Learning to drive a 4-wheeler: important basics to keep in mind

Learning to drive a 4-wheeler: important basics to keep in mind 2


the first job learn to drive a car We have to grasp the basics first. The first is how I choose the appropriate driving position. What is the appropriate driving position for this car? That is, my left foot steps on the clutch, uses 1/3 of the toe to step on the clutch, pushes close and the heel bears the force down the car. Like this, my legs are too far, so I have no support right, then I have to raise the chair, by doing this: my left hand grabs the bottom of the chair and pulls the handle up. , my right hand holds the steering wheel, so I used 1/3 of the heel of my foot to step on the clutch and the heel to bear on the floor, that's about the foot, and my hand will adjust to this chair's backrest, then how to adjust.

That is, when my hands are stretched straight on the steering wheel, the shoulder rests on the seat, for example this is far away, right, I will adjust the back of the seat, and then the head, the head has a headrest. very important, when my head is tilted back, I will be able to rest on the seat, so that when there is a force behind, my head will be protected by the chair back, if I leave it too far. or too low will cause neck injury.

Then all the functions on the car I have to know a little bit, first I have to know the use of the basic equipment on the car. That's almost a common standard around the world, almost every car is the same. The first is the lever behind the steering wheel, what is it, it is the lever to control all the lights, when I swipe to the left, it is the left turn signal, back to the middle is off, switch to the right is the right turn signal. and the knob outside that is 2 fog lights, 2 white lights for me to go in the afternoon, it's raining or foggy.

When I turn 1 more step, the light beam is on, when I push this lever forward, the light will shine so that when I go at night, entering the apartment, I have to go with the low beam. when i go out on the street, sometimes i see a car going in the opposite direction, sometimes i see it coming at me, how do i do that, i will squeeze the lever backwards to the steering wheel, i click the lever like this, then the lever that controls the lights is placed like that, designed like that, how do we put our hands on the steering wheel correctly.

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So now my steering wheel is divided into 12 hours, my left hand is set from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, what is the purpose of placing it like this for, that is, my hand can use the lever easily, then my right hand will be placed on the opposite side. left hand side. What is the purpose of doing, that is when I put my hand like that to press the rain wiper, there are many kinds of rain, heavy rain, small rain, heavy rain. Depending on the type of rain, I turn it in different steps. When I put it back up, I hold it for as long as the lever, when I let go, it will end.

And here is the car's air conditioning controller. When we press the AC light to burn, the air conditioner starts. When we turn off, only the blower, and this is the large and small speed switch, and this is to adjust the direction of the wind, when I turn it like this, it only looks at the person, and when I turn it like this, it will blow in. body and legs, and twisting like this, only blows on the legs, then here is the control to get the cold wire and the hot wire, when opening through here, it is opening the cold wire, and when taking it back here, it is taking the hot wire up.

Like when I go in cold weather. And this is how to get the wind, when I push over this lever, the wind will circulate in the car, and when I push it over here, it will get the wind from outside into the car. Then here is the barrel triangle button, when I click here, the 2 lights on both sides will burn, so that when the car has a problem, it will warn.

Then how to close the door properly. Many people close the door very hard, it will disturb the people in the car, and many people close the door lightly, it will alert. Then close as follows, when the door is still outside, pull it gently in, and when the last 1 gang is away, use strong hand force to close it, it will be tight and not affect people on the car. Then as for the use of seat belts, first with the right hand we will make a crab claw put in here, the left finger swipes back to the head, the wrist pulls back and diagonally to the hip, for example, the rope is too far, then we use it. left hand transmission, mainly seatbelt uses even and light force.

Then, as for the steering of the steering wheel, first I will learn how to cool the steering first, then how to steer. There are many ways to steer, in foreign countries, it is often used to push and pull, which means that this hand pushes up, this hand pulls down, this hand pushes up and continues. This steering wheel is not flexible because the roads in Vietnam are very small.

“If I steer and want it back, should I let go or what?”

It will return exactly but I can't trust it, I have to think like this, power steering is just to make the steering wheel lighter, but I don't trust that it will pay off, I let go driving it to pay is a mistake, because now the road is not always smooth, let it go, but if it crashes into the hole, the car will drift out immediately, and on the road it has holes It's not flat, so I have to keep driving.

The second way of steering is like a cat scratching but it also looks very good, the two hands holding the steering wheel are shortened, the left and right hands alternately hit each other, when returning the steering wheel, do the same but in the opposite direction. but these ways are not optimal, compared to Vietnamese sugar the most optimal way is the way to rotate the circle

"How do I know if the wheels are straight?"

For most 4-seater cars, the steering wheel can hit 1 and a half turns on each side, meaning that when in the middle position, the steering wheel will hit both sides up to 2 and a half turns, 1-seat cars can hit. 7 rounds, when I sit in the car I don't know where the wheel is, I hit the steering wheel to one side, return 2 turns, then the wheel is straight, usually the companies design the steering wheel with the company logo on the top when In the straight wheel position, the logo is in the right direction. The ideal way of driving a Vietnamese driver is to put the left hand from 1:2 to 9:30, the right hand to set it from 10:30 to 1:30. When we steer to the left, the left hand pulls the right hand up, when the stroke is over, the left hand lets go of the right hand to continue, if you want to hit the right, the right hand pulls the left hand to push up when the stroke is over, the right hand let go of the left hand to continue, that is, let the steering wheel rotate continuously. and now you get in the car and try it

First get in the car, I adjust the driving position first, share more with him that this inova car is equipped with additional steps to lower the seat. When you sit, your right knee should still match, then measure your hand, it's a bit far, isn't it, I will adjust the back of the seat, but if I leave it too far, when I drive 4-5 hours, I will have back pain right away. The principle of stepping on the accelerator is the first third of the foot. Then go to the steering wheel, continue until the end of the steering wheel, put your hand on the angle from 1:3 to 9:30 similar to steering to the right and then return 10 rounds to return to the straight wheel position, note to him that the thumb is not squeezed in but keep it straight along the steering wheel, that's when driving a 30-seat car to 2 rounds, so seeing the drivers when they go to the end of the road when people turn around, they hit very fast, a lot of turns, so now we have to do this. really flexible.

Now I will learn the gearbox, you see this number chart, which car you want is innumerable, you have to look at the number chart, initially the gear lever is in the Mode (N) position, so how do you distinguish it? at any position, in position N its level of oscillation is very large, when there is any number, it will be stiff. So, when getting on the car, you have to check the number first before starting the engine, when you want the number of 1, you have to squeeze close to the left and then push straight up, both pressing and pushing, you have to remember your number goes at a right angle, there is a The trick is that when in 1st gear and want to return to N, you just need to return to the right angle position automatically as if there is a spring pulling back. Similar to number 1, squeeze close and then back down, then back to number N, number 1 is very simple, then number 2, similar to number 3.

Squeeze close to the right and then push up, similarly when returning N, then pulling to a right angle automatically with springs pulling back to N, de number is similar to pulling close to the right and then pulling down, the hand grip must be like this, set Straighten your hand on the gear lever and want to shift to 1st gear 2, then the palm is slightly tilted towards that side and then pull the lever to move, similar to 5 and de gear. The purpose is to make traction stronger, easier. If you want to switch from one number to another, you have to switch to N number first, if you go to de number, you will hear the toad and the other numbers do not, note your numbers as if there are bars to stop, you have to go to the right slot, which means That's a lot of people who haven't pulled it all in.”

But just now, I feel like I don't know if it's innumerable, because I'm really new, so I don't know if it feels like it's coming in." Actually the numbers are very nice, I can enter with 1 finger, which means I it's very light, for example, number 2, number 3 is very gentle, when it comes to automatic transmission, it only sets me up, which means I have to go all the way, for example from number N to number 3 although it very light but I still have to go all the way

"For example, is it okay if I jump in numbers, or do I have to be in the right order?"

Like honda cars, I have to order 1,2,3.. but cars are different from number 1 can go to number 3, from number 5 can go to number 2, from number 1 can be about de number. Depends on how the driver feels. For example, if I am running in number 5, there is a situation where I win, for example, if I win a bit, I can return to number 4 and number 3 to continue, and for example, if I stop the car, I must return to 1st, which That's my feeling, the driver's beauty, the manual number is like that.

First of all, if you want to start the car, you must be in the car number set and you give the number in your head, for example, if you want to give 3, push the gear lever to 3, note. When numbering, the left hand must be on the steering wheel, eyes should not look directly at the gear lever, belonging to the numbering set is very important because it is very dangerous when going in 1st gear but going into 4th gear, then for example If the number 3 wants to go to the 4th gear, but the 1st gear is wrong, the car will stop, very dangerous, so the transmission must be smooth.

Then there is one thing to always keep in mind, now a lot of cases happen that 1st gear when changing 1nd gear is easy to flip into 2th gear, what is the reason, the reason is that I forget in my head that there is always 4 spring like attracted to number N, so when I was at number 1, I thought 1 could pull straight down to number 1, when I pulled it straight down, it accidentally attracted to number N, pulling down would fall to number 2, so When 4st gear wants to go directly to 1nd gear, we have to both press and pull, doing so is not good for the gearbox, but new drivers should do it so it's a bit easier to manipulate, and the driver is used to it. then I will quickly return the N number, but if I'm new to driving, I'm not used to it, so I just press and pull down, note that in such a case, if the number 2 has avoided the situation of number 1. , and number 4 to number 2, I will use the spring to pull back to number N, it will be very flexible, number 3 to number 2 I don't need to use force, it's very loose, when pushed straight up, it will automatically suck back, then now try it, relax your wrist, really loose, don't use force, this is ng is number 3, so the hand is misplaced, when number 2 wants to go to number 2, you just need to pull it straight up, very gently or you can hold 3 fingers also, number 3 to 2 is very light. Look at this, 3 finger can't get in too, now go to 1st and try 1nd. Squeeze pull straight down, see, if you don't close it, it will squeak right away, it's because at that time the spring it sucks should be stuck, so you have to pay attention to that, and now go back to zero, brother, Then now I will learn to start a car.

Then now you turn on the machine, turn the key on, I will wait for the test machine for 3 seconds, for example, now I turn off this key then turn it on, turn on the test light, let the memory recover, and then now now you will start the engine, then the way to start the engine you will have to cut the clutch close, step the clutch in, then turn the key clockwise, when the engine starts, let go of your hand, then turn on the air conditioner, brother, AC then closed the door, I hooked it up to close the glass, then let me ask if the driver's door has 4 buttons, it corresponds to 4 windows, when pressing this button down, the other 4 buttons can't be adjusted anymore, when on Cars with children should lock that, then when the button is removed, it will be controlled, and then the button next to it is to lock all the doors so that no one can open it.

Introducing to you this is the handbrake, what is the purpose of the handbrake, which is called the handbrake, the brake that uses the foot to do it is called the foot brake, what is the purpose of the handbrake, that is, it keeps the car still on downhill, when I turn off the engine, I climb down the car, unfortunately I'm on the slope, I don't pull the handbrake, the car will drift, how to release it, the hand squeezes the pull pin straight forward, too hard to pull, just squeeze the latch Just push back to loosen and then pull forward, pull, I don't need to squeeze, hear the rattle sound, I estimate, that's right, release, squeeze in, for example, if I release a little bit, it will win slowly what about, that's right, did you see the exclamation mark icon, in general, you still win, but you have a light brake, if you do that, the car will heat up for a long time, it will damage the brakes, done ha.

at the bottom of my feet will have 3 rods, 3 rods will be like this, here will be the clutch, that amaza, get in the car, choose just one word for easy handling, these two sides are legs brake and accelerator, right foot will handle brake and throttle, heel is on the floor, heel is on the brake foot, brake is next to the clutch in the middle, then you keep the brake, don't pedal like that, brake Like a honda car, if you win, you win, but how can you beat sex when you want to use the accelerator, the heel will still be on the brake foot, the heel is still on the brake foot, open the toe and type the letter V through The accelerator pedal, the accelerator pad is different from the gas pedal, the cushion is slightly pushed down, oh that's a bit strong, because I'm new to it, so I'm not used to it. That's right, then return to the brake pedal, do it a few times to get used to it, when I brake, I pedal, in general, I can pedal in dangerous situations, and the throttle must be buffered. Now let go of your right foot.

Thematic Lawful Safe Driving Techniques

As for the left foot as mentioned before, using 1/3 of my foot, I put my foot in it, now I have to remember the 2 characteristics of the clutch foot, which is to do anything you have to do it first, get on the bike as if it were just right. Just now, he also had to step on the clutch first, that's why, often the driver has to check the number, there are zeros to see what happens, for example, in the car he has a baby, he sees it or shakes it. also do the same, so you have to check the clutch to return the number, the brake must also cut the clutch and then win, when changing the gear, you must also cut the clutch and then change the gear, do everything you have to cut the clutch first, then the second feature remember the sentence "every word what does "word" mean, my car weighs a ton, I have to slowly let it go, but if I let go too hard, it will be turned off immediately, if you cut the clutch, you can cut it quickly, but if you release the clutch, you have to be slow, so then how to get this slowly, then now i do this, my clutch is cut close, the heel is on the floor, i open for you 0 steps, so fast, do it again, now i open give me 2 steps, divide the 3 steps into 10, it's still too fast to do it again, 3 stepsI open it like that, and I have to open it with 10 steps, I have to open it a little bit, but I feel like I have opened all 3 steps without the clutch having to step back, no, I don't need to open it all. That's what it means, I warn you. Now here is my floor, this is my clutch pedal from the top to pedal down, but only the middle will work, but I have to step all the way in, because I don't know how to monitor What part is it in, my car is familiar and I can determine it, and when I get on other cars, I have to cut all the clutches, when you don't cut the clutches, it's very difficult, and these 10 sections are the degrees of loss, In the middle, the effect of this taper, you just go and do it 10 times, divide it into small steps, too fast, slow down. it's done

Now I will drive the model for you to see first, this is equally important, now I will adjust the lights, adjust the rearview mirror, adjusting the rearview mirror is very important, each person sits in a different position, people sitting tall and sitting low, what is the position to adjust the glasses, this is the part to adjust the glasses, left and right, for example, if you push the lever to the right, then these are the 1 directions to adjust the glasses, then I adjust How to best overcome the blind spot, now I adjust myself to adjust the rearview mirror so that the trunk only occupies a small area of ​​the rearview mirror, occupies from 4/1 to ¼ of the rearview mirror, and so on. I adjust the rearview mirror so that the view is the widest, right for my eyes, now I will swipe to the left to adjust the left glass, it's like this, we will see that the trunk occupies the area of ​​the glass. If it's too big, I'll open it up to fix the blind spots, it'll be appropriate like this.

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