Correct Motorcycle Driving Position Without Back Strain

While driving a motorbike, sitting in the wrong position not only causes discomfort and fatigue but also prevents the driver from being proactive in unexpected situations, causing unfortunate things.

So what is the correct sitting position to drive a motorbike, without causing back pain? Follow HCM Driving Training & Testing School to get the answer!

Correct, Standard Motorcycle Sitting Posture

According to the manufacturers' instructions, the correct motorbike sitting posture is prescribed as follows:

  • Always be in a relaxed position and sit straight.
  • Sitting position: Set up the middle stand of the vehicle, stand up straight on the footrest for manual vehicles, stand on the footrest for scooters and slowly sit down. This movement helps us sit in the saddle without shifting to the left or right.
  • Determine whether you are sitting too far back or forward by turning the handlebars all the way to the right and left.
    • If our elbows poke our ribs, we're sitting too close.
    • If your arms are tense, you are sitting too far away from the driver's hand, so adjust accordingly.
Correct motorbike sitting posture
Correct motorbike sitting posture
  • Eye direction: Eyes must look straight ahead to have a broader vision to absorb and handle situations better.
  • Hand direction:
    • Wrists are slightly slack and relaxed. Do not put your fingers on the brake lever, to avoid the situation of hitting a "pothole" road and your hand will be thrown off the control bar. Putting your fingers on the brake caliper reduces braking effectiveness.
    • The hand grips the steering wheel tightly.
  • Thigh direction:
    • For manual cars: When sitting, both thighs are slightly pressed against the saddle, forming two parallel lines, creating a unified body for the person and the vehicle, the toes of the feet facing forward, the soles of the feet placed on the footrest. The toe of the right foot should be placed lightly on the brake lever, ready to step on the brake when an unexpected situation occurs.
    • For scooters: Proper posture with legs parallel to thighs and shins forming a 2 degree angle, comfortable steering wheel without tension, steering elbow forming a 1 degree angle. The driver's arms should not be too straight or the right elbow should be too small, no less than 90 degrees because these positions make the driver's handling inflexible.

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Harmful effects of sitting and driving a motorbike with the wrong posture

Sitting too close to the steering wheel, sitting back behind the wheel, sitting hunched over or sitting to the side are all incorrect sitting positions and can bring many health and safety risks when participating in traffic. :

  • Causes the driver to experience shoulder fatigue, back pain, butt pain and hip pain.
  • Causes bad symptoms for the sciatic nerve and spine, reduces blood circulation, causes pain and back curvature, spinal degeneration, numbness in the shoulders and neck,... in the long term.
  • Bracing yourself in a position causes muscle fatigue, and worse, it can cause cervical spondylosis. 
  • When encountering an unexpected situation, it will not be easy to handle it promptly, causing danger to both people and vehicles. 
Correct sitting posture helps limit back pain
Correct sitting posture helps limit back pain

Notes When Moving Motorcycles Long Distance

When driving a motorbike long distances, in addition to sitting in the correct posture to avoid back pain and shoulder fatigue, you need to "take to heart" these notes to help you feel more comfortable during the trip:

  • Always relax: When driving, remember to relax all your muscles, do not tense up, causing discomfort and pressure. In addition, before getting in the car, you should do a few gentle movements to stretch your muscles, especially connecting joints such as wrists, legs, fingers, legs, neck and back,...
  • “Exercise” in the car: During the travel process, you should change your sitting position throughout the journey, do not sit still but change things like lifting your butt, stretching your legs, relaxing each side of the steering wheel, shaking your head, neck, etc. on safe straight roads to Reduces buttock pain and brings comfort. Absolutely do not fidget when turning or accelerating because it is easy to lose the vehicle's inertia and cause an accident.
  • Highly concentrate: While driving, don't think nonsense but focus on observing vehicles, rearview mirrors, observing signs, etc. to avoid unfortunate situations. Limit listening - texting on the phone or wearing headphones when driving.
  • Inspect the vehicle carefully: Check the engine and all vehicle components before starting the journey. Replace new tires and brakes if they are too worn. Indicator lights are also prioritized for replacement if they are no longer usable. 
  • Choose appropriate clothing: When driving long distances, dress appropriately for the weather to avoid temperature differences and create a feeling of ventilation and comfort. In particular, choose some sturdy and safe protective gear to minimize scratches when a collision occurs.
Standard motorbike driving posture
Standard motorbike driving posture

Above is all related information Correct Motorcycle Driving Position Without Back Strain HCM Driving Training & Testing School summary and sharing. Hopefully it will help you correct your posture, help you stay safe during driving and avoid "hazards" that affect your long-term health.

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