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Hung Lam Brings Newly Bought Vinfast Car To Scales

Watch Hung Lam Wear Newly Bought Vinfast Cars To Scales

In short, just like me, if I go to eat delicious food, I have to pay a lot of money. If you eat pate bread, you will only pay for pate bread, right? Okay, you just make it all for me, whatever is the best is fine! Then rest assured. I'm the one with the money.

Hung Lam Brings Newly Bought Vinfast Car To Scale Rims 6

Hello everyone, this is my Vinfast, but the situation is not yet hastily reviewed, but today will be like this, the problem is that before the epidemic season I went down the Truong Chinh road - the road I was doing, then I got bumped. I don't know where, my tire was slashed horizontally, so it was too black. That is, lying in the middle of Truong Chinh Street for a few hours, why? Because there is also no spare tire and calling the company, firstly, they do not have a rescue, secondly, the tire also has to wait 1-2 days to have it, because this tire is a good tire. Vinfast tires are very good, Continental Europe is always, this tire alone has 5 bulbs and 6 bulbs. On that day, I was lucky enough to call my friend from Michelin or Michelan to come to the rescue and replace two tires for me. But I don't understand after changing the tire, I went up to 80 km / h starting with the steering wheel it shook, don't understand if your car has ever had that, let me know, comment below. This car is like that, and when I'm going fast, I brake hard, the steering wheel also shakes, which is really dangerous. So today, starting the end of the epidemic season, I want to check the tires, by the way, I will make a video to find out why it is in this condition. I will go to Mr. Ha Hunter. Mr. Ha Hunter is probably famous all over Vietnam for his rims and tires, or people often call him rim scales for cars. I thought I was only weighing bicycle and motorbike rims, but in fact, cars also have to adjust a lot. Then come and see how it is today, this is real, but nothing. Just making a video to share with you guys today, I ate the bitter fruit right away and I had to change both tires because being on the old side and the new side could not work, but this tire I found the Range Flat tire to be a pair of these as well. it's bittersweet. Ten tubers exactly on Friday the 6th, that day was so black. Well, now go to Mr. Ha Hunter to check why it's shaking like this, can it be fixed?

Here it is, number 18 Thanh Thai Garage Nhat Phat specializes in tire alignment. Hello. He greeted the famous person, long time no see. Introducing to everyone, this is Mr. Ha, nickname is Mr. Ha Hunter, Nhat Phat service workshop at 18 Thanh Thai, stop introducing it, bro. The situation is this one, the other day I was walking into the place on Truong Chinh Street that was causing me to be torn across here and there, but inside, the tire was punctured and lying on the road, so Tires and everything is done, so now when I go up to 80, my steering wheel is like this, so it keeps vibrating, then when I step on the brake, it also shakes, like that. Oh, I thought being famous wouldn't have punctured a tire or hit a pothole. I was in a hurry that day, but on Truong Chinh Street that day, I didn't understand what it had, I didn't know what to hit? Suddenly making a bang, I said, why is this? After that, the screen said that the tire was flat, I was lying in the middle of the road for a few hours. So, what's wrong with you? It has many causes for the phenomenon of shaking when running, but I can't figure it out, so now let me check it for you! Yes yes I can check for you, how long is it? It should take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Ok, so you can help me remove it. Then let me do it for you.

Hung Lam Brings Newly Bought Vinfast Car To Scale Rims 7

Hung Lam, come here and look, my dear. Here it is, this is a multi-function machine that simulates a car running on the road, have you seen it jump, its tire is distorted, like a bicycle wheel in the old days. That's right, that's right. The whole tire, all the teeth, it jumps, it bounces. Why does it look round but it's distorted, as normal as the day before I went… Oh no, that day I bumped into a pothole and it exploded with a bang. That's right, when it's a tire it has no air, its tire has no air, then the whole weight of the car is crushed on this gear. Oh, but it's distorted, isn't it? With the conditions of Vietnam's roads, it is normal for me to be distorted. It's horrible, not that day it made a bang and I also blushed, but I can't help it.. I don't think it can distort the tooth. So how do you deal with it now? The subject of distorting the teeth and re-treating the surface of this tire to make it perfectly round, this is his expertise. But it's okay to be distorted like this. Ok now it's called the world of technology. Do I have to change the rim to balance it? No no, this is a device they're going to make this muzzle perfectly round as it came out of the factory. After I finished rounding the muzzle, I put in the tire and I weighed the Hunter again and then I guarantee your shaking stops.

Ok I'll try it later, I hope it works, I didn't expect it, it was dangerous that day, that day I changed the tire, I went to Tam Dao, I suddenly felt shaken, I said it was strange that I had this problem before where, is delicious. Is it right to describe it like this, when I run, I run but at a high speed of about 90%, I feel a bit shaky. My 80's already started like this. When you get to 120, it's like Parkinson's, but then you think about everything else. I was scared, that day I was startled, but in the epidemic season, I couldn't meet you, waiting until today. He also took 23 days off. Crazy, but does this weight take long? The time to do if this problem arises, it will take about more than 1 hour. More than 1 hour for a tray. No, usually I'll check later to see if you've had a few, but usually if you crash this I'd probably expect it to be just this one. Well, how much would it cost you to make one of these? Brothers and sisters, let's talk straight. To put it this way, before giving the number, just do it here and then pay it off! OK. Ok okay, when the vibration stops, it's time to ting ting. That's it, I'll transfer, but if you tell the audience, it's because if it's like this, you guys still know how much budget to prepare? Usually, for each of these absolutely round teeth, our Michelin Nhat Phat facility usually collects from 500-600 thousand for a rim. So just a piece of your mind? In fact, it's very cheap compared to the money I have to spend, I buy a new mule, a new mule is expensive, very expensive, but still rare, not easy to buy. That's it, brothers and sisters, let me let you go 450, I'll make you go in no time.

Hung Lam Brings Newly Bought Vinfast Car To Scale Rims 8

Another very important thing is that when your car has a pothole, more or less the steering angle will be affected, and when you run beyond the feeling of shaking, you will feel it anyway. found that the steering wheel it could be a little off, or the car it would probably tend to swerve to one side, that's right, exactly. So here, we agree with each other that when straightening the teeth, balancing the Road Force Hunter dynamically, we put my car on top of Hunter's steering angle alignment device to thoroughly handle it. to. Ok brother, today you just make me full option for me. But you have to quote in advance. Always standard. This is 500 thousand each, then like I said before it was 450, then Ok. Then, but how much does it cost to adjust this precision balance? Calibrating this precision, with my car is 800 times. Oh, it's different depending on the car? Of course, it's different depending on the car, not because of the luxury of the car, but not because I'm a celebrity, the price is high, the employee's price is low, but the important thing is that each car is designed by people. design a different steering angle, and require different fine-tuning. Tuning a Morning car is different, but tuning a Mercedes is different. The time it takes longer, is called the worker's man-hours and flight hours, and the machine's skill level. In short, just like me, if I go to eat delicious food, I have to pay a lot of money. If you eat bread with pate, you'll pay for the pate again, eh? Okay, you just make it all for me, whatever is the best is fine! Then rest assured. I'm the one with the money.

See, come to Ha Hunter's service workshop, you guys come in, I'll sit here and play, serve until the end of the project. This machine looks sophisticated, 360 camera, my car is good.

Hung Lam Brings Newly Bought Vinfast Car To Scale Rims 9

Here you look, this is the parameter that I just measured to check the actual car angle without having to adjust here. Then this blue space is the corners it is within the manufacturer's allowable standards, this blue. However, it has this front right wheel, which is the wheel where the tire position of its sister collapsed and it was distorted into the gear, blowing the tire. Then the pinch on the right front wheel is also deviated, and now I will adjust this angle to the correct manufacturer's specifications. In my opinion, I have to sue the road worker that day. I don't understand why there is a very big one, I crashed into it and made a bang, now that my car is damaged, should I sue you? In my opinion, the best way is if you sue, no one will complain, so it's best if you have your own, you have to regret it, you have to keep it right? That's right. But that day was really black, make a big bang, does it take a long time, how many minutes? Adjusting this is quick, adjusting this steering angle will only take about 10 minutes for this car to adjust. Oh yes, so you can fix it for me yourself. Ok you do it.

I'm going to check now, right? That's right, this stage is called making money here. Yes, this is probably only I can do it, but why do the brothers keep asking me to appear. In fact, it's not like that, in his workshop, there are also 3 friends running this job like his. Is it right to divide, but the important thing is that people like you, you guys love me more. But I know you guys are skilled, I think the skills that young brothers have are better than you. That's right, what is the problem, but the most important thing is that I know because I can see my face, it has faith. That said, this one must be experienced, I think. The experience I have gained from many years of fighting, I think is the meticulous things that not everyone knows. Young people also take a lot of time. Actually driving so that like you, if you own a car, the story is that when you drive your car to work every day, it's not a profession, it's just using that car. stop. What about this profession that aligns this Hunter steering angle, it requires a lot of expertise, and sometimes the things that you test the car yourself sometimes have a factor called factor. that talent. And the feeling about the car is also better, better than an ordinary person, then it will depend on the aptitude of each driver to give the most accurate test results.

Now I go to the road to test. Test this speed, then test the car after calibration, I don't need to accelerate to 80-100 km / h to do anything, I run about 60 km / h so I can feel it alright. This procedure is also a standard procedure in the Hunter steering angle calibration. Vinfast's undercarriage is very quiet, isn't it? I see the chassis and the gearbox engine is almost nothing to discuss, smooth and quiet. Surprisingly, this one is quieter than my E300, in terms of sound insulation, then in terms of tire noise and then smoothness. That means it should be equivalent up to the S segment, right? That's new, it's not good without S but I feel it's quieter, that could be due to the tires. What is the E300 actually? E300 is a car that is not a car but to run like an office worker, E300 is a sports car, so it will be hard. But if you want to be quiet, the E250 runs quieter than the E300. Yes, before the E300, I also bought a quieter E250. The E250 is equipped with 18-inch wheels, its tires are thicker, and the E300 is equipped with 19-inch wheels that are very fashionable and very sporty. And most importantly, the type of large teeth, it ensures that when running on the highway, it is also firm. Up nearly 70 km and still straight. However, my road conditions here are not very deserted, so that I can test the car. However, when I reached 70, I thought it was ok. This is my job, you see, when I want to run, I just drop the steering wheel straight and don't drive, it's good, keep the position. I turn around once, this opposite handcuff will be more empty. Does this car have an Auto hold function? It does not have Auto hold, that is the saddest part of this car, it also has the automatic shutdown, this is not needed. Well, I want to get rid of this one. It would have been better to have an Auto hold, a bit of a waste. The Auto hold function is very nice. Leisure is very leisurely, especially on Vietnamese roads.

Hung Lam Brings Newly Bought Vinfast Car To Scale Rims 10

But when I drive this car, I still feel it has a certain level of loading and unloading. Yes, the quality of the machine is good. Here, look at the empty street. The most afraid of walking in Hanoi is the ninja, the ninja called the Lead ninja. It's always good, after adjusting, let go of your hands straight out. I'll keep an eye on you, when you run out of traffic, call me! Okay okay bro. Always good, remember? That's how it should be. After editing. But like the day I walked like Parkinson, I was so scared. That is the purpose and meaning of the Hunter steering angle alignment. I'm just sitting next to you, you already feel the difference, right? Yes, oh that's good, reasonable. Not delicious, now there is a case like before when you and I made a contract that when the vibration stopped, I transferred the account. Ok the number for Hung Lam Xe Hay will be a secret. But if normally a Vinfast like this, how much will it be? The price for one-time calibration of this Vinfast A 2.0 car is 1.040.000. That's fair, man, the price is right. In Vietnam, some people say it's too expensive, others say it's too normal, too reasonable, like I just said. Personally, I still find it too cheap. I don't know if it's cheap or expensive, but I think it's reasonable that my car is sick, after I go, I feel shaky, naturally I feel unsafe. Now I just give 1 and a half million, but it doesn't fix it completely, I call it reasonable here to be reasonable for me. But many people will think that 1 and a half million that bring security is too cheap. Of course, there will be people whose budget is not much, people say yes seems a bit high, then this or that person but I think it is reasonable, to bring safety. That's right

In Vietnam, his salary is currently at a very low level, in which the content of gray labor is very, very much. Now, if you bring this to a foreign country, it's nonsense, and it's about $1.000, isn't it, a correction. In the US, each alignment is $80. And if a package includes the Balancer and the 4-wheel dynamic balancer, it's about $120. Ah that makes sense. $120 turned out to be my 3 million, that's more than double. Meanwhile, my friends in the US, they have a center with about 3-4 Hunter machines, they work hard. Remembrance? But I also feel very happy and proud that now, going to all parts of the country, almost all the big centers use the Hunter system. I see that the balanced Hunter brand is almost the number 1 in Vietnam, not to mention foreign because of the accuracy. This is what I asked, when I went to the garage, I asked the workers directly, not where I got the information. Then the people who do are the ones that people are most accurate, then Hunter is the best. In the world, Hunter is still number 1. That's why car manufacturers, auto manufacturing powers like Japan or Germany still trust and choose Hunter as a device. wheel balance alignment.

Ok done. Then we return. Ok again, thank you Mr. Ha for handling me today, it's too dangerous, friends, but now I can rest assured. This car at first I ran very, very high, I didn't dare to say it because it would be a bit obvious to say it, running very fast, it was very good, but since the day I hit that hole, it's black, but luckily. Meeting the right teacher is the most important thing is meeting the right teacher, meeting the wrong teacher is. Well now say goodbye to everyone, make a short video like that. Bye bye thank you Ha!

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