7 Ways to Scam Students Signing Up for a Driving Test in Ho Chi Minh City

In this chaotic, confusing time, finding a driver training institution to join car driving course for the royal family is a difficult thing. Because there are so many How to scam students into signing up for a driving test? is "applied", and with that, the situation of loss of money has occurred, so how? identify it now CAC scam brokerage facility that avoid.

Many students have made the mistake of believing in a super cheap driving school package, studying all the time without being able to take the exam and having to ask for help from a law enforcement agency. But it was too late, if the money was not paid, I had to rush to follow the javelin. That is also a common lesson for all of us. In difficult economic times, where money is easy to earn, saving is necessary but it depends on the circumstances. With learning to drive, you need to learn carefully to have a really effective course.

Everything has its price, please consider it.

Revealing all the ways to scam students into registering for a driving test
Dan Tri newspaper: Hundreds of people surrounded the driver training center headquarters to demand money

1. 100% bean bag – 99% pass rate:

Obviously, the above number itself shows the "virtual tossing pan", shocking advertising and also a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test of some people. car driving training center Not reputable in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City's best driver training institutions just dare to stop at 85% is great. Study well but fate decides, this also applies to the driving course.

How to scam students into signing up for a driving test?

How to park your driver's license in Ho Chi Minh City

Not to mention the fact that "passing the bag" is against the law, the nature of the exam process takes place by the grading machine, from theory to practice, how to influence it to be able to do so. “100% beans” ok, so is this a way to trick students into taking a driving test to a driving school?

It's also strange that the students themselves go to school, there is a part that just needs to get the license and keep the wallet, but not drive, it's not that they don't want to, they don't have the need, but they really finish their studies... no dare to drive. Therefore, you need to identify and be alert to how to scam students into registering for this driving test of unreputable centers, no longer living.

Law Newspaper: Unmasking the car driving school that cheats "covers" 100%
Legal Newspaper: Exposing a car driving school that tricked "bao" into parking 100%

VietQ.vn Newspaper: Learning to drive a car all the time...but never know when to take the test

2 “Practice learning near home”:

Sounds very convenient, right? And hitting your "lazy score", is also a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test to the centers.  BUT: Learning to drive must be done in the standard training ground, but the training ground needs a large area to be enough 11 songs with pictures, Who spends a lot of money building a training ground in the inner city - when an inch of land is more expensive than an inch of gold. All standard training ground is built in the suburbs such as Tien Bo Stadium in Cu Chi - 45km from Saigon, Royal Stadium in Binh Chanh - 35km from Saigon, Truong An Stadium in Cau Dua, District 12 - 13km away.

As for the yards such as the Vocational School No. 7 in District 10, the yard of Saigonbus School in Pho Quang, the yard of Vinhempich in Go Vap - all have no longer function as driver training, but converted into bus parking and exam ground. motorbike already.

Do you want to be “study close to home” = the teachers practice “crouching” in the open field and let you run back and forth, and the teachers and students hid in panic like quails when they caught a glimpse of the traffic inspector?

Accepting to go to school like this, you will also be disadvantaged, undercarriage (which car dares to stick the school's logo on it), underground teachers, no insurance, no protection, no proper order. shapeshifter, after school...can drive...but can't go out on the road!!!

Be alert when you see ads like this. In some cases, this is not a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test. Why? Because if reputable car driving training centers in Ho Chi Minh City have a real training ground, and they are near your house, are they right about the service? So in this criterion, you need to reconsider where you are.

3 “Study where – test there”:

The Road Traffic Law stipulates that the test must be carried out at the testing ground of the Department of Transport, there must be enough vehicles, sensors, technical infrastructure as well as human resources to manage. .

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are only 5 test fields, including yards in Cu Chi, Binh Chanh, District 12, Nha Be and Thu Duc districts. Where did you get it, but there are so many yards that you can take the exam wherever you want, but “study where – test there”. And this is true, if you study at the driving school in Ho Chi Minh City, you will take the test in Ho Chi Minh City. So it can be seen that this is a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test when you have asked clearly and surely about the problem that they are saying they are studying at their center, taking the test at their center but through searching. If you understand, you see that the center does not have a driving test yard.

4: “Chen exam course – exam early – exam course delayed”:

The provisions of the Law on Vocational Training clearly state – Vocational primary training period with B2 class car driving course is 93 days, grade C is 135 days, neither earlier nor later. A whole system from top to bottom, just as regular and rhythmic as that.

Sometimes students have a need to get their degrees early - perfectly reasonable - because of your personal work - so you should inquire and inquire. Unfortunately, see you soon surname Promise somewhere – “just come over and apply, I still have a seat in October …blabla”, while it is currently…September.

Maybe one individual can change a set of laws that are very reasonable (when the course is 1 days long). An influential individual changes an exam course, a training course of a school?

The Hua uncles use the past to put students in the circle and this is also a common way to scam students into registering for a driving test, now that students have paid all the money, they can't leave, they have to "wait and be happy", if whoever "pushes the button", they will at most return part of the fee and draw the whole village, while you lose money, lose time, break plans.

And the game of sending an apology letter - the pinnacle of the art of appeasement with the summary "Dear, dear, hello...the school was suddenly inspected...so the exam session of the students was postponed for another day. wait, wait, wait, wait" the apology messages are saved and continue to send the same content about the postponement of the 2nd, 3rd, and nth exams...

Where do so many inspectors come back to inspect, if it's a real training institution - it's been inspected for the second time, but it's been demolished but not for the third time - I'm sorry again.

The essence of this problem is Uncles of the Hua family – inherently does not have a function of training + organizing exams – with the talent of “promizing” to enroll students, they get quite a lot of records, but due to over-promising, promising to become sick, promising in heaven and on earth, training centers REAL – allowed to organize the exam course did not dare to accept this number of students, resulting in a backlog of records, unable to transfer the exam report.

Capital Security Newspaper: Being "tricked" by the "super-fast" driver's license service
Capital Security Newspaper: Being "tricked" by the "super speed" driver's license service is a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test to hit the students' desire to be fast.

5. There is no clear training curriculum. The number of hours of practice is ambiguous (Practice learning unlimited, free tutoring if still weak!!!)

Training is to have a detailed program / syllabus given to you as soon as you register, to make it public from the beginning so that students can see their benefits when going to school. If learning practice in the form of 1 to 1 but your number of practice hours is more than 30 hours, it is impossible. Even a VIP package at the most famous (most expensive) school in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City is only 20 hours maximum. So what is it that driving training centers offer 30 hours, is it a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test?

This is one of "winged" deceptive advertisements Help pull students into the fear of learning to drive a car is difficult, so they can learn to drive as much as possible, so learning unlimited or free driving lessons if they are still weak is a great advantage compared to the money spent. . BUT it's not as easy as you think! Cars also need gasoline to run can't run on water! (gas prices are increasing again), teachers must have a good salary to cover their family life to be able to devote themselves to teaching you how to drive!

With low-cost tuition places, there will be a cost limit, so you can't have a lot of tutoring time. One hour of driving practice 1 to 1 is at least 200 VND/hour. 20 hours of class is 4 million dong. Plus the package fee to submit the application to the department to get the exam, your total tuition fee is already 8-8,5 million. Even if there is market competition, the tuition fee at least 7,5 million but can't be lower. So, the number of practice hours over 20 hours, where does the cost come from? Let's talk about "commit to practice until you know how to drive"???

6. Extremely low tuition fee:….only 5 million VND…..package……!!!

You search for information and receive countless advertising offers – “Learn to drive a car only 5 million", " Learn to drive a parked car with only 4,5 million", " cheap car driving lessons only …4,9 million”…

Oh my god!

Before taking a driving course, you should ask friends, acquaintances who have studied before to know the total investment about how much - definitely located in about 12 million or more for grade B and 15 million or more for grade C.

Refer to reputable, long-standing centers and establishments that have car driving lessons all in one over 12 million for driving course B2.

Reverse the question – why is there such a difference in tuition fees of up to 200% (or even 300%) within the same driver training industry? Are some big centers (Hoang Gia, Truong An,...) eat a lot, a training record earns a lot of money, so the training price is so high?

Hello – the entire training course is 3 months – each profile we earn less than 500.000 VND (customer care fee).

“You get what you pay for” – true in this case.

Tuoi Tre Newspaper: Tired of waiting for the driving test, I still have to pay more for school
Tuoi Tre Newspaper: Tired of waiting for the driving test and still have to pay more for school

With 2 million (even 3,5 million) is not enough fee to transfer documents to the Department of Transport to receive the exam, let alone training.

After that, practice time is cut, fuel surcharge is paid, exam fee is paid, money is incurred…

Newspaper tricks car driving lessons Very low to lure customers is the most common way to trick students into signing up for a driving test. When students go to school, forcing them to pay all kinds of fees (document preparation fees, tutoring fees, new car fees, etc.) is an old trick but still effective for most people. gullible gullibility.

7 Ways to Scam Students Registering for a Driving Test in HCM 2

Some of the latest 2020 tuition updates of some prestigious schools announced (the difference lies in the conditions attached to the package)

So the way to cheat students to register for a driving test here is to hit the cheap, cheap mentality of the majority of Vietnamese people. But anything has a floor price ie its lowest level, which is also the popularity of the centers, so there are a number of driving training centers in Ho Chi Minh City that naturally offer low tuition fees. Too much more than the price, you need to review it, or you won't cheat students to register for a driving test.

7) "Register now to get Quick Learning, fast early test, 1-3 months to learn to drive a car to get a license":

Provisions of The Law on Vocational Training clearly states – duration of primary vocational training with driving course for class B2 cars is 93 days, Grade C is 135 days. This is a very clear regulation and there is no "fast" or "preferential" mode for anyone.

Besides, the average time to study, take the theory test, practice driving and take the driving test until a student's license is obtained is 3 months on average., cannot "burn" time like the above advertisements. This way of tricking students into signing up for a driving test is by using a way to beat each student's time. So there is no rush, there is nothing to be impatient, learn enough theory, study enough practice, you will come to a good exam day. Thus, this way of scamming students into registering for a driving test is no longer alive.

* Above are 7 identification factors MA base – irresponsible brokerage facilities and centers, doing business in a flash, is also a way to trick students into registering for a driving test to register at the center. Would like to contribute a little idea to create an environment driving school clean, quality and stop all ways of cheating students to register for driving test of poor quality establishments.

It is expected that the first quarter of 1 will increase the set of driving theory test questions 600 question (instead of 450 questions b2)

According to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, after amending Circular No. 12 on training, testing and issuance of driving licenses, from the first quarter of 2021 will increase the set of driving theory test questions from the current 450 questions to 600. sentence. In which there are 100 questions in the form of paralysis. Students who answer 1 question incorrectly but the wrong answer in 1 out of 100 questions will be missed. That is, if there are 30 questions in the test and you get 29 questions right, but 1 wrong sentence on the list of weak points, you will fail.

This measure is intended to prevent "anti-slip" while obtaining a driver's license. In particular, students are not allowed to bring cell phones and information devices into the theory exam room or practice test car. Violators will not be granted a driver's license within 5 years from the date of detection of violations.

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam also added that by 2020, it will complete the connection and sharing of data with the Traffic Police Department to serve the detection and handling of fraudulent drivers to apply for a more thorough driver's license. If the driver is found to have falsely declared the loss of his driver's license to re-issue another license, his license will be confiscated. After 5 years, he will be able to learn and re-issue his driver's license as in the case of the first issue of a driver's license. If the D-class license is revoked, the E-class still has to re-learn the driver's license from the B-class








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