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Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0

Hyundai does not participate in the association of Vietnamese car manufacturers Varma, that is why when you hear in the press about the popular cross-over models in the C-segment Hyundai Tucson again. is an absent model. However, I believe that just by looking at the number of cars on the road, you will easily realize that Tucson is one of three popular models in the C-segment crossover segment.

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The model that I am standing next to here is the third generation Hyundai Tucson, launched in Vietnam market from August 8. And has gone through 2015 product cycles without receiving any What's new update. Besides, Honda CRV, Madaz CX 3 have also just launched a new generation, very fresh and full of features. And is there anything Hyundai Tucson has to compete with this rival? Let's explore together now.

I also want to remind more about how to call Hyundai Tucson, this is the usual way that Vietnamese people are still using, if to call after the English name, the Hyundai Tucson is called Tucson named after the city of Tucson in Arizona in America. Before going into the detailed review if any of you have not subscribed to our channel, remember to click the subscribe button below to watch our upcoming upcoming videos that will be extremely attractive.

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And today, perhaps we will break a little bit to give you the experience of the Hyundai Tucson on the road, before going into detailed reviews of the interior or exterior. .

Currently, I am maintaining the car to operate at about 90km/h and have to share in a very personal way, I am very fastidious about this soundproofing and Tucson can keep a good quality. Soundproofing is very good, making a good impression on me. Currently, at 90km/h like this, we are operating on the 5B road which is quite a beautiful road. And I could barely hear it, the creaking of the pavement.

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In addition, even the sound of the wind on the sides of the car or the sound of the wind on the ceiling did not echo down. Here, the Tucson has a roof that is made almost entirely of glass and also has really good sound insulation. Personally, I'm satisfied with the sound insulation at 90 km/h like this. However, on this road we can operate up to 120 km / h and I will challenge this model by stepping on the accelerator to see if the car can react well, because information from the manufacturer The output is that this model achieves the maximum torque of about 4000 rpm, at 90 km/h as of now, we have already operated the engine at nearly 2000 rpm, and will not exceed More torque, too much power to produce. Let's try it now.

Stepping on the accelerator, the rpm jumps up to about 5000 rpm very quickly, and the car quickly reaches a speed of 120km / h. To really appreciate the soundproofing ability of the car at this speed, I probably need a little more time. Before talking about that soundproofing ability, I want to share a little that with popular cars like Tucson, it is probably difficult to ask for more.

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At this speed, the steering wheel is somewhat lacking in accuracy. I sometimes go through the G's deceleration or the road surface is a bit bumpy, the ability to control the direction of the car's movement starts to get a little fuzzy. Both at 120 km / h and the car operates at 2500 rpm, a number that I think is impressive with an engine with only 2.0 wheel capacity like this.

At the current speed of 120 km / h, I may have started to hear the sound of the road surface, but it is not too annoying, and most of the sounds from outside are not reversed inside. The car does not create a buzzing feeling. After making a quick gas pedal like I am doing now, my personal feeling with the Tucson's 2.0 engine is very impressive. Because the rpm jumps up to about 50000 rpm, the vibration from the engine does not echo much into the cockpit. If you are not the driver, do not directly put your foot on the gas pedal, you can hardly feel that vibration being transmitted into the cabin.

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Soundproofing between the engine drill and the car cabin is also very good. At 5000 laps it starts to make noises, but I will also use a word that does not make the occupants of the car feel panic. Some models with poor sound insulation will cause a state of vibration, and the sound of the engine makes the occupants seem more insecure.

But with Tucson, I believe many people in the car do not feel that vibration. The ability to accelerate it so smoothly, I ask myself if it is because the Tucson's engine is too strong. But I will answer you right away, that is the Tucson engine is really not impressive compared to the engine models of competitors such as CRV, CX5. Specifically, the 2.0 engine of Hyundai Tucson produces 152 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 188 Newton meters at 4000 rpm.

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These are all numbers that are lower than the CX2.0's 5 engine. And especially not as impressive as the new Honda CRV's turbocharged 1.5-liter engine. However, I also want to share with you that sometimes it is difficult for us to look at the parameters on paper to judge the goodness of an engine. As my personal experience with the 2.0 Tucson engine is that: even at the high speed range like about 90 km / h I have just shared with you, the power from the engine is still very much. is abundant. And as soon as we step on the accelerator, the time it takes for the rpm to jump from about 2000 rpm to 5000 rpm is almost instantaneous. It made a very good impression on myself. The engine is smooth and full of power.

Hyundai equips the Tucson with an electric power steering wheel and with my own personal experience, this steering wheel is quite light, perhaps it is more suitable for urban operation. As for you operating at high speed on a road like this, for example. Then the steering wheel almost gives me a bit of a vague feeling. I will try a lane change at high speed for example, like now I am operating the car at 110 km/h we change lanes like this. What I would call an instantaneous loss of control makes it impossible for those who may be new to driving, for example, to get used to lane changes at such high speeds.

In addition, Hyundai also equips this Tucson with a suspension system that seems to be more geared towards urban operation. The Tucson's suspension is a bit soft and it helps to move on bad roads at low speeds, it will be smooth, it will be more comfortable. But on the contrary, it has a disadvantage that when you move at this high speed, you will go through bumpy roads or have continuous inversions, it can make fluctuations difficult. can be quickly extinguished and cause the vehicle to float a bit.

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Therefore, the occupants of the car will feel a little nauseous when traveling at high speed for too long. However, to compensate for the disadvantages that I have just mentioned, Hyundai equips Tucson with an electronic balance system that I call more advanced than other models. Conventional electronic stability control systems only interfere with the wheels it's grip level by applying brake force, and Hyundai equips this Tucson with a system it calls VSM (Vehicle Stability Management). ).

This system, in addition to interfering with the brake system, also partly affects the electric power steering to help us not to be… I use the word to fall into the direction of the car, the direction that the car may be lost. high control. And to be able to give you the most authentic feel of this system, we will do the following evaluations right after we finish the on-road evaluation.

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A model like the Hyundai Tucson, a cross-over was born to both serve the needs of urban mobility and to be able to move a bit on difficult roads, it is very difficult for the car company to have. It is possible to create a harmonious system between the elements of smooth urban mobility and road travel. This can often only require luxury car manufacturers. Therefore, it is also difficult for us to use many negative words to describe the performance of the Tucson on the road.

To summarize, for me Tucson on the road is a smooth, light and powerful machine. There is really impressive sound insulation, which is very good even though the car is only in the popular car segment. However, the weakness lies in the steering wheel it is not very accurate, it is not very firm, and the suspension somewhat gives a feeling of floating. And after more than 100 km of car experience on the road, now Hyundai Tucson 2.0 is reporting a fuel consumption of about 7.7 liters / 100km.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 24

This is probably a bit of a big number, but I also have to have an explanation for this model because we test the car with fast accelerator pedals and then continuously increase the throttle to stop the car continuously, There are conditions where it is more severe than normal operation. And therefore, from a personal point of view, I consider the fuel consumption of this model quite good. It's also not a bad number compared to other models in the segment. Here, we enter the car evaluation in urban roads. Does this model have any disadvantages when operating in small streets?

Experiencing the Hyundai Tucson in the street, it will probably be quite biased for this model if it is said to be a small A-pillar. But to me, this column A is not a very large type of column A. In general, the A-pillar of the Hyundai Tucson still brings certain inconveniences when we enter narrow corners or need to turn around.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 25

However, in return, the Hyundai Tucson has a comfortable high seating position and good visibility. This Korean model has a much lower overall height when compared to rivals such as Honda CRV or Madaz CX5. However, for a person of 1m74 height like me, I have a good seat like this. I have quite a clear vision ahead. The bonnet also does not obscure much of the view. Especially, the dashboard here is flat, not convex like many models that I have experienced. It gives me a sense of confidence when getting acquainted with this Korean car.

Talking about the Hyundai Tucson engine, I also shared with you in the previous section that this model has not really good specifications on paper. At the same time, reaching the maximum torque at rpm is quite late. So does this make Tucson sluggish even on the street? My answer is no. This car has a 6-speed automatic transmission and regularly shifts gears at about 2000 rpm.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 26

However, the way the Hyundai Tucson shifts gears or the way the engine achieves 2000 rpm is also quite gentle. Simply put, compared to some other models that I have ever experienced, the gearshift is also at about 2000 rpm. However, the engine when operating at low speed ranges will often be a bit sluggish at about 2000 rpm. I say that example is the Ford Eco Sport for example. When you move in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear, when we reach 2000 rpm, the car will almost be restrained a bit at that 2000 rpm threshold and then jump to gear. next.

As for the Hyundai Tucson, the gearshift is quicker and it doesn't take long at 2000 rpm. Besides, I also continue to praise Hyundai's engine when it can easily jump from a stationary range to reaching 2000 rpm it is quite gentle, it is not noisy, does not vibrate. . And we can hardly feel that the car has to try to get up to change gears.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 27

It gives us a more agile feeling, it escapes the car more when traveling at low speeds. Still in this engine, it's still about shifting gears when you need a sportier feel, try stepping on the gas, I'll do it now. Yes, the rpm when the rolling wheel has reached the maximum threshold, that is, about more than 6000 rpm to change gears. However, the noise, the vibration it was still not significant. And the thing that the engine achieves the rpm range from 2000 to 5000 it is quite fast, quite gentle, it does not require much effort.

For example, like some engines that have high vibration when you suddenly increase the throttle like that, the first thing you feel is that the vibration will reflect up to the steering wheel. But not Hyundai Tucson, you can only feel the small jerks on the bottom of the car floor or in the part where the foot touches the accelerator pedal control pedal here.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 28

The steering wheel of the car is light and vague at high speeds, I said at the long distance. Now, at this low speed range in the city, what do we have? Hyundai Tucson operates with me it is very light and will probably be suitable for more users thanks to this rather light electric power steering wheel. And at low speeds, we will have better and more accurate road surface feel.

And in my personal opinion, compared to some other models in the segment such as the Madaz CX5 or the Chervolet Captiva, this steering wheel is much lighter. This obviously brings a more elegant lightness when moving in the street, and it will be suitable for female users as well. Can easily drive with one hand like this, changing lanes is very easy.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 29

About the sound insulation of the Hyundai Tucson 2.0 model. Well, if it might be an exaggeration, at this low speed the Tucson feels like it's similar to a German model. Any sound outside is barely audible. The only language I can hear here is the sound of the air conditioner when I adjust the air conditioner it is a bit cold like this.

The air conditioner is noisy. This is the only language I can hear, the rest at 2000 rpm there is no engine sound, no road surface sound and no wind outside. I am really impressed with the soundproofing ability of the Hyundai Tucson at low speeds like this and even at high speeds as I have shared before. Hyundai did not provide figures on the dry mass of the vehicle and did not include the turning radius.

Although, the Hyundai Tucson has an overall size that is not large compared to competitors in the segment. But according to my own personal experience, this model is still quite bulky. Perhaps it is rare for a car model, a high-rise car model that can satisfy me personally in this clause. A little help with turning around in the city is the light electric power steering I mentioned already. And also a little more unsatisfactory for me is that this model is not equipped with a front distance sensor.

Review Hyundai Tucson 2018 version 2.0 30

This is probably something it is a bit lacking compared to a model that costs up to 830 million VND that I am experiencing here. I will immediately try the turn for you. Here is a double pavement with 2 lanes. And we will lose a red, I will try. Yes, they will lose 1 red. The steering wheel must be very fast to really turn around in such a narrow environment.

I am trying to bring the Hyundai Tucson to a maximum allowed speed in the city that is about 60 km / h to see this threshold, at this low speed, is the car uncomfortable or not? Still accelerating, I'll try to accelerate very calmly. At a speed of 60 km / h, the car is reporting an attractive instantaneous fuel consumption of only about 5 liters / 100km, the rpm is not too high, maintained at about 2000 rpm / h. minute.

This is the point that makes this car quite comfortable even when you move in a way that can be said to be a bit rushed in the city. Engine noise at 2000 rpm is not a problem. Good sound insulation and fuel consumption. Everything will help you maintain the fast and comfortable urban mobility. And even if you want to run a little sport, fuel consumption is not an issue.

As for the suspension, I have also shared from the part of traveling on the road. The Tucson's suspension seems to be a bit light, it's a bit tired, it's more suitable for urban orientation. The proof is that you can move on bumpy roads like this, go through small potholes and do not feel the stiffness of the suspension systems that favor a sporty driving feeling.

Currently, after a relatively long period of experience, with the distance traveling mainly in urban areas, the speed is not high and sometimes we will challenge Tucson with a gas pedal or with In urgent cases, Tucson is currently reporting fuel consumption of just over 9 liters per 100km. An attractive fuel economy, I must say again is attractive. After having a figure that is 7.7 liters / 100km on the road with lots of pedaling, lots of overtaking.

After some experiences with high-speed lane changes or high-speed cornering, we also have comments about the suspension of the Hyundai Tucson. It's a little soft, a little mushy. However, this model also has a pretty big advantage that is the chassis system. We have a relatively solid feeling about this chassis system when cornering like this. I was cornering at a relatively high speed of about 60 km / h, and there was not a noticeable twist.

It's a pity for the Korean model that if there is a firmer suspension, it is more stable, perhaps the urban operation will be more perfect. Yes, in front of me passed a rather large speed reducer, the croaking sound just now was not too annoying. However, it does not show a certainty, which for me personally is moderate because we can hardly ask for certainty, the smooth feeling from an expensive car. , too expensive above the Hyundai Tucson.

And as usual, to check the solidity of the chassis as well as the ability to move flexibly in the city or the electronic stability features, whether it works really well or not. we usually put test cars in slilent or zigzag test. Here, I will do a zigzag test with you guys with a distance of 15m from the stakes. One thing that I need to reiterate is that before we tested this slilent test we saw the Chevrolet Cruze also at 40 km/h. Chevrolet Cruze has passed the slilent test in a very simple way. And Chevrolet Cruze scale is even longer than Hyundai Tucson to nearly 17 cm.

This ensures that the Hyundai Tucson is completely capable of passing this test easily. However, whether it is easy but safe, stable, comfortable or not, we will discover now. Now I will accelerate the car to 40 km/h and use the CRUISE CONTROL system to keep the car at a constant speed of 40 km/h, 44 to be exact. We are about to enter the zigzag challenge. . Ok just as I imagined Tucson passed this test quite easily, nothing too difficult.

When we performed this model's review on the highway, the VSM system, in addition to interfering with the unbalanced wheels by braking pressure, also partially affects the electric power steering at the rear. this. And as just now with the speed of 40 km/h with the distance between the piles of 15m, the system has not really intervened yet. If really intervene, the CRUISE CONTROL system will be disconnected and the vehicle speed will be reduced a certain way. Let's go back to the test again, a second time. Not too difficult, even with this 2nd time, I can control the car to run closer to the pile.

Through the recent zigzag driving test, I personally draw a few conclusions as follows: firstly, the body of the Hyundai Tucson is really solid. When you push the car into extreme situations when you have to turn the steering wheel continuously like just now, the body of the car does not have twists and turns. The second thing is that the basic stability balance of this car is really good. The car operates flexibly thanks to the quite light electric power steering. And the system, the electronic systems have not even been interfered with, but the car still passed the zigzag game this time relatively easily. Normally, in models that have front-wheel drive like the special edition Hyundai Tucson 2.0 that I am testing here, there will often be a phenomenon called understeer when we corner too as fast as before. But when I did the test myself, I didn't notice that phenomenon. I appreciate the ability to handle quick situations of Hyundai Tucson.

Although the electric power steering is somewhat light. And I repeat my comments when running at high speed, it is a bit hazy, but when it is not too high, at 40 km / h, I can control the body, control the road. ride in a relatively easy way. If you go back in time 10 years ago, the way that Korean car manufacturers like Hyundai or Kia invaded the Vietnamese market is with the strategy of more attractive prices and a forest of equipment, a Forest option is equipped on the vehicle. Does this still hold true for the 2018 Hyundai Tucson I'm testing? Let's explore now a detailed review of the car's interior and exterior design.

Coming to the overall exterior design of the Hyundai Tucson, I believe that fans of the Hyundai brand can easily recognize that this model has remained almost unchanged in the past three years. However, for me personally, the appearance of the Hyundai Tucson is still very modern, very beautiful. And especially here, the high-end 2.0 version of the tooth machine has a light wash here. It is an equipment that is more advanced than competitors such as CX5 or CRV.

The point that easily detects this is the 2018 version that is the new mule-tooth design of Hyundai Tucson. This type of design gives this cross over a superficial and sporty look, especially when rolling. The contours here give you a feeling like the propeller is spinning. Other than that, I personally still quite like the overall design of the Tucson. Although the overall size of the Tucson is not larger than that of its competitors, if you get close to the Tucson it always gives a sense of slithering, a feeling that this model has a larger overall length than that of the car. again Madaz CX5 for example.

Going back in time to 2015, I believe that anyone who likes cars will have a crush on the LED lighting style of Hyundai Tucson. Led lighting technology with 4 projectors with the ability to automatically turn on and off according to the light sensor. Then can automatically balance the height of the lighting range. It is something very modern and outstanding in the segment in 2015. To this day, Tucson still maintains the same lighting technology. And of course, it's still a modern type of lighting.

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Competitors still do not have any new technology to be able to overcome this type of lighting on the Hyundai Tucson. Personally, in many other evaluation clips, I often show a special affection for car brands with high customer care. And to me, Hyundai is such a car company. The reason is because here, in addition to having a very modern LED technology, Hyundai also equips the car with the ability to illuminate when cornering. A very small part of the light is in here only if you pay attention to see it. However, it helps us to enter the bend much safer than the conventional lighting temple.

With the rear of the car, I believe that people cannot distinguish the 2018 version and the 2015 version because all details have not changed. Here, it's still a pretty cool LED taillight lighting. And the car ceiling style is a bit low. The Hyundai Tucson has an overall height that is about 2 cm shorter than its competitors. That's why this model seems to be more like a Wagon than a cross over. In addition, Hyundai Tucson has equipped the 2018 Tucson with 2 interesting technologies that are automatic rear wipers and electric tailgate, and a smart rear trunk. These are the two details that I will share soon, please follow along.

Stepping into this special edition Hyundai Tucson 2.0, the first thing that impressed me was the extremely wide sunroof. This is an equipment that many people probably think has little opportunity to use in Vietnam. But personally, when you have the opportunity to use it, this is the equipment that gives you a lot of high-end enjoyment compared to the same segment. And if the equipment I just listed isn't convincing enough, step up to the two seats here.

The main driver's seat of Hyundai Tucson is electrically adjusted to 10 directions including the back. The driver's seat on this side has 6-way power adjustment. These are the equipment that it is much superior to the Honda CRV version, for example, the lowest version but costing nearly 1 billion VND is all mechanical tuning. Here, Hyundai equips Tucson 2 with equipment that I consider very modern, which is an electronic handbrake and the ability to automatically hold the brake.

However, these two equipment have also become very popular equipment in the cross over segment priced at nearly 1 billion, I will not talk too deeply about this detail. The special thing is that Hyundai equips the Tucson 2.0 special edition with a mode selector button here, we will have 3 driving modes including fuel economy, normal and sport. Unfortunately, due to limited time, we cannot provide you with specific experiences of each level. However, this is an equipment that is superior to other competitors. The reason is that Madaz CX5 or Honda CRV also only have two driving modes, Hyundai Tucson has three driving modes.

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There are two points that I personally feel are not really satisfactory with this 830 million dong car, which is the temporary engine shutdown technology, a very popular technology that has not been brought up yet. this Hyundai Tucson 2.0. In addition, the second point is the design here, the dashboard uses too much hard plastic, it makes it lack of luxury, lack of elegance when standing next to models in the same segment.

Overall, for me personally, the interior design of Hyundai Tucson is not too special. However, it is also quite easy to use. Here we have a lot of big buttons so it's easy to see and easy to touch. The design is not bent down like some models but it is slightly tilted up towards the user. Besides, the adjustment system with many functions is displayed in the middle of the clock here and controlled by buttons here. It's handy and it's intuitive. I can get used to it easily in just a few minutes. And Hyundai also did not forget to bring up a lot of interesting little features that I will share later.

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And now maybe we'll take a look at the space in the backseat and the space in the storage compartment to see if the Hyundai Tucson is really attractive. The space in the rear seats of the Tucson, I must say, is quite impressive because I have installed the front seats to fit my sitting position. Behind me, I still have a lot of room to stretch my legs quite comfortably like this. However, it is quite reprehensible when Hyundai equips the back of this chair with a hard plastic sheet that lacks elegance.

Usually, cars in this segment will have the back of the seat here made of leather, it will be more comfortable when we can touch our knees, for example. As for the space at the top, for me it is also quite comfortable. Especially here, I repeat that we have a very large sunroof. It extends to the end of the second row of seats. Although the ceiling is not too high, however, the glass on the top of this car gives us quite a pleasant airy feeling. The car has air conditioning for the rear seats, but the temperature cannot be adjusted because the Hyundai Tucson only has automatic 2-zone climate control.

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But I have to continue to praise the Korean automaker when equipping the rear seats with a small reading light, it is quite interesting, and proves to be a well-groomed car buyer. than. I love small and valuable details like this. Try sitting a bit in the middle of the middle row here. I think we will also not be suitable to sit for long distances because the ledge here is too high, too hard. We also do not keep our legs straight like this because the floor of the car is a bit small, so we have to put our feet to the sides. With a sitting position like this, I believe that you will not be able to sit for too long. And despite the fact, my personal feeling is that the rear seat space is very spacious. But to sit three people comfortably, I think it is not suitable.

Having a shorter overall length than competitors, and a shorter wheelbase, whether the rear storage space of the Hyundai Tucson is really good or not, we will check it out right now. Although the overall size is not too large, for me personally, the storage space of the Hyundai Tucson is also quite impressive. However, a minus point that I mentioned from the previous section is that the low ceiling compared to competitors will make the storage space not really too spacious. Here we have an extra tray like this. This section is only available on the premium version.

And when we lower it like this, and at the same time fold the front seats down, the storage space will be much larger. It's a bit unfortunate that the Hyundai Tucson does not have a lever to lower the front row of seats, but we are forced to circle forward to fold the seats. And as you can see, when we fold down the second row of seats, the storage space is really spacious. We can even use it as a place to lie down on long trips, for example. I appreciate cars that can fold flat second row seats like this. And before ending the review of Hyundai Tucson special version 2.0 here, do not hurry to turn off the following clip, we will introduce you to 4 interesting features on the Hyundai Tucson right here.

As promised in the previous section, in this section we will introduce to you 4 interesting features on Hyundai Tucson that I think many people do not know or need time to learn about it. Here we will explore the first feature that is the smart electric trunk door. The smart electric tailgate is a feature that you can turn off or on in the Settings of the car. The smart electric trunk door will help you, that is when we keep the smart key in the pocket like I am doing here, and approach the rear trunk of the car in about 3 seconds the trunk will automatically open for us to be able to load things in situations where we might be busy holding something, for example.

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I can test it with you right now. 2 3 and as you can see I never touched the trunk door and this door opened by itself. Some people may think that this feature will be a bit annoying, for example, you can completely turn it off in the settings on the steering wheel.

Well, the second feature that I would like to introduce is the Welcome Light feature. As you can see, when we keep the smart key in our pocket near us, for example, approaching the car, the mirror will automatically open and there is a small light here that will automatically light up when If you park your car in the basement or in the dark, for example, the lights here will help us easily hold the door handle, easily locate where our car is located.

The third feature that I want to introduce to you is that the rear wiper can work completely automatically, first of all, you can install that feature in the Settings section here. Second here, for the rear water to work automatically, it is necessary that the car is running. We turn on the front wipers and turn on the reverse gear like this, the rear wipers will automatically wipe you can see. This makes it easier for us to reverse the car on rainy days or bad weather, dirty glass for example.

The fourth feature that I want to introduce to you is the steering deviation warning feature when starting. This is a feature that I think is very useful for those who are new to driving, for example. On Hyundai Tucson when we leave the steering wheel skewed like this and start the engine, the screen here will notify us that the steering wheel is misaligned that we need to straighten the steering wheel back before we can get it back. can roll safely.

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