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Study & Test A3 Driver's License In Ho Chi Minh City

Owned driver's license A3 will be allowed to legally drive three-wheeled vehicles such as: rickshaws, 3-wheelers, 3-wheeled motorcycles, motor cyclos… However, due to demand exam with A3 relatively few, so not all centers organize exams and commit to granting degrees quickly. You should learn carefully about the conditions for the A3 driver's license test as well as the reputable test organizer, to avoid the case of "lost money".

So where is it held? A3 driver's license test prestige in Ho Chi Minh City? With more than 10 years of operation in the industry, training and granting driver's licenses to thousands of students, City Driving Test & Training School. Ho Chi Minh City Confident is a professional address you can trust to choose.

Professional A3 driver's license test in HCM

What You Need to Know About the A3 . Exam

1. Why study with A3?

Currently, three-wheeled vehicles are receiving special attention from state agencies. If you have a need to control or plan to do business in shipping services by: rickshaws, 3-wheelers, 3-wheeled motorcycles, motor cyclos, You need to have all the required documents, especially driver's license A3.

A3 driver's license can drive the following vehicles: rickshaws, 3-wheel motorcycles, motor cyclos and vehicles specified by A1 license. That is, if you exam for A3 then there will be no need to study and take the A1 driver's license test.

Prestigious A3 driver's license test in Ho Chi Minh City

Time limit for issuance of A3 driver's license: forever.

2. Conditions for learning to drive a class A3

To be eligible to study and take the A3 driver's license test, you need:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner who is allowed to reside/work in Vietnam.
  • Meet the health conditions as prescribed by law.
  • Education level: read, write and understand Vietnamese.

3. Dossier for the A3 exam

Requirements for the application for the A3 exam include:

  • 2 copies of ID card (or ID card) for Vietnamese, Passport for foreigners.
  • 4 photos of 3×4 cards in accordance with regulations.
  • Application for driving test and issuance of driving license.
  • Medical certificate of eligibility to drive a vehicle.

Latest regulations on photo cards:

  • Photo taken within the past 3 months.
  • The photo has a solid dark blue background.

Practitioners wear polite clothes, neat hair, and are not allowed to wear uniforms of the armed forces.

4. Exam fee for A3

Fees for registration and examination for the A3 degree include:

  • Tuition.
  • Exam fees.
  • Examination fee (Department of Transport).
  • Fee for issuance by PET card (Department of Transport).

In addition, you also have to pay additional fees for taking photos of cards, medical examination fees, document fees, etc., depending on the service of each center, there will be different costs.

City Driving Test & Training School. HCM – Admission to the prestigious and professional A3 Driver's License Exam Course in HCM

Study & Test A3 Driver's License In Ho Chi Minh City 3


1. Package Registration Cost:

  • Registration fee: 3.2 million.
  • Health check-up at a health center or district hospital or (Transportation hospital charges 270.000 VND – 20 minutes examination is done)
  • Take pictures: free.
  • Study materials: free (documents are printed out for students to learn, review, and remember).
  • Exam preparation software and applications: free download.

On the day of the exam, there will be a teacher who will guide you carefully, imparting good test experience at the exam school.

Total cost: 3 million. Competitive – Attentive – Not arisen.

Register for the exam to pass 100%.

Study & Test A3 Driver's License In Ho Chi Minh City 4

2. Time to study and take the exam to get A3

Each month, there will be 1-2 rounds of A3 exams, held according to the schedule of the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City. After 2-3 weeks of registration, you will be notified by the center about the exam schedule.

3. How long can get A3 driver's license

You will be recognized for passing the exam if you pass both the theory and practical sections. After completing the A2 exam, 3-2 weeks will be granted a license.

Other case:

  • If you do not pass the theory, you will not be able to take the practical exam.
  • Failure to pass the practice: the theory test results will be reserved once in a period of 1 year.
  • Failed practice re-test: must re-register for both theory and practice exams.

Why Should You Take the A3 Driver's License Exam at City Driving Test & Training School? Ho Chi Minh City?

City Driving Test & Training School. Ho Chi Minh City is a reputable unit specializing in the field of training and organizing driver's license exams of all kinds such as: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C, ... At the same time, it provides services related to licensing. driver's license such as raising the driver's license stamp, supplementing the steering wheel, re-issuing and renewing the driver's license, ... with the following commitments:

  • Clear, detailed, comprehensive and most competitive service package in the market.
  • The procedure is simple, fast and supports online registration.
  • Textbooks and study materials are regularly updated according to the law and provided free of charge to students.
  • There is a system of driving practice cars for the best teaching.
  • The teachers train wholeheartedly, thoroughly impart exam experience and accompany throughout the testing process.

Prestigious and quality A3 driver's license test training in Ho Chi Minh City

Operating with the motto "thoughtful - quality", City Driving Test & Training School. Ho Chi Minh City always oriented to practical training methods, helping students to both firmly grasp the law, master driving skills, and quickly obtain a license.

Any questions about A3 . driver's license test service, you can immediately contact the center for detailed advice. Good luck with your exam!

Video of 3-level driving guide for reference:

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