How long does it take to learn a B2 driver's license?

Learning a B2 driver's license is one of the essential needs of many people today, especially those who need to use a car to travel, work or do business. 

You want Study for a B2 driver's license but do not clearly understand the information about time, study process, and tuition? Let's find out the latest information through the following article. 

What is a B2 Driver's License?

B2 driver's license is a type of license issued by a competent authority to traffic participants to legally control vehicles. According to Article 21 – Circular 07/2009/TT-BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport, a B2 driver's license will allow you to drive the following types of vehicles: 

  • Cars with a maximum capacity of 9 people.
  • Trucks with a tonnage of less than 3,5 tons.
  • Tractors weighing less than 3,5 tons.
  • Vehicles are allowed to travel with a B1 class driver's license and are allowed to participate in business transportation.

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Class B2 driving license
Class B2 driving license

Time to learn Driver's License B2

According to Circular 38/2019/TT-BGTVT amending Circular 12/2017 on issuance of motor vehicle driving licenses, there are regulations on the number of study hours, with centralized attendance for a B2 license being 168 hours of theory and 420 hours of study. Practical class hours, equivalent to about 3-4 months.

Time to study theory

For B2 theory, students will have 168 hours of study, equivalent to 57 sessions. Accordingly, the specific learning content and time are as follows:

STT Learning content Number of study hours
1 Road traffic law 90 hours – 30 sessions
2 General structure and repair department 18 hours – 6 sessions
3 Transport profession 16 hours – 5 sessions
4 Culture, ethics and prevention of harmful effects of alcohol in driving 20 hours – 7 sessions
5 Driving techniques 20 hours – 7 sessions
6 Learn software to simulate traffic situations 4 hours – 2 sessions

Practical learning time

The time to practice a B2 driver's license is 420 hours. If each lesson is 8 hours, it is equivalent to 52 lessons. In which, divided into small lessons, the total number of driving practice hours for 01 student on the driving practice vehicle and in the car driving lesson cabin is 84 hours and stipulates:

  • The number of practice hours per student is 1 hours. The number of practice hours on the field is 81 hours, on the road is 41 hours.
  • The number of hours of practical learning in the cabin for a student is 3 hours. 
Learn to practice driving B2 at the center
Learn to practice driving B2 at the center

Students practice in the form of 1 - 2 people/1 car/1 teacher. Practical learning content includes:

  • Learn basic driving skills.
  • Learn to drive on the road.
  • Learn to drive without penalty.
  • Learn to control the vehicle in a cabin environment.

Latest B2 Driver's License Learning Process

Submit application to study B2 degree

A set of registration documents for a B2 degree includes the following documents:

  • Application form to participate in the training center's course.
  • Photocopy of ID card or valid passport (no notarization required).
  • General health certificate.
  • Card photo size 3×4 and 4×6.
  • Photocopy of old driver's license and old records (if any).
Registration dossier for B2 degree
Registration dossier for B2 degree

Participate in theoretical and practical training courses at the center

The theoretical training course at the school will include:

  • Review 600 B2 driving theory questions.
  • Learn 120 driving simulation situations on the computer.

B2 practical driving training course:

  • Practice driving on the road.
  • Practice driving without penalty.
  • Learn to control the vehicle in a cabin environment.

According to regulations of the Ministry of Transport, the total number of hours of driving practice kilometers per student is 1.100 km, of which: 

  • The number of kilometers of driving practice on the driving range for 1 student is 290 km.
  • The number of kilometers of practice driving on traffic roads for a student is 1 km

Participate in the graduation exam organized by the center

After completing enough hours of theory and practice, students take the graduation exam organized by the center. Students are tested and awarded a primary certificate and training certificate at the end of the course including: Road Traffic Law subject according to the theoretical test set of questions; Driving Practice subject with continuous tests, zigzag back and forth and driving on the road.

Students take a simulation test for a B2 driver's license
Students take a simulation test for a B2 driver's license

A graduation exam includes 3 parts similar to the exam, requirements for each part:

  • Theory part: Must pass 33/35 questions.
  • Simulation part: Must score 35/50 points.
  • Practical part: Must score 80/100 points. 

The graduation exam to obtain a certificate stipulates: You must pass the theory part to participate in the next parts. If you pass the test, you will be able to participate in the road test. If you fail the test, you will not be able to take the road test. 

Only when you have a graduation certificate from the center will you be eligible to take the B2 car driving test.

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Take the exam organized by the Department of Transport to receive a B2 license

The test organized by the Department of Transport includes the following sections and requirements:

  • Theory exam: 
    • There are 35 multiple choice questions, 33/35 must be correct and no incorrect answers will be scored.
    • After taking the test, if you have enough points, you will move on to the simulation test. Results are announced immediately after completion.
  • Simulation exam: 
    • The test set includes 10 situational questions and must achieve a minimum score of 35/50 points.
    • If you fail this part of the test, you will not be able to take the probation exam.
  • Physical examination part: 
    • There are 11 tests and must score at least 80/100 points. 
    • If you fail the penalty test, you will not be able to take the road driving test.
  • Practical test on the road: 
    • Minimum score of 80/100 points is required.
    • At the end of this test, you will be recognized as successful and be granted a B2 driving license.
Sample exam diagram
Sample exam diagram

Receive B2 exam results

At the end of the exam, students will know the results immediately. In case you pass all the exams, you just need to go home and wait to receive your diploma from the center for 15 to 30 days.

For students who fail the exam, re-register with the center. If you fail the theory part, you will definitely have to retake the exam from the beginning.

Things to Note While Studying for a B2 Driver's License

In order for the process of learning and taking the B2 driver's license exam to go smoothly, students should keep in mind the following notes:

Follow the teacher's instructions

Students need to fully participate in theory and practice classes and seriously follow the teacher's instructions to achieve high efficiency in the learning and exam process. Because they are experienced people, they know tips to avoid failing and making mistakes to create situational exercises for students to pay attention to. 

Neat school clothes

To avoid clothes getting caught in the equipment and hindering the control process, students should wear neat clothes. Women should wear flat or sports shoes and avoid using flat sandals and high heels to ensure the practice learning process is safe and effective.

Do not pay any additional fees for teachers

Cases of "demanding money" from teachers at training centers are not unheard of. Therefore, during the learning process, if the teacher requests to pay any additional fees without the initial agreement during the registration process, the student absolutely must not follow it. Avoid losing money unjustly. 

Read the terms carefully when registering

When deciding to study for a B2 driver's license at a center, students need to carefully review the terms in the registration form. If you have any doubts or unclear information, ask immediately. Avoid trouble later.

Choose a training center with seniority, reputation, and professionalism

Currently, there are many driver's license training establishments, however not all of them are professional and have good quality in both teachers and facilities. Therefore, to achieve quality learning results and the ability to pass a high B2 degree at a reasonable cost, you should carefully research the reputation of the center before registering. 

City Driving Training & Testing Center. HCM - Prestigious Address to Study and Test Driver's License, Good Price

As a reputable driving license training unit in HCM, City Driving Test & Training Center. Ho Chi Minh City Confidence helps you have effective theoretical and practical lessons, easily "passing the dance" successfully. 

How long does it take to learn a B2 driver's license? 2

Registering at the center, students are committed to:

  • The curriculum follows standards, is continuously updated and is in accordance with the law.
  • Fees do not arise in any form.
  • Enthusiastic and experienced teachers
  • Spacious practice area, equipped with new and standard driving practice vehicle system.
  • Training time is flexible, helping students fully grasp knowledge.

In particular, the center also accepts pick-up and drop-off for students at many points during their practice sessions, which is extremely convenient and saves time, money and effort. 

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Hopefully through the article How long does it take to learn a B2 driver's license?? The Latest Study Process will be useful for planning students. If you have any questions about the study program, please contact the hotline number of the City Driving Training & Testing Center. HCM for timely and thoughtful support.

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