Compare The Difference Between Manual Taper And Automatic Taper

Hand taper is different from automatic clutch?

Manual and automatic clutch cars are not much different, mainly about the clutch, also known as the pot.

Automatic clutch car, the pot has 2 pots, the front pot and the back pot, the front pot has 3 pins and the rear pot has leaves. Working principle: the front crankshaft, its shaft is attached to the elbow shaft, when the plunger goes up and down, it will push the crankshaft to rotate, pulling the front crankshaft to rotate when it has enough rpm, (normally, the crankshaft is 3. not caught in the bell, but held by the springs in the shaft), when the father rotates at enough rpm, there will be a centrifugal force that will pull it away from the shaft, when the psychological force is large enough to overcome the pulling force. The spring pulls the leaves out and catches the bell of the pot first, and thanks to the friction that pulls the bell of the front pot to rotate, the front pot bell rotates, there is a gear connected to the rear pot, pulling the rear pot to rotate. Not when the rear pot rotates, the shafts rotate, but it has to go through the rear clutch (back dad).

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Compare the Differences Between Manual Taper and Automatic Taper 4

The latter has a structure of alternately arranged iron leaves and leaves, when the latter rotates and thanks to the frictional force between the iron leaves, it pulls the shaft to rotate, the shaft rotates through the gears. it just pulled the sprocket, the sprocket passed through the rear wheel to rotate. Advantage: when the number is 1, not on the gas to anti throttle, it still explodes, the wheel still does not go. Should be suitable for girls, or the elderly, or for those who are new to the car, which means it is easy to control.

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Manual clutch: the clutch of the manual clutch is simpler than the automatic transmission, the clutch does not have a front clutch and is replaced by a flywheel, it only has a rear clutch, so use the clutch to cut clutch, then it will have a connection mechanism from the upper clutch by a cable to the bottom and there is a clutch at the bottom of the engine block, this clutch when it moves, there will be a button to press on the clutch. after, the rear clutch normally has a spring that squeezes the iron leaves tightly pressed together, then the clutch has not been cut, so the machine rotates, the gear will always rotate; When I squeeze the upper clutch, there is a transmission mechanism downwards and the button will press on the rear clutch and the rear clutch brake the force of the spring and separate the leaves and iron leaves, then cut the rotating clutch. smooth without moving, when releasing the clutch, the force of the spring presses the iron leaves to make the cone join together and drive from the plunger down to the gears to make the wheel rotate.

Compare the Differences Between Manual Taper and Automatic Taper 5

The two pots of automatic and manual clutch cars are both wet clutches (immersed in oil), so it is necessary to use an oil with an appropriate coefficient of friction, especially when pouring scooter oil through the oil of the car. it will occur the phenomenon of sliding pot lose capacity.

Automatic car: Advantages: firstly, the user does not need to squeeze the clutch, the control operation is very simple, suitable for new drivers or female friends, the car is less shutdown than a clutch car. manual, no need to increase or decrease the gear according to the speed of the vehicle; the second is being able to control the car with one hand when needed. Cons: when changing gears or upshifting, it's not very flexible because it has an automatic three-wheeler, so I can't actively control my car completely.

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Hand clutch car: Advantages: the feeling of mastering the car completely, when using the car, all your limbs are working (left hand squeezes clutch, right hand squeezes brake, left foot lets go). number, right foot to win) know which rpm is infinite, which rpm is elegant; secondly, manual clutch cars are often designed in a sporty, masculine and strong style, so riding a manual clutch car will feel this sporty feeling; the third is the numbering, flexible payment; The fourth is when the car is stopped and there is still a gear that wants to drive the car, just squeeze the clutch to be able to pull it.

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Disadvantages: firstly, it is difficult to get used to the number when leaving the gear, when the automatic clutch is used to, when switching to the manual clutch, it will be a bit surprising; the second is that if you want to remove the number, you have to hook it, so it's easy to damage your shoes; the third is that a manual scooter that cannot run with one hand is required to run with two hands; Fourth, driving a manual clutch is a bit tiring because you have to squeeze and release the clutch continuously.

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