Raise the B2 Driver's License Seal

Service of raising the stamp of a B2 driver's license to C at the Driving Training Center of Ho Chi Minh City

You currently own a B2 class driver's license, previously you used to drive a taxi, drive a company car, a private driver for households, now you want to earn extra income by driving a specialized transport truck. used with a weight of over 3,5 tons… But you don't know what to do?

According to this case, the best way is to do raise the driver's license stamp B2 to C for the driver's license to have more functions, specifically here to control more vehicles, or heavier trucks. To be able to complete the simple procedure and get the degree quickly without affecting the work, please come to driver training school hcm for our advice and support.

Raise the B2 Driver's License Seal

Why should raise the B2 driver's license stamp to C at the driving school in hcm?

The raising of the B2 driver's license mark to C creates favorable conditions for drivers who practice driving and transport businesses to have more job opportunities, increase income, and improve family economy. Choosing a reputable implementation address will help them save time, effort and cost, and the hcm driver training school will help drivers do that.

Ho Chi Minh Driving School, specializing in the field of Driver Training and Driving License Exams, driving license stamps of all kinds. With 10 years of operation to ensure top prestige, quality and professionalism, the center has received a lot of support and trust from a large number of students.

+ Enthusiastic consulting staff, dedicated to answering all questions for students.

+ Own a team of professional teachers

+ Modern facilities, fully equipped to ensure the best support for each student's learning process.

+ Ensure that all information provided is accurate and clear about the interests of both parties, sign a clear contract, and package tuition does not incur any additional costs during the course of study.

+ Students who register to raise the B2 driver's license mark to C will be properly trained, master both theory and practice, so they can improve their own passing ability up to 100%.

B2 Driving License Seal Lifting Service

Conditions for raising the B2 driving license stamp to C

Persons driving license class B2 have a need to raise LICENSE LICENSE LICENSE must meet the following requirements:

+ Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner who is lawfully residing or working or studying in Vietnam. Be in good health as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

+ Yes 50.000 km Drive safely and have a good time driving from 3 years or more

+ By the time of the upgrade test, students must be 24 years old. Because to be eligible to study for a B2 driver's license, the student's age as of the date of registration for the test record must be 21 years old.

+ Learners to upgrade their driver's license to C-class must have a junior high school diploma or equivalent or higher.

What do I need to do to raise the stamp of a B2 driver's license to C?

To raise the stamp of a B2 driver's license to a C license, students need to prepare a set of documents including:

+ Application for study and test to issue a driver's license

+ Copy of driver's license (present the original when taking the test).

+ A copy of the people's identity card or citizen identification card or passport with a validity of more than 06 months

+ Declaration of practice time and number of safe driving kilometers according to the prescribed form.

+ The driver's medical certificate issued by a competent medical facility according to regulations.

+ 10 photos 3×4 white shirt, blue background

Should B2 Driver's License Mark be Raised Up?

Conditions for passing the course to raise the B2 driver's license stamp to C

– Students must complete 28/30 questions of the theory test in the set of questions 450 question and is the pass condition of the theory round.

– The minimum number of points students need to achieve is 80/100 points in 11 mock exams.

Thus, raising the mark of a B2 driver's license to C is not difficult. However, learners need to carefully consider the need to use their driver's license class. At the same time, students must absolutely meet the conditions for driving experience, records as prescribed by law.

If you have any questions, please contact the HCM City Driver Training Center via hotline: (1900) 633 670 or via phone number: (090) 243 0787 to meet Ms Kim Vi for advice and guidance.

Should B2 Driver's License Mark be Raised Up?

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