Upgrade your B2 Driving License to E

Upgrade your B2 driving license to E How is it done? Procedure to get upgrade driver's license includes what? If you are still wondering about the above issues, please follow the following article!

Why Upgrade B2 to E?

Upgrading a B2 class car driving license to C, E, F is a necessity for drivers of large tonnage cars. Having a higher class license means you have more functions and control over a wide range of vehicles.

The process of raising the driver's license stamp is quite simple, not as complicated as people think. Depending on the process of raising the mark, it is compulsory to take a driving test in accordance with the regulations issued by the Department of Transport. As when you have passed and have passed the driving test in a smaller class, the learning to upgrade is also omitted certain parts.

upgrade from b2 to e
Can I upgrade from B2 to E?

What Is The Current Law On Driving License Upgrades?

The profile of the learner driver to upgrade the driver's license (GPLX) is clearly stipulated in the Circular 46/2012/TT-BGTVT in Clauses 4, 5, Article 8 of the regulations on training and testing for the issuance of a basic driving license. road boundary. Specifically, learners who want to upgrade their B2 license to E must have enough time to practice with the number of safe driving kilometers as prescribed.

  • From B1 to B2: Practicing for 1 year or more with more than 12.000 km of safe driving.
  • From B2 to C, C to D, D to E, from B2, C, D, E to F: Over 3 years of practice with more than 50.000 km of safe driving.
  • From B2 to D, C to E: Practicing for 5 years or more with more than 100.000 km of safe driving.
  • Raising the driver's license to class D, E: Learners must have a junior high school diploma or equivalent.

So if you want upgrade B2 car driving license to E must have more than 8 years of driving experience with more than 50.000 km of safe driving. Because you have to go through the process upgrade B2 to C and then from C to E.

Procedures for Upgrading a Car Driving License with B2 to E

Procedures for upgrading car driving license with B2 to E very simple. According to Clause 2, Article 10 of Circular 46/2012/TT-BGTVT regulating people Learn to drive a car To upgrade, you need to submit the following documents:

  • 1 application for study and test to issue a driving license according to the form.
  • 1 copy of ID card/CCCD or valid passport.
  • 1 declaration of practice time and safe driving kilometers.
  • 1 health certificate issued by the competent authority.
  • 1 certified copy of lower secondary school diploma or equivalent in case of driving license upgrade to D, E (present the original when checking the driving test record).
  • 1 copy of existing license.
upgrade fee from b2 to e
What is the procedure for upgrading from B2 to E?

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Examination fee when upgrading B2 car driving license to E

Driving test cost when upgrading B2 to E including theory test with a fee of 90.000 VND/time. The cost of the practice test in the picture is 300.000 VND/time and the cost of the practice test on public transport is 60.000 VND/time.

In addition, the driver wants to renew, re-issue or change his driving license, you need to pay 135.000 VND/time. The above costs are applied similarly to the cases of driving test for class B2, C, D, E, F. Legal procedures and papers must comply with the provisions of law.

Where can I upgrade my Driving License with B2 to E?

Ho Chi Minh City Driving Test and Training Center is one of the oldest units in charge of driving test in the area. The center has many appropriate training programs to meet the needs of students. This is one of the addresses that many people choose to register when they need to take the exam to upgrade their B2 driver's license to E class for the following reasons:

procedure to upgrade from b2 to e
Address with prestigious B2 to E driver's license in HCM
  • The consultant team is very enthusiastic and dedicated.
  • High sense of responsibility in arranging test schedules for students after completing the registration procedure.
  • Facilities for complete and advanced preparation.
  • The rate of students passing the exam is very high.
  • Instructors support students in the most convenient way to learn theory as well as practice exam preparation.

Therefore, you are completely assured when you register for a driver's license or change or upgrade your license. For any problems related to the driving test procedure, please contact the specialist page for more in-depth advice.

Here is the basic information about upgrade B2 car driving license to E. Hope it will be useful to you.

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