Car Battery Information and Tips

Information and Tips for Using a Car Battery 2

It can be said that the battery is an important part in the car. So you know how to use the battery properly to protect the battery for a long time. Let's find out with us!

Battery Information & Tips

Share some tips and advice for identifying problems extending your vehicle's battery life.

3 things that destroy your battery

Age (most common cause)

+ Temperature

+ Corrosion

Common habits that cause your car to run out of battery quickly 

+ Turn on the lights continuously

+ Poor quality alternator

***Normally the average battery life is 4 years. When the battery is drained, it will not recharge

Car not running? What happens when you unlock it?

+ Do not start the engine

+ Slow start

+ Dim light

Those are signs that your battery is about to fail

***Note: Battery capacity will be lost 33% when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius and more than 50% when it drops below -18 degrees Celsius

How to start the battery

+ Step 1: Park your car next to another in good working order

+ Step 2: Attach the cable starting from the red cable (positive cable)

+ Step 3: Start the car in order: Good car first → bad car after

+ Step 4: Then drive both cars for 2-3 minutes to fully charge the damaged battery

+ Step 5: After charging is complete, remove the cable starting with the red cable (positive cable)

If you go through the steps above and your car won't start, the problem is not the battery anymore.

Hopefully the above sharing will help you protect your battery for a long time. Wishing you and your pet driver a safe and convenient journey together.

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