Tips & Tips for the latest b1, b2, c (parking bag) driving license exam

Tips & Tips for the latest b1, b2, c (parking bag) driving license exam 2

 TIPS FOR EXAM B2, B1, C (updated according to new exam questions)

Sharing experiences learn to drive a car of Hoa Sen Academy:

Today I will share with you a way, tips and tricks to solve the problem in 450 driving test questions B1, B2, C….We can apply to all of these licenses.

I) What is the purpose of image resolution:

+ The ultimate goal of deconstruction is to arrange which cars go first, which cars go behind, which cars have to give way, which cars are allowed to go, and get the cars out of the intersection fastest in a certain order.

+ Learn by logical reasoning, no need to memorize

+ The content of the exam has about 8-11 questions about solving the sa picture, here accounts for about 1/3 of the number of questions, there are 30 questions, there are about 10 questions about the sa picture, this is the part that is very easy to get a perfect score . We can go through this article to apply it correctly.

  1. 5 rules of distance:

  2. Vehicles entering the intersection:

What is an intersection, vehicles are considered to enter the intersection when the front wheel has crossed the white line of pedestrians on the road, regardless of the circumstances, the vehicle that has already entered the intersection will have priority to go first. , then according to this picture, according to you, which vehicles can go first. The question is what is the order of the cars to go according to traffic rules, you see that the ambulance usually has priority to go first, but the auto-rickshaw has already entered the intersection. the car is still at the line. then to free up traffic to avoid congestion, the vehicle that has entered the intersection will be given priority to go first, then this order of priority will be the intersection, that is, the auto-rickshaw, then between these two vehicles. , based on the order of priority will be the ambulance, the last is the car, then the order of our priority is the auto-rickshaw, the ambulance, the car.

  1. Priority vehicle:

The second rule is the order of priority vehicles as follows: Fire, Military, Police, Ambulance. That's how to remember, the car-priority principle. The order of priority for the vehicles of the Fire Army, Industry and Trade, first from the fire department, then from the army to the police and ambulance, the question arises which vehicle has the right to go first in this case. Obviously, the motorcycle is traveling on a road with a sign as the priority road, and this is an ambulance on a road with a sign that intersects with the priority road and this is the priority road already, the principle is that the moto should go first, however this is an ambulance so go first

  1. Priority route:

+ Vehicles located on the priority road will go first, through the intersection

+ based on the 3 seas below: sign 1 is the intersection with the non-priority road and we are here and seeing this sign, we are on a bigger road, and the two sides of this road are not priority, and vice versa, plate number 2 and number 1 intersect with the priority road. These 2 signs are often placed at intersections, and number 2 is usually placed on the national highway. The question is which car has the right to go first. According to the priority road principle, we observe that cars are traveling on the priority road, autos and motorbikes are intersecting with the priority road, so cars are allowed to go first because there is a sign here, the answer is No. 3

  1. Right hand is not entangled:

+ At the intersection or intersection: the right-of-way belongs to any vehicle that has no vehicles on the right-hand side of the road. The question is how the order of the cars goes in accordance with the traffic rules, we see that the motorbike turns left, the autorickshaw goes straight, the truck turns left.

According to the principle that the right hand is not entangled, we see that the right ear of the truck and the autorickshaw, the right hand of the motorbike is the moto, the right hand of the moto is not entangled, so the right of priority is the moto, after the moto goes, the right hand of the tuk-tuk is not entangled and going straight is the preferred direction, then the tuk-tuk is followed by the truck and the truck turns left, the auto-rickshaw goes straight, the answer is number 3, moto tuk tuk, truck . However, it is not always possible to go first with the right hand that is not entangled, let's move on to the next original

+ At the roundabout / roundabout: the right of priority belongs to any vehicle that has no vehicles on the left-hand side of the road. The question is which vehicle has to give way in this case, we see that the truck also turns left and goes straight here, the car turns around here, but the left hand side is not entangled with the truck, so the truck can Go ahead, the car follows.

But this question is a bit difficult, which car has to give way, so cars have to give way, so the answer is 1. We have to be a little careful with this reverse question.

  1. Priority turn direction:

Cars turning right go first, then cars go straight, and lastly cars turn left. The question posed in this figure is what order of vehicles should go in the correct order in road traffic rules, we observe here that there are 3 vehicles at the intersection. For motorbikes turning left, cars turn left. right, your car goes straight.

According to the direction of priority drawing, we see that the right turn has priority first, the car turning right will go first, then going straight has priority 2, then your car goes to number 2 and the moto goes last. The answer is number 2, car, your car and moto.


Consider the following in order from top to bottom:

+ Delivery

+ Vehicles

+ Sugar

+ Yes

+ Direction

Then the intersection here is the intersection, the vehicle is the priority vehicle, the road is the priority road, based on the sea, must be the right hand without reaching first, then go straight, then turn left, direction is the direction of the turn of the vehicle

  • Or the principle of "first, first, second, third, four directions". You guys remember
  • + We just consider from top to bottom, according to the principle, wherever we touch, apply there,
  • To make it easier for you to understand, I will take a few examples:

First example. Here we see the order of which cars go first according to traffic rules, we see that here there are police cars, autos, trucks, cars. Then according to the principle of traffic, the road must be directed. At this intersection, no vehicle has entered the intersection, regardless of the principle of intersection, the second is the car, this is the priority vehicle, there is a priority vehicle that is a police car, is there a priority road here, is there a priority vehicle here? Priority road sign, this car goes on the road that intersects with the non-priority road, so the car is allowed to go first, the right principle has no priority, the direction has priority, we observe the direction Go straight, turn left. The answer is number 2 police car, car, truck, auto. Telling you one more tip is that the answers are the same to save time, you choose the first answer, that's the trick. maybe next years will change, but for now the first answer is to choose

Example 2 is the basic way to solve the sag shape. The question is how the car goes according to traffic rules, observing that there are 4 cars, a truck, a motorbike, a motorbike, a car. We again rely on the 5 principles of right-of-way traffic. There are no cars at the intersection yet, so in principle, there are no priority cars for cars. Is there a priority road, you see the priority road sign, so the truck goes first, right, there is no, there is a motorbike going straight in the direction. Cars turn left, motorbikes on the priority road, but turn left. According to traffic rules, the truck goes first, then the moto, next the road does not give priority but the autorickshaw goes straight, so the autorickshaw goes first, the answer is 2 x truck, moto, autorickshaw, car

For example, 3 vehicles must yield to traffic rules. There are cars and trucks. You see on this intersection, there are no cars or roads at this intersection. The rule must have, the direction is straight. Thus, there is only the right principle. The right hand of the truck is not entangled. Trucks can go first, cars must give way, answer number 1

Example 4 order of how to go according to traffic rules. Here on the roundabout, you observe, when we don't understand the principle, it is very confusing, it is very easy to apply the 5 principles. At intersection, no vehicle will pass the intersection, the vehicle has no priority vehicle, the road does not have a priority road, yes, yes, the motorbike turns right without interference, we can see, only the rule must be applied use. Moto goes first. I advise you to choose the first answer every time you have 2 identical answers, this is a type of beating with eyes closed, but there is a reason. Moto goes first, so 2 options can be eliminated, moto goes, so the right side is empty, then the truck goes, the right side is empty, then finally the car, answer number 3 moto, truck, passenger car , car

Set of questions for the A150 Driver's License Exam

For example, which 5 vehicles must give way last through this intersection. Applying 5 principles, here no vehicle has passed the intersection, there is no priority vehicle, there is a priority road, observe that passenger cars intersect with the priority road, cars go on the priority road, trucks intersect with priority roads, the right rule also does not apply, followed by direction, observe passenger cars turn left, trucks turn right, trucks intersect with priority roads, passenger cars also intersect with priority roads First, the question is which vehicle must give way last, cars go first, trucks and other vehicles all cross the priority road and are on the same road. The order of priority is passenger cars, trucks, and buses, so passenger cars are the last to give way.

You have to remember the secret of the top-down view."right-way traffic"or principle"first, second, third, four directions".

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