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Here it is! Toyota Corolla Cross Lowest Price 720 Million

Here it is! Toyota Corolla Cross lowest price 720 million

Toyota Corolla Cross

Hello guys, this is a toyota corolla Cross with a selling price of 720 million, to see at such a price what we have. The first is that the projector lamp has a signal light ball that is a halogen bulb, this version only has a black plastic strip, no daytime navigation lights, the front grille lacks a chrome splint running across the logo. toyota.

Toyota Corolla Cross

With this 1.8 engine producing 3 some horsepower and maximum torque up to 172N / m, this is the right engine to move in the street when you need to go on steep or long roads with cross. good experiences. Toyota you also know the engine block and durable performance, especially fuel economy. The front of the car also has 2 front sensors placed on both sides of the angle sensor, the angle sensor helps women rotate in crowded streets.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020

The car's wheels are only equipped with 17-inch wheels, where on a higher-than-18-inch version, with a design like this, in general, I think it's fine with tires equipped with tires bridgestone tire specifications of this unit 15/60. The rearview mirror is also equipped with turn signal lights here, the mirror face is usually neither anti-glare nor blind spot warning, but on the door handle of the cross there is a touch lock and unlock when locked. and unlocked, the mirror also folds, the veins on the car and details are equipped on this body. One thing I like very much is that the shell under the door makes it okay to enter the bad road in muddy places, it does not affect the paint or the bag inside.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 Hy 8

The trunk, the tail lights still keep the same design, we lack led technology, the turn signal uses Halogen bulbs, has a reverse camera and has 4 rear sensors, for this Corolla Cross, the plastic cladding black will appear more, the trunk of this car is comfortably wide with the full spare wheel.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021

The inside of the rear seat is adjusted with 2 degrees of fall, from head to ceiling, there is a lot of surplus left, the knee to the back of the first seat, too, armrests for full cup, red leather seat, bag The air is also very full, the air-conditioning door for the second row of seats. With 720 million, the Corolla Cross is worth considering.

About the interior compartment, we have a sliding armrest that slides up and down, convenient for long-distance travel, fake leather blanket, above all hard plastic. The screen uses it sharp, the sound sounds good, the ability to save fuel is also appreciated, including electric air conditioning, on the smart speed panel with a 7-inch screen, just enough for us. normal use only, not a good display, the back screen does not make much difference.

Above, there is a lack of 360 camera, Toyota's safety support technology, adaptive cruise control to support emergency braking, things on this car still have automatic gas, including hands-free talk, listening to voice. , the rear screen does not have a small clock, combined with an analock clock, toyota headlights can adjust projection angle in cod mode can be raised and lowered by knob . Even the gear lever is similarly designed, but without buttons to switch the driving modes, there is an automatic anti-glare mirror, although not a borderless mirror. Because the car is small, the space is spacious, so the Toyota engineers were quite skillful when removing the handbrake and switched to the foot brake at the bottom, electric driver's seat, on the screen with Bluetooth connectivity but no connection. connect the apple auto house to the price of 720 million, do you think we should buy it.

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