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8 Notes Helping Car Driving at Night Safely

Job driving at night always poses many risks and is quite stressful and complicated job, whether you are new or experienced. Reality shows that car accidents that happen at night are many. The reason is that in the dark, the visibility is limited and the driver's ability to perceive and handle situations also decreases. To be confident and drive safely at night Please refer to the following notes immediately.

Risks of driving at night

Many drivers are still unaware of the particular risks of driving at sunset or do not know how to effectively deal with the situation. According to many current surveys shows the death rate caused by the accidents driving at night 3 times higher than daytime.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Note when driving at night

Because at night, drivers face many potential risks such as: limited visibility, unexpected situations arising from other vehicles, from wild or free animals appearing on sugar, sleepy or even drunkenness, ...

Notes to help drive safely at night

1. Vehicle maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is always something that many car owners should not ignore. If you often have to drive at night, check the lights, the headlights & headlights must be adjusted in the right direction and the lighting system must be in good working order. Glass doors are always clean outside and inside, so wash them with a special glass cleaner to ensure the best visibility.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Vehicles need periodic maintenance

Besides, the brake system must also be in the best state to ensure that it can be controlled in the worst cases happening.

2. Reduce the light source inside the car

Reducing the light source will help drivers have better visibility. Because if the inside light is too bright, the driver will have difficulty seeing around because the outside is very dark.

Therefore, keep the light low, decrease the panel brightness, turn off the interior lights completely or leave a shadow. Thus, the driver will focus on observing more and not be affected, distracted.

3. Be careful of your headlights and reverse light sources

Surely many people have encountered a situation where the lights on the opposite direction are shining in the eyes and it is difficult to see ahead, right? Therefore, drivers should be careful not to look at the headlights or overexposed areas of the opposite vehicle or the lights on the road. Doing this will cause your vision to significantly reduce the effect on your observation. To avoid this situation, adjust the headlight projection angle accordingly to avoid dazzling the drivers going in the opposite direction, causing harm or risk.

8 Precautions for Safe Night Driving 1

Be careful with your headlights on the opposite side

4. Pay special attention to the rearview mirror and be hard to observe

One of the important parts that drivers should pay attention to is the rearview mirror. This is considered a powerful assistant of the driver's wing, especially in the dark. However, the rearview mirror also has blind spots, which is even more difficult when driving at night, so it is often difficult for drivers to see a motorbike or bicycle in the dark. Therefore, the driver needs to carefully observe the rearview mirror, turn on the signal light if he wants to change direction, change lanes to avoid surprise to other vehicles on the road.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Always watch your rearview mirror

5. Fully equipped with accessories to assist driving at night

Fully equipped with accessories such as fog lights, headlights will be very helpful for drivers who often have to move on foggy roads or obstacles. In this case, the driver can equip the driver with anti-glare glasses, which is also very necessary, it will help limit the backlight from the opposite vehicle and help the driver still see well at night.

6. Beware of animal signs

While driving, drivers should also pay attention to places with signs that frequently cross the street with animals. Try to go slow to observe on these roads, as there may be many more lurks and prepare to rush into the street as soon as one has passed in front of your vehicle.

8 Notes for Helping Car Driving at Night Safely 2

Watch out for animal signs on the road

7. Ensure the best body condition when driving at night

Driving at night to ensure safety, drivers need to be highly focused and have the best body state, without being drowsy, tired. If you are sleepy, stop and take a nap. In addition, drivers must never drink alcohol or drugs before and while operating a vehicle. Besides, the suction is also quite dangerous, so lowering the glass or the smoke will blur the driver's vision, causing danger while driving.

8. Slow down

A good rule of thumb when driving at night is: "Drive slower than the speed allowed on the signs". Keeping a pace moderate enough to give you time to deal with unexpected dangerous situations is essential. Risks on the road are uncontrollable, but you can control your driving, allowing more time to react to any problems you encounter.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Should drive slowly at night

Hope with the share of Driving School HCM about be careful to drive safely at night The above will help drivers have more useful knowledge for their night journeys. Wish you always ensure safety and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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