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Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Analysis of Pros / Cons

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Analysis of Pros / Cons

All Japanese cars like this do not have one, is it boring, Mr. Tam admitted? Do not know why they regret this feature, even though it is very cheap a few hundred thousand dong. Because there is a reverse feature later, the Kia Soluto will be added 3 points.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons analysis 1

Hello everyone, today we - me and Mr. Tam AutoZone will see you and you again in a fierce competition. Recently, a lot of people emailed us that the affordable segment B should choose which car to choose. Today I will protect this vehicle of mine and Mr. Tam, what kind of car? Kia Soluto is also one of the new products of the Kia family and is also very hot in sales here (I also love this car). So today I'm going to bring this car that represents the mass of consumers and go head-to-head against a very new product from Mitsubishi. Today I choose the Mitsubishi Attrage imported from Thailand, Mr. Tam, the price is relatively reasonable and imported. Well then today you will how to make the most rational, fairest and most objective. Of course, this is just from the point of view of our two brothers' tastes and tastes, and specifically, invite you to comment below and don't forget to Subscribe to AutoZone and Xe's Youtube channel or to follow. comparisons more often.

Now, first of all, let's compare the exterior, of course this is also the taste, you compliment your girlfriend is beautiful, I praise my girlfriend is beautiful. But I also like your girlfriend. In fact, the design called "tiger nose" of Kia is not new, and it has captured the hearts of consumers for a long time, and Kia's design is always a bit square. a little bit, it always looks a bit clumsy, it's a bit fierce in the first part. This design has a lot of consumers, the brothers appreciate it very much. Personally, of course I still like the design of the old Kia. Honestly, I also like the styling of Kia, but it's not like I don't like my car, but the Dynamic Shield language also brings something fresh. Mr. Tam objectively but recognized? But talking about faces, the two are very beautiful. Yes, to be honest, Dynamic Shield is not only on Attrage, all other Mitsubishi lines are successful because of this design, so Dynamic Shield gives the look at the first part is very present. great. But I pay attention to you here, in the front light and the front port I see a pretty big difference, this gives the feeling that the lamp is indented, for So the feeling of this car head is still somewhat sporty. Granted that his head is relatively sporty but mine is no less cool, looking at it square, here the cuts below it make sense.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons analysis 2

But just now arguing then all day passed, now we see what the first part is equipped with, called physically inferior, to see how. If that's the case, then just say yours. Mine, I have a projector by led lamp, which means the cos phase is led, and for you, I am observing ... Both are also halogen. Ok actually, in terms of lighting, I think it's OK, but obviously I see this it sounds better. I think only the cos headlight cluster is plus 1 point for Attrage (totally agree), my original is just like Mr. Tam, there is also a navigation light, yours is also below, this I think is the same. . But it really does let me cheat half a point because the Kia navigation light, when lying on the sides like that, it feels like the head is wider, it is more defense and it's also safe. a little more. But this half point does not count, do you agree because I also have, talking arithmetic, physically, if I do not, you will calculate right? Ok

Then you try to say which the front end of these two cars is better, the comments below we discuss. As for whether or not I think my lamp is going off. I have to get something from this car, ah this license plate is stainless steel and it is brighter than your license plate. Yes, this car is fine. The first part of these two cars looks like I'm getting a point, but what does the first part of both Mr. Tam see, I don't see front sensors. Because why do I like sensors, even though it's a small car, but the smaller the car, the more people we will go into crowded places right? Because in this segment, the thing that equipping the sensor in front of it will be a bit of a luxury, but the consumer is never enough, with more equipment will get the love of the person. consume more. Because I think the sensor is too cheap, installed outside is only a few hundred thousand, just need to install two more to get much love from consumers. Unfortunately, these two vehicles are not available, this is a fine of 1 point each, Mr. Tam ha. Just funny. Now that we are talking about design, the hood of one car in one Kia is actually more beautiful than that of the other. What did you take out to make you say better? Since the ribbed it makes this capo part more protruding (I have this too), you mean the center of the cap is higher than the sides, it feels like a This inner engine is bigger. Ok ah about the engine, we will talk later, but you are determined that you can win 1 point for the capo, then I'll give you 0.5 points, ok? No, the point it is here is also, which means you'll pay attention. This one is spraying water to wash the glass, it lies slightly exposed to my car, and the other side is hidden (this design is a long time ago), this one I find very reasonable, plus 0 , 5 more is 1 point round for the capo cap. So the front end of the car on both sides is equal.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons analysis 3

Next we will move to the bodywork. We get to the wheel, the Kia Soluto equipped with 175 / 70R14 tires. I don't need to read the specs. I say my 15-inch wheels are bigger, so I think I have more money. Actually, the big tray is small, it will (the small tray is quieter) the other one will handle it a little better, but in this segment, few people go speed. But soon we will go and see which car is quieter, but if I ask Mr. Tam's permission, mechanically as mentioned, the arithmetic is bigger, I still ask for permission to add 1 point. And yet, don't go, your Soluto, the light under the car is somewhere 150, mine 170 means it is taller, so it can climb hills, cross terrain, climb sidewalk things it would make more sense. But in return, the Kia Soluto will have a 20 mm larger wheelbase than the Mitsubishi, the larger the wheelbase, we will have a wider interior space and also the feeling of driving it will. a little bit more stable. What is the matter, the first is the light under my car than I get added 1 point, the wheelbase length of Mr. Tam is 20 mm longer in theory Ok plus 1 point because it is larger. But my overall length x width x height is more equal than yours, of course the number is very insignificant but (more is still more) in terms of numbers, it's bigger, I think if comparing the base axis and comparing the overall length is also worth adding points. If you add points, you get 2 points, my side gets 1 point, but there is one point, guys, a very important point is always the door handle. Let's go back to the doorknob, here you are. The door handle, this car is like any other car, it is still chrome plated, still the handle which is very popular today is very beautiful. You can show your car door handle a bit. Well this is fine, my doorknob is traditional, and according to my very dear brother Tien… Le cannot accept this kind of door handle. Saying not to accept is a bit too much, but it is clear that Soluto's doorknob is prettier, indeed prettier. This is 2-2. Plus 1 point for the doorknob.

And yet, Mr. Tam, I removed 1 point from you right now from the doorknob. Mr. Tam has a door handle but his key has to pull out he can press it, and mine is still in my pocket, I only need to push the button to open, yours is to be indented and then again. I have to pull it out, I don't have a button to lock and open the door. Ok, but let me take back half of that point, which is the design of the Kia key, which has always been highly appreciated because its design is beautiful and very luxurious. When necessary, it can be opened to intimidate the enemy, you know what, I see Lamborghini also has this design, push the button one time. A sports car is always the key, it's never a let's go key. That's like a stick sticking out a hole to get right? Okay okay, that's 0.05 point. Just kidding 1 point for the smart key on the door handle, but 1 point for this chrome-plated genuine door handle.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons analysis 4

We continue to stay in the body, I found out if Mr. Tam did not detect it, it was the brake in the back. Definitely because this is a plus point is very deserving and perfectly reasonable for Kia Soluto because Kia Soluto is equipped with disc brakes at both front and rear. While Mitsubishi Attarge only has front disc brake only. Yes, this one completely agrees with Mr. Tam although this drum brake in terms of function is still very good, but aesthetically, I clearly see the hydraulic disc brake is better, right? There is nothing to argue with. But of course it is also better, a plus point for Mr. Tam is not in dispute. Ah wait, Tam, have you looked up at the roof of the car for a moment? You just like the rod it picks from the beginning to the end, the key also has a rod but the roof also has a rod, mine is a genuine shark fin. Actually, this one it completely agrees because if compared to the previous Attrage it is the same, but this is a very significant improvement even though it is small but it will give the appearance of the you can see. Above it is an antenna stick up while on the other side of the shark's fin it's very trendy. I think the shark should be put to this side, and this doorknob is suitable for the other stick you see, the bottle lost the bottle again so I got 1 point back from the shark fin.

Then now the body of the car I think is also quite crate, we guys go to the back of the car to see what's cool. The rear end, both of these cars are equipped with a rear spoiler, in terms of design, each side will have its own characteristic. However, in the back light of the rear light (mine is led, Mr. Tam) I am close to the led, I am halogen. So if in terms of beauty equipment and aesthetics, please allow the led lights to add 1 point, but I am also a little regretful for my car a bit, I don't have a feeling. turn back. I hate cars the most that don't have reverse sensors. I have led lights, but I have a very necessary technology that is reverse sensor. Honestly, those who ride a car, especially those who often ride in the city, know now, it's a very normal thing to back up the car, it is terribly convenient to have a reverse sensor. , it is so convenient that for example, climbing in cars that I don't have, I used to get used to it and then I got in the car without it being so annoying. To be honest, I also find it annoying and I have suggestions for all Japanese carmakers in general should have sensors both front and back because it is too cheap. But I don't have any Japanese cars like this, no problem, Mr. Tam acknowledged? Do not know why they regret this feature, even though it is very cheap a few hundred thousand dong. Because there is a reverse feature later, the Kia Soluto will be added 3 points. Add 1 point.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons analysis 5

Talking about the back of the car, Mr. Tam, if your car wants to open the trunk, how can you show it to turn right? My car pushes the button, bro, it is not delicious in your pocket. But in return for removing gauze, the volume of space for the luggage of his sister is much better than this car, more than 25 liters, I imagine 25 liters of cooking oil, I could not spend the whole month. The two of us, using 25 liters of cooking oil, must invite Tien. Ok so about the spacious space of the trunk, you add 1 point, but for the utility that opens the button, I get 1 point. Agree, of course, Mitsubishi Attrage is a rookie in the new car market, so in terms of design, every new one will always have outstanding advantages over the old one (his It's also new) a bit newer, then I hope that my Kia Soluto will remove the antlers for a lot of points in the interior.

But before going inside let's talk about the engine, where the Kia Soluto will show its superiority, the 1.4-liter inline 4-cylinder engine, the maximum torque of 132 Nm, generally if that is. It's absolutely the same numerically speaking as Tony said. Ok, I completely agree with Mr. Tam that the Attrage car is only equipped with a 1.2-cylinder engine, the capacity is also less than only 78 horsepower, the torque is also lower. However, the weight of my car, it is lighter than yours, that's why the ratio of power to weight of me and his brother is almost equal, mine is about 2 hp less than yours for 100kg. It means like this, for example I am strong like this I carry a 60kg girl, but Mr. Tam is a little weaker than me, Mr. Tam only carries her 30kg, is that clear? Well I think this .. but numerically I'm still 2 hp behind you. And there is one more point that it will be the subject of eternal controversy is the gearbox, when the Kia Soluto is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission and the Mitsubishi Attrage is equipped with an automatic transmission. So really the feeling of driving on a gearbox it still gives a certain feeling, and it still gives an acceleration or everything it still carries a car.

However, of course this is still an unnaturally debated topic, but many cars use CVT, typical for urban use because it will bring smoothness, it is flexible and economical. than. Well maybe this is about the gearbox, then in a while we'll experience it as a whole as we work to see which one is more flexible and which is better. Adding 1 point to this engine in terms of ratio is still more than 2 hp per ton. Well, now we invite you to go into the interior to see how Kia Soluto smashed Mitsubishi Attrage, according to Tam.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons Analysis 6

Now to the interior compartment, I will show you the language of interior design, in this segment we should remember that this car is in the segment that is called the top of all car manufacturers, that is It's almost a very low-end, so the equipment on this car is usually very basic. But on the Kia Soluto it's not that basic either. You can see that in terms of the previous design, the interior design of the old Kia has always been appreciated for its beauty, it is very trendy etc. This steering wheel you really have to admit is it beautiful, fashionable, in a so-called segment car with a price like this, owning this steering wheel, you can see this leather, plastic and Metal details are very OK. But to talk about beauty, I prefer my car, so I and you argued about ugliness all day? Now your car has something more than mine such as more buttons, more features, more technology. This is the first one, to scare me the impression of your car. Now you say your girlfriend is prettier than my girlfriend then my brothers and sisters argue with each other all day, I think Tien's girlfriend is the most beautiful you recognize? Ok come to entertainment, this is a 7 inch screen (I also have an equal 7 inch screen) but this screen design makes it feel better. He looked closely at the balm face, the one on his car was like going out to install, it was not called genuine. Ok this plus 1 point.

A rather strange point that many people like, there are many people who do not like it, but personally I like that the door buttons are fully moved to the center, not located on the door. This is not Lamborghini where to move in the middle. Then it gives people such a feeling and it is a disruption like when the Kia brand they want to make something different. This one is Lamboloto. But like this, we argued with each other all day because all the popular cars had windows on the doors, now putting in here is also a pretty good one, but for me, It is an inconvenience, but I gave you points for this and you did not find out. This is your USB port in the middle, it is very convenient to plug in a USB to charge things etc, mine is plugged in on the other side, now I want to charge me around the switch. It's not mine I don't remember but the thing is, do you understand, this is not a plus point because all their cars are here, when the car is left somewhere else, you have to deduct points for me It can't be a plus point. That's why I want to say again that all the other cars have the windows open there and yours is here. Lamborghini also put it here, Cooper mini supercar also put here. Okay okay, plus 1 point for the proper USB port layout. Subtract your 1 point, not add it. OK, subtract 1 point from me.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons Analysis 7

Ah but there's one more feature that is adjusting the height of the headlights, which is quite necessary because when we go long distances. Since this lamp is very ugly, it creates an adjustment feature for it to like, but my lamp is already beautiful, it also has a projector for high and low balance. Because sometimes when you carry people in the back of it heavy, sometimes it hits the opposite eye, we have the right to adjust it so it will be safer. My car also has (yes no, remember not there) mine is automatic, you must use cam, do you like me to subtract points? Mine has this projector, and it has a full phase LED (but there is no altitude movement, you have to check) but this height adjustment is not as important as the beauty you understand. Then the beauty just got points already.

Now I see your car in terms of equipment, you have nothing to add, you pass my car, I add it to you. Now if you go over to my car, if you can deduct anything, I will deduct for Mr. Ok. In the interior of Attrage I will introduce to Mr. Tam what I have that Mr. Tam does not have, for example, on my steering wheel there is Cruise Control, this child goes leisurely, it saves but it brings comfort. roof. 1 car point you do not have right? Absolutely agree, really plus 1 point. Next one, normally you have to pull out the key, you stick it into the hole you pick it up, it just rings, I don't need it, the key I put in my pocket pushes the button to explode, there's a Start Stop button. I don't have a car. Ah, you must add 1 point. About my monitor now, I have added 1 point to your car but my monitor has Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity, in terms of features it's smarter, please get 1 point again. . Agree, but I also have to disassemble a little bit that is the sound system on the car Kia Soluto is equipped with 6 speakers, there are only 4 speakers up here, and it is two dual speakers up here. Ok this, I have experienced it, the 6-speaker system of Mr. Tam sounds better, this must be quite complimented for Soluto. However, he won 1 point, I immediately pulled back it was my air conditioner, it was not an air conditioner but it was hard, it was an electronic automatic air conditioner, you look to see if the button is up. older) then you have to bring my doorknob because you subtracted my points, you're weird. Agree is plus 1 point. Ok, right.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons Analysis 8

Next in the back seat I pulled out the armrest, there was a cup for the cup, and there was also the headrest in the middle, this alone would definitely add 3 points, but I only asked to add 1 point. only because it just has this armrest, this cup of delight. If the person sitting in the middle wants to rest his head, right, this is too much for 1 point. Totally agree. Alright yet, do you mind the dress? So I am being awarded a bit of points already. Calculated, at first I thought the interior would be the strong point of Kia Soluto but after exploring more carefully .. I thought I was a chicken but I did not expect me to be a real chicken but you are paddy, right? brother?

Come on, let's compare it fairly in terms of performance, let's go around to see how good and weak these two cars are, I think it will be better because many outsiders the equipment that operates it will be a very nice one.

Honestly, I made a clip about this line before, really .. I have a Mirage at home, the transmission engine is the same, I must say the Mitsubishi Attrage Hey, this MIVEC engine it is very good at the first throttle when I first entered it, I found it very sweet acceleration. The other child has a bit of throttle but it is not a weakness, but why me and Mr. Tam made a comparison because you said earlier that yours is stronger but my car is lighter then here we are running, then the feeling of acceleration at first I don't see too much difference and I even get the smoothness in this car because it is also combined with CVT gearbox. again. In terms of strength, I feel that the two vehicles are the same. One thing that I experience in both cars is that the Soluto steering wheel is lighter than this car, this car has more grip. Even though both are electrically powered. I don't know whether to add or subtract for anyone's car because this says it's a little more tightening but it's not too heavy, it's still very light, the other car I see it a bit superficial, it would be for the overly gentle type, but this one I still find the grip. But in the past, Mitsubishi always made the steering wheel like this. Because it feels more masculine and solid than you see?

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons analysis 9

One more thing that surely Mr. Tam has to admit to me is the noise level of this car when we move on the same two roads, his car is noisier than mine, he will spread it later. The test you will see is that the noise on this car is less then I would like to add 1 point for this Attrage car. Agree I have nothing to disagree because actually when the actual experience of the two cars is clearly soundproof this Mitsubishi is a bit quieter. Of course, it is difficult to measure by machine, but this is how we two feel when walking on the same road, it is a little quieter this car. But did you see that when I was sitting on a Kia Soluto when we were not too fast, at around 60 - 80km / h, it seemed that the other car was better than this one. That's right, I experienced it a while ago and the Soluto car if you just run gently in the city where you go through a pothole it will be a bit stiff, but at high speed and around everything then you will see that it is solid there. Then that is a plus point for Soluto. And this car to say it will be a little quieter, it is inclined to be a little quieter, of course it depends on the purpose of use only.

Actually, in this part of sharing driving feeling, Tam and Tony won't be called fighting like that anymore, this is just sharing feelings. As for what is equipped, it is clear that ten, we will add points. But with this one, you probably have to add points right now, Tam, the circle radius of its head is only 4.8 m, but its brother's car is 5.2 m, then when my brother Buying a small car to operate in the city is more convenient, right? This is also a reflection of the fact that the wheelbase of the other vehicle is larger than this one, 4.8 m and 5.2 m is 0.4 m apart. I ride your car when I need to turn and I will have more trouble than this, which is one that I think should add points in terms of specs. Next also talk about the parameters of fuel economy, you do not need to compete far away, you just need to look at the fuel consumption table on the glass to see it. Of course because the other car has a larger capacity, it comes 1.4 cars this is 1.2. And 1-2 years ago I do not remember, I did with Truong The Vinh a clip about the i10 evaluation, actually Kia and Hyundai were almost using the same engine, but on the i10 the machine 1.2, when I fought with Attrage, Attrage could win quite convincingly. Well my car is lighter now 1.4 means the weight and power ratio is as said. That's why it's fair to say we have to add 1 point to this Attrage. In terms of fuel economy, so calculating this one is better than the other, from the exterior to the interior. So I told him not to compare, then he kept asking to compare with me.

Choose Mitsubishi Attrage or Kia Soluto 400 million - Pros / Cons Analysis 10

Ok now, in terms of sales, right, the Kia Soluto is better because sometimes the parameters are just for reference, and in the end the actual numbers only. But why do you know, because your car was born first, my car has just been born, so many people have ordered and we have not sold it (the same is true in the previous life). After this clip of mine, with my outstanding ones, I don't know what to do, Mr. Tam. Then we will wait and see. Ok wait 3 months and then do the comparison.

So we have done a quick comparison of what is, what is not and the two brothers' own feelings about these two cars. Perhaps everyone has drawn their own choices, if you are still wondering, invite you to the showrooms of both companies to try and list them together to get the most out, right, Tam? Right. Anyone who wants to argue with us, just comment below, we will join in the comment to discuss with you. Maybe now, I would like to pause this video because the two brothers have cut the wind too long, now we have to go use a little cooking oil. Goodbye and see you again in the next videos. Remember to subscribe Autozone channel. Bye.

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