Mazda CX-5 2.0L 2019 Over 800 million VND

Mazda CX5 2.0L 2019 specifications with price

Hello friends, if a few years ago, if you only had 800 million in hand, it would be difficult for you to find a beautiful and luxurious crossover with many utilities. But today you can absolutely choose with such a budget. Today, let's find out together the highlights of the Mazda CX-5 version 2.0 and especially it only costs more than 800 million.

Discover Mazda CX-5 2019: Selling Price + Attractive Promotion

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The published price of this model is 899 million, but often there are many incentives and often it can go up to 50 or 70 or maybe more. Just over 800 million we already have a luxury car with many utilities that can cause other competitors a headache.

First we have to consider the design of the car with a beautiful design with KODO language, KODO language or something for car manufacturers, it's just a way of saying Marketing. The things that we can see with our eyes at the scene where the cars appear, you will see that the Mazda CX-5 is always loved by the design..

Introducing Mazda CX-5 2.0 AT 2WD 2019

We can review the design of the old CX5s, you can see from the beginning to the end of the body, then the proportions on the body are very balanced and especially it has a modern look. On the 5 Cx-2019 you can look again, from the grille area, it has a modern "language" style, the logos, the proportions, the lights, all the design languages ​​from The concept was included in the CX 5 and it was very successful.

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The new generation Mazda CX 5 is faithful to the KODO design that emphasizes simplicity and sophistication plus three high-class paint colors. You can see the details of the expanded grille area with 3d textures and bright metal rims instead of the grille, the front and rear led lights are designed to be more compact and slimmer. From the design lines, even when you look at the side of this car, it is the same.

You will see that this is a car that is equipped with a lot of details towards luxury. For example, the chrome border on this glass window, the border on the B-pillar, C-pillar, and the glass door are all painted black, these are the details that we often use to compare and distinguish low-cost, mid-range compared to high-end and super-premium, etc. I just wish that when I look at this side, I can see that the body of the car if it slides out a little, it will be very beautiful. Its tail is slightly rounded.

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Mazda CX-5 2019: parameters, promotions, rolling prices

The lower part, you will see the cladding, this part is not only decorative but also covers this door and when we run in rainy, dirty road conditions, it will reduce mud and dirty water. boarding. And when you step down, it won't get your pants dirty, when you step up and down, it won't dirty our feet and pants.

The body of the car has highlights that are chrome-plated glass legs, led turn signals on the rearview mirror are moved to the bottom instead of in the middle like the previous generation. The redesigned 19-inch 5. alloy wheels look more personal. In general, CX 5 has conquered quite a lot of men and women.


It's very simple, because then CX 5 often has preferential programs with prices when you are still confused between models A and B, but which model is reduced to 50-70 can be better if you are smart. If you're smart, you probably can't think right away because that money we can do a lot of things.

Owning Mazda CX-5 2.0L FWD 2019 version 1 bridge Best price

The luggage compartment capacity of this car is 874 liters or you can expand it to 1687 liters when the second row of seats is folded. And the advantage of a CROSSOVER model like CX 2 for just over 5 million, you will get a ground clearance of up to 800mm. It is an advantage compared to other cars when we go on bad roads, when we need to swerve a little to the sidewalk, cross the mounds, etc., the road is not favorable and especially, the model This also has a wheelbase of 200 m, which is quite relative.

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Buy and sell new and used Mazda CX 5 2,0l with good price

Right from the door, you can feel that the interior of Mazda CX 5 has a style towards luxury. This is reflected in the brown embossed edges on the black background of the door to the seats. The second point that I really want to share is the interior space design on CX 5, even though it is 2.0 version, but if we sit in it, we are not careful, it is likely that we will find it difficult to detect other points on the CX-5. on CX 2.0 car version 2.5 compared to version XNUMX.

It will be very different from some legendary products, you will see the plump steering wheel, left rows of keys, control buttons, audio system, screen menu, cruise control, etc., phone, The aluminum cladding design is very nice, but compared to version 2.5 you will find it lacks lane keeping warning support and also does not have a HUD screen and also has no blind spot warning because this is simply the 2.0 version with a low price. much more reasonable, you can see that the stitches are very even, the mazda CX5 series is a model with a rather outstanding interior design.

It may be due to segmentation or the competitive advantage that Mazda wants to create is to be a little more luxurious. You can also see that the design of the seat is quite hugging although it is a bit small for me, but the design details, vents or leather material are quite ok. If you have used it for many years, you will see its quality.

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Compared to the 2.5 version, the 2.0 is only equipped with 6 normal speakers, and the 2.5 is 10 speakers, the sound is quite good, in general, the CX 5 car series so far, the speakers sound quite good. The air-conditioning system is two independent zones, start stop and start and have I-stop which means start and turn off the engine when the red light stops. A 2-inch touch screen integrated with Mazda 7X entertainment system connects to smartphones, bluetooth, radio tracking, AM and FM, TV head with 4 speakers.

Preliminary assessment of Mazda CX-5 2019

Yes, with the advantage of the 2.0 engine displacement 2.5 is smaller than 3.0, it is smaller, it will definitely eat less fuel, it will be difficult to create a lift for large displacement engines, but you are the one. used daily to work, etc., gentle and smooth without throttle or running at terrible speeds, that is an advantage of a small engine.

But apparently with such an engine it is only suitable for a 6-speed gearbox. I think with such an engine, now I will test the conditions in the city, first I will run gently for 30-40 km/h, even 50km/h at this low speed the car runs quite smoothly. If you go straight, the car is very smooth, even the road is a bit rainy today, but the car is still running well. Moreover the Cx5 has a very high visibility, can see very well ahead and to the sides, which is an advantage.

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And the steering wheel is really no different, the size is the same as the Mazda 3. The heart of the engine is a 2.0-liter SKYACTIV G engine block that produces 153 horsepower at 6000 rpm, maximum torque is 200Nm at 4000 rpm comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The car is equipped with 2 driving modes.

The next point is that the general Mazda line is now equipped with G-Vectoring, which sounds terrible but actually it still serves to bring safety to the driver. Actually, a synchronous solution in Mazda's Skyactiv, specifically when we run and turn, usually if we go too far, we will slip, but why do F1 drivers push the limit and people? Adjust the star control to get to the finish line as quickly as possible thanks to great skills.

And on popular cars like this, this commercial car they have taken advantage of the great principles and skills of the racers to help the driver. Specifically here, if you are cornering, the smoothness when I still push the throttle can feel where the cake hits, how it clings, it is G vectoring intervention.

The first has sensors for speed, sensor for steering angle and throttle opening and perhaps its operating frequency is difficult to perceive. Such control frequencies help me get a smoother corner, it helps the people sitting in the back smoother every time I turn around, more grip every time I turn around.

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Mazda CX5 2.0 liter is equipped with advanced safety technology systems, ABS anti-lock braking system, DVD brake force distribution system, DA emergency brake support, ASC electronic balance, DCS anti-slip system , SLA slope departure system, engine encryption, anti-theft warning, automatic door lock, GPS navigation, front and rear sensors, reversing camera and six airbags.

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On today's cars, basic functions such as the electronic balance assist system function are indispensable, which is quite similar to the principle of G vectoring, the safety support system supports the driver. driver, the passengers on the vehicle.

The nature of the ISB's coordination, the G Vectoring system greatly assists the driver. The emergency lane change speed from 65-70 km/h is not simple, it will move continuously by inertia from left to right, it will be quite good if you want to own a car with a harmonious design. , beautiful and many utilities as well as moving with a moderate engine block, it helps you save more fuel.

And of course, if you want to run like a sports car or something you can spend three times as much money to buy, but if you care about convenience and affordable price, mazda is the choice. great choose. 

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