Studying for the Second Class Truck Driver's License Exam

LEARN DRIVING LICENSE CLASS C (4-9 seats, 10 tons load)



(FROM 8:00 – TO 17.30)



1. Conditions of students Learning to drive with a C

  • 21 years old and up
  • 10 3×4 photos (blue background), 1 ID photo
  • As a citizen of Vietnam, if you are a foreigner, you must have a passport and a green card (Long-term temporary residence).

2. Time to study and test for C class driver's license

  • No more than 6 months 15 days
  • Students can study from Monday to Sunday in accordance with each student's work
  • Learning to practice right after submitting the application; 8 hours of practice / 1 student / 1 car.
  • Study theory: Morning - Afternoon - Evening depending on the student's choice from Monday to Saturday

3. Full Tuition Fee Exam

+ + + LICENSE DRIVER LICENSE EXAMINATION FEES (Automatic vehicle and 4-9 seater manual car, 10 ton truck): Be a Vietnamese citizen; age 21 years or older; Training and taking the test exactly 6 months and 15 days from the date of opening; Driving school package tuition fee 21.000.000 VND / 1 course (The above tuition fee is inclusive of the full package until the time of the exam: Including petrol fee, practice yard fee, exam fee, car rental fee, application fee, license fee, car rental fee, lesson time practice, school fees, tuition fees, training teachers' salaries).
==> If students know how to drive – Only register for the exam Reduced to 16.000.000 VND / 1 course.

4. Support service Learning driver's license C

  • Consulting and making records at home or company when students register.
  • Tuition fee is divided into 2 to 3 installments.
  • Flexible study time from Monday to Sunday arranged by students; study 2 student or 1 students / 2 car / 1 see.
  • Committed to passing the exam, getting a degree as soon as possible is convenient for students to work.
  • There are a lot of papers and receipts + full tuition receipts, students feel secure when they come to the center to make a fear.
  • The package fee includes: books, discs and manuals to learn the theory and practice of biochemistry; related fees; service and test rate by class C car at the center.
  • Included: hours of practice; petrol, car parking, teacher's dead money; review form; learning theory; car rental for review; examination car; exam car and all complete procedures do not arise.
  • Quick procedure; receive class schedule as soon as registration is completed at the center.
  • Committed to students who know how to drive a car, they will pass the exam at the first time, the center's difficulty theory will guide the exam right away.
  • Ho Chi Minh City Driving School is always prestigious and leading in training and organizing driving tests in Ho Chi Minh City. There are more than 2000 students registered/on the exam courses.

Latest Changes in Driver's License for Small Trucks

1. Add subjects but total training time remains the same

Clause 12, Article 2 of Circular 01/2021, when not using the software to simulate traffic situations and the cabin to learn to drive a car, the unit Driving class C must ensure sufficient training time:

  • Number of hours learning driving techniques, including time learning software to simulate traffic situations.
  • The number of hours of practice driving lessons on a driving practice vehicle, including the time spent learning to drive in the cabin and learning to drive a car.

Therefore, from July 01, 7, when adding practical learning content on the driving practice cabin, the total class hours for the C-class truck driver training program will not change.

2. Monitoring device to strictly manage learning to drive C-class trucks

According to Clause 12, Article 1 of Circular 01/2021/TT-BGTVT, will use monitoring devices to control distance and time Learn to drive a truck with a C-class truck closer.

  • Application of traffic simulation software to train C-class drivers from December 31, 12.
  • Equip and use the car learning cabin to train class C drivers from July 1, 7 (the time to learn this content is 2022 hours).
  • Equipping and using a device to monitor the time and distance of learning to drive a class C truck from January 1, 1.

To be registered for the C-class driver's license test, students must attend the full course.

3. Add exam content

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam and the Department of Transport, the C-class truck driving test establishments will use test simulation software from June 1, 6 (Clause 2011, Article 12 of Circular 2). Accordingly, students will take more test content in the simulated car cabin and test on software that simulates traffic situations.

4. Changing the order of recognition of C driver's license test results

The order of the test, the order of recognition of the results of the Class C driver's license test has changed based on the addition of the content of the driver's license test from June 1, 6. Specifically:

The content of the exam to pass:

  • Theory test.
  • Exam simulation software for traffic situations.
  • Practice driving in the picture.
  • Practice driving on the road.
  • Recognition of class C driving license test results:
  • Do not take the practical test in the picture when you do not pass the content of driving a car with simulation software.
  • Do not take the driving test with simulation software when you do not pass the theory.
  • Do not take the driving test on the road if you do not pass the practical content in the picture.
  • Results are reserved for 1 year if you pass the theory test, simulation software, practice in the picture but do not pass the content of driving on the road.
  • You will be recognized as a successful candidate if you pass the theory, drive a car with simulation software and practice driving (in pictures and on the road).


learn by truck class C


exam driving license download c Class truck driver training school


23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Call Center: 1900 633670

Contact: Kim Vi 090.243.0787

Video tutorial for the C-class driving test is very detailed:


Class C license granted to drivers: Trucks, tractors pulling a trailer and other vehicles specified for GPLX class B1, B2

Video interpretation EXPERIENCE DRIVING EXAMINATION above:


Go into 1st gear, step slowly, turn signal, turn on turn signal?

The next test is when the car stops in front of the pedestrian street. when there is a signal, turn off the left turn signal, let the turn signal be deducted the point, observe the spherical mirror, 15-20 cm from the line, then stop, that's right

The next test: the test of stopping and starting over a slope

This test number 3 stops the car 20cm from the limit line, observes the spherical mirror, brakes, that's right, release the clutch slowly, to the point where the brake is released, that's right, that is, the operation must be done smoothly, release the clutch. At the point where the brake is released for the car to pass lesson 3, keep this number, don't change the plural, you must pass this lesson 3 in less than 30 seconds, after 30 seconds you will be disqualified.

Next test: the test is not to park the car on a narrow perpendicular road

Note that when going down this slope, there is a position to go through the slope, go through post number 3, we have an emergency stop, you keep looking at the light from this ledge, when it flashes continuously, it is ahead. there will be an emergency stop position, so I have to note, a few minutes bro, this one is already there one block in front of it, this is a class 1 course, so it has 1 emergency stops, But in a round, it only happens once, lesson 5 you go as slowly as possible, look straight at your center, the center of the steering wheel shaft with the distance you determine, you just keep calm and you can go, the slower the better. good, take the steering to the right a bit, then go again, watch the mirror, go to the benchmark, take the left, then, when the car is moving slowly, you take the slow steering, when you go fast, take the fast steering, come here don't squeeze When you go slow, you have to drive slowly, if you go fast, take the test fast.

Next test: the test to go through an intersection with a traffic light

When going through that perpendicular road, you go as slowly as possible, steer slowly, steer while observing, adjust the steering wheel so that you pass the post, slowly, stop, brake clutch stops, no so go in such haste, go back to number 1, your time is 20 minutes over 1 hour, you don't have to rush like that, unfortunately you go through a red light, a red light has a few seconds, 9 seconds has a green light then, when it already has a car passing, I don't follow that car anymore, and I wait for the second green light, your wheels have to go through the sensor track in front of it, don't go too much left too, you will fail the test. If the vehicle crosses the intersection, it must be less than 1 seconds to pass through that intersection, more than 2 seconds will be deducted 20 points. If you can't cross the intersection for more than 20 seconds, you will be delayed, you have to enter exam number 5

Next exam: roundabout test

You turn right and go in, when turning left, the center of the steering wheel is in the middle of the road, dividing this road in half with the center of the steering wheel shaft coincident with the center of the road, observing which side mirror you go to that side, how do the wheels separate from the line? 30 cm limit, when turning right, the center of the steering wheel is on the left side of the road and you look at the right mirror. Control so that the following cars are 30 cm from the limit line.

Next test: crossing the intersection with traffic control signals

You go from afar, you can go here, you can always go through the intersection, remember to go through the intersection, you must go through the sensor, through the intersection 2, in front of you, there may be an emergency stop position,

Next exam: car parking test

When you read the next lesson, there is no emergency stop anymore, you see, when you read the next test, put the car in a parking space, there will be no emergency stop. but the important thing is that you keep looking at the point following your hand that only has the word CG, if it flashes continuously, there is definitely an emergency stop ahead, and those stops in a yard can have 1 yard. 1 positions, but my yard is type 4, so there are 1 such positions, I go in, so that the left side of the car is parallel to the limit line, about 5-30 cm from the limit line. I go straight, when observing the benchmark on the car and the benchmark below the picture, look to the left, when the benchmark on the car is across the standard point in the picture, take the steering wheel to the right, observe the spherical mirror so that the foot of the car moves forward. When reaching the line, when 50-25 cm from the limit line, stop, put in reverse gear, take the left steering wheel, release the clutch slowly, observe and control the vehicle so that the sides of the vehicle are parallel to the limit line, then return the wheel, turn to the right slowly, again, then, back to the left a little more, the car is parallel to the other 30 limit lines, you keep backing, when there is a signal, stop, then, forward , observe the right rearview mirror when the wheel crosses the right limit line, then take the right steering wheel, you just go like that.

Next test: crossing the intersection with traffic control signals

There are a lot of cars on this field, so safety when driving is very important, there is a green light in front of you, you should pay attention to the left turn signal when stopping, when you take the test, on this field 2 turn on the left turn signal, start, and at the intersection for the 3rd time turn on the left turn signal, and 2 times turn on the right turn signal, is to go through the intersection for the last time and reach the finish line. I just passed the intersection for the 3rd time, stay calm, no need to go fast

Next exam: emergency stop test

The last situation, if it can happen, can be handled by taking the exam, going to the places where it is likely to happen, we have to go slowly, the positions through the 3rd left turn intersection will be there, if there is a school. In case of emergency stop, look at the spherical mirror, 15-20 cm from the line to stop.

Next exam: number change test on a flat line

When upshifting, for example, shifting from 2 to 3 is a speed of over 30km/h, then increase the throttle, increase it further, then, slowly, stop, come to the front of the speed reducer, in front of the right sign. go to number 2 or maybe stop,

Next test: crossing the intersection with traffic control signals

You just need to note, when increasing the gear, the speed is over 20km/h and the first sea crossing is the number plate, the number behind the sea is increased, and when the gear is changed, the speed limit sign is forward, ie the sea. speed limit 20km/h. Reduce the throttle and turn right through the 4th intersection, then in the middle of the intersection, take the right wheel. Now I get 100 points but go all the way in 12 minutes, before reaching the finish line I turn on the right turn signal.

Next test: finishing exam

Remember to turn on the right turn signal, like this, you will pass the test on this day.

Mr. Le Hoang Phuc Tho – Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Studying for the Class C Truck Driver's License Test 2 I applied for a class C driver's license at Dong Tam center after being introduced by a friend. The Center teaches theory and practice very carefully so that students can pass the exam and get a degree. Dedicated teachers, never scold students. After 6 months I had my driver's license in hand. Thank you very much Dong Tam center if I have friends who need to study, I will recommend the center so that my friends and relatives can be best served.

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