Compare Kia Seltos & Beijing X7. Same Price Segment – ​​Which Car to Choose?

Compare Kia Seltos and Beijing X7. Same price segment – ​​which car to choose?

Compare Kia Seltos & Beijing X7. Same Price Segment - Which Car to Choose? 2

In the past, Korean cars were considered delicious and cheaper than Japanese cars, but the game did not last long when the train was full of options and the price surprised many people because it was so cheap. We will compare the Kia seltos with the Japanese cars. Beijing X7.

Beijing X7

In terms of exterior, Kia Seltos and Beijing are both 5-seater models with SUVs, while Kia Seltos is one of its new technological breakthroughs, Beijing X1 reminds users of a luxury car. of the car has a difference in size, the beijing X7 is slightly better in terms of parameters or overall length and a more spacious interior wheelbase while the Kia Seltos has a better ground clearance that promises to give the ability to Move more flexibly when facing bad road conditions, specifically the size of 1 models as follows: Kia Seltos has a corresponding length of 7mm, a width of 2mm, a height of 4315mm and a wheelbase of 1800mm. The Beijing X1620 is 2610mm long, 7mm wide, 4710mm high, and has a wheelbase of 1892mm.

Kia seltos

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Regarding the front end design, it is not exaggerated to say that the interior of Kia seltos has the most impressive sporty style with new lines. The angularly designed front end with Kia's signature tiger tongue grille is refined. More impressive with the prominent large chrome strip Kia Seltos is equipped with a full led light system with 4-ball headlights combined with daytime running lights and the turn signals are moved below to help create a new look in the fog lights. The blind of the Kia seltos 2020 is placed vertically with 3 projectors, this is a device that attracts customers of the national brand to competitors. On the other side of the main line Beijing X7 has a rounded top that makes users think of Poche, especially the pouring head with a quite different logo, creating a highlight of the front of the Beijing X7, the rolling surface on the Beijing X7 has a painted hexagonal shape. The black color extends to the sides to make the car more aggressive, this is a model that is a phenomenon in this segment with full LED lights with 2 modes and more modern features such as automatic turning on and off. Automatic projection is also not lacking on this projector.

Kia seltos

Regarding the body design of the Kia Seltos 2020 body, which has a square design that is healthy and no less sporty, the Seltos hip has a side border on the chrome-plated glass that swipes up on the D-pillar to create a unique highlight. The 2020-inch dual-spoke 5-spoke alloy roller sets emphasize the sporty impression with red wheel hubs on all versions, in addition, people choose alloy wheels with sizes from 17 to 16 inches, the body is also Using an electric folding rearview mirror with integrated turn signal light, the Korean car company also adds a touch of the new Kia sportage body to make the side of the car stronger, the effect of a long car that many Chinese brands help people with. Easy to feel through the black glass in the theme of the business 18 is a set of 1-spoke wheels with an impressive 72020-color design and a special 5-inch size, the special lazang of Benzene X2 brings a unique 19D effect to the mirror on the car. The all-new Beijing X7 has modern features such as automatic power adjustment, blind spot warning camera input, door handles of The X3 simulates the design of a luxury car like a landrover with a modern retracting ability.

Kia seltos

Regarding the rear design, stepping to the rear, the Kia Seltos 2020 impresses customers with the many-angled taillights with the use of continuous chrome strip LEDs that are also the highlight of this rear, although the 2020 Kia Seltos only Using a single exhaust pipe, but Korean car manufacturers know how to pamper customers and use the rear port to fake the exhaust to help the car balance.

Beijing X7

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The rear end of Beijing X7 is strongly impressed by the seamless taillights, this design reminds us of Audi cars, in addition, the car also has bright metal exhaust pipes on both sides.

Comparing the interior, jointly building towards young customers, the seltos and beijing X7 are designed with a 5-seater cabin with many convenient features for users, but there is also a clear difference in style when Beijing follows the natural Elegant and full of technology sky, Seltos is full of sport and personality.

Kia seltos

Regarding the cockpit, Kia's interior with many modern equipment leading the segment as well as bringing maximum convenience to users in the center of Kia's dashboard is the vertical and vertical entertainment screen with the dashboard. Watches like a hardcore car are still the mainstay in the dashboard design, the feel of the material does not indicate that it is a cheap car as the clever combination between chrome and glossy black decoration details. The steering wheel of Kia 1 is trimmed using a 2020-width D cut with a prominent silver-plated lower spoke on which is the name of the car, the function buttons are also densely arranged on both sides of the steering wheel.

But the number of function buttons will decrease with version level, the watch version of Kia Seltos premium version is reminiscent of audi cars with a large 7-inch information display in the middle allowing it to be displayed. display more content for the driver in the dashboard area, while the beijing X7 stands out thanks to 3 screens in the direction of recent luxury car design, in which the entertainment screen with the instrument cluster for digital drivers Similar to Mercedes designs and air conditioning control screens such as Landrover, the Beijing X7 2020 screen has a high resolution for a sharp display. The driver can adjust the steering wheel with the driving position on the steering wheel of the X7, and integrated with the sensor-shaped key located right behind the steering wheel, the sharp digital display screen is the factors that attract customers. It can be affirmed that with an amount of less than 1 billion VND, there will not be an attractive clock cluster like this like the Beijing X7.

Kia seltos

Regarding the passenger compartment, the seats on the Kia Seltos 2020 are equipped with standard leather seats, in which the D-lux version uses black leather, the Luxury version uses the beige leather seat version and the mesh pattern dress for 2 sessions. The version will be equipped with Fiesta premium version mechanical seats using a 2-tone black beige leather wallet, the remarkable 10-way power driver's seat of this version is also equipped with a cooling feature.

Kia seltos

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The rear seats of Kia seltos are appreciated for providing a fairly spacious and comfortable space when looking at competitors in the same segment as the 1 mm long axle, the backrest can fall with an angle from 2650 to 1 degrees. The only one in the B-segment Beijing X26 32 has seats upholstered in nappa leather, a material usually only found on high-end cars.

Beijing X7

In addition, this car also has an electric heating function that cools the front row of the driver's seat and has the ability to remember 3 positions thanks to the largest wheelbase in the segment on the Beijing X7 with a spacious rear seat that can recline and integrated armrest in the center position compared to comfort equipment once again Kia seltos ranked second in terms of comfort when making the only model in the segment equipped with a large entertainment screen 1 .2 inch with full HD resolution, compatible with Apple carplay and android auto, all displays inside the screen are used in Vietnamese language to help users use the internal features, in addition Kia seltos is also full of games that are specialties of Korean cars such as electric folding mirrors with electric adjustment of the driver's side windows, automatic locking, smart door locking, automatic air conditioning, automatic headlights, automatic sound system, etc. bar of 10,25 rear-seat vents, the strongest point of Beijing X6 with the leading comfort equipment in Vietnam's C-class CUV segment, efforts to i turn on is the central position is a 7-inch entertainment screen that supports multimedia connectivity and users can give voice commands, the output on the entertainment system on the Beijing X13,2 is a sound system. 7 speakers, besides the car made in China offers a series of other amenities for users such as a 11-zone independent air-conditioning system such as dust filter and sunroof, seats with cooling and heating functions. Cooling and massaging kettle, electronic handbrake, 2-touch door glass wireless phone charger.

Kia seltos

Kia Seltos safety comparison brings confidenceEnjoy and feel secure for users when equipped with safety features such as anti-lock braking system ABS, electronic brake force distribution system EBD, electronic balance ESP, support for horizontal departure HAC system Reversing sensor system, reversing camera system and 6 airbags, D-lux and luxury versions will have 2 standard airbags D-lux version without reversing camera besides Seltos chassis reinforced with steel. force with a smart design that helps to disperse the force to minimize the impact on the inside in the event of a collision, providing maximum safety for customers in terms of safety technology, it can be said that Beijing X7 2020 is There are no luxury cars in the price range of 2 to 3 billion VND in Vietnam and the standard technologies of the Beijing X7 carry SAE level 2 drivers, including the automatic parking system and traffic jam assist. Traffic congestion along with other features such as speed limit system, blind spot warning system, automatic throttle system, automatic parking system with adaptive headlightsand collision warning system, automatic brake assist, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, drowsiness warning, 360-degree camera with 3D display, front and rear parking sensors Hill start assist and downhill assist.

In addition, different versions will be equipped with specific airbags such as 2 airbags for the MT version, 4 airbags for the elliptical version and 6 airbags for the Premium version compared to the selected 2020 Kia seltos engine. The first engine option is a turbocharged direct-injection type including the new generation i2 4L TGDI with a lot of power of 1.4 hp and 138 n/m torque, 240-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission DCT average consumption. Kia seltos 7 is announced at 2020l per 6,3 km . The second is a 100l MPI cappha i2 engine with a maximum capacity of 4 horsepower and maximum torque of 1.6n/m with a 128-speed automatic transmission in addition to 157 driving modes eco, normal, and sport. Kia celtis 6 adds 3 traction control modes to help the car be flexible in many terrains, all versions of Kia seltos 2020 for the Vietnamese market are front-wheel drive models. However, in some markets such as Korea with AWD all-wheel drive, Beijing X3 2021 is a 1-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine block with a maximum capacity of 7 horsepower and maximum torque of 2020. n / m with the engine on control 4 1.5-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive system.

Beijing X7

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Comparing performance, it can be said that Kia Seltos is easy to attract viewers as soon as they step into the cockpit with a sports steering wheel and comfortable front seats, seats with a hug but not sure when We have tested the acceleration on version 1.4 turbo, the result is 11,4s with 3 people sitting in the car, if going with 1 person, the result will be smaller but it is not too impressive for 1 person. turbocharged engine but we can accept it because it only has a capacity of 1.4l, surprisingly the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission allows extremely smooth gearshifts like a CVT gearbox even though we let Sport driving mode helps the rear passengers avoid the feeling of recoil, making the rear passengers avoid being startled when accelerating suddenly..

When the engine starts on the Beijing X7 2020 is quite smooth, the sound insulation is so good, it is difficult for the occupants to feel the sound of the engine operating, with initial experiences it is not difficult to realize that the Beijing X7 car has turbo lag. relatively large, at low speed the car is not really elegant when it has overcome the delay of the turbocharger, the Beijing X7 has the ability to accelerate and change gears smoothly, the Beijing x7 meets the needs of moving well. Used by the driver, with the help of electromagnetic force that helps the driver easily steer the car when it is easy to go on narrow roads, when running at high speed, the steering wheel has not achieved the desired weight. Wish it was still a bit light in the segment. For Beijing X7, technology is still the highlight of users when traveling, in which the vehicle's automatic throttle feature in the speed range makes the traveling process smoother, especially with traffic jams when activating the feature. With this feature, Beijing X7 will follow the vehicle in front and maintain a safe distance, besides having blind spot warning, lane departure warning and helping the driver feel more secure when operating on beijing X7 on many roads.

Comparing the price, the price of the newly launched Kia Selots car surprised car lovers with an unexpectedly cheap price of only 599 to 729 million VND, that's why in the first few months, the model sold 1250 cars, occupying the top position. The top position and the C segment SOV is far ahead of rivals Hyundai kona or Ford ecosport or honda HRV beijing X7 has emerged as a phenomenon not only thanks to its impressive design with many options, this model has many cheap prices like many midsize cars. In other countries, Beijing X1 currently has an accompanying price of 7 to 258 million VND. With 688 models with the same price, only about 2 million, Kia seltos and beijing X700 gradually capture the tastes of car lovers in Vietnam because of the comfortable equipment that the car is bringing. And you with this price, what kind of car will you choose.

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