Exchange Old Moto A2 Driver's License to New (PET Card)

To exchange for A2 motorcycle driver's license old fashioned PET plastic card What documents are needed? How much is the fee to convert to a new license? What is the order of execution?

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change a2 driver's license to pet card
Change your A2 moto driving license to the latest PET card

Why Is Changing A2 Driver's License To PET Card Recommended?

Circular 12/2017/TT-BGTVT stipulates: change driver's license A2 From old paperboard to new PET plastic, it is recommended to do before December 31, 12.

Compared to the old A2 driver's license, the new license has more advantages:

  • PET cards are more durable than old paperboard materials – hard to be damaged.
  • High security: difficult to erase or be faked.
  • When changing to a PET card, the information will be stored in the database of the General Department of Roads, a competent authority for easy management. After that, if you lose your license and want to re-issue it, you don't need to take the test.

Who Can Change – Can't Change Moto A2 Driving License To Plastic Card?

1. In case of getting a new A2 driver's license

  • The old A2 driver's license or the new model A2 driver's license is lost, damaged, or has incorrect personal information.
  • Holders of the old A2 driver's license (still valid - not lost or damaged) want to change to a PET card to comply with the direction of the Ministry of Transport.

2. In case the old A2 driver's license cannot be exchanged for a new one

  • A2 driver's license has been erased, torn or has an identity difference.
  • A2 motorcycle license is not issued by a competent authority.
  • A2 moto driver's license is not included in the driver's license information system, driver's license management book.
  • The decision to join the army is more than 6 months after the date of the procedure for changing the license for a military A2 driver's license.
fee for changing a2 driver's license to pet card
What are the procedures to change the A2 moto driver license to PET plastic card?

Procedure to Change Old Moto A2 Driver's License to New (PET Plastic Card)

To be change the old A2 driver's license to the new one, you need to follow the procedure below:

Step 1: Prepare all documents to change the A2 moto driver's license

  • Application form to change A2 driver's license to PET card (issued free of charge at the check-in place).
  • Copy of A2 moto driving license.
  • Copy of CCCD/ID card or valid passport.

*** Motorcycle driving license A2 There is no time limit, so the application does not need a medical certificate. Please note this detail to avoid wasting time and money.

Step 2: Submit an application to change the A2 moto driving license

You can apply to change your A2 driver's license to a PET card directly at the competent authorities or online.

  • Submit directly at: Department of Transport (where the license is issued - where you live and work), the Public Administration Service Center of the province, the Central City, the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam.
  • Register to change your old A2 driver's license to a new one on the Public Service Portal (

Step 3: Take a photo and pay the fee at the application-receiving agency

  • The fee for changing a new A2 motorbike license is VND 135.000/driver's license.
  • The time limit for processing driver's license change dossiers is not more than 5 working days (from the date of receipt of complete dossiers as prescribed).

Step 4: Receive an appointment letter and come to receive a new certificate at the scheduled time.

  • When getting a new A2 driver's license, the licensing agency will cut the corner of the old license (except in the case of a foreign driver's license).

Change your old Moto A2 driver's license to a new one (Plastic PET card) is only being encouraged, not forced, but based on the benefits of the above PET plastic card driver's license, you should change your card as soon as possible if possible.

procedure to change a2 driver's license to pet card
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