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Hung Lam Brings New Buying Vinfast Vehicle Scales

See Hung Lam Bring New Car Vinfast Buy Scales

In short, just like me, if I go to eat good food, then I have to pay a lot of money. Eat pate bread and pay the pate bread, bro? Alright, you can just make me all go, whatever is best is my brother! Then rest assured. I am a person with money.

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Hello everyone, my Vinfast here, but the situation is not yet in a hurry to review and today will be like this, the problem is that before the season I went to Truong Chinh road - the road I was working on, I was hit. Where I don't know, my tire got cut across a spot, that's too black. That is lying in the middle of Truong Chinh road for several hours why? Because there is no spare tire and call the company, the first is that they have no rescue, the second is the tire, they also have to wait 1-2 days to have, because this tire is good. Vinfast tires are very good, Continental Europe is always, this tire has 5 tubers and 6 tubers. That day, it was fortunate to call my friend at Michelin or Michelan or something to rescue, instead of giving me two tires. But I did not understand after changing the tire, I went up 80 km / h started the steering wheel it shook, I wonder if your car has ever been there, let me know, the comment is below. This car is so bad, and when I was going fast, I braked quickly, the steering wheel also shook really dangerous. Well, since today is the end of the season, I want to check on the tires, so by the way I will make a video to find out why it is this situation. I will go to Mr. Ha Hunter. Mr. Ha Hunter is probably famous throughout Vietnam for his tire rims or people call him a car tire scale. I thought it was only a lot of bike and motorbike rims but actually a car needs to be adjusted a lot. Then today to see what it looks like, this is real, huh, nothing at all. Today I just shared a video for you guys, I ate the bitter fruit right away and I had to replace both tires because it was an old and new side, but this tire I see Range Flat tire is a pair of this Bitter always. Ten bulbs on Friday the 13th, it's that black day. Well, now I go to Mr. Ha Hunter to check why it is shaking like this, can it be fixed?

Here it is, No. 18 Thanh Thai Garage Nhat Phat specializes in tire calibration. Hello. He greeted celebrities, long time no see. Introduce to everyone this is Mr. Ha, nickname is Mr. Ha Hunter, Nhat Phat Service Factory at 18 Thanh Thai, stop introducing here, bro. The situation is that this, the other day I was going to the Truong Chinh street which is causing me to tear horizontally once here and here, but inside, so the tire was lying down on the road, so I installed all the tires are done, so now I go up to 80 and my steering wheel is like this, and so it keeps vibrating, then when I brake the brake, it also shakes, like that. Oh, I don't think a celebrity has a puncture or a pothole. That day I was in a hurry, but Truong Chinh street that day did not understand what it had, I did not know what to crash into? Suddenly making a bang, what do you mean? When it was done, the screen showed off, I was in the middle of the road for several hours. So what's wrong with you? It has a lot of causes for the phenomenon that shakes when running, but I can not guess it, then let me check for you now! Yes yes I checked for you, how long will it be? It would take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Ok, can you help me, please? Then let me do it for you.

Hung Lam Brings New Buying Vinfast Scales 2

Hung Lam, come here and look, dear. Here, this is a multi-purpose machine that simulates a car running on the road, can you see it jumping, its tire is distorted, distorted like the old bicycle wheel. That's right, right Both the tires, even its teeth jumped it limping. Why does it look round, but it is distorted, as normal as the day before you go ... Ah stop it, I bumped into the pothole that day and it exploded. That's right, when it was a tire it had no air left, and its tire was out of breath, the weight of the car was crushed. Oh, but it's distorted, huh? It is normal that our roads are distorted in Vietnam. It's horrible, not that day it made a bang and I also had a purple face, but let it be distorted .. I don't think it could distort the toothpick. So now how to handle it, bro? This is his specialty and rework the tire surface to make it perfectly round. But it can be weighed like this. Ok now it's called the tech world. Is it necessary to replace another rim for it to balance it? No no, this is a device they're going to make this mule it perfectly round like it did at the factory. After I finished rounding the mule, I got in the tire and I weighed the Hunter batch again and then I guarantee that your shaking will stop.

Ok, I'll try it later, I hope it's okay, I didn't expect it, it was dangerous that day, I was finished changing the tire and I went to Tam Dao, suddenly it shook, I said weird that I did. Where, delicious. Did you describe it like this? My 80's already started like this already. Then it was up to 120 and it was like Parkinson's, but at that time I thought about everything else. I was scared, that day I was startled, but in the epidemic season I could not see you, wait until today. He also takes 23 days off. Barbaric, but does this weight take long? The time it takes to do this will take more than an hour when it comes to handling this toothpaste. More than 1 hour for a tray. No, usually I will check to see how many of you got this in a while, but normally if you crash this then maybe I hope you'll get only one. Well, how much will it cost you to do this? Brothers to each other just say it straight. To put it bluntly, before you give out the number, just finish here and you won't be able to pay for it! OK. Ok, no vibrations will be done, then let's ting ting. Well, I transfer money, but if you tell the audience of Xe's audience, it is known because if it is like this, the brothers and sisters still know how much budget to prepare? Normally, for each of these perfectly round, the Michelin Nhat Phat facility we usually collect from 500-600 thousand for a rim. How does that fit you? In fact, it was very cheap compared to even I had to spend money to buy a new one, the new one is expensive, very expensive, but still rare, not easy to buy. That's all, let's join us later, let me 450, just make me go in no time.

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And another very important thing is that when my car has a pothole collapse it's more or less the angle of steering it will be affected, and then when I run away from the feeling of shaking I will feel whatever Seeing that as the steering wheel it might be a bit off, or the car will probably be inclined to one side, That's right, correct. Here, my brothers and sisters agreed that when the teeth were finished, the dynamic balance of the Road Force Hunter was finished, my brother put his car on the Hunter's steering angle adjustment device to deal with it. to. Ok bro, today you can make me full option for me. But must quote first. Correct. This is 500 thousand, the one you mentioned earlier is 450 ok. But then, but how about the precision balance, how much does it cost? Correct this precision, with your car is 800 thousand once. A car is different, huh? Of course, it varies depending on the car, not because of the quality of the car, but not because you are famous, the price is high, the workers are low, but the important thing is that each car is designed. design a different steering angle, and require different fine tuning. It is different in a Morning car, but it is different in a Mercedes car. The time it takes is longer, called the worker's time and flight time, and the skill level of the machine. In short, just like me, if I go to eat good food, then I have to pay a lot of money. If you eat pate bread, pay pate again, honey? Alright, you can just make me all go, whatever is best is my brother! Then rest assured. I am a person with money.

Well, come to Mr. Ha Hunter's service workshop, guys come in, I'll sit here and I'll play, serving as far as the foot of the work. This machine looks picky, 360 camera, my car is genuine.

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Here I look, this is the parameter that I just measured to check the actual angle of the car without having to adjust this. So this green space is the corners it is in the manufacturer's standard, blue. However, it has this right front wheel, which is the one whose tire position collapsed and it was distorted into the teeth, exploding the tire. The precision on the right front wheel is also misaligned, and now you will adjust this angle to the original manufacturer's specifications. According to me, I have to sue the road builder that day. I do not understand why there is a very large, I crashed into a bang bang one, now damaged my car, should I sue him? In my opinion, the best way is if you sue, no one will answer, so it is best that you have your own self-pity, you must keep it right? That's right But that day was really black, made a fuss, it took me a long time, how many minutes? Adjust this quickly, adjust the steering angle, this car only takes about 10 minutes. Oh yes, so I personally adjusted for you. Ok, do it now.

I'm going to check, right? That's right, this stage is called the first stage here. Yes, this is the only thing you can do, but why the brothers just want to show up. Actually, it is not like that, in my workshop, there are 3 friends running this job like yours. Split right, but it's important that people like you, you guys love me better. But if I know my skilled friends, I think that the skills that young people have sometimes are better than me. Yes yes, this is what the problem is, but most importantly it is because I have the look in my face that I have faith in. That said, this one must experience the flight hours I think. The experience I have experienced myself in many years of battle, then I think that the meticulous not everyone knows. Young people also take a lot of time. In fact, when driving a car, like you all owning a car, the story is that your driver is going to work every day, it's not a professional, it's just using that car. come on. What about the job that aligns the Hunter's steering angle requires its expertise to be very high, and sometimes the friends that test the car sometimes have an element called the element. gifted. And the feeling of the car is also better, better than a normal person, then it will depend on the skills of each driver you will give the best test results it only.

Now I go to the road to test. Test this speed, then test the car after calibration, I do not need to speed up to 80-100 km / h to do anything, I run about 60 km / h that I can feel. OK. This procedure is also a standard procedure in the Hunter steering angle adjustment. Vinfast's roar is very smooth, isn't it? I see the chassis and the gearbox engine is almost nothing to discuss, smooth suspension. Surprisingly, this child is quieter than my E300, in terms of sound insulation and tire noise level. That means it must be equivalent to the S segment right? That's new, not S is not good but I feel it is quieter, that could be due to the tires. What exactly is the E300? E300 is not a car but to run like a civil servant, E300 is a sports car, so it will be hard. But if you want to quiet, then the E250 is quieter than the E300. Yes, I bought a quieter E250 before E300. E250 is equipped with 18-inch wheels, its tires are thicker and the E300 is equipped with 19-inch wheels very fashionable, very sporty. And most importantly, the big-toothed version makes sure it runs firmly on the freeway, too. Up nearly 70 km but still straight. However, because of my road condition, it is not very deserted, so I can test the car. However, when I turned 70, I thought it was ok. This is my job, you see, when I run, I just drop the steering wheel straight to the car without steering, it is delicious, keeping the position. I will turn around, this handcuffs will be less empty. Does this vehicle have an Auto hold function? It doesn't have an Auto hold, which is the saddest part of this car, and it doesn't need auto-shutdown. Well, I want to leave it. And there should have been an Auto hold would be more wonderful, a bit wasteful. The auto hold function is very like. Nhan is very leisure, especially Vietnamese street.

Hung Lam Brings New Buying Vinfast Scales 5

But when I drove this car, I still felt it had a certain level of loading and unloading. Yes, the quality is good. Here, look at the street. Traveling in Hanoi is the most afraid ninja, ninja called Lead ninja. Delicious, after finishing the adjustment, put your hands out straight. I noticed him when the end of the road, call me home! Ok okay Is it delicious, honey? It must be like this. After finishing the adjustment. Just like when I went like Parkinson was scared. That is the purpose and meaning of the Hunter angle adjustment. I was just sitting on the side, I felt that there was a difference, right? Yes, oh that's good, reasonable. Not delicious, but now the case as before, you and I made a contract with each other. Ok the numbers for Hung Lam Xe Hay will be a secret. But what if a normal Vinfast car like this would cost you much? The price for one-off adjustment of this Vinfast A 2.0 car is 1,040,000. That's reasonable bro, reasonable price. In Vietnam, some people call me too expensive, some people call me normal, too reasonable, just like I said. I personally still find it too cheap. I don't know if it's cheap or expensive, but I feel it is reasonable in the fact that my car is sick, after I go I feel shaky, I feel unsafe naturally. Now I just let 1 million and a half go, but it does not completely fix, then I call reasonable here is reasonable for me. Many people will think that 1 million and a half to bring the safety, it is too cheap. Of course, there will be people whose budget is not much, people say yes it seems a bit high, then this and that but I feel reasonable, is to bring about the safety. Right

In Vietnam, the wages are currently at a very low level, in which the labor content is very much, extremely much. Now that this is brought to a foreign country is nonsense about 1,000$ not brother, a balanced delivery. In the US, every alignment is 80$. And if a whole pack of Balancer has a 4-wheel dynamic balance, it's about 120$. Ah that makes sense. 120$ is already 3 million, that's more than double. Whereas in America you have a center with about 3-4 of these Hunter machines they do excavations. Sutra? But it is also very happy and proud that nowadays, almost every major part of the country uses almost all Hunter centers. I think the Hunter brand is almost the number 1 calibration in Vietnam, not to mention foreign because of its accuracy. I asked this one, going to the garage I asked the workers directly, but I did not get the information anywhere. So those who do are the ones that people are most accurate, then Hunter is the most perfect. In the world, Hunter is still the number one. Therefore, automobile manufacturers, automobile manufacturers like Japan or Germany still believe and choose Hunter as the device. Align wheel balance.

Ok finished. Then we return. Ok once again, thank you, Mr. Ha, for handling me today, going too dangerous, guys, and now I have peace of mind. This car I used to ride on was very, very high, I didn't dare to say it because it would be quite revealing, it was very fast, it was delicious, but from the day I hit the drive, black, I was lucky. Meeting the right teacher and the right one is most important. Now goodbye everyone, make a short video like that. Bye bye thank you Ha!

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