Experience & tips on pairing cars across the parking lot (class b1, b2)


Experience & tips on how to pair a car into a parking space (class b1, b2) 2

Hello friends! Today I will share with you tips on how to put a car in a parking space, this is a new song and a difficult one, why is it difficult? Because it requires our accuracy to be very high both vertically and horizontally, before we can do this well, we must also know the size of the car and the size of the garage. And the points to note on the garage, currently many test classes use Vios 2006 cars to make the test cars, I will take this size.

According to Vietnamese standards, the 40-2015 regulation of the Ministry of Transport, regulation L is the length of the garage, which will be equal to ¾ of the length of the car, we see that the length of the car is about 4,34 ,6,6m, so the length of the garage is 5, similarly R is the width of the garage, then the width of the garage is calculated as 4/1,7 of the width of the car, the width of the car is 2,1m, then the width of garage equivalent to 1m. Then there are some notes in the garage we need to note this, we see a yellow line along the garage, this is the lane that tells us the limit we can pass, which means that when we want to finish this article, The two rear wheels must simultaneously pass through this yellow lane, its size is about 2m, we see here that there is a horizontal yellow lane, it is parallel to the horizontal limit, this yellow lane is 1cm away from the limit lane, according to the regulations. When we put the car to the side of the road, the farthest wheel should not be more than 1cm. As we do this, we must keep the following points in mind:

+ must match for 2 wheels located from this yellow lane to the red line, we must not exceed

+ 2 rear wheels rolled over this yellow lane

That is, many friends put the car in, when they see that the rear wheel is already in this yellow lane, but when we pair the car is not parallel, the front wheel is farther away, so it is very dangerous to not report the article forever, so it is very dangerous to ask. We do it with high precision, another point to note is that we see with this cross-section car the bow is in a corner position like this, this is the benchmark, this benchmark is 1m2 from the front limit of the garage.

We will have 5 steps to perform, we will be able to imagine this is the correct position of the car, then the wheel is in the yellow lane, between this yellow and red lane. And the rear wheel has passed this vertical yellow line. steps to take

Tips for crossing a standard car
Tips for crossing a standard car
  • + Step 1: proceed parallel to the garage and stop at the reference point, that is, when we sit, we are level with the benchmark, so we complete step 1
  • + Step 2: we will turn all the way to the left and let the car go until we can see the bow we will brake, then now we will steer to the left and we will move forward, when We just saw the bow and we won again
  • + Step 3: we return the steering brake, put the car back to the bow, until the left wheel is about 20cm from the outer line, then brake again.
  • + Step 4: we will turn all the steering to the left hand side and reverse the car until the side of the car is parallel to the garage, then we turn all the steering to the left hand side, reverse the car, and the side of the car is parallel to the garage then stop the car
  • + Step 5: we pay the steering brake, reverse the car until the car crosses the yellow line and we win, that's the end of the card.

For this article there are a lot of mistakes in the process of making, then those mistakes, when we do it in practice on the field, I will guide how to fix it. And now we will recall the steps, we need to recall 5 steps, I will rewind your instructions again.

  • + Step 1: is that the car is advancing parallel to the garage, we need the parallelism, then the wide clearance between the car's wall and the garage's surface really doesn't make much sense, because the 3rd step in will be relatively adjusted, proceed the car is parallel to the garage and stops at the reference point
  • + Step 2: turn the steering wheel to the left hand side, let the car move forward until we see the bow, then brake again, for this step we have to do it slowly, so that when we look in the left mirror, we can both move forward and see the bow peeking out. that we have to win
  • + Step 3: Return the steering brake, let the car reverse, crash straight to the bow, when the left wheel is 20cm from the outer line, the brake stops. This step must be done slowly, requiring high accuracy, because when we go too deep, we will roll the outer line, which means that the right line will also be rolled, and if our left wheel is far from this outer line. too much, then the right wheel is too far from the limit line. This step requires doing it correctly
  • + Step 4: turn the steering wheel to the left, reverse the car until the side of the car is parallel to the garage, this is also a step that requires high accuracy, which means that when reversing, you must go slowly and look in the right glass, this step must look in the right mirror to see the side of our car and this limit, when we are parallel we must brake, avoid the case of overshooting to win, we will hit the dangerous limit line, and if we are not parallel If you win, you will slant so the rear wheel has unlimited yellow lanes but the front wheel still can't get in
  • + Step 5: Drive straight for the car to reverse for the 2 rear wheels to cross the yellow line, this step should be noted. In the vertical match, we wait until we cross the yellow line or hear the boundary signal, then we will win again to indicate that we have completed the lesson, but for this lesson, it should be noted, when we cross the yellow line, the machine does not notify we still have to win again, a lot of cases when we cross the yellow line, the machine doesn't say if it continues to de, it will cross the limit line later and we will be deducted points, within 5 seconds we can't get out, we will continue to be deducted points , please note that when we de car, the rear wheel has rolled the yellow lane even though the machine does not notify, you still have to brake to continue processing, do not continue to de.

Now I will give you instructions, here I will practice in reality with the car, how the errors will be fixed, then in that practical part we will solve it.

Good luck!

Video Practice Merging Horizontal Vehicles Into A Red Place

I'm going to take a lesson on the side-by-side garage, then this is my cross-carriage line, it's limited from the limit line here, and the limit line is above it, I have to imagine like a car parked from here. behind and a car parked from here to front, I only have a space here to put the car in, the requirement of this post is that I pair so that my two wheels must be from this yellow lane, ie the distance is about 25cm. Even the front and rear wheels are within the yellow line but must not overlap the inner limit line, and the two wheels simultaneously pass through this line, ie satisfying two conditions. first: 2 cakes passed here and two cakes must be in here, within the yellow lane limit and the inner limit line, there are points for me to remember, first the bow in the corner, then my soup right here, this is the yellow guy in the outer lane, this is the outer limit lane, this is the inner limit lane, there are 2 steps to follow, remember them all, the first step is to run for my car to run straight parallel to garage, shoulder level with the guard point.

Step 1 is to ask that your car run slowly parallel to the garage, no width or narrow required, relatively okay, shoulder level with soup, a little more, then, shoulder level with soup, straight up, stand here see, the front of the car is relatively above the upper limit line, then he steers to the right, then his eyes look to the left when his car is straight at the bow, then stop, which means was just now my car's wall was here, when I slanted up and showed the bow, I won't stand, so I completed the 2nd step

The 3rd step returns the steering brake, the driver observes the wheel and then pulls in, how much the left wheel's foot aligns to the outer limit, how much will the right wheel be away from that lane when I hit it, so I will run close. delimitation.

Step 4 turn left when in the lap, brake to stand, then let the car roll over the first limit line and then brake, pull the handbrake up, like this is already wider, violating the standard, then I have the right to handle it, and how to handle it, there are 2 ways. The simplest way is to run here and then I brake to handle it, and the way I gave you a rough guide before, the process of getting in but seeing it is too far, I steer a little to the right, then it will be fine. automatically pressed in, but that way is a bit difficult. Then I do the simple way first, when the case is too wide, the way to handle it will be like this, I will let the steering wheel go straight up to about 2m to win again, do you say why I do it, do it for the first time? get used to doing it next time as long as it's accurate, run straight up 2m and stop standing, now because it's wide open, I'll take the steering wheel to the right to let it go in, eyes down on the cake, and in the case of those who can't see the wheel, do people's vision, those who win, we look at the door handle, put the wheel's foot into the yellow lane, back in, a little more, then stop, the next step I take for the car to be straight and parallel, so I have to take all the left steering, the rule 1-2-1, hit the right 1 time, hit the left 2 times, when it's parallel, take back the steering wheel, then, turn the wheel straight, then de When you cross the first lane, stop and go to zero, get off the car.

That's okay, just satisfy 2 wheels at the same time pass this line and at the same time 2 wheels are in the yellow line and the inner limit line.

I was wrong in this post earlier that in the 3rd step I pulled in, the left wheel was too open compared to the outer limit lane, next time I will move a little closer, come in here, I was too open a while ago cheat, when I open this much, the right wheel is also far from the yellow line, it's over 25cm, now the 3rd step I'll be a little closer, then I'm going to start the car again, understand, And if the case when the 3rd step is too close to the limit lane, the next step will guide you on how to handle it.

For this article, I just need to be careful and handle it. It should be noted that when the two wheels pass through this line at the same time, but I don't report the article, I must also stop and not continue to continue, just like the other post, I am free when I report the border, I win, and the house this car is absolutely not like that, when rolling over this line, whether you report it or not, you must brake to continue handling, otherwise the knife will continue to roll.

Then this first step, shoulder level with the soup, then, the second step, turn the left steering wheel, look at the left mirror, look at the trunk, when the bow is exposed, brake the car, stop the car, the third step is straight. then de, look down at the foot of the wheel when it is close to the limit line, the 2th step hit the left steering wheel, now look at the right side mirror, you see the door handle is in the yellow line, right, then win Again, straighten the steering wheel, de let it cross the line.

Now it's still wide open, fix it yourself, read it for me to fix it, I have to run forward, brake again, if I run again, I will cross the upper limit line, turn the steering wheel to the right will get inside, then won't stop, good, blue again and see. The first step is slow running parallel to the garage, shoulder level with the soup, then the second step is the star, turn the steering wheel to the left until the bow point is revealed, then brake again, I will stand here to see easily, step 2 is straight. there is a deviation in everything, so do it when it feels right, de-in, a little bit more and then win, hit the steering wheel to the left, de-in, let the 3 wheels roll over the line, then Mr. Hieu gets on try it, the first thing is to do it slowly, I sit and imagine, you read it to me, read it step by step for me to do it.

What steps I need to slow down, slow down, what steps need to be done quickly, do it quickly, for example, in the second step, you turn the steering wheel up, just showing the bow is right, if you run too fast, it's too much. , 2nd is the 2th step Mr. de, now you see that the front wheel is narrower than the rear wheel, right, the reason is that you run too fast, so you deviate, you have to run slowly.

First you have to run in parallel and you don't run the garage, now you run the garage and how do you keep it, the clearance needs to be relatively not absolutely necessary, then you can run it without rolling but rolling and then doing it. how can you do it, do it again

This means that this post has an accuracy of how much is the distance between the wall of the car and the garage, no need to be precise, the second step is to turn the steering wheel up, look at the mirror to see the bow, the third step is to go in, this step is slow to win. OK, then the wheel is very close to the line, turn the wheel over to get in, get into the garage, then drive straight when the 1 wheels reach the line.

Share with me this experience, when I see the car is too close, but I still see it out here, why, because I can't see the foot of the wheel, I only see the trunk of the car, but not the bulge. It's not big, so when I saw it was narrow, I thought it was parallel, thought the gap was good, but when I came down it was wide, so how do I put it in again, and then I will correct this post. All the exercises on the car how to fix are the most important, for example, if I can't do it, I have to know how to fix it, that's the most important thing, the requirement is that I can do it within 2 minutes, so I have time to edit, remember that 2 minutes is not a failure, 2 minutes is only minus 5 points, I just calmly judge and do it.

I share with you this experience, you run the front wheel is always narrower than the rear wheel, when looking in the rearview mirror, you run the rear wheel a little narrower, the purpose of this article is to have 2 cars on the street. If the car is parked like that, in fact, if there is a car, it will be paired differently. And now here I accept to do it this way, this is the easiest, simplest way, just keep in mind the principle that if you run across the soup, you will win again, steer until the bow shows up, move in until How much is the outside cake from the outside line, the inside cake is that way, just remember to do it.

There are a lot of people who are confused, can't imagine where to steer, I have to imagine this lesson to follow 4 steps, for example, if I want to go to this corner, I have to run up, slow down, that's 20cm like so there's still a lot of opening, de-in a little bit more, win again, release the right hand brake, then go back to zero, pull the handbrake back, see if you don't do it slowly, it's the first time you've done it, now When asked for these two conditions, the two wheels simultaneously rolled to the upper line, and at the same time, the two wheels were also close to the yellow line and the limit line.

Go up a little more, then win, this card is as slow as possible, every step is clear, the distance is like that,

Where is the step just now wrong, when de is the wheel has rolled to the limit line, so the risk of the inner wheel rolling to the edge is very high, so how to handle this, if this case continues, the wheel will roll. this mind. First, countless 1s will run up to let the cake just pass through the yellow line, then brake, look in the mirror, run lightly, when it's just reached the yellow lane, brake, hit all the wheels, turn the head parallel, and then the way to fix it is to calmly steer, look at the door handle or the foot of the wheel when you have just passed the yellow line, you will win again, but if you run further, it will open again, run as soon as you reach the yellow line, you will win again. then, at that time the car is not straight, drive in and it will just cross the yellow line, then it has 2 ways to fix it.

One way to fix it while still lying outside, the case when in the 4th step that it's too wide, I hit the steering wheel and now I see it's too wide, I give it a light drive, I look through the door handle and don't touch the limit line , the wheel does not touch, seeing the door handle is open far from the yellow lane, I have to steer to the right. then Vu de go try it out

Then step 2, turn off the left steering wheel, go forward, look at the trunk, when the bow is visible, you will immediately win. then step 3, drive straight in, this step my eyes must look down at the foot of the cake, look at the foot of the cake on the left, when the foot of the wheel is 1 inch from the outer line, win, a little more baby, then win, step 4 beat all drive on the left, look at the right mirror, then go in, then steer straight, accidentally when pushing the steering wheel, it has already passed, this distance is beautiful. do it again and change people

Watch it dear, watch out it's too deep, if it's too deep, what to do, then it's beautiful. next person

On the day of the test, the Vios car, its wheels were almost 1 inch wider than this car, so earlier I asked to run 1 inch away from the lane to get used to it, this car is supposed to run while rolling over the outer lane to be beautiful, but I have to practice that habit, it's important that I fix it, as for the 7 seater, the distance between the 2 wheels is a bit far, so I left it open a bit. In general, I learn to know how to fix it, so I can do it on any car according to the same principle, but learning to do it once can't be accurate, each car's handlebars are also a bit deviated, so On the day of the test, I had to go up and test it a few times to watch it correctly. You go too fast, remember that when you go too fast, you will slip to one side, so go slow. How can you run a little slower and do better.

It's too deep now, isn't it, now fix it, read it to me, return the steering wheel first, calm down, run with just open, look at the door handle and just reach the yellow line, turn left and right, brake, Now you look in the mirror, the distance from the wheel to the edge is wider, right, I still have a section for me to adjust. Drive to the right to let in.

This step is done very slowly, look down at the foot of the cake, if you can see the foot of the cake, then look at the foot of the cake, then look at the door handle, squeeze in, push the steering wheel to the right to get it in, it's beautiful, you can slow it down like that.

The great trick of the last step is to go slow, go slow to win, see if I have the right to win, why don't I win, slow down, people take up to 2 minutes.

A small tip is that on the day of the Vios test, I adjusted the left glass first, the right mirror adjusted after, many people adjusted it too high to see the bow but did not see the wheel foot, so I just adjusted and pressed up and down, comfortable to do.

Like this, it's not rolling, but it's a little bit more, it's very dangerous.

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