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Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End

My showroom is 3 floors wide. From the beginning of the showroom to the end of the showroom, it never ends, the only thing is that the brothers and sisters in the showroom are a bit crowded, each of us has a wrench to follow.

Hello everyone, the first year of Covid on 14 ++. Last time, thank you very much for your supporters for Xe or for always following us closely to follow the video clips we produced, it was really difficult to get cars in that era. This time, thanks to a lot of brothers, we have the opportunity to borrow a car to experience things for everyone called spiritual food at home during this epidemic season. Thank you so much again. Today in addition to thanking you, I also want to thank a brother who can say very dear to me, but today I come I will thank you in a very strange way maybe you already know, Buy a car again. I will go to my brother's showroom, I will mess up the showroom, of course the showroom will close and translate, but the more I close the door, the more troubled I am! Right now invite you to me, watch me buy a car again. Continue to press Subscribe and press the bell button to support Xe or not?

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 1

Here, we have come to showroom my dear brother, Hyundai An Khanh, going from Thang Long Avenue to turn to go through Hoang Son Street. My brother is so rich today, we are going to mess around here, please. Do not know what is the problem today? No one in here or just take off the mask. Honey, no one continues, dear. Hello. Hi, the situation is that now I want to go see the showroom for a bit to see if there is a delicious car, I have a little savings I want to buy, introduce to me. Do you want to see the SUV line or the Sedan line? I want to buy a Hyundai car (it has SUVs and sedans) and an SUV, I have just finished eating soup in the morning, but my family has good soup, please see, where is the soup? Here I invite you to see this SUV, this is the Tucson beside me. This one is an SUV or a Crossover. It's a small SUV. Some people call it SUP, others call it SUV to summarize this concept now to clarify it takes time right (yes). Now, let me see Tucson, I have a girlfriend who also likes Tucson but likes pink, is your house pink? My house is not pink. Now that you put pink, how many hundred million will it cost you to pay? What to do hundreds of millions of brothers, only a few tens of millions only.

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 2

All right, now introduce Tucson to see how, is it hot. Tucson now, my side has 4 copies. (What version) it has a standard Tucson version, a special version of Tucson (you prefer the most expensive version), the most expensive version is oil engine, you save. The new Tucson had nothing, never been touched by the new Tucson. Here, I invite you to take a look at the new Tucson, it has improved lights compared to the old line (very similar to a car lamp, how much is it, how much is the most expensive version?) The most expensive version right now it is It is 940. Now the season he presses the selling price for him to 40 million VND and for 900 he pays him gradually in about 55 years. Pay 40 million and you can draw (okay?), Okay? So is the bank installment payment? No need to pay by bank installments. So how can 40 million contribute as I said ... I said 40 million less, I'm saying 900. I said 940 million I only paid you 40 million and 900 I paid for 55 years. So I heard wrongly.

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 3

It looks like this car, the Tucson is like a car, there are lights on, right? That's right, bro ... lack of fuel and oil is impossible, right? This car is a fault, it is impossible to go anywhere without fueling. Is this a gas engine or an oil engine? This is the standard version. But whatever you say, his car dealers told Tucson to keep the prices right, more than Santa Fe. Tucson I keep the price, as Santa Fe, the two cars keep the same, the decrease is not much, even the translation season it only drops by 40 million.

What's so hot? Vehicles, nowadays, compared to the same segment, the price is very reasonable. Are there any promotions for the translation season? During the epidemic season, it will be reduced by tens of millions compared to the time of not translating. Reduce to when? Decrease to the time the city suspends translation. So now do not agree to sell, right? Selling it is comfortable, I just prepare you for the 15% car. 15% is installment payment, how long is the rest? The remainder is paid for a maximum of 8 years, and is normally 6-7 years. Your side is all support, right? Support you all. Ok that's good.

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 4

Go into the interior to see if Tucson has anything interesting (I invite you). Look at what looks like a car, this round steering wheel, oh big screen, how many inches is this screen? 7 inch screen, right? I went to get the key. All the things are complete, please introduce yourself, what's in the car. The car is air-conditioned in two independent zones automatically, and this version is a normal version so it is not equipped with Cruise Control compared to the other version, the full version is full. You care about safety, how many airbags does it have? Safety is 6 airbags, and the highest version is the Turbo 7 airbags. Is there an explosion, but I see many brands that do not. Explosive comfortable, you keep crashing. But it seems that Hyundai has not had an explosion yet, right? There are only some brands that do not explode forever. This is not real, this is real.

All right, I have some brothers who run Tucson that are delicious, but Tucson I like diesel engines, do you have a diesel version here? Wait for me a minute, there is an oil engine version, so let's go see the oil engine. The oil engine is better, economical and powerful, but the Hyundai oil engine is so good, or brutally, it is more expensive, the problem is that it's delicious so it's more expensive. blasting it smoothly). Where is the oil machine? Please wait a moment for me to check the oil machine.

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 5

My dear here, I invite you to go out (where's the oil?). Turns out the oil machine is delicious so keep it in the safe, come here and see. Ah this beautiful Santa Fe, your showroom has lots of cars? My showroom is 3 floors wide. From the beginning of the showroom to the end of the showroom, it never ends, the only thing is that the brothers and sisters in the showroom are a bit crowded, each of us holding a wrench in a way like it is a problem to go to protect right?

It seems to be prepared for him to leave. I have prepared here before. Going out is to wear a mask, obey. This is it? Yes, this is an engine version. This diesel engine compared to the special version is similar, but it is different in terms of engine. But what's special about equipment, more equipment, right, how much is this version? This version is currently listed price of 940, but the price of the present time is very preferential. Very preferential is how much? Discount more than 40 million. So it must be said how much incentive is now very preferential type 940 million discount to 40 million is very new, but also very preferential 940 million reduced to 939 million, what is called a promotion right? ? But the tray is different, right? The tray is slightly different than the regular version. Come on, please give this one, order 1.5 million in advance, now go up to see if there are any more that do not buy for another girlfriend. Come and see Santa Fe. Oh see what the showroom is. You go to the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, see, my side still has the 2nd floor, 3rd floor. What kind of interesting things did we bring to the car? There is a dedicated car delivery elevator on your side. Ok up and see.

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 6

Did you know that ACCENT has just been announced as the most popular car in Vietnam? You don't know, right, you know right away that I don't know, you know? I know you, I sell Hyundai. I thought you didn't even know it, so he quit his job right away, luckily. Do you know how many cars you have sold, so I know. Last month (no, cumulative, don't know right?) I sold too much so I don't remember. You know it right away, I don't know how this guy knows. But the ACCENT is a car that you find in the affordable segment but is spacious, right? In its segment, the price is moderate. Fully equipped, currently the most advanced version is how much money? The current highest level on my side is selling for 540, the announced price from production to now. Why is everything in my family 40, in the past, what did people like 68 or 39, 79 god of fortune, what does this mean for every 40? Four immortals. Ok so the ride Hyundai bought here is immortal, doesn't it sound reasonable. There is a car that 140 million sold to you. Have children .. never born in 2008-2006. You don't have to buy a new life, Vietnamese people have to buy a car ... 140 maybe can't find it now. Okay okay, let's buy a tire first.

Hung Lam Going To Buy A Car And The End 7

Come over to this side and see, this side is nothing cool, now I don't want to go upstairs, I'm so tired, your showroom is too big. Making a car showroom makes him small, I do not have a showroom but it has several floors, so my brother is nowhere to be found, it only takes a lot of work for my younger brothers to go away. Ah with this beautiful Elantra, did you know that the new version is coming out? I know that the 2021 version is coming soon. Uh is so mesmerizing. Coming back to Vietnam, it will not be possible at the end of next year. Elantra is beautiful, but only coming back to Tucson I have to pay you this, the oil engine is 940 million but now the promotion until the end of the season is 40 million, right, 900 is not it, have you given anything more ? Give more accessories. Give me something more, I have to give you a Santa Fe, I have to get Santa Fe to buy a Tucson, you are familiar with my owner - this showroom owner, told you to be together, could you not give the car right? Buying a car for $ 940 million can not give you more than 1 billion, poor. For this, I kept calling my president. Alright then phone, so now I go to the procedure so I can phone the chairman. I would like to let me in.

Ok then now I will call my friend - the chairman of Hyundai An Khanh pressures to give a Santa FE, if the phone call is successful, there will be Santa FE to review for you. I call this a secret so I temporarily interrupt the video here, please remember to Subscribe and press the bell button. Goodbye and see you in the next video. Bye.

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