Calculation of Vehicle Segmentation. What is a Lottery?

How to calculate vehicle displacement?

Motorcycle: Cylindrical volume = Base area*Height

Unit: cc = cm3 = ml

Bit height or stroke is the distance from top dead center (TDC) to bottom dead center (BDC) when the tone bit moves.

Bottom area = (radius of cardboard bit)2*

Toyota Vios 1.5 liter engine:

1.5l = 1,5dm3 = 1500cm3 = 1500cc

Don't go left

 Thrusting is a method that helps to increase the operating range of the piston to create a large pressure, helping to make the computer more powerful than usual.

Dan goon has 2 parts: cheeks and hands

Connecting between the handle and the cheek, there are cylindrical pegs, this pin is called accumulator, then don dan means to move these accumulators away from the axis of the crank.

Calculation of Vehicle Segmentation. What is a Lottery? 2

c is the point B, A is the center of the chuck, the point is to increase the distance AB, increasing the length of the rod will increase the stroke of the tone bit, thereby increasing the working volume of the tone bit and it will increase the capacity. . The driving force can be to add more thick cheekbones to increase the inertia force when turning, increase the tossing force, then the car will have more force and greater torque. Don't hesitate can be a battery.

Left draw: means replacing the piston, replacing the cylinder with a larger diameter, increasing the bottom area of ​​the piston, increasing the volume of the combustion chamber.

Both swinging and left-handling have the purpose of increasing the working volume of the piston, increasing the power as well as the torque of the vehicle, making the vehicle more powerful.

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Peel off

Peeling is when the car is dry and lacks oil (oil has the function of lubricating and dissipating heat), then in the position of the hot hands and cheeks, they expand and tighten together and cannot move anymore. .

Pressing is usually done when turning a new nut, turning it and using a hydraulic machine to press it.

When the car is stripped, the hydraulic machine is also used to remove the roller bearings and replace the new roller bearings and then press them again.

Machine lube means that the bit stuck in the cylinder can no longer move up and down, which can break the handle, bend the handle. Lupbe occurs when the car is dry and viscous, it increases friction, making the piston and cylinder block unable to move, it breaks the piston ball, breaks the cylinder ball, breaks the ball. Therefore, it is advisable to change the oil and coolant on time.

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