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Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION

I heard that it was made of goat leather, I don't know whether it's goat skin or sheep skin or what it is, but in short, it is this smooth and luxurious. I can still wipe my face with this nonsense, it's good like this.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 1

Hello everyone, once again exposed to the super product. Although I showed this car in a video and then these Lamborghini Urus cars are a much more equipped version, and today you will definitely have to stop to see this car as it is. How, how good is it and how much equipment is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Lamborghini Urus 2020 version being sold by Son Tung Auto at an extremely soft price of over 800 - below 900, I do not know what hundred, please let Ms. Hue to ask. Now what is interesting, my brothers and sisters go around to see the 2020 version, what is the most called version?

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 2

The first is that we will immediately see small details here, carbon is very carbon carbon, on this car has been fully equipped with most of the details that can be carbon covered with carbon. Briefly speaking about this car, it uses the same platform of the Volkswagen brothers, the chassis of things it is shared with Audi, Porsche like that. However, it's not like that, but it is less imposing, but the logo itself is too monumental, and a lot of genuine brands are inside.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 T 3

Regarding the engine, this car is equipped with the same engine as the KN TURBO engine I said once, the manufacturer said that this engine is completely different but after learning the cylinder diameter, piston stroke and so on are identical. However, Lamborghini has tweaked to make this car much more powerful, up to 680 horsepower, believe it? Over 800 Nm of maximum torque, it must be said to be terrible for an SUV and it is clearly one of the fastest and most beautiful SUVs in the world, it is number 1. For me, it is the most beautiful in the world, now that I go to the street, whoever says that the second most beautiful SUV in the world, no one dares to admit it is the number 1 beauty right! We have this LED system, here you look here, today will be a little more detailed, here it says Lamborghini Technica Led are all LEDs. And the lights within it also follow the dart-shaped, the junction of the hexagon. Is the light cluster beautiful, the light clusters are shaped like Y is too standard.

Are we going to have a night camera system or a radar of things put here, infrared just in front of the standard? Ah I want to show you the engine to figure out what it is like, normally we rarely see a Lamborghini engine, but this engine is shared with the KN TURBO. Then here, V8 4.0 out of 680 codes, you look like it's horrible like this, but the V8 is savage yet? Dual turbo, a dreadful 650 hp and maximum torque of 850 Nm and it's neatly placed in here, quality? But one thing is nice, is that the Urus uses a lot of Audi products, many people will think that it is the Urus Lamborghini, but the Audi is not luxurious .. Audi is also super good Well, it shares the same Platform so a lot of things. Here I'm going to show you, I'm looking in here to see if there's any Audi logo, I'll show you a few places that have the Audi logo for you to see, inside here there's Maybe it will hide below, now I will show you below. Here the air suspension, you will see the air suspension here with the Audi logo in here, you will see the Audi logo so I can set the lights up, see the Audi logo, I'll show you later. give you a few more seats. 

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 4

Going to the bodywork, oh my god the wheels, the world's largest set of wheels for an SUV on the road, which means the commercial version, guess how many inches are these wheels? If it's on a Range Rover SV version or a big car it's somewhere 22 inches, dear brothers and sisters, this car is a set of 23-inch wheels, a 23-inch SUV. It can run the fastest in the world, doesn't it sound dangerous? But no, nothing is impossible with Lamborghini, and you already know how terrible a Lamborghini is, so this tire is not only aesthetically beautiful, it also guarantees safety. all over, but Lamborghini, barbaric yet? The brake cluster, with up to 10 pistons and a huge ceramic carbon brake disc, alone this brake disc alone is as big as a wheel set of a popular car. The tire parameters I read about 285/35 are both big and thin, but if you run a foreign road, you will be very happy when running on highways. On the Vietnamese highway, there are times when it is a bit rough and rough.

This is like the beginning I said, the outer shell is a lot of carbon, here is the wheel section is also covered with carbon, you see a lot of carbon? Carbon mirror always, this mirror is shared by Audi exactly, there is no Audi logo here, full 360 camera. This car is a sports car with no upper trim, but is it a soft, gentle inhaler? Particularly with this pneumatic suspension it can lift and lower the ground, if you want to go off-road, a sports car can go off-road, how much can this car lift up. Know it? 250mm means its undercarriage is extremely high, its ground clearance is even higher than the Ford Everest, a terrible off-road SUV, so you know it's not just the fastest. The world where it's off-road is probably terrible. But now giving me 10 billion I do not dare to bring this car off-road. This area is also carbon here, try opening the lid of the gas tank to see how it is, my brothers and sisters see it all, today will be meticulous. This is how its gas tank lid looks like this, but Lamborghini is full of carbon, oh my god, it's already loving. Just looking at the fuel tank lid shows how expensive the car is.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 5

We will go to the rear of the car, the tail, this carbon part, this carbon spoiler, the exhaust, everything is the same as the previous Urus I introduced, this version for the exterior, it has more carbon. and it has an extra 23-inch wheel. I will open the trunk, ah open the trunk there are many good things, in a moment will let you know, here is a lot, arrange the stuff. First of all about the cases around, we have mostly suede, here is the storage tray here, we have suede upholstery, and all these parts are felt. over. Here I'm going to have a package this is the First Aid Kit a first aid package that includes scratches on the skin and hands, etc. I will put here my location, wish this car was I. This is another box, what this box is, guys open it up! Then now open this, this is something I quiz you know, I don't know either. Ah here and see the picture here, this is the correct battery charger, this so that when we don't go for a long time we can plug it in, this is a very good charger with Lamborghini logo too. Sometimes a logo only needs to write words like this, many people who like the logo have to attach the image of a cow, there are two types of one type, one type is .. just the brand is fine. For example, if you don't go for a long time, you plug in the charger to fully charge the battery to explode things it will be better. Today the video is a bit long, you pay attention, but inside it is a different interior, remember to watch it calmly. Here and there, this is a very large package that looks like a calendar? Here I open it, this is a car cleaner, also known as car swimwear, gloves and this Clean Touch-Screen is a screen cleaner, the screen wiper it also does very well. baby boy. I heard that it was made of goat leather, I don't know whether it is goat skin or sheep skin or what leather but in short it is as fine as this. I can still wipe my face with this nonsense, it's good like this, stop it, or stop taking advantage of Son Tung Auto, no one looks at me stealing this and cleaning my car. Just kidding, leave this position intact and wish I would have enough money to buy her, right?

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 6

And now I'm going to open this cover to show you, normally here will be the spare tire, but otherwise we won't have the spare tire, we will have the patch here. Now I will show you the Audi logo I saw earlier, the easiest to see yet, the Audi logo is a lot of Audi's stuff, not just small ones like that, but it's still class very much. Please close it.

Now we go inside, but in the back, it's very special for me to introduce to you. Have you seen anything, is it different from the previous version? In this car, you will find that you cannot sit here, the other versions can have 5 seats here, but this version is 4 seats, the seat behind it is also the seat. sports. Oh my god, full carbon right here is this carbon-covered cup holder, oh my god, it's like this, lift up this carbon rim, USB charging port of things, huge storage compartment. This chair is embroidered according to the standard Lamborghini pattern, the trapezoid-shaped pattern is beautiful yet, I'm not a leather expert either, but I feel so happy. This Lamborghini screen, the ceiling, the Alcantara, then the ceiling that can be pulled out can open the panorama sunroof, full and quality. There's the touchscreen here too, I'll turn it on here you see, I'll open the sunroof to let it shine. The touch screen is really good like this. Sitting behind you see me sitting here, it is still on par with a large Q8 but the smoothness is not smooth, say always because this is a sports car. But it still has what it's called a little flattering, it's not right to say it's not smooth, it's just not as smooth as a Range Rover, because it's still sporty, but it's still. tell you the comfort of being in the car.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 7

Take a glance at the side of the door, we will see a series of carbon cladding and brushed aluminum, if you look down you will see the speaker shield made of brushed aluminum and the icon of the dart is very beautiful. . The speaker system equipped on this car is Denmark's B&O speaker, a hi-end speaker system that can be said to be the oldest in Europe and up to 21 speakers, I don't understand if listening to music here will be terrible. terrifying to what extent. Here you look at the back is also terrible, behind this normally other cars will be plastic or something, this is all leather, open this we will See what the trunk in the back holds, it's like a real handbag or suitcase from a horrible, expensive leather brand like Hermes or LV things, this car can make it right every detail to like that, how cruel yet. The interior is also black gold, just embroidering the wall. My brothers and sisters up to see how it is like!

Surely you still remember the Urus that I introduced to you, the interior has not too much change, it is still the same, still two two-story screens but the surrounding bezel. You guys are all carbon, it looks like a sports car already. This is my air filter I will introduce to you shortly, this Air Shot Driving air filter is very good I will recommend later. Why do I bring it because it's in season so I want it to be clean, I'll plug it in and charge it later. We've got the center differential lock, tuned the steering, adjusted the suspension, adjusted all the driving modes here. Honestly, it would be difficult to get to know all this car, but it would be very difficult to have never had ginseng like me before. But that's okay, at least I can eat ginseng to introduce to you, right? If you watch TV if you are jealous, please sympathize. Remember to click Subscribe and press the bell button to regularly follow.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 8

Now I'm going to drive here, but before I drive, what will I introduce? Because this car is so barbaric, but sitting on here, it is overwhelmed and cannot introduce any way to introduce it. This suede steering wheel is combined with smooth leather, very large gear shift, this steering wheel is also inherited from Audi, but the design is more refined, these switches are very similar to this Audi. Nice screen, this screen is new, you look, see? Switching modes, it changes color, always changes the interface quality yet, it's really brutal. Lots of modes, casual mode, sport mode, race mode, slippery terrain mode, rock climbing mode, all kinds of modes, love this car. I see more than 800 thousand - under 900 thousand, give about 900, it falls into more than 20 billion? This trunk is also beautiful, open it still have this, there is a drive here, oh a lot of things, now that I introduce all, it will be tomorrow. Speaking of the key, I show you the key too, here is the key Lamborghini, oh my gosh, is this key cute? Here, ladies and gentlemen of my Lamborghini friends here, I have to make a wish, when I wish to buy this car? I will plug this charger in here, there is wireless charger here too, I will plug my air purifier in here. Air Shot Driving this is very good, it has .. in short I use it, I always leave it on my car, now it will take a long time to review it and it's in translation season so I want to take it too to clean the air a little. Then it has these two buttons, the standby mode will be green, it still produces rays to filter the air to create ions for the air, but when pressed again, it will change to another color. let this fan run.

This filter is small but it has a martial art, it does not use the type of carbon filter film or a normal activated carbon filter, but it uses the TiO2 photocatalytic technology. I guess something Titan plus UV Led it will create the OH radical, which is a bit confusing but in short it creates ions and eliminates bacteria as well as filters the air it will be cleaner. When the molecules in this filter film are active, it destroys the toxic gases, and it creates ions that clear, cool the air. The fan inside you has to touch the second time it will work, and the first touch it in sleep mode it only works to generate ions, and the second touch, the fan will spin, and the This fan is manufactured by EBMPAPST in Germany. In short, I also carry this everywhere, now it helps me cool, especially in new cars it also has a lot of poison. Here Air Shot Driving, look, Air is air, Shot is shot, Driving is driving, you can see the text below. The first touch is off, in sleep mode it only works the ions, we touch it again and fan it will spin. Now I will leave it here to drive for a while and there will be the freshest air.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 T 9

That's all, now we're going to test drive this car like, invite you to close the doors and put on your seat belts, I'm still very nervous. Ah, do you see that corner? The other corner is of the B&O speaker system, it goes up and down, this speaker is top notch, I'll try it later. Now how about entering the Lamborghini gear, it will not have a number here, it has only R and P and M, and in gear directly on the steering wheel, I will brake. Be ready to go, just stay calm, this car should not be foolish to go too fast.

Look how happy this area is, here, this explosion is pushed up like a fighter detonation, so is the gear lever for everything. Then now we will test drive the Lamborghini Urus with more than 600 horsepower. You guys hold on to take care it crashes into the face 1 2 .. stop it being dizzy. This is good because when you go to work, when you want to go out, walk gently in the street, it is like a Santa Fe car, no .. Santa Fe is not possible, a Lexus or a Range Rover, it has a quiet engine and it has no howl, the beauty of which is, is so gentle with affection, very gentle without complaining. screech is not stiff, the suspension is very quiet. The back is a bit stiff because the chair is sporty, but there is no engine noise, no roaring noise, gentle love to go to work, it is okay to hang out in the city freely. this. But when you start again Oh I'm riding a sports car, let me try to get some smoke, pull it back to CORSA or Sport, bring it back to CORSA for sure, now it's roaring. Slowly, but it growls like this, it's louder, it's getting harder, let's keep the camera steady 1 2 3. Well this is a street in the street so we can only speed up. Just try it a little bit, I will borrow my car every day to go to school, I shoot and see how. Now that the setting to CORSA is to start to see it stiff, start to see it roar and there is this accelerometer in here, everything here is full, everything it shows up, the display The display is in accordance with the driving mode and the rigidity of the car, it looks really good. We are not going to the terrain today so I will not adjust the terrain mode.

Details Lamborghini Urus Full Carbon Version 4 Seats Just Under 20 BILLION 10

Really this is the car that young SUVs dream of, I think because it blends all things, smoothness, even luxury, lightness that can travel every day. and the courage of a real Lamborghini sports car. Lamborghini to this car is to reconcile everything so that everyone can use it. Many people run Huracan or run Aventador, people will see that oh this baby is low and it's too strong, it's too hard, every day I feel tired and sit it secretly, then this car responds. full of joy, sitting in a spacious and smooth daily ride gently and smoothly, but it still retains the power of a real bull, just like the Huracan or An Aventador super sports car, this must be a real super SUV, having money to buy this is real. Son Tung Auto's price is selling as I said above 800 - below 900, anyone who wants to buy this can contact Ms. Hue at the phone number below Son Tung Auto. Fast, it is probably about 25-30 days, but if you order according to your options, it will probably be about 1-2 months depending on the model it is available or not?

I really like it, really, when I'm sitting in this car, I just want to enjoy it by myself, sorry, I'm a bit selfish but I just want to take the time to feel it. All right, because we are still poor, we don't have any money to own so we take advantage of it. Without Son Tung Auto, it would be very difficult for me to have the opportunity to drive this car and even make a video to introduce to you, what you have, support Son Tung Auto and support. Good for Car! Support Car is very simple by clicking on the ad, just watch and click on the ad, we will have more support from the advertiser, maybe one day I will have enough money for me to buy one for myself and I will do a detailed review, even if I cut all the machines out to show you the super super sports car, what will it be like? So please help us out by clicking on the ads that appear on the screen so we can get a chance to buy a car to review in the most detailed way! That's enough, don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and press the bell button to follow the videos more often. Do you think this Urus is beautiful? Please comment below and share it for fellow car enthusiasts. And now, goodbye and see you again in the next videos! I will go back to CORSA to prepare for speeding again, you film Mr. Minh, keep the car carefully, the camera carefully. Prepare, get started. This road is too short, goodbye, Bye.

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