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Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million

Experience Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 million with Hung Lam

Happy guys, especially it's my car, it's my car.

Hung Lam Dam The Kawasaki Z1000R Barrel 2020 Price 459 Million 1

Hello everyone, today I go to buy a car but I will not buy a car as usual, today is buying a real car, my car. Buy a real car, stick around and see. Today I'm very happy because I'm going to pick up a car that I've dreamed of for a long time. Now I will wait for a colleague to pick me up to go buy, do not know if he is here yet? Wait a minute.

Hello. A bit long, I was nervous to go get the car but you never came. For a reason, if you go to work this late, then you will be fine. Then go buy a car, slowly get the taller car, let's go.

Here it is, Max Moto 91 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi. Thank you Việt Tâm, see you later, thank you. Come on, I'm glad, brother, this is a genuine Kawasaki dealer in Hanoi Max Moto. Why did I choose Max Moto because it is very prestigious, also one of the best playing brothers. Before sales, after sales are good, prices are standard. Please come here to receive the car.

Hello. Hello. You came to pick up the car, is this right? Yes, we cleaned our car after receiving it. Thoughtful and trustworthy, ladies and gentlemen, today go buy a car without troll, no joke, not funny, not play anything, buy my car here. Here is a brief introduction to you. This is the R version I will buy the R version, and this is the normal version. I will make a video to introduce the difference between this R version and the normal version. But today, this blue car of mine, a color that I really love, hang thanks to this, here you go.

Hung Lam Dam The Kawasaki Z1000R Barrel 2020 Price 459 Million 2

Youth dream car, the year when the new car was released, I remember 2014 or 2016 something. Oh look it fascinated me said oh when we have money, wait forever. Well, today is a day I think is lucky for me, so today I will own her.

Now taking this car, what procedures do you do? Just beat it home, right? Oh no, my car does not have battery installed yet, not fueled, after you came to check the car, we started to install the battery and refuel, and then we have to do more. Another step is to activate the warranty, then you will transfer and release it. Switch always does not say much. Here let me read the company account number. The house is a lot of money, here I press the company account number here. Ok, this car is selling for 459 million and get a 12 million voucher, you transfer home, and then it's done. Let me check the company account, floating money already. Ok good account, this is not a joke today, this car is my car, but today I bought me and made a video to share with you is the joy today I received the car. I dream, I will go for a while for a week or a month and then I will continue to make this car specific experience video for the friend. Or maybe just a little while later?

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 3

Is it delicious? He took off the plastic wrap, installed the battery, fully charged everything, and finished filling. Well, besides, what other accessories do you want to add to the car? Are there any accessories, are there anti-dumping because every car you buy, you also install it against the fall. We on our side have this pour-proof, plus this water tank. Anti-dumping, protection of the water tank is nothing else? In addition, there is an Akrapovic pô, he can use a voucher worth 12 million to install that amount. And if you do not use up the voucher, you will use it for maintenance services in the future. Ok that means it can be stored, if you buy it, you can buy it, the water tank, you think you will make a separate one of the Xe or I will CNC a tank of the vehicle or like my T120 . The Po is good, the AK pô is famous already, but I think this design is also beautiful, I will be able to go for a while. This pair is the pair that makes the Z1000 brand. Just play zin, what crime? Yes.

Come on handle it now, see if you can install the battery and refuel everything for you, but you can't wait. Isn't it pretty, look at this life, this R life has more things, firstly, the color, the correct color. Secondly, this is a brand name, tell me it has a brand name, Brembo, don't joke, Brembo, there are Ohlins behind, Ohlins rear shock absorbers it. Basically I like this legendary color of Kawa, this color is characteristic of Kawa, quality. Honestly, when I have to say since 2009, since my previous life, I have had an older brother with an orange Z1000 from this previous life, I am proud, I did not have money back then. I still run the Wave train, I said I don't dare to dream of having a car for hundreds of million, today .. You congratulate me, there's nothing left to say. Actually I am a lucky person, thank you very much and in which I have to say thank you, give a very sincere thanks to all the audience of Xe or for helping Hung Lam and helping Xe cool. like today, and having these cars is thanks to you guys, thank you very much, thank you sincerely, really.

Hung Lam Dam The Kawasaki Z1000R Barrel 2020 Price 459 Million 4

Installing the battery to refuel for me, my goodness, is it easy to install the battery? Also fast sir. Wait for him to take off the stamp. Let me, here clearly peel it off, we have to remove the stamp on our car, here you will take this for me. Car wash like this is clean deck. The battery it has or not because you don't always have time to go there. For this Kawasaki line, the battery it will not be like the Harley battery, you may not use it, you may not have 3-6 months. I have a Harley that runs out of battery.

Let me guide you to open the rear saddle, when you want to open the rear saddle, you lift it up and you pull it back, then this is the tool package under this car, underneath is the battery, typical of models This car does not have a trunk at all. Oh yeah, a sports car or no car with a trunk in any large displacement. Then when I want to play in, I will .. slowly let you try, I take this for me. Install the small one first, right? Here you see, push this right? Here let you guide me, I will take you to the front and then press down. No, not here let me guide you. Here you can see its two hooks. Into these two holes, right? You will slide first to enter these two holes of it, then press down. Inserting the two holes will automatically enter it, and then we will mount the saddle first. Again, pull it out right (pull it out, he lifted it first) it's easy, right (very simple, because I'm not used to it) for a few days we get used to it (what needs a few days, about 1-2 minutes brother). Here I put the two hooks it in first (here I am trying to put it in here) Here you look, you let it up a little bit, not yet you (fumbling around). After that this is very easy, just press it and you're done. Press the front, right. That's right, you just fit its form. This is not in, he made the correct form, press it on it (Ok), when he wants to open it, he pulls the key here and lifts it out (very neat, okay then simple).

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 5

Here shows you the key of the Kawasaki Z1000 R version, is it standard, love it, if talking about design, it is not too superior, but it is basically the Z1000 it is the car that dreams of. more than 10 years, dream for ten years. Have you ever dreamed of something that 10 years now you own, you get the genre with it, like you? My feeling now is very difficult to describe, really it is very difficult to describe. Although this is not my first big bike, my first is a Kawasaki too, a 250 cc, an Estrella a classic is also a Kawasaki. Currently, I also have two large displacement units, and this one is the third one. Although it was the third one, but the feeling that he was happy, saying happiness was not enough but to say he was happy, today he took him to his cellar, really hard to describe, looking his face happy are not? Pleasure not, sit and try for you to see. In the meantime, I sit these delicious ones because my body is not too bad, only today I dress a bit Classic, looking at it not sporty. Because I'm running Classic cars, the same goes for my hat.

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 6

This Naked line used to love it very much in the past, because it was young but it was strong, it showed all the machines and things. Basically this Z1000 is still legendary, it is still something very legendary in the Naked 1000 cc. Referring to the big Naked mass, one must mention the divine Z1000, right, super divine. The most favorite is this head, this head looks at this ribbed, seeing it looks like a demon, an animal, looking at it frowning, frowning it leaps forward, look fierce? Honey, is the battery okay? Well you put me on, I can't wait, let me open me to serve you, let me let you, let me serve. Is it easy to install then? Easy, sir. It's good that this battery is still delicious for a long time, because I don't have much time to ride, I have to go to review to serve the brothers so it's not always free, guys, sympathy!

But for sure, after this time I will run the car the most and I will do the actual experience videos. Basically I also want to buy because when it is my car, I experience it the best, the most real, I go every day I use every day, I destroy and then I grope it then it will Yes, I think it would be better than the cars I borrowed. The cars I borrow are fast, about half a day, a day, at most I can borrow a week, I feel, but I can't equal anything I buy I own. will be more real, right? Actually, today I buy for me to serve you, say so, I buy to please me first, but after that I will serve you, right? I see the guys filming in the Xe in team or have already looked it like this, after this video I will lend it to you!

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 7

Ah finished to detonate the first one to let you know, I have to be the one to press the button to blow the first time. I wonder what the explosion would be like, you guessed it, heart failure, no heart failure. Why not heart failure? Because this exhaust is combined with this exhaust gas, this exhaust filter makes all the big displacement cars even 1000, 1800, 2000 cc it explode as smoothly as the Wave car. Why is that? Because this is the worldwide emissions standard, it must be. That's why a sales consultant told me earlier that if I change the exhaust, change the exhaust plus remove this gourd to bring a sporty feel to a car, that's just waiting for that. So this one I think I go for a while, I will do something to make it explode loudly but normally it explodes so it's so quiet. The key to make you explode, let me explode. I refuel, yes, I can refuel. Can this be inserted, right? Yes. My car is different, get in it quickly. Gasoline refuel 95 right, yes. Here is E5 E10.

Oh my brothers and sisters, I finally have Z1000 already. Do not understand if you are good cars, car audience or have you ever dreamed something like me? It is a dream from the time when it came out, everyone liked it, after many years of things, dreams from the previous life to the next life can be owned. Here let me screw, let me. Do not start the engine yet because this car is a new car, the gas pump is not working yet so I turn on the gas pump and then turn it off, I do it about 3-5 times to help you, there you are waiting for the clock runs out. Ah I'm turning off the engine on this side, this is the shutdown button, when you turn this off the gas pump won't work, you have to turn it on, now you turn it off with the key again. Actually it is similar to my car, let me see if it finishes. Not yet because he is turning off the master key, now he turns it on again, he waits for the clock to run out. There I also heard gurgling in this gas tank, which means that the gas it started running into the path running through the pump, I will turn it off again (three times).

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 8

It is always the same, when the big displacement vehicle is turned on, it will have the sound of the pump, it screeches, and the same goes for any car even used car or like. When you turn it on, it is not correct to let the pump sound out, after all the lights have been fully turned on, then start the new problem, then start the machine, it is round, do not press the number immediately Don't go right away, don't hurry, the circle has started to rewind it just starts to decrease, then we will start going, but if it is too fast, it will not be good. Let's do it again (now you can start it up) warm up, you sit up, you start up, ah this one for your feet, up here.

Are you ready? I'm still making a video for the first time, oh dear, listen! Here is my car, it's happy, don't rush, 1,000 cc 4-cylinder engine. Ok, blow it up a bit and make it round a little, then I'll turn it off. What other spare parts are you? Any other spare parts? Now check the car, check the turn signals. Nothing sure is okay, there is a warranty, how long is it, 2 years, right? 2 years so no need to worry. Now wait for the Guarantee to come down.

Ah, where do I adjust the above features, right here the button is right? This is the mode button, this chip, chip A chip B fuel consumption it has not gone so it has not been measured properly. Then Ok figured it out, then delicious. Passing here, dear brother. How about running on the street, the tires are already stretched, right? What's up? The tire is already pumped, right? Tires everything checked is correct. Delicious and delicious.

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 9

Since this car has not installed the exhaust pipe and the exhaust air filter has not been removed, the car is only fluorescent but it does not have gruum, it is very quiet. Is that done yet? I wait a moment you have to do one more step to plug in and activate the warranty for me and then I install all the accessories for me to prevent the fall, I wait a moment you activate the warranty for me, Because for Kawasaki now, when activating the warranty, we have to enter the code and send it to the factory to activate the warranty for me, please wait a moment. Ok, please activate it for me.

I do not understand that the feeling of going to buy a car is always like this, every time I go to buy a car, my face will be like this, excited. Two recent cars, say recent but actually a long time ago is the T120 and the Breakout is fun, but really it is not the car that I have dreamed of for decades, the car This is the car that I have dreamed of for decades, and even my friends many of my friends keep talking about the Z1000 to see something it keeps burning. Today I finished making the video and uploaded it later and then tag my friends and friends to jealousy? Is it reasonable to have fun? Okay, while waiting for you to put the wires on, let's go around and see, lots of cars. Below is a used car. This one does not know whether it is used or .. below here is a used car. Ah this is used up, oh how new. Okay okay, this is slowly, just calm down and do it later. This is saying that the Z1000 is also 2020, but the regular version, not the R version, is also beautiful, this color is also blunt, very stubborn.

Oh, let's go out, bro, it's fun. This is a round of lake, please. Do you think it is reasonable to sit in the Z1000, this divine car is not beautiful and new? I'm happy guys, especially it's my car, it's my car, happy. The feeling that my ride is different from the borrowed car for review, it's a whole lot different, just have confidence.

Hung Lam Dam Barrels Kawasaki Z1000R 2020 Price 459 Million 10

Just do a few rounds of the basic light, and I will make a very detailed video of this car of mine because it is mine, I will experience it very carefully and will send you the experience. the most accurate truth. Thank you once again, thank you sincerely all the viewers of Xe or for supporting us during the past time. We will try to increasingly review the cars you love more, more quality and will buy to review these cars so that you see them most attractive. Thank you again, goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye. Happy.

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