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Detail Imported Kia Sportage Full Option, Price Less than 800 million

In the front system, it is equipped with automatic headlight washing, when people turn on the lights and hold the rain gauze for 3 seconds, it will burst. Many people do not know how to use this in Vietnam, it really will be a bit of a waste.

Hello everyone, today we will have a rather special program during the Covid season, which is reviewing used cars, today I invited second-car expert Mr. Kien Civic. Hello Mr. Kien, today, Mr. Kien will be the main character to introduce this car to what Mr. Kien reminds me, I forgot. This is the 2015 Kia Sportage it is quite rare in the market, and by 2016 it has stopped importing. This is the car I dreamed of in the past, but because it was too much for my money, I asked at that time almost 1 billion. Yes, this 998 million car when returning to Vietnam registered to be 1,150 million (it is the same segment as the Tucson), but if compared to the Tucson at that time, the Tucson is almost no door compared to Sportage. This child is equipped with all kinds of things, and many cool things, and even imported.

Details Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 Million 1

What is this car or does Kien can recommend to the audience of Xe? It is a car that is very much design awards especially unique ones. The second one is about the car's options, if this car lists it out, all an A4 sheet of technology and options. Everyone can see that its design is different, for those who have gone to the previous Sportage, 2011 life lasts up to 2014, they are very satisfied with this car because of it. happy. The second one is that the luggage compartment inside is also relatively large. And the third one is that it is very good, and when it comes to this form, it is for a small number of people who are only passionate about Kia Japan and especially Sportage. You can see that its design is very special and there is something like a Porsche (yes, two higher sockets) until now I still don't understand why a car works so well. This is dead on the Vietnamese market (fee), so you must ask the company.

Detail Imported Kia Sportage Full Option, Price Less than 800 million 2

This child uses a 2.0 engine shared with the Tucson engine, but when using the same engine does not mean it will run the same. This Sportage car you can feel its throttle sensitivity is very good (the software to control it is different), yes, totally different. As you can see the whole system of it, this luminaire is a luminaire for me I really like because I often go dark and walk the streets where the light is poor, this luminaire is really cool. It's so bright, so bright that on each side there are four lights (the fog lights are also a projector, right?) that's extremely bright. This is original, right? Of course the original 100%, this car has nothing, its own light cluster is worth a lot of money, if a car is not bright enough, you have to go back and forth. up to 10-20 million a set of lights to degree. To say the face of this car is so pretty. Yes, it is called for the few, the majority may not like it but the few already like it, it is so-called already absorbed in the blood, it is hard to resist (yes, in the past, I loved it very much) .

In addition, the front system is equipped with automatic headlight washing, when people turn on the lights and hold the rain gauze for 3 seconds, it will blow up. Many people do not know how to use this in Vietnam is really a waste, but overseas it is related to snow (this is good, when going in the rain) turn on the headlights and keep the rain wipers. In 3 seconds this one will go up and wash here. In addition, there are sensors in the front around the car, these are technologies from 2015, which means 5 years ago, the car was too much equipped like this.

Here you can see the overview, the tray is very beautiful, the tray is also different from that time, this Y-shaped plate is something ... Like this one, Mr. Kien said that is currently being sold for how much, Mr. Kien? As I said, it is 770 million (all things just come and go, right?) Because this is a sea of province, you will lose about 30 million money to name. Generally, 800 million 2015 Sportage cars, this one registered in 2016 but the book is 2015, it's still a good car in the price range. Is that reasonable, how many thousands have this child gone, Mr. Kien? This one can run 5.7 thousand per owner from the start, all tires are still intact. That means the warranty does not flood things with water. That is the number 1 criterion for business survival until now. Coming to Mr. Kien KZ.VN is assured of no crashes, no accidents, no flooding, reputable warranty, right? Right.

Detail Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 Million 3

This is the head, people can see through the hips it is very beautiful from the back of the beveled design you can see. This SUV is beautiful. It is very beautiful, even now there are many new models on the market but the Sportage when on the road it is still something people call 2015 it was a dream (wallet for example you) me too so now I am walking on the street, suddenly I look back, something came back, in the past I liked this animal so badly but now it appears too little on the market to see again it is very fond of. This 19-inch wheel looks very sporty, these wheels are really beautiful. Ah, this is also original, Mr. Kien? All are original chromed, very luxurious, which I feel Kia is very elaborate for this Sportage from the small details such as the tail. Can I turn on the light for you to see, is the light on, Mr. Kien? Then, the lights, this will work in the evening, extremely beautiful, the full led light is so beautiful, it's very bright, but it's even. You can see that after 5 years, its light is not, in the old days, for example it was a little dim, the Sonata I noticed after a few years of using it would dim, perhaps the led technology At that time it was not good, until now it has been much different.

Speaking of which, I told my brothers to compliment, but if compared to the rear lights of this Spotage, it looks no different from the Audi light (very beautiful). I rarely compliment or flatter something, that is, I really feel it's special and it likes, I just say, but for example, now I tell you to praise a it's so ordinary. I can't compliment either. This is a car that I also love very much from the feeling of driving to the design, so I can call it with all my heart to share with everyone.

Detail Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 Million 4

Does this child have to back down, Mr. Kien? This child has a very best reverse cam, electric trunk. Here I'm going to sit in the trunk to show you how wide it is! It is very wide. This is what I sat in and there is a space here too, this trunk above this segment is ok. The more important thing is that when you go in and open the back seat you will feel a comfortable sitting, it is not stiff. Is there a jam prevention? There's anti-jamming too. And you just need to hold the key to go close, the trunk will automatically open. Well, it's the same as Hyundai, right? Yes, but if I see it as a brother, we will have an analysis called looking back at 5 years of technology (5 years ago, but it was like this) yes, that is the great thing when But people who used these cars since 2015 were usually in this CUV segment, it was still something it was obscure (vague with no equipment at all). The concept at that time that it only had SUVs, sedans, and CUVs was very few, I noticed that at that time there was this man and Mr. Tucson that two men brought this home, but there was not much. In the old days, cars that earned a lot of equipment and options were rare, but Kia is one of the brands that most. Yes, at that moment he looked back at the 2015 Outlander Sport with nothing (nothing, naked).

How do we go inside to see? Please come in, which side does Kien sit on? Let me sit on this side to introduce. Kien drive away, now I will sit here always to see what it is inside! After saying that I have to praise again, of course everyone will think I am too complimented then I lift the ball for Mr. Kien but not at all, looking at the details is still very smooth. That's right, this Sportage is actually quite conservative, so it still remains as new as this. The downside of this Sportage is that it's very easy to scratch here, here you can see. Here I criticize another point that the screen back then was a bit small. But it is an extremely wonderful screen, not the feature that it integrates with the JBL speaker system, if you lose this head, then throw the system away. Here you see JBL here, this sound system is worth the money here. Incredibly worth the money, the CD player, not the DVD player. Here you look at the JBL speaker here, this audio experience can be said to be too bargain in the price range. That's right, if you look at the Tucson, it won't be possible to have wireless charging, you can't have a JBL speaker system. Ladies and gentlemen, 20xx back then had wireless charging. The charger is also 12v 180w, which is an extremely wonderful equipment.

Detail Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 million 5

This is to introduce me to my favorite is this because I am a car player and play sound, spending hundreds of millions just to make it sound like this. The volume of the sound of my Lancer car costs 80 million, but when I get on this car, I am extremely satisfied with the car sound system and head like this. Unfortunately there is no disc for everyone to experience, but almost everyone who goes up will feel convinced because its bass sound is extremely solid, well-equipped ... Here comes both seat heating and chair cooling. That's right, I said that if I share and write it down, it's all an A4 sheet about the option. If we do video, it will probably take the whole day so we will list what we learn.

Yes, there are three different driving modes here. Park the pass downhill, support parking the pass with electronic brake Auto hold. All of these are real, not add-on buttons. There are cars today that don't even have these. That's right, after that, for example, at that time he looked at the 2015 CX5 which was a car that quite a lot of people liked that time, but looking at the option, it is not possible to get as much. Actually these speakers when I stepped on I was conquered by that, not to mention the seat heating, but heated and cooled both rows. It is something called a lot option. Thousands of buttons are always this steering wheel. This is a steering wheel and a characteristic of the Kia Sportage that has the word GT-Line is very beautiful, on this there are many conveniences for everyone to use, such as Cruise Control, hands-free voice and transfer. category always mode, gear pad on the steering wheel, automatic rain gauze, automatic lights, a CUV with steering wheel paddles. Mr. Kien, I revealed to you that a lot of BMW before 2019 did not even have a steering wheel. Yes, if you compare to German cars, many German cars will lose this one, because for example, the heating, cooling, and wireless charging system until now German cars have not. with wireless charging.

Detail Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 million 6

Of course it is only about the equipment but about the engine, it will take a few moments to run, but it is lame to compare Korean cars with German cars, but we are saying what it has in this car and that car. It doesn't have anything, it's also something worth saying, right? A car with a few billion without it, a car with less money that has it is very significant, right? Yes, more importantly, this leather seat is also very worth mentioning, this is the original 100% zin, I appreciate very much for the materials made of Kia leather. You may have noticed that starting from these tall ages up at the Sportage and then Optima the leather materials are relatively good. This is a car running 5,700,000 but you can see that its seat is not wrinkled, another part is also very careful owner. People look at this place is easy to spot is this old car or not old car, sit and wrinkled to know right now, whether the material is good or not, you know immediately.

Ah this child has another cool feature you know what it is, that is the warning on the mirror, as of 2015, it's over here already… That's good. The camera can be this side we will see. Here is how, Mr. Kien can adjust his seat to the position he drives, I go to the back seat to see how spacious the two of us sit it. You sit in your correct position, I will go to Kien, here Mr. Kien is sitting comfortably (this is the most comfortable for you) here I sit here. Well now without much talk, please come here to see my knee, this is my knee compared to .. I'll give out my phone, more than a phone, my knee I plus the phone still can't reach the front seat. The ceiling is like this, the panoramic sunroof is always this and it's very good, with full arms. Oh like this, to be honest, Kia has always been the top-equipped car manufacturer in Vietnam, right? Many of the most equipped, to the root, there are always two air-conditioning doors for the rear seats. Mr. Kien know, I go to work with cars but until 2019, I still do not have the rear air-conditioning door (yes) sounds sad, does this car have and the rim of the air-conditioning door looks Hey, it's also a bezel that is properly plated with aluminum, not a black plastic umbrella. That is to say, the Kia pill this Sportage is a car that is very rich and attentive, it has something called pride of the brand.

Now I want to take a test drive to see how this car is like, Mr. Kien agrees, he will let me drive. Yes, ok, he took the driver. Okay now the two of us are going to drive this. Kia Sportage, I have been driving for a few generations, quite a lot, today share again to let you know how reasonable it is. Although according to the specifications, it is not too big at the moment, the 2.0 engine is only 156 codes with a 6-speed gearbox, but compared to 5 years ago, it is not a bad number. . Even this point is more than enough for a car like this. This car has always been a car that I think is quite dynamic because why, because its ability to operate in the inner city is very smooth and its size is quite fit to ride. in urban. This one only has a little bit of its original tire, it's a bit noisy, Mr. Kien admitted? Yes sir. If this child comes back to change the soft tire, he will be quiet all over. Besides, this car has traveled 50,000 but the tires are still following the car, the time to change is coming, replacing a Michelin system, the soundproofing it will be relatively better. This child said that, I also considered it a bit, but actually it is still very delicious.

Detail Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 Million 7

Now he is driving as Normal mode (Normal has been like this) with three different driving modes, a moment you can feel the Sport mode, Sport mode of this car, it will have Reaction is always from my first kick.

It's been a while since I rode the Sportage again, but when I get in this position behind the wheel I still feel like it, I still feel a youthful and unique because of this car. It's very rare now, because walking on the road is not in contact, but the equipment is flooded. It means that if you buy the best car in Vietnam at the present time and buy it, it will not be as much equipped as this car. Even now buying the latest Santafe, there are sometimes some things that are not as good as this one. Branded speakers are already something very expensive.

I'll tune into Sport (it's no different from a Turbo engine) reasonably well, at this point you will hear the engine growling quite powerful, delicious. A car like this, it's not natural that I liked in the past, delicious, right? That's right The steering wheel, I see it still has a tight grip, how does Kien feel? Exactly, the Kia Sportage of those previous generations, the ones that he ran from 2010 to 2013, had a weak point that the steering wheel was an electric steering wheel so he ran for about 5 years, the electric steering wheel would be worn, especially. Especially if you swing the steering wheel, it will have a filter noise. At that time, you have to fix the steering wheel, in Vietnam there is a way called closing the steering wheel. But up to this 2015, the bug has been fixed and this car has run 5.7 thousand km but the steering wheel feels still very sure, Sportage has fixed the error.

Each car has its own characteristics. For example, the previous Civic was also affected by the steering wheel until now. There are cars that are air-conditioned, each car has a feature that cannot be perfect 100%. Sportage in previous generations had the weakest point of the steering wheel, and the previous Sportage's air conditioner was also .. but usually 10 years ago, the air conditioner had to be replaced, but I could not buy a car. After 10 years, I did not have to do anything. In short, I buy a car. The first one is to care if the owner can keep it, but when it comes time to replace it, we should replace it to operate it smoothly. Yes, I still advise people to buy used cars, for example, if I have 600 million to buy used cars, what should I buy the 590 to 10 million cars for? The first is for example, when the tire has to be replaced, then I will change it according to my preference, secondly, I maintain a certain level to go according to my preference, for example, if the car goes 50,000, I will Do a series of 4 thousand so I will go in 1 year without thinking. For Japanese and Korean cars, it is very cheap to maintain, not to 10 million, for people only need to spend 3 million to replace all the engine oil, digital oil, spark plugs and then clean. .. all done a bunch, the car it would be really delicious. Exactly, this one I find the chassis is still very good. The chassis is still very solid, the characteristics of Kia cars, what you noticed are the rotuyn and shock absorbers it is very durable, it rarely fails. Do you feel this car, it is the shake, if you ever drive (the horizontal swing of it is not there, especially in the back, this car sits behind you guys. Sitting on the CX5, it sagged a bit, swinging sideways, this one is very solid because it has a little something I feel is a bit sporty, it is very stable. or a very important SUV, it's important when people go the roads .. it's okay if you go in the street at low speed but you go 80-90 and the road surface is bad for example as it is not flat, then for a long time I feel it swaying very uncomfortable.Especially when I go on bad roads that shake like this, my head keeps getting .. it's difficult it turns out to be tired, then this car I feel sure.

Detail Imported Full Option Kia Sportage, Price Less than 800 Million 8

I am someone who also experiences many cars in many different segments and I am extremely important to the horizontal swing of the car. If I ride a car within 20km of a distance of 80-90km / h and that car has such a stable body level, then that car is a good car. Suspension is also very important, for example the Sedan you won't feel much because it's low, but starting from the CUV to the SUV upwards you will clearly feel the swing of the car. But whether it is comfortable to sit for a long time or not is due to that. That's right, and the rear seats, he noticed, will be affected a lot, if it's too tight, it's not good, and the ceiling is too low, so it depends a lot on the equipment. design of the car. Just now, our brothers praised the Focus right, but the position you sat in front would be very good, but sitting behind it was very tight and very uncomfortable, which is the reason that Focus is not welcome in Vietnam because the Vietnamese buy a car for the family to go. So it is comfortable to go, for example, my brothers go alone, every day to work alone or at most having a wife for two children to sit in the back is comfortable, but I go to 5 people and sit behind the Focus. Going for a long time is very tiring. That is the reason why the Focus is a very good car, very good ride, but not so good in the C-segment. Later, Kien and I will introduce you to the Focus car it is good. and how bad is it. That's right, we have to dissect why it's like that, right? What is good, I will be ready to commend and I advise, right everyone, but if it's bad, I have to comment immediately. I would comment because all the products or anything are not perfect, only consumers comment on the product, the new product will be better, not the producer, they think it is good. Must be the experience, the user reflects it, the car can do it better. That's right, that's correct.

You see this Kia Sportage for that price and with what today we introduce to you is it okay or not, then comment below. Don't forget to Subscribe our Youtube channel and click the bell button to subscribe to the videos more frequently. If you want to buy this car, you should immediately go to CARAZ.vn to see Mr. Kien forcing the price. And now goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye.

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