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Kia Sedona is a large passenger car model that is very popular in the Vietnamese market. There are many people who give sedona to serve their trips, for family trips. Next to me is a large sedona model, a line of this large seven-seater upgraded passenger car.


Ỏ version this time and that has upgraded quite a lot, changed in exterior, interior and also in comfort and safety, the large sedona has also become more luxurious and comfortable. I will start the journey from Tam Ky through Da Nang city, cross Hai Van pass and reach Tomb of Co, this is an interesting journey because there are many beautiful scenes and it is also suitable for a large tourist car. like a sedona. I feel this trip is like a sightseeing trip, admiring the roads in central Vietnam.

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There are many beautiful places, especially when we pass through Hai Van Pass. Although the new sedona is not a driver-oriented model, driving a large touring car is not too boring. The car I drive is a san version using a 3.3-liter engine, with a capacity of up to 266 horsepower and maximum torque of up to 318 Newtons plus the oil-powered power steering system works very accurately. can conquer Hai Van pass without difficulty.


The winding, winding turns are not difficult to overcome thanks to driver assistance systems such as electronic body stabilization and other features. The car is also equipped with modern advanced driver safety support systems and technologies such as ISP electronic balance system, ISP system is equipped on all three versions and this is a very important safety system. on modern cars, and to further assist the driver, the car is also equipped with a blind spot warning system and also has a vehicle crossing system when we reverse, reverse sensor, frame electronic vehicle and the system automatically switches the brakes to auto fold.


On this journey, I also tried the second row of seats, after lunch, I felt a bit sleepy, so I decided to give the steering wheel to another driver to back to the second row to rest, the seat is quite wide. Spacious and good soundproofing system, I slept quite well.


Currently, kia sedona is sold in Vietnam market with three versions, but their names have been changed, the most advanced version is kia sedona platinum G with the price of 1.429.000.000 VND, in addition there is kia sedona platinum D with the price of VND and the lowest is the other luxury sedona with the price of VND, it can be seen that the selling price of these versions is no different from the previous versions but it has a lot of upgrades. provide safety and comfort equipment.

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The company has agreed in this version that the cars will have similarities in exterior and interior, only the platinum version uses full led lights, the luxury version will have spherical mirror halozen headlights and this is the only difference. in terms of exterior. And I really like the design of the new version, we have a steering wheel with a completely new pattern that is more luxurious and beautiful than the previous generation..

Looking from the side we will see the wheel, still 18 inches but it is redesigned with V-shaped spokes that look better, in foreign markets there is a 19-inch option. About the mirror, like the previous version, we have a rearview mirror with a turn signal above, in addition to the platinum version we have a button to open the rear sliding door.


Before, we had to pull the handle, now we just need to press it. At the rear of the car, the other sedona has been redesigned a little, that is, below we will see a new bumper, much more beautiful and much more modern than previous generations. In addition, it also has a smart trunk opening mode, when we approach the car, the car will automatically identify the key and automatically open the trunk, which is very convenient when we go shopping.

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The overall dimensions of the car have not changed much, the length reaches 5100mm, the width is 1980mm and the height is 1755mm, the wheelbase is up to 3860mm and the ground clearance at the lowest point is 186mm.

And now let's explore the interior of the new kia sedona, we just need to press a light button, the electric sliding door will open by itself and give us an extremely spacious space. And the second row is considered a business row, the seat is extremely comfortable with two armrests, the seat position is extremely spacious. In the second row of seats, we see a cup holder, a storage compartment and a usb charging port, and on the top, there is a sunroof to create a comfortable feeling. The third row of seats also has quite a large space, we have sunshades, which can be pulled back.

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Now that we will explore the new sedona, we will see some changes that are gear lever, main screen and leather seat material. First of all, the steering wheel has a rather comfortable size with the wood paneling on the top and the surrounding area is heated and we have a button to turn the steering wheel heating on and off, The central taplor still uses black but they have borders. Wood paneling for a more luxurious look.

We also have a usb charging port aox port and here we also have a wireless charging compartment to charge the phone. The newly designed gear lever looks better and is more comfortable to hold. We have electronic handbrake, auto hold, seat heating, sensor on and off, on and off the sensors around the body, steering wheel heating and an active eco button, which means we turn on and off the fuel saving mode. .

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As for the leather seats, they have not changed much compared to the previous generations, but in white they use a darker color to create a more luxurious feeling than before. The seats have air vents, the sedona's driver's seat gives very good visibility because it is placed quite high, the 12-way power driver's seat, has two memory positions and the 8-way power passenger seat. Sedona is a large 7-seater model with the largest luggage compartment available today and we can explore these luggage compartments together.


Even when we put up the third row of seats, we still have a very large storage compartment with a capacity of 963l. And here we can see a lot of large suitcases, even two at the same time. Now let's try folding the third row of seats, we can fold it this way to increase the luggage space or we will pull it up and then fold it down and chalk it down to make it flat, when we fold it. According to this type of reflection, the luggage compartment will be greatly enlarged to 2220l so we can comfortably carry things. In addition, we can fold the second row of seats, so the storage capacity is up to 4000l. The new Sedona has two engine options, a gasoline engine and a diesel engine.

In summary, the new sedona is a very valuable version with more comfortable and beautiful exteriors, and more luxurious interior, kia sedona is an extremely right choice for large families when they need it. A spacious car suitable for long trips is very comfortable and convenient.

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