Procedures & Fees for Renewing Lost and Lost B2 Driver's Licenses in Ho Chi Minh City

Pass away driving license B2 Is it easy to do it again? If the original application is overdue or lost, can I apply for a new one? What are the procedures, costs, and time to receive a license?… These are also issues that many car owners wonder when they lose, damage, or blur their B2 driving license.

In this article, City Driving Test & Training Center. Ho Chi Minh City will provide detailed instructions on the procedure, costs Fee for renewing lost, damaged, blurred B2 driver's license in Ho Chi Minh City. Let's refer!

note: For all cases of loss, damage or damage to a B2 driver's license, if you want to be re-issued, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be on the list of records of the testing management agency.
  • No seizure when looked up in a unified nationwide driver's license management database.
Procedures & Fees for Renewing Lost and Lost B2 Driver's Licenses in Ho Chi Minh City 5
Lost, damaged B2 driver's license: Procedures and costs for renewal?

1 Lost, Damaged, Damaged Driver's License B2 Do I have to take the test again?

Lost, damaged or damaged driver's license B2 do I have to retake the test? With this question there will be three cases:

  • Case 1
Re-issuance of driver's license without having to retake the test if the B2 driver's license is lost, damaged and is still valid or expired less than 3 months.
  • Case 2
The theory test must be re-issued to be re-issued if the B2 driver's license is lost, damaged and expired from 3 months to 1 year.
  • Case 3
You must retake both theory and practice to get a driver's license re-issued if your B2 driver's license is lost, damaged and overdue for more than 1 year.


2 Procedure for Application for Re-issuance of Driver's License B2

Regulations on procedures for re-issuance of driver's license according to Circular No. 12/2017/TT-BGTVT are as follows:

  • Application form for re-issuance of driver's license B2 (according to form).
  • Original record of B2 driver's license (if any).
  • Health certificate of the holder of a B2 driver's license as prescribed by the Ministry of Health (with a term of less than 6 months).
  • Copy of ID card or CCCD.

When submitting the application at the competent agencies, the driver's license holders need to take a photo in person and present and bring the original identity document for comparison.

Procedures & Fees for Renewing Lost and Lost B2 Driver's Licenses in Ho Chi Minh City 6
What are the procedures for re-issuing a lost or damaged B2 driver's license?

Note about fees: According to the law, The fee for re-issuance of a B2 driver's license is VND 135.000. In case of re-testing theory or both theory and practice, there will be a separate exam fee (depending on the exam organization).

In addition, if you want to save time queuing, waiting and going through many complicated procedures, you can use our license exchange service. City Driving Test & Training Center. Ho Chi Minh City.

3 How Long Will It Take To Get A B2 Driver's License Renewed?

Also follow Circular No. 12/2017/TT-BGTVT, when submitting the application, if the dossier has no errors or is found to have any errors, after 02 months, the Department of Transport will process the application and re-issue the B2 driver's license to the owner.

4 Loss of Original Records Can B2 Driver's License Re-Issued?

If I lose my original documents, can I get a B2 driver's license again? This problem is divided into the following cases:

Case 1: Driver's license lost the first time, still valid or expired less than 1 months, no longer have the original documents, after 3 months from the date of submission of complete procedures will still be considered for re-issue of B02 driver's license.

renew lost car driver's license
Address to renew B2 driver's license lost, damaged prestige in Ho Chi Minh City

When there is a need to re-establish the original record, the driver needs to follow the following instructions:

  • Sample application form.
  • Copies of documents such as driver's license, identity card, citizen identification or passport (valid).
  • Competent authorities will check and confirm. If there are no errors, stamp, specify information about number, class, test date, training institution in the right corner of the application form and return it to the driver to replace the original file.

Case 2: If the B2 driver's license is lost for the second time, the third time or is overdue, it is required to take the theory test again or both theory and practice. At that time, 2 set of dossier will be re-made, if the original dossier is lost, that dossier set will replace the original dossier.

So, City Driving Test & Training Center. Ho Chi Minh City provided the information you need to know about the procedure, the things you need to know when Redo lost or damaged B2 driver's license. If you have any questions about our cost, fast exchange service, you can contact us immediately for detailed advice.

5 Customer's Opinion With B2 Lost Driver's License Renewal Service In Ho Chi Minh City

Huynh Vu

Procedures & Fees for Renewing Lost and Lost B2 Driver's Licenses in Ho Chi Minh City 7

Vu studied for the B2 driver's license exam in Quy Nhon in 2020, but when he went to Saigon to work and lost his wallet, he lost his B2 driver's license. Asked my friends, they told me to go back to my hometown to retake the test, but I searched for information online and found out that has a B2 driver's license renewal service, so I contacted and was consulted very enthusiastically, Mr. body. 

After exchanging and obtaining information, relevant and necessary documents, the center has scheduled a date after 2 months, I will receive my driver's license at the place where I registered to receive my license (my current address is in Hanoi). HCMC). With the cost is quite reasonable and convenient for those who need the service, it's too good. Fortunately, thanks to the center, thanks to the service, I have to help with the arduous going up and down to do all kinds of papers that I don't know anymore.

Mr. Quang

Procedures & Fees for Renewing Lost and Lost B2 Driver's Licenses in Ho Chi Minh City 8

My B2 driver's license was lost along with my wallet, so I also lost my ID card, thinking I wouldn't be able to do it again because I didn't have an ID card, but after careful consultation, I learned that I only needed Passport. can be redone. Only after coming to the center to provide the necessary information and follow a number of instructions on papers and procedures to renew a B2 driver's license, do you return to take a 60-day appointment to get a driver's license. Fast, compact and professional for the whole family. Anyone who has lost their B2 driver's license (or other license classes) should contact the center for enthusiastic advice and support.

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