4 SAFETY DRIVING TECHNIQUES: Slippery road, sudden turn, zigzag, off road

In actual driving situations, there are unexpected incidents such as the following techniques that will reduce the risk to the driver and passengers:


1. Driving on slippery roads

When driving on a slippery road, the wheels lose traction, causing the car to fall off the base of the career direction on the MTR when turning off the ESP electronic balance system, the car slips and often loses control. In the opposite direction, turn on the ESP system to help balance the vehicle without leaving the wheel, the experience of driving on a slippery road is to maintain a speed below 40km/h without suddenly stepping on the brake, causing the vehicle to lose control, brake slowly and steer the steering wheel according to the slip of the wheel.

2. Sudden braking and turning

With braking exercises and sudden turns at high speed, the driver needs to focus when encountering an obstacle that is worth the steering wheel and fully depress the brake pedal, if the vehicle has ABS and BAS systems, it will not skid and be thrown out. Street. If you encounter this situation, you will quickly determine the position of the approaching vehicle, keeping your eyes on the obstacle, your right foot always pedals on the brake lever, requiring fast crossbars and precise steering.

Safe Driving Techniques Driving Legally

4 SAFETY DRIVING TECHNIQUES: Slippery road, sudden turn, zigzag, off road 2

3. Run zig zag and cornering at high speed

With zigzag exercises and high-speed cornering, the driver needs to practice hitting the steering wheel quickly and accurately, not letting his hands cross each other, and smoothly controlling between the accelerator and brake pedal.

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4. Off-road running

Finally, the first off-road exercise is to put martial arts on the outside of the steering wheel because in situations where the steering wheel runs very fast, if you put your fingers inside, it can be broken, put your hands at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock without putting your hands on them. 12 o'clock position, drive carefully, always look ahead and slow down below 8km/h.

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