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400 Million With Corolla Altis Immediately Go Forever Without Loss

Over 200 million 11 years, each year there are 20 million losses, each month surplus is 2 million. It's unbelievable, right? No wonder Toyota is canonized.

Hello everyone, today, the situation of all the shops closed, borrowing a review car is too difficult, just come to your grandfather's house, you hope it is. Honey, Kien! Who's that? Here is Mr. Lam. Hello. Close the door! Close to my side according to the instruction. My situation is that it is too difficult to borrow a review car now no one lends it, now I don't know how to do it, so do we have a car or let me borrow me to make a video for my brothers. . If I make a video review as usual, it doesn't have anything special (can you burn the car?) No, if you don't burn it, you will die. Now (how to do it) to review the car is very simple, I lend it to you, but this is your job today I want to try with the audience to try a game with you, you review a lot, see today Now you can guess what you can review or not. If you can guess that you give me 50% worth of the car (giving 50%) that is a lot, let's see how your talent is. Today my condolences to you, I was to close the car's eyes just pass lightly, I smell it, I know what car is.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Eternal Forever Without Loss 1

I tell you I got a little good at it. Ok so now the game is like this (eh how?) You blindfolded you will lead me to my showroom open the door, now you won't let me preview because you previewed you will know, I will blindfold and take you away (Ok) if you touch the car and you know it and also diagnose the car. If it's too difficult, I will suggest, OK, do you play? Blindfolded, I don't need suggestions, I'm just afraid you lose your car and you're sorry. Blindfolded, he took the mask he covered for you. Ok closed already, you have to lead me (see anything, brother) I don't see anything I have to lead you (what's this number?) I can't see. This mask of Hung Lam is quite tight (2-layer antibacterial mask) and I believe it is genuine. Ok right now, I will be with Hung Lam (now not a mask, but a market, where is the camera, is there alcohol to wash your hands?) Here for you to wash first (give alcohol here wash properly) here wash first, we must comply (must comply with it, not nonsense somewhere). Now how?

The car at this end has (you take it slowly, you will take me so fast) you can see through the slot and not count. There will be a lot of vehicles on my side to challenge Hung Lam (I tell you that you just need to stand a few meters away, blindfolded, you will know it, don't joke). Here he (this is different from a blind teacher who goes to see elephants, but I have a special talent, Mr. Kien, I just need to touch the light to know) that's your job, that's a very probable is high and you will guess correctly. I am touching this, this is unique, not every car has a light, it is also attached to the steering wheel, so you know I'm good, right? Just guess what. This child is circling around the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, exactly I touch the door I know right now, oh this is a mirror, the Mazda 6 or 3 does not know yet but around the Mazda, I think it is only 3 minutes I thought, touching a few more, you will lose this car right away, do you want to try it? Play and play, I guess the third one will get a discount, but if it is too easy once. And now I touch CUMINUM that I know, Mazda 3's CUMINUM will be square than the Mazda 6, it will be pointed, this is 6 and then exactly pointed, right? Yes, one I gave the wrong law, this is your job, it's so easy, I will let you guess three, you can guess three, the third one I will discount for you is 50% if you buy. You have to give me one. Well, giving away one is too big, continued.

400 Million Earn Now Corolla Altis For Forever No Loss 2

Here. This child, the light seems to be high, the light is higher than the Mazda 6, I know if this is an SUV or CROSSOVER (someone in the profession) the light is also attached to the steering wheel, I will not touch the logo. , it's not good to touch the logo. Ah then it's revealed. The light is close to the steering wheel, it falls in the range of Korean cars, Japanese cars do not have, only Mazda is like that, it is pointed, I think it's not KIA that this steering wheel only has SANTAFE or TUCSON, three The crossbar is more likely to be TUCSON, I will touch the orange mirror here, this mirror also ... where is the door handle, this door handle is most likely SANTAFE, no but the way This closing sound is definitely TUCSON, Mr. Kien, TUCSON right. Exactly, he was truly in awe that you are in the profession, there will be something perceived by both senses and intuition. Give this car, how much money will you give this child? Not only the second child, if really the third child you can do again, it is called extremely respectful to you, continue. Play hard at first told one child to finish now play three children. No no if one of them dies, otherwise this one is not easy (oh this child is easy, this child will immediately touch it). This child has been reviewing too much, let's not see, if the game is more difficult, just touching the side is really difficult. If I touch my side, I will touch the mirror, the doorknob, the ABC is that I will come out, don't joke, if I need to touch the tray I know immediately.

At this point, there is a high chance of losing your car. Where then choose carefully, you just let me show me like this (this game is a special game) go straight right, you do not lead me to see nothing.

Actually I guess those two cars surprised you. This is also a high-pitched SUV or something (right) right, touching the high capo is known immediately. Here you go (you lead me) you come over here, if you know this child ... here you slip by (you play so hard, I blindfolded but you let me go first) Go comfortably, I won't lead you to the place .. (how about you let me in somewhere again?) the game is difficult (come yet?). This time, don't touch my head but my ass. If there is a wind, it proves .. has not proven anything, touching the ass is a bit difficult (hard not, I will still let you touch your head) the lights are divided into two a bit difficult, if in the tail, I will of course not touch Logo then, I will touch the camera but do not know whether it is or not, difficult to touch the tail is a bit difficult.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Forever Without Loss 3

Now that you go to the first part, you, playing the tail like this, this game is too difficult, I rest assured this is the third one, if you diagnose again, 50% is worth any car. Let me touch the doorknob, where are the doorknobs? This handle is also very general. This sound of closing the door sounds like something, it is not a truck, but the door handle has no buttons, no sensors, it means this is a popular car. See which mirror, the mirror has no orange turn signal, this signal is familiar, it doesn't sound like a Japanese car, the Korean car doesn't have this car, the more German one, Kien doesn't have a German car, I can figure it out. , only sell mid-range cars. I think Japanese car, this mirror is most likely a Japanese car, Mr. Kien. No, you just guessed it because this game is difficult, not easy, if it was too easy, I would not have played it. I touch the light (you can feel it freely except the logo) this humpback lamp (you will not know) this child seems a long time ago, a new life without this child, I will touch the mausoleum . Avoid your logo, it's a little bit more, it's difficult (this child is a bit difficult). This child will now add more touch or smell it inside (ah yes, I will smell it inside and let you sit down to see if you realize what car it is?) Ok now you I just knew it when I turned on the engine. Ok this child is difficult (this child is difficult, you play a bit evil) Ok now I will invite you into the car so we can smell and feel.

Fasten your seat belt, do you think the air conditioner is cool (the air conditioner is cool) with this hot weather and it's like this. Leather seats must be wrapped, he thought. No I will not suggest. Plastic, you will touch the door lock latch, this door lock is only for the company, it only has this door lock. If you touch the door lock key, you will immediately know what the car maker is, can't be wrong. Then this type of glass is only brand, but if it's plastic, it's Toyota, keep going to let you feel. This width, the size VIOS can also be this wide, the ceiling like this around Toyota, I think Toyota, firstly, Kien does not sell luxury cars, this is definitely Japanese or Korean cars, something Secondly, this door latch does not have any Korean car, but only around Japanese cars, but Japanese cars, I think most Toyota has a door release like this. You feel a lot of plastic, only Toyota has a lot of plastic, Toyota is all plastic, right? Touch a little more, this air-conditioning cluster, ah touch the gear lever, the Toyota standard gear lever, the gear lever but the gearbox to beggar like this, only Toyota. But this game is almost broke because I said you just need to smell it, now I touch it like this, this game now I will not discount 50% anymore (considered lose) but maybe you guessed it right, I will invite you to have a drink of beer (Ok) for it to be correct, but now that you have to quiz an expert and then go to touch like this, this bet will make you lose Because the other two children are my admiration.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Forever Without Loss 4

This child I think is the deep life VIOS because VIOS will be popular, but when I go, I feel quite certain, not knowing if it is true, but boldly guess it is VIOS. Is VIOS right (yes) there are three options for you, one is sure with your answer, the second is to choose again, and three if you don't play the game again, let me guess again. It sounds difficult, only when I touch him still leaning towards Toyota, I dare say that this is Toyota and VIOS I am a bit fretted but I call it a little inspiration about VIOS because it is also popular. information so it will be easier to buy and sell, right? Well, just choose VIOS. Your final answer is VIOS, right? Okay, can you let go? Today too good I can not lose both beer and money to invite you, this is a 2009 Altis. Oh kidding, I pulled out a 2009 car, I asked you to ask. This game but I also quite respect you because you touch the plastic details, the lock handle, the gear lever that you guessed so (this engraved gear lever is only Toyota). And the feature as you have just said is that this door lock is really only Toyota or VIOS, but it is true that this car is difficult to guess because it has existed for 11 years on the market, it is a 2009 Altis. I think Kien is cheating, he still has to invite me to drink beer because for an 11-year car, it is impossible to call my teacher.

Actually it's too difficult, but with the experience and the things that I have experienced and guessed, it is also very respectable to you. But talking about the old Corolla Altis when it was 11 years was extremely hot, I told Kien that is one of the cars that sold super well, I remember not mistakenly had to sell almost. thousand pieces. According to the parameters I searched recently before I bought this car, at that time Toyota Altis 2009 sold nearly 700 units, it was a very good number at that time I knew it was 11 years ago. If you have money, Altis must be the size of an official. 700 or so must be equal to 2000 - 3000 range now. Yes, such sales are very high. Back then, there was not much money to buy a car. That's right, and in July 2009, there will be a 2.0 version with Twin Bi engine, at that time only Camry 3.5Q could use this engine, of course still using a gearbox of 4. level so you can feel it has a volatility.

400 Million Earn immediately Corolla Altis Eternal Without Loss 5

This 4-speed gearbox is a Toyota legend (yes) because even on the Camry life was not too long ago (12-13 is still 4-speed but you go it will be very loading, it will give people The ride feels very solid, soaring but it's not as smooth as .. 4 levels) but not as smooth as it is today (yes). But in the old days, when the car did not go up, the time when the tax was still good, this child could afford it. Do you know how much money this child is? I remember back then around 700 (670 million) I remember that, but now how many brothers? Do you know if this car on the market, on the market page is usually 4banh.com, the price ranges from 410 to 430 depending on the quality of the car. 410 - 430 means that after 11 years it only dropped more than 200 million? Exactly, and now that I sell this 400, which means I will sell cheaper than the market, and this car has a special thing because the reason I bought it down is because it runs 12. Ten thousand kilometers after 11 years of use (12 thousand each year, we will run one thousand more than ten thousand a little) in a little while I will show you how it's new. Im shutting me up to see, spend over 200 million 11 years, every year there are 20 million losses, each month left out is 2 million. It's unbelievable, right? It's no wonder that Toyota is canonized. (That's right) why people keep stabbing people to buy Toyota means you go 1 year and you spend 20 million money in the hole, it's horrible.

Can't believe it, bro, I don't really believe I can't believe it until .. because what is it, because if we buy, we will use the market price of used cars ( I can't believe it) with the price of the new car, but I was curious about this car so I searched an article of 2009 that this car at that time was 670 million, but until now Now after 11 years, looking back, its price is still 400, which means it's as cheap as the i10, ... how can I buy i10, ah i10 surf 2019-2020. But one thing's obvious to see is that it really works if you go for 10 years. It is true to kneel down to this car, 10 years but have lost more than 200 million. You look back at the 2008 X6, how much is it now, it's only about 500, or the luxury X6 (how many billions you bought back then) or the Q5, Q6 2007 it only has 600 -700. (freaking out) i see it .. this is a very interesting figure and it's so fun we give you all it's real real and it's nothing like .. reality. That is the reason why Vietnamese people are crazy about Toyota and canonized because this car is too valuable, if you lose 2 million a month, where can you get a car like that.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Now, Forever Without Loss 6

But this Hung Lam, you can look back after 10 years, do you see that Japanese cars have real prices, like me personally is a surf car, old cars are a lot about 2-3 years, people lose money. However, if the depreciation is 8-10 years or more, it is an extremely standard depreciation number, because down there it cannot be further down. But this child now has 5 more can not go down anymore. That's right, what's important is that when buying a used car with a future car like this, the quality and the price of the money are still so delicious? Because when you put on the scale now I buy the 2009 i10 (it's tiny) or buy the 2.0 double orange Altis (that one goes wildly) do you think it's different, is it wide? It's immense, and I keep telling my audience that in Toyota cars this plastic stuff is one that doesn't break. Yes it's durable, it doesn't scratch, it's not old, it's not rickety, it doesn't have a thing (it's still delicious) right. It's delicious, still delicious. Yes, right now, we will dig deep inside for everyone to see after 11 years Toyota has left. Ok now, I see I will show everyone. Ok.

Listen to the sound of the 10-year-old car? Do you feel anything? Mum (too quiet, right) told us to show off, but this child is surprisingly smooth, 11 years but she could not be quieter. But do you know, one characteristic that this one still has the rubber of the tripod not changed (open the capo, but not vibrate at all) is really we do not praise or be a god of any car But what is good must be praised. In general, we don't like Toyota because he is very conservative and lazy to change, but canonizing is right because it's so durable and it's quiet, I put the mic in here (surprising ) quiet. Even with this vortex of air conditioners, this vortex is original without changing anything. Why can a machine in 11 years be like this, so cruel. I really don't understand, the camera can click here so that I can show you, this one you can share, right bro (yes) everyone can see this is a rubber tripod, everyone Can you see it (already) there is still zin 100% (no wrench) right, there is still a little white and white paint mark, this is me fixing the device so it will be dimmer a little bit, but where is original.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Forever Without Loss 7

The same is true for the air conditioner, everyone can see that this is an original, the air conditioner is still the original screw. This means that this car has not been repaired and crashed at all. It's the original machine and the whole glue system, this is a one-owner car from the start, this is a 30S plate. You can see how wonderful its engine is (quiet) when you close the engine like this, you put your hand on, you can't hear anything. The sutras are really always, it is true that we must look like this to know why people are canonized? That's right, for cars with 11 years of rubber that are still in the same zin as this and you know this is a 2.0 engine it will be heavy and when you put in gear it will be more jerky than the other engines, but after that 11 years how durable it is. How terrible it is, now looking around now the lights are not so bad. The headlights are very new (not blurred), yes, very new.

It is true that once again I have to say over and over again why Japanese cars in general and Toyota cars in particular keep their prices so much. Yes, it's been a long time since you reviewed an old car like this, right, calling 11 years is too long, equivalent to a kid now getting ready for middle school. Uh I can play football, but the problem is that every year, there is 20 million in losses. That's right, this parameter is a standard parameter, people can search again the price Altis 2.0 2009 670 million new search is done again I'm startled. Now that he buys this car, Kien sells 400 million and goes 5 years, probably only about 10 -1x million each year because it goes to the bottom, it cannot lose more. That's right, you can inside we can look through the interior after 10 years of use, we will be going from surprise to surprise today.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Forever Without Loss 8

This is a 12 thousand km car and 11 years of use (real business) this is a zin seat, for the old days Toyota is equipped with leather seats is something it is very genuine already. I tell you, luxury cars are even British or something and their leather is really good, but in terms of durability, this is terrible. Toyota is very durable, ah here, the camera can show everyone the door and the button to press it is not blurred. Because it is plastic, it never breaks down. Yes it is very durable, from buttons like this, when we go to buy a used car, we will look at the overall view of the buttons, keys, steering wheel, gear lever it will be like this (already real man) extremely new, gearbox. This is the steering wheel I have reworked, which means that this gear lever is its zin, everyone can see it zin it was as beautiful as this, it means it has almost no wear out too much. A car like this is 10 points for Toyota.

In terms of equipment, there is nothing right, bro, a very fuzzy DVD screen, a reverse cam is enough. Ah but at that time there was a broken number (I don't think it is necessary, the 4-speed car is a bit redundant) right (I don't understand who back then was a Toyota product) I think that batch was a trend, at that time the 2008 Civic also forced the Altis it also called adding something new to its option. Now we try to sit back and see how happy it is. I will sit up a bit to match my position, ah this chair will screech a bit, then sit back and see.

400 Million With Corolla Altis Forever Without Loss 9

This is a Toyota brand, do you think it is comfortable, here and there my neck is not erect, some cars sit it straight like this (yes) but this one, you will sit comfortably roof like this. As for the gap between the legs and the front seat, as if I were in the front position, it's not too wide like today's cars, but like this I think it's not bad for a car. The car was 11 years old at that time, delicious. He looked from the felt ceiling, in fact this car is quite well kept like this, the bare felt without a ruffle or no ink stain. No one uses a car to leave the ceiling so beautiful like this, jokingly, this boss is too careful to keep the car. That's right, because personally, my criteria and style are specializing in making high-life surf cars, but beautiful cars I bought to call them a revenge on the past because in the past I was too passion for the car but I don't have money to buy it, now I like to collect it, sell it well but not sell it, it's okay to consider it as a memory and it's called a revenge on the past.

You see how this 2009 Corolla Altis car at that price point is it delicious, please comment below, and if anyone wants to try it, you can run to Mr. Kien and bring a microphone to measure the noise. A vibrator called a microscope came to measure how this animal vibrated and how noisy it was, really was incredibly quiet. And come to pressure Mr. Kien KZ.vn.

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