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Details Mercedes GLB 200 - Peugeot 5008 competitor is about to return to Vietnam

Detail Mercedes GLB 200 - Formidable rival of Peugeot 5008

Welcome to the motor show suspension brake and to the Mercedes Benz showroom for the first time, the newest of today. This is a bright star in the Vietnamese sky. A car that promises to beat many competitors in Vietnam, let's explore the Mercedes Benz GLB - a car with a completely new segment, with competitors like the Volkswagen Tiguan allspace. 

Mercedes GLB 200

The front of our car will have the Mercedes Benz logo, the grille, the camera360, the daytime positioning lights and the multibeam lighting system, the Merc LED system today is very beautiful. The engine is equipped with 1.4, 163 horsepower and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This is one of the impressive parameters, completely different from the cars from Asia.

The capo has a hydraulic system to push up easily, the 1332cc horizontal 4-cylinder engine, much larger capacity, the gearbox is also good.

Mercedes Benz GLB200

The bodywork is quite similar to the stretched GLC. The optional wheel set, you will see it will vary by market, model, segment: GLB 200, GLE 250, .. will be different. Car mirrors, door handles are still the same. The ground clearance is similar to that of the GLC. If you look across this side section, you will see that the car is quite long and elegant. 

Mercedes Benz GLB200

The tail section reminds us of a small GLS car, the LED lights of all Merc models today use this design. The exhaust cluster is very beautiful, neatly designed and refined. Trunk electric car, not too wide, but quite good for a family car. Luxury cars always have an anti-jam mode when opening and closing the trunk. 

Mercedes Benz GLB200

Inside the interior, first of all the center console, has very impressive air-conditioning doors, neat buttons. This interior area is designed quite similar to the A Class. We have double, touch sensitive screens. Compared with recent cars of rival automakers and Merc itself, this newly upgraded design is truly impressive from A, CLA, .. The design offers a modern style, value for money.

The knob is adjusted, painted aluminum, meticulously carved, the layout is quite similar to the previous Merc. The interior has wireless charging, USB type C, water storage. Overall the sitting position is quite comfortable, albeit very neat. 

Mercedes Benz GLB200

This car is an optimal value car, it does not need too many luxurious equipment such as power adjustment for the steering wheel, just mechanical adjustment. The new design of the steering wheel, the full gear shift paddles, even the lever, the gear lever, the turn signal, and the light knob are also newly designed. Panoramic sunroof, 2 compartments prove Merc has been very well-tuned for this car. Actually, GLB is not only attractive in Vietnam but also in the world. 

Mercedes Benz GLB200

I think when this car returns to Vietnam it will be very hot because it is a luxury brand, a 7-seat dead-end crossover, the price is reasonable compared to cars sold in Vietnam. The second row of seats is very comfortable, with preferences for the rear seat. Turbine-style air-conditioning doors, aluminum trim, 2 USB type C charging ports with a 230V power outlet, although this is a small detail, it shows the car manufacturer's interest in people sitting on the car, especially during the period. We need as much energy as today. The third row of seats has a smaller space, for those with a height of 1m65 or less, children are more reasonable, but in return there are 2 USB charging ports in this row, cup storage.

Mercedes Benz GLB200

In general, this car is not as practical as Japanese cars such as Xpander, Ertiga, .. because German cars pay attention to safety, so the front end will be longer, forcing the interior to be narrower.

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