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Which Tire Pressure Sensor to Choose Between “Tire Pressure Matrix”?

Which tire pressure sensor to choose between “Tire Pressure Matrix”?

Hi guys, I'm driving one Santafe 2019 diesel version that I love very much because of its delicious engine, good transmission, and extremely delicious full-time 4-wheel drive with endless options. This is a car that is quite complete and perfect in the money range in the same segment, of course if I find out what is not or is not reasonable, today I will swim, just a small one and maybe should add to it roundly it is a safety related feature because anything related to safety i will put it first for my own safety for those around it is a pressure warning feature tire pressure but the santafe doesn't, if it had tire pressure, it would be round and perfect,

Tire Pressure sensor

Tire is the only thing that connects the road surface and the car, if the tires are not good, all the technology on the car will be thrown away. Tire pressure is extremely important because a tire that is too small or too inflated is very dangerous when traveling on the road, it is easy to cause a tire explosion, if there is a tire pressure warning, it will help you observe, before the journey wants to know your tire. if it's good, just look at the tire pressure sensor, while walking, the tire is gradually deflated, the tire pressure sensor will report and we have to handle it right away, but it's very fast on the highway The possibility of tire explosion is very dangerous, many cars in the Vietnamese market do not have it.

Today I will go to the fitting and find out the tire pressure and which type will be the best, the most affordable and safe for the user.

Tire Pressure sensor

Currently we have the following types of tire pressure sensors such as solar TL405 which can be left on the car's taplo without having to be plugged in, the advantage of this type is that the screen is on the taplo so it can be convenient. Observation, the strength of this solar battery it is very good with other types. 

Next is the C32 it is plugged into the car's pipe, this is very compact wireless with an additional USB hole to plug in to charge the phone and can be used for all vehicles.


The next type is plugged into the waiting hole, which is the most popular of Honda and Toyota brands. Mitsubishi, this type will plug directly into the electrical outlet, very compact.There are cars that people do not have a tire pressure sensor attached because this is a safety feature even luxury cars do not have, because due to competitive pressure on price, many companies cut it out, especially the ones that don't. This type can be installed outside and the cost is also very affordable.

The lowest type is C32 priced at 1,8 million, TN405 priced at 4,5 million, the type that is mounted on the Android screen and this type is very popular and can be viewed on the phone.

Tire Pressure sensor

Santafe uses i3 because this has the advantage that no tire pressure has is it displayed on the original clock, almost the original zin according to the car, Santafe abroad has tire pressure but back to Vietnam In the south, it has been cut, this type costs 3,2 million. It used to be i1 now it's grown to i3, i3 compared to i1, it has more software on the phone so I can use it on the phone, for example, turning the tire from front to back from left to right, I just just taking the phone to island. This type of i3 is not only fitted to Santafe 2019 but also has many other models such as Hyundai Tucson or Kia models and additional Nissan lines. (Update car driving test set Latest)

After installing enough tire pressure on 4 tires, the next step is to activate on this Santafe as the technicians have activated and now we have pressing and the tire pressure sensor has shown on the main screen. monitor the vehicle's speed, I appreciate this feature for the safety of myself and my family and road users. It is also advisable to equip a very important device, the tire pressure sensor, after If the tire pressure is attached, download the ik application to observe the tire pressure.

Now I have changed the tire pressure sensor very quickly and easily without needing to gouge into anything on the car.

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