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Top 10 Must-Go Long-Distance Car Driving Experiences

For car owners, long-distance driving is inevitable. And you know, driving a car on long distances is more difficult and risky than driving around the living and working areas.

So, to get to the right place - to the right "destination" you need to have a few Important experience when driving long distances there. And what are those experiences? Let Ho Chi Minh Driving School Revealing it to you right now.

10 Safest Long-Distance Driving Experience

1. Be prepared to be physically and in the vehicle condition

Before a long drive, you need to ensure the health of both the person and the vehicle. Get enough sleep so that your brain can be lucid, ensuring high concentration throughout the journey. As a result, you can be alert in handling traffic situations encountered on the road.

long distance car driving experience

Check the tire pressure condition carefully

At the same time, do not forget to take care of and maintain your car carefully. This will ensure your car can operate well in unfavorable weather or road conditions.

2. Prepare some snacks and water

If your trip lasts 3 hours or more, you should prepare some food, soft drinks such as bread, fruit, water, ... It will help ensure your fitness throughout the journey. . Note that you should limit salt intake to avoid causing thirst.

3. Drive slowly and calmly

When in traffic, you should take the initiative to give way when necessary. Especially for roads with lots of passenger cars and large trucks.

long distance car driving experience

Drive slowly, pay close attention

For roads that do not have a 2-way divider, widen your view so that you can see vehicles on the opposite direction pass the lane suddenly. On a road with a median strip, you should not go too close to the median. Please maintain a distance of 0.5 - 1 meter in case there are pedestrians, vehicles crossing the street on open sections.

4. Pay attention when overtaking

You should not pass a vehicle in the following cases:

  • On a curve, there is a blind eye.
  • On the bridge.
  • In the road tunnel.
  • Where there is a solid separator.
  • On roads with no passing signs.

In addition, you need to maintain a reasonable distance with the vehicle ahead so that you can clearly see the situation before passing. At the same time, you must note one more thing: do not pass when there are signals ahead of another vehicle coming to pass. Because at this time, you will encounter a blind spot ahead and it is difficult to react promptly when something goes wrong.

5. Acceleration - decelerate at the right time

When you want to speed up, make sure that the road is unpopulated and the curb has a clear view. In a densely populated place, drive at low speed to ensure safety. Because in this area there will be many vehicles, children and animals crossing the street.

long distance car driving experience

Accelerate, slow down at the right time

6. Watch out for car lights

Another valuable experience for long-distance driving is: turn on your lights both front and back from dusk until dawn. This will give you a better view and also avoid being fined by the traffic police.

7. Use your headlights when driving in fog

When there is fog, your vision is limited while driving. It is therefore important that you use your headlights. It will help drivers in front of you to know your vehicle's existence. And don't forget to drive at a moderate speed for a closer look.

long distance car driving experience

Use your headlights when it's foggy to limit visibility

8. Do not check the brake continuously when going downhill

When driving downhill, it is very dangerous if you keep checking your brakes continuously. Because the heat generated at the brake pads is transmitted backwards, causing the brake heads to boil. Since then it is easy to cause brake loss at the end of the slope, which is very dangerous.

9. Limit calling, texting and using the screen function on the vehicle

This is what most car drivers encounter. And the consequences caused by the use of phones and recreational vehicles while driving are not small. You cannot concentrate 100% on driving in these cases. So, if you want to drive safely, quit this habit right away.

long distance car driving experience

Do not use your phone while driving

10. Do not run parallel to container trucks, trucks

On one-way roads with two or more lanes, do not drive parallel to a container truck or truck. Because this will limit your vision, and the chance of a collision is very high. Therefore, when the road is clear - pass the car to be safe.

The above are experience while driving long distance cars OK Ho Chi Minh Driving School introduce. Hope that this will be practical and useful information for you. Please note and apply to have a very safe ride.

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