Should or should not buy Corolla Altis 2019

When someone is holding about 800 to 850 million in hand, choosing a seven-seater family car or choosing a four-seater car also makes you encounter many thoughts. In this segment, there are also many problems. choose for you but do not know which is a reasonable choice, what criteria should be compared. I invite you to learn with me.

Should or should not buy Corolla Altis 2019 4

Each product line has their own success in the market, these cars all have the same design, features and price. These models have a very youthful and dynamic design. It seems that the manufacturers themselves also want to target a specific group of customers that are young people, and older people, business people, they need a more loving and elegant motorcycle. 

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Second in terms of features, they often focus on features, often the more options the better, but in practice sometimes not using them all. As for toyota, they don't focus on too many features, the features are just enough, but in return they focus on the quality and durability of the car, it is the durability and fuel economy that create the brand. of the car kia cerato by toyota. Another thing is that toyota's car has dropped in price, If you search online a 2005 toyota corolla is still sold for 280 million. Meanwhile, customers buy only about 450 million.

What do you think after ten years of use, the price drops like that. Another car that is invested in design and options a lot but is cheaper than toyota, sometimes you also ask questions, with a hundred-year manufacturing industry like toyota, the cost of manufacturing it is higher than other brands. different or what. I think this is not possible and you can rest assured that toyota is currently having a great promotion with the list price of this car of 791 million when the full license plate is released, it will cost 891 million, a price too high. ideal isn't it?

Should or should not buy Corolla Altis 2019 5

Since its inception, this corolla product line has existed on the market for 50 years, a very long time proving the love of users for this product line in the market. So what are the factors to make the toyota brand in the market? There are many factors, let's take a look at a few.

The first is the fuel economy, if it is only 5.2 liters per 100 trees outside the city, let's say there is a maximum error of 6 liters, in the city it is 8 liters 6. So with what design and engine which makes this toyota so fuel-efficient, as you can is the 4 engine and dual cam, all about the airbag, the Japanese metalworking, needless to say, extremely durable, in addition, the electronics are also mounted.

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The intake pipe of the car is also designed to change the intake pipe, ie we change at a low speed, the npj pipe will let the wind go long from, from the beginning of the pipe to the cylinder, because the slow speed, the wind will enter. slow, need to extend the intake pipe to create a vortex, when there is a vortex, the wind will easily enter, meet the spray, will be mixed with the air, so the combustion process is more thorough, and helps reduce environmental pollution. When going fast, the intake pipe will be controlled from the control so that the wind can enter quickly and evenly. These technologies combine with electronic, mechanically controlled throttle

Should or should not buy Corolla Altis 2019 6

calculated as you can see here, will contribute to making this engine almost perfect, which is why contributing to such a high power and fuel economy device, in relation to the engine. this time, it is equipped with a gearbox and tota.Toyota is very proud that toyota has improved and researched the gear ratio on the corolla 180, it is wrong to use multi-belts in this gearbox, especially the belt is Steel belts will help it minimize power loss, creating a running fluid with an extremely smooth, smooth and powerful gearbox. If you have a need for interest and want to test drive, please come and see if it is like you or not. As for the chassis and the body, there is a big difference when looking at it

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