside. Soundproofing of Fored Everest can stand with wheels of luxury cars.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 8

When driving a Ford Everest on a road, this model is like some other Ford models equipped with a Cruise control system that displays the speed and we can adjust the steps by 1km / press, it is very easy. used and intuitive. In addition, Ford is also quite customer-oriented when it has equipped the vehicle with the speed limit system again (this is a system that can be found on popular cars).

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The Ford Everest Trend steering wheel is just like other Ford cars that have electric power for speed, meaning the power level will be greater when traveling at low speeds and less power when we move at speed. tall, this gives us a sense of safer, firmer hands. However, the Ford Everest steering wheel is not a good steering wheel that reflects well what happens on the road, although the car is equipped with a large tire up to 265mm.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 9

Overall, the Ford Everest has a machine strong enough to create a feeling of excitement on the road, a pickup chassis is a bit heavy but certainly, a slightly stiff suspension. but it brings stability, combined with a relatively heavy electric power steering part, at high speeds you can feel completely assured when going on bends on the section of a mountain pass at a speed of 80km / h. Turning at a speed of 80 90km / h is not impossible for many models, but with peace of mind it is a relatively luxurious feeling on popular cars and Ford Everest get this.

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Liked part:

  • The grille is designed in a very large and thick dual knit pattern, it corresponds to the thick front bumper, certainly showing a solidness that any car owner who has chosen SUV will like. Strong, strong details like this.
  • Although the head of the vehicle is relatively high, when sitting inside the driving cabin, it will not be obstructed, even at the position of the driver's seat that can see up to the nose of the vehicle. It is very convenient for us to control the terrain in the foreground.
  • Ford Everest Trend also has a set of 18-inch lazang, with large size tires, it is bunker and beautiful, integrating with the overall design of Ford Everest Trend.

Ford Everest Trend 2.2 vs Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 10

Details do not like:

  • At 1,185 billion Ford Everest Trend still only owns a set of edison halogen technology lighting, it is not worth the money.
  • Besides, the car is not equipped with daytime LED strips.
  • Such a bulky vehicle requires a front-end sensor so we can control the road easier, but Ford Everest Trend does not.
  • The mirrors are equipped with an electric folding type but not an automatic one.
  • The rear end is neither beautiful nor ugly, it has a solid stock but the subtlety is not special, the rear lights are not really nice.
  • Still have to use your hands to open the trunk of the car.

In the second row, when the seats are fully adjusted backward, we have a very large leg space. In addition, thanks to the high vehicle height, headroom is very comfortable. In the rear wing, Ford equips the occupant with a separate control knob, in addition we can adjust completely to the front touch screen.

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And the car has a 12V power outlet at the back, with a total of four 12V power outlets and two USBs, we can charge up to 10 phones in the car. Although the seat surface is also very wide and flat, the backrest is also very hard, in addition the car is equipped with rear-wheel drive so the leg room is quite uncomfortable. There are small holes in the ceiling, which is the microphone of Ford's automatic noise control system so that the computer in the vehicle can recognize where the noise is generated and thereby emit sound waves to reduce low noise.

In the third row, almost impossible to sit, the reason is that Ford Everest's wheel cavity is quite large so occupy a large area, and because the second row backs too much. When the second row is pushed up to the front, all the legs are acceptable, in the third row can only seat 2 people, so it is quite comfortable.

But one point that will prevent you from being able to sit in the third row in this car for long periods of time is the backrest in the third row that cannot be tilted. With a tight posture, you will get back pain after about 30 minutes. In general, the Ford Everest is exactly a 5 + 2 model, while the rear seats will not be really comfortable when traveling long distances. The arrangement that a lot of people use on Ford Everest, for the reason is that with 5 people sitting in front, it is necessary to have space to be able to accommodate long-term furniture. One must also praise Ford that even in the back of the trunk has a 12V power port quite handy for charging devices.

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Experience Ford Everest Trend

On Moc Chau tea hill, the road is very bad although the weather is dry but with lots of grass and many ramps, it is quite difficult to control the car.

Vehicles with 1-wheel drive system, when encountering rough terrain, losing grip, getting behind the wheel channel for example, the situation becomes very difficult already. When a car loses its grip, moving it is difficult.

The engine has a large torque, traveling on difficult roads like this is very comfortable for the driver, of course it is uncomfortable for the people sitting with them.

Roar is still very solid when crossing large potholes, bumpy road surface.

These SUVs provide us with an exit angle, a very large angle of departure, the travel on the passes is also pleasant and comfortable.

And with a very high sitting position, so we can control the terrain in front of us, move more easily, we do not need a support person.

The vehicle has a downhill support system, so it's easy to handle situations up and down the pass.

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