A Guide to Parallel Parking for Beginners

In urban conditions, we will encounter a lot of parallel parking, for experienced people, horizontal parking is not difficult, but for new drivers, this is very difficult.

A Guide to Parallel Parking for Beginners

Instructions for parallel parking for beginners 2

We have 4 steps to do this quickly.

Step 1: Estimate the length of the parking space

If you want to park comfortably, the distance between the car in front and the car behind is 1,5 body.

For example, if the car is 4,5m long, the distance is about 7m

The minimum length of parking space is 2m longer than the body of the vehicle, applicable to 4-seater or 7-seater vehicles.

Step 2: Determine the starting position to steer (right)

The best starting position to steer is the distance from the car in front of 0.6 to 1m, the rear of the front car must be parallel to your rear seat, we can do it in a way that is looking at the triangle behind the car glass so that the rear of the car If the front is in the distance of the glass, do not forget to turn on the priority lights, signal to the cars behind and we start to steer all the way to the right.

Step 3: Return the driver directly

We hold the steering until we see the entire front of the car behind in the left rearview mirror, then we start to keep the steering straight.

Step 4: Hold the body right away

After keeping the steering straight, we will start to reverse until the right rear wheel is 20-30cm away, we will drive to the left if not timely, the wheel will be misaligned and difficult to control, now just need to watch. the rear vehicle to straighten and return to the level position and leave a gap for the vehicle behind to get out.


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