What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018?

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018??

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 12

Hello all of you. Thank you for supporting the channel all this time. Big Thai made this clip today for you to compare between the Altis 1.8 E automatic and 1.8 G automatic, how is it similar and different? What is the distinction? The price difference is about 70 million, so why should we choose the G version and why should we choose the E version? Who is the right person?

Big Thai invites you to first compare the 2 cars first.

The front of the car is the same, the lights and the bumper are the same. Newly designed, it looks more luxurious and sporty. But between the 1.8E version and the 1.8G version, the most recognizable point is the wheel. Here you see by the way for you to see 205/55 R16. Here you see? Here is R16 and its code is 205 and here you see the style of the wheel and the size of the wheel of the 1.8E. Next to the letter G that to identify is the sensor behind. This is the sensor. Do you see? Skin sensor. With this 1.8E version specialized from the factory, there is no reverse sensor. However, this one we can completely add. The cost is very low, you can install. Very simple.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 13

As for the interior, you can easily see that the 1.8G is equipped with leather seats. Do you see? And especially the sewing styles, it's the same as the E versions. But it's leather. Hi guys, this is the second point, but the interior of the G version is different from the E version, which is DVD. However, this DVD, please note that it does not have a camera and it does not have a Vietnamese map. When you have a need to use a navigation map, you have to add a device. Here in Thailand there are many solutions for you to use other navigation equipment when you buy a car. Thai will advise such as equipping the glass with a front-facing camera, rear-facing camera, etc. or you can install a removable device on the dashboard. The third difference of the G version because it is more expensive is that it is equipped with an automatic air conditioner. This one is more convenient for you. However, once in a while we will see the other version to see if it has any inconvenience or not?

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 14

One more basic feature is the interior chair, which has 1-way power adjustment. You guys slide up ha. Then straighten the back. See and the box is up. Thai themselves, Thai really like cars that have this back box adjustment. When this back box, you adjust this. That's it bulging there. That means when pressing forward, this back will rise. For example, Thai people are sick, need it to be lifted up so that they can lean on something, which is very good for back pain. The trips that are all long, have to drive a lot, you see the value of this.

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Hi guys, this is the front end of the Toyota Altis 2017 version 1.8E, do you see any difference? Except for the color. By the way, I also made a variety for you to see if this is silver, what kind of shape is it? The lights are exactly the same. Chrome plated part is also available. Scroll up here. The front throttle design is also completely the same. There are also fog lights. You see the Altis together. How do you see the overall look from the back? This new design makes the car more youthful. And its target audience of potential customers of Toyota Altis is also different.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 15

Hello everyone, now we are sitting on the space of a Toyota Altis 1E. Everything else remains intact. You see with its price and interior like this. Relatively complete and enough to use, do you like it or not? In case you don't like why? What is the solution for you?

First this is its DVD player. You see and have a USB port that can insert this USB, you can connect most of the bluetooth and play most. only lose to the other head that it can sing DVD and it only. And this is instead of the automatic air conditioner panel, this is the mechanical air conditioner panel. The design of this mechanical air conditioner also looks very sporty. And this is its original set of felt chairs. This felt pattern looks quite sporty and powerful. Have a look at it together.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 16

We invite you to test drive the 1.8E out there. And there are some improved equipment. And if we choose this car, retrofitted. Here is an example where we can easily recognize a convex camera. And we also easily realize that this is a very good price 1E version. See you guys. And what Thai wants to introduce to you. Firstly, if you have a need, invite you to come and test drive this car with Thai. Let us make a decision. And first, invite you to go inside the car with Big Thai.

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We invite you to watch! Already. Air-conditioner. There is AC to adjust the temperature. This is a DVD player installed at Toyota in Fukushima. You see quite a lot of features, giving quite a lot of information. Can sing DVD, have radio playable map. This we consider a map of Vietnam Map. This guy is basically a CD but the dvd I chose is a good one. When we get the thing, we have a pretty good map of Vietnam. Already. Let's check the video camera from earlier here. Do you see? In case we turn next it turns to the map. Already. Here you see the Vietnamese map feature has started up and you also hear melodious music somewhere it is singing on the radio. That is, you can both see the map of Vietnam and play the radio, listen to music and listen to the news. And with this additional car dvd player with integrated Vietnamese map and copyrighted for you to update for free.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 17

It is also quite convenient for you in some cases for you to go to an area where you do not know the way. Already. The mechanical air-conditioning remains the same in it's still sporty. And we can still use it. You have seen and compared the original 1 G and 1E versions.

And this is the 1.8E only. Less than 800 million, but we have to upgrade a little more ha. We will see the car is much more luxurious and now let's see. Here. To watch. Great. The speedometer panel, the DVD area and here are the seats. Do you see the interior of this car after changing the leather seats and adding DVDs, does it look luxurious? Here you can see. Then thank you for looking at the rather spacious interior of the Toyota Altis 1E.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 18

And now the big Thai friends take a quick look from the outside to the inside of this 1E, should we take this one to save 1.8 million or should we try 70 million so we can get the other G, let's see together. Here you see. Do you think it's cool to shoot the front part of the car? Since changing to this design, most Thai customers and friends when they meet are highly appreciative of the Toyota Altis, especially the front end.

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That's what you see. This color also looks quite tough and sporty, right? Here you can see the front and see. The price list for you to see. With Thai big one is Toyota Altis 1, one is 1.8E and the other is 1G, you can see and evaluate together. In the case of installment purchase, estimate how much. And here you see 1.8G, its price is 1.8 million, its finished paper is 1.8 million, consider it as 753 million, remember. In case of installment, you only need to pay about 836 million in advance and you can borrow about 840 million. In case for you who are interested in version 241E, its value is only about 590, its papers are about 1.8 million in case you buy in installments, you only need to prepare about 680 million and you borrowed about 772 million.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 19

Thai notes to you that the quotes that Thai put on this channel are the ones that Thai gives you to plan for the relative calculation and the details of the good discount, please contact us directly. Big Thai or big Thai brothers in the big Thai team like Duy, Hang, and Thoai. Some customers ask why your prices are so high. Because this clip will last for a very long time, I will increase the price not to fear that the customer will later raise the price, then it will be annoying for the customer later. You can imagine the big Thai. There are also many customers calling why the price of big Thai is high, why the price of big Thai is high. When you contact the showroom directly, Big Thai will surely present the best closest price at that time. That's how we do it guys. And here we should just reduce the price for you to plan.

Here you will wonder with a 1E like this in case you pay for 1.8 years. As an example, the first monthly payment is about 8 million 1. Please be quiet. And here it will gradually decrease. And here Thailand will show you the interest rate. Interest rates here are also relative. In case your profile is good, Thai will deal with you a good interest rate on your behalf. This is the milestone of 4 million dong, you will receive a 9-year promotion with interest rates. Speaking of Thai interest rates, note to you that there are some customers who complain to Thailand, why change to another agent and report an interest rate of 1 1 but a large Thai price is 0.4? This problem is related to promotion. How to do promotions of each bank is different and you can imagine. If 0.5 0.6, they only give you a promotion for 0.4 months.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 20

While the interest rate in Thailand is large, it is recommended that a large Thai bank link with you to keep you fixed for 1 year. Thailand's view of high interest rates when Thailand chooses a partner to serve its customers is that in addition to low interest rates, it must be stable. In addition to low and stable interest rates, the paperwork process must be quick and easy. Interested parties, please call Big Thai directly for more information.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 21

Hi guys, you probably already know that the contract budget is about 770 million to 840 million, then you will probably wonder if I should choose this car to save nearly 70 million or should I choose the car. so that I have to spend another 70 million. Who fits each car one by one? According to Thai thoughts and experiences with unmarried brothers and sisters or young families, we just got better, we should go with a Vios car, we work a little bit more, we see a Vios If you need a spacious car, you have a pragmatic mind and you want to save money, you should choose this car, in fact Thailand has sold it to a couple of aunts and uncles, an old couple and a couple. If you don't care much about the form, you can go with this version.

What's the difference between Toyota Altis version 1.8E and 1.8G 2018? 22

And for those of you who have a lot of money, you are a little more comfortable, but spending nearly 70 million more is not a problem for you and you need a car with leather seats with DVD, it's a bit more luxurious. The tray it's a little bit different, you choose the other G version. I don't know what the rest of you guys think? Please comment below. Hello guys, just now is a comparison clip between Altis 1E and 1.8G, the price of the object of the installment policy, and such application procedure. I hope that somehow you can imagine to own this Toyota Altis 1.8 one of these two, it is difficult or easy, isn't it. Thank you for supporting the channel during the past time. And special thanks to all the customers on the channel who came and bought big Thai support. In case you come, you buy big Thai support by telling the receptionist to let me see Big Thai or Khoa Hang Duy. If you need support, please call Big Thai. In case of an emergency, you call but Big Thai can't answer the phone, please leave a message. Thank you and see you in the next video.

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