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Chevrolet Trailblazer Offroad Challenges "Holy" Fortuner

Chevrolet Trailblazer offroad "as easy as eating ice cream": Challenging "holy" Fortuner

Chevrolet Trailblazer Offroad Challenges "Holy" Fortuner 1

Hello everyone today, Lê Hùng and let's take a quick look at the two-wheel drive mode of the Trailbazer that has just returned to Vietnam. This is one of the first Trailbazer models in Vietnam, and it is the rival of St. Toyota Fortuner. Now let's get in the car.

This Trailbazer is powered by a 2.8 engine, it's exactly the same as the Colorado also has a huge 2.8 Newton / m torque engine at 2000 rpm, very strong. First we have a bumpy road, with lots of elephants rather than potholes. And in order to know the difference between a two-bridge and a-bridge mode, and a fast-and-slow-bridge mode, Hung first tried the one-bridge mode first. Very simple start

Chevrolet Trailblazer Offroad Challenges "Holy" Fortuner 2

Ok, got it Can one bridge see if Trailbazer will make it? It goes off-road and requires more precision than speed. As you can see, a full throttle pedal, even now going to number 1, makes it past the first wheel but can't. That you can see the car it used to use it, set the number 1 always, the number 1 hand is not up. Come on! Still can't get up. Look at the smooth rotating wheel. Up? Up to you guys. This Trailbazer is so strong thanks. However, it will be more difficult when we go on to the next steps.

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Now I will continue to try. Still a single-mode, very smooth then it is not possible. Yes, number one, 6-speed gearbox. Now let's see the two spherical mode. At the moment, I am in single-wheel only, and it is clear that all the torque on the rear wheel has been completely lost, and not transferred to the front wheel.

I will close the bridge now. Traiblazer is equipped with an electronic attachment system for you. We both run and switch from two quick bridges to one fast bridge, from one quick bridge to two quick bridges, that is the effect, just turn it.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Offroad Challenges "Holy" Fortuner 3

And the dashboard has signaled two bridges and now we try to see if we can pass it? Wow is too simple. As you can see, it's a bit difficult now. Try to take a step back, let's get some momentum. Two bridges. The road surface is quite slippery and it will be wet. Ui it's too simple. This is the effect of the two-wheel system when the torque is lost on the entire rear wheel, it will shift to the front wheel.

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In front of Le Hung is a very high slope, extremely high slope. Maybe through the image is very difficult but if we stand here, we can imagine the slope it is very large. Now, Hung will try the two fast mode first, see if it can work. Yes, and of course I can only go in slow mode. High speed can be easy, very difficult.

And to prove the slope, look. Yes, I will open the door. Very steeply looking at the door, very steep and dirty. Now Hung has to climb back into the car and try to install the two-wheel drive mode, to see how it is. It is true that there is no foolish than any fool. And sorry, the safety belt is not tied because it is parked in the middle of the sensor slope of the car is very sensitive. Two slow bridges, and when closing two slow bridges we have to return to N. And the ESC system is already off. Come on, it's easy.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Offroad Challenges "Holy" Fortuner 4

Two slow bridges are too gentle, too. Going off-road is as easy as eating a candy like this. Wow, my mom is too steep, too slow to be accurate. And when it is difficult to get rid of terrain like this, we should switch back to two fast mode or one bridge mode to be able to move at high speeds. Hello and see you again.

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