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Disassembling VinFast KlaraS: Has Competitive Doors With Intermediate Scooters

Disassembling VinFast KlaraS: Has Competitive Doors With Intermediate Scooters

This frame looks really big. There is no inferior to a scooter, right. Disassemble it like a motor vehicle. This one is up to 200 cc electric motor.

Hello everyone, I am here again, Hung Lam Xe Hay. Recently a lot of people sent us letters asking that; Coming into the new school year, buying for a car what is durable, safe and convenient ... Electric cars are also an extremely reasonable choice for students. Even housewives, women or even people like me go to work every day in the city. As many people also wonder to me how electric cars are durable, how good is it? So today in the car comparison section, we will peel off all the belongings of an electric car to see if it has anything and is it durable or not. Right now, let's go to the service workshop of my very best friend, maybe the best service workshop in the North to see how the tram inside it.

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Here it is, my friend's house is using a whole villa of several tens of billions just to make a large displacement vehicle. Come on in here, terrible. Here you go, barbaric yet. My dear Long! Hello, Mr. Hùng Lâm, what happened to you here today? I came to ask you a little, I want to peck the tram out. Handshake. Introduce to you this is Mr. Long owner of LT9 car factory. My whole house is a mansion with a few tens of billion dongs, but I only display these cars. Today I want to take it off to let the Xe Hay brothers know how this electric car fits it and how the quality is. My place is full of good cars but electric cars are a bit hard to know how to do now. Yes, I admit, look a few hundred and 1 billion here. But please help me a little because this child is special, it is almost the new school year, students and brothers and sisters like many people going to the city need small cars, it is also helping you. consumers, right. Yes, I'm just kidding, but I really want to know what is special about VinFast, made in Vietnam, so please invite me inside, ok.

Here, honey, here. Can you put it here? Be he. How long does this take? My place works about 1/2 English. Oh, it took a long time, I thought I took it off in 15 minutes. Oh that's too hard. But a large displacement might take all day. Large volumes are generally 1-2 days there. I was joking for half an hour, but this child must have a few hours. By the way, we took you to visit Mr. Long's facility, all of BMW, Merc and Roll Royce's brand-name equipment, not a small number of small children. Yes, all of my stuff is good, one tray like this one costs 50 70 million items.

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He also did not look inside it yet. The paint looks good, too. Son, I think it is standard because the paint technology I have visited, it is up to the standards of a car. I've visited this factory, all Honda or Piaggio companies all have standard paint of cars. Yes. This child electronic display screen à. Never did I remove the electric car. He helped me remove it all open to see what furniture it is. This taillight should be used by Chiom Europe, this E6. Yes, E6 is European standard. That's astonishing. Well, I do this job, I don't know anything. But if an electric car can do that, that's good, bro. This is genuine or not you look at this seal, the lamp will go out for a while it will be opaque but this is the European standard E6, this code is the left code. Back then, it was only in Piaggio's car. This I think is made by Piaggio or a manufacturer for Piaggio built for VinFast. That's what it is. If I had not said Mr. Long, then how would I know that this lamp, this sign is a European standard, it is true that there is a different professional. This type of plastic body material makes you feel good. Yes, pretty sure. The day he debuted, he looked very carefully at the joints and everything. So beautiful, really electric vehicles that like this we call the high level of perfection not inferior to large displacement vehicles, it just chu every corner 1 there. This child probably uses the frame of a motorbike, simply mount the electric motor, look at this handle, it is designed to lift hundreds of pounds, but rarely electric cars people thicken the handlebar frame very. Right. This can completely put the gasoline engine of a normal motorbike in. This is probably the only motor. I think the design is no different from a scooter, just like that, but it's much simpler than an internal combustion engine. Yes, electric motors are the future, economical, environmental protection. Even cars are made of electricity, let alone motorcycles. Maybe this is a cross between a motor vehicle and an electric car. Until now, the tram looks like a tram, and this one passing by people will think the engine is generating. Yeah like a normal European Scooter, actually its design is exactly like that. I often think that electric cars are the way I go when I run out of batteries, but the good thing is that now some electric car companies are good, like VinFast, for example, they can exchange batteries at stores. . Is this the battery? This battery is awful always good. I know this, using European technology. Lift up is out right. Let's see which battery is which. There is click here to check the capacity. This is definitely a European battery with anodized aluminum rather than plastic. That's right. Look at the battery cover looks like a suitcase of the president. It's barbaric, fussy. It's beautiful, man, it looks like a high-end. This is where my brothers go out of battery, go to the Vin smart agent full of roads, a street sometimes have a few. That is missing, I change the battery plugged into 1 play is gone always do not have to wait. This battery is Lithium, if this battery is about 20 million VND / battery. That is bad. I have just bought a Lithium battery for my Sport car 7 million babies, equal to 1/3 of the VinFast battery. If the normal battery out to buy a few hundred thousand 1 million. Cruelty is very expensive Lithium batteries, you know is used for the phone, meaning it does not bottle and it is explosion-proof, right? Its discharge is strong, durable, recharges many times more than normal batteries and does no harm to the environment due to no acid. That Lithium product for large displacement vehicles is something very expensive, very expensive. The second factor is that it is light. Then it is worth it. Why is it more expensive than normal electric cars. That's right, 2 batteries like this but a motorcycle is probably 20 million is the cheapest, I bought a small 7 million already. Just by looking at the shell, it feels good. Yes, more genuine than normal batteries, normal batteries I bought it is just plastic but this one is always anodized aluminum, genuine. Without Mr. Long pipe, I will bear it. I only have to compare, we know that high-class cars know how batteries will be expensive and which will be affordable. I haven't seen any battery that has an aluminum cover, until now. This one is more shock-proof, explosion-proof, anti-inflated, further dissipates heat. Normally it will break from the plastic bottom, this one probably only breaks at the bottom. If it bulges, it will only inflate at the bottom, but not to the sides. So if it burns it will minimize the risk, I think they designed it intentionally. This big frame like this might be even bigger than the lead of my child. More likely, the diameter of this frame I will measure how many millimeters, wait a bit I take the ruler. Yes, I have to try it.

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Wow, this frame is really big. There is no inferior to a scooter, right. Disassemble it like a motor vehicle. Sometimes I even took my Lead and compared it to try out the frame. I think there might be a time when it's bigger. Kinh, so try play. Yes, let me take the Lead to see if the two are correlated. Sometimes when designing the frame it tries to be similar. Lead also has a platform in front like this. But in the electric car, doing this is too sure, it has a lot of horizontal bars. Thanks technique. Sometimes this is up to 200 cc electric motor. Really. The speed-up pattern looks good, too sure. Let my brother try to remove the Lead to see how.

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You see these two chassis look similar to each other but the area near the end of the Honda Lead's car from Japan looks bigger than it? But the footrest area of this VinFast is bigger. Here, I will test the diameter of the frame on the back. Perhaps in part because this car has an engine, the chassis design size is quite similar. This is the foot area that is on the Lead side a bit smaller. Lead tube steel pipe diameter is 43 mm. And for VinFast, 36.9 mm is considered to be 37 mm, which is a little smaller. Because it's forced to lighten him up. As for certainty, that's the standard, from all things welded. This is very well processed, the price is usually only after welding one iron plate only but this one is stamping before then people weld the joints here, relatively sure. The frame is full code. Here the thickness of the steel tube of the VinFast is 2.7 mm and the Lead is 2.07 mm. This proves that Vin is lighter and thicker than Lead. Anything else, for example, you see this Lead car, and Honda is divine and it's the most durable, no need to discuss, you want to see the details of the most durable car with the details that people suspect doubt how it is. Now the brake cluster he sees with the naked eye also finds it most similar. This brake (Lead) is a Nixin 1piton brake (meaning a piston pushed from one side) of the Japanese brand, which also has a Nixin Vin and even 2 pistons. Do you feel this brake is like the disc brakes of some previous hand-held vehicles. That's right, but I will also analyze through so I will basically measure the piston diameter because in addition to the number of pistons, it also has to be the diameter of the piston. This one is 34.13 mm in diameter of the outer shell. Check out Lead's preview. I think Lead will be bigger because it's single. Lead is 43 mm, the difference is nearly 1 cm. But the problem is the same supplier so I think the performance and durability quality is probably good. The 2-piston brakes have 1 more advantage than 1-piston brakes are the same rig the squeeze on the disc brakes and it will make the brakes smoother, lighter cars will need smoother brakes, but 1 If the piston he switched to the electric car, the case when it is squeezed too harsh, 1 shot it will be easy to stop. The VinFast car, people do that is very reasonable then, just right. He also saw this electric car that also had disc brakes on the back, as well as Nixin. Oh yeah, it's a single piston Nixin brake. This piston diameter I think is not small, this is more than enough for the engine. I see about the so-called brand, the diameter is 31 mm already, quite large. This car is quite safe, isn't it. Nixin is a very famous brand already. I think electric cars sometimes don't need to be that much, maybe not really necessary, overdoing them, I think they are superfluous to increase the safety. There is a high possibility that the safety issue is to put on top of this Klara, so people just make the chassis and the brakes are too similar to a motor vehicle like that, an engine is also pretty big. The LEAD is 110cc, right? That's right, if this one mounts the engine, it must be equivalent, Klara S, the only true recognition.

Now I'm going to compare, for example, the smaller ones like the screws or whatever, what do you feel about the quality? Actually, I also want to see a little deeper about braking. Open brake disc? Here, this child brake disc is from GSK, the minimum thickness here is 3 mm, 3.7 mm test. He saw with the naked eye that he saw the diameter was bigger than LEAD's. The diameter here is over 200. Let's try LEAD and try it. But LEAD is smaller than I still feel safe. Yes sure. Still safe. Because this front wheel diameter of the LEAD is smaller, one only needs a small brake. That makes sense, right ?. But if it is larger, it will need a larger diameter disc. No matter what you say, Honda is always something standard, just right. Honda is great. 3 cups 6, I was 3 cups earlier, and it's around. Yes, the thickness is the same, not much difference. The diameter is this one is 220, this one's only 190, 180, it's OK. Actually this LEAD is a side that I've run a lot, and experienced a lot, this car itself is a car that is popular, too durable. Well, there is a point I just discovered here that is also GSK brakes, which means the brake disc (the same) the same supplier. If you pay close attention, there are even a lot of brands in Vietnam from this Honda, even this Piaggio, and now there is this VinFast, mostly using the same equipment. supplier of brakes, brake discs, tires, wheels, shock absorbers, that shock absorbers are also similar, identical identical. Honda's durability, we need not argue, there are cars that are sometimes older than our brothers. Even big displacement, Honda in the large displacement line is one of the most persistent, always the most persistent, new and cool. Well, when it's done, will my brothers go a little more details about your snail? Yes I already have two snail trays here. Where? Here you go, let me help. It is heavy. It has magnets, right, the tray even attracts magnets. This is the tray of this Vinfast car, as my eyes judge that this plating water is similar to a motorbike. Right? Use the right type of motorbike because the diameter of the things are the same, these are screws that are not too important, (right), not yet important snails where water plating things then, no one looks like this Tell me this is a tram. I assert that, this look no one told the tram at all. Standard right? Which it uses this green snail is quite rare. Probably not in the LEAD car, like those green snails. This snail mainly European cars only make. It looks good with my eyes, yes. Of course, today, I met Mr. Long, an expert, and a specialist in high-displacement vehicles, high-class cars, he realized immediately. Yes, everything is delicious, because if you use good goods, if you peek or cover these two, you can't tell if this is a tram. 100% it is also all steel screws, this is all sticky. Overall very good, this evil snail is very good compared to an electric car.

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Done snail, next part is again what? Power cord, yes. In an electric vehicle, the part of the wire with the peripherals is actually any car, even large volumes, then the wiring plays a very important role in stability. The power cord was only waterproof, the car was unstable, and the wire was too thin. As my eyes see, the wires using auxiliary devices like this one have a very good jack, and the wires here must be up to 2 mm, 1.6 mm, that size. Yes, very OK. I see this supplier insists that Vietnam and Vietnam are here. Check here, people here are also very careful, they say QC Pass means that they have passed Quality Control already, all of them are tested, carefully record here which companies are producing here, CIVN is probably some CI Vietnam company, I think so. On this side, did you notice a wire here that when everyone took it out here, this is a Vietnamese company here and there, it is also very good! Yes, the wires of the LEAD cars, the wires of the LEAD cars are a code, their product code, it is a company in Van Duy, Ha Nam, also in Vietnam. Yeah standard, not the total wiring. But it's good, because it creates jobs for Vietnamese people. Here, let me test the diameter of the peripheral wire just now is 1.6 mm, right? Measure this one to see, also 1.6 mm, 1.53 mm, it is only equivalent. The line of things is also neat, the same standard. See if this car has waterproof jacks? Department like this (it's ECU) ECU, but the problem is, look at it, of Bosch. Let me see, Bosch. Believe it? Here it is, the Bosch logo here. That's right, but Bosch is the standard Bosch! This Bosch must be German too, but nothing more. This is the radiator for the ECU. However, Vinfast only uses partners with Bosch, including cars, which means that they use brand name. Even electric cars are all branded. 

See, now I just told the electric car things are not durable, now my brothers dig a car to take place like this, take it out and use it all brand name. Yes, but a good car, a good car like Honda's, the LEAD is a super durable, national car that also shares a lot, almost the same, including frame, jack wire are anti full water out. All the important elements are guaranteed, and generally don't think this is an electric car.

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What about shock reduction? I saw the brake a while ago, how do you feel? Shock reduction, let me measure TI journey of two vehicles. From here to here I can measure TI journey. The greater the diameter of TI's shock absorbers, the more solid its shoulder will be, the stronger it will be. This one he observed, it would be smaller than LEAD's. Yes, certainly, it is visible to the naked eye. This is 26.14 mm, of LEAD 31.96 mm is about 5 mm difference, it is very Ok. Both are used as shock absorbers called Racer Down means down. This is the standard for scooters.

Now I look at the tires, this is the IRC, a very popular Japanese brand that most Japanese cars use. Like in the old days, my brothers, Honda and Yamaha, all things were IRC. In the old days, we changed tires. This is IRC Vietnam but this Japanese technology. Japanese technology, Japanese brand right? On this it clearly says Design by IRC Japan, and this one is Made in Vietnam. It seems that LEAD's tires are also IRCs, right? No, I think not, this Vietnam is Made in Vietnam too. On this note there is Chengshin Tire. Chengshin? Sounding strange as a brand? Is this tire zin? I think zin tire, zin tire that, both front and back are Chengshin tires. But the IRC seems familiar, is the IRC Japanese? True Japanese, and it's more popular in Vietnam. That's right, because in the past Wave cars were all IRC. The proof is good to use just the standard stuff.

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And now, my brothers and I compared the plastic gear frame around everything to see if it was a super durable Japanese car, how would it compare to Vietnam's electric car. This is the way I see it, the Honda plastic is also very good, calibrated from the clamps. Honda says good is different, very good, this plastic is ABS. Heat-resistant ABS plastic, very warping, very soft. Here this little detail he found do not know is worth talking about it! For example, behind this, it has very small print and then the symbols, it does, even inside the normal no one looks but is very well prepared. This one of the Vinfast cars is very sharp and sharp, from this one is called the plastic tab in the mold, when people pour it out there will be small little marks here, yeah, it has bricks. Click here to mark that it has already been ground. When the casting is completed, people will have the leftover plastic from the mold. I noticed these holes. That's right, here it is, for example this is that it will remain to protrude from this mold, but this one has been smoothed out. Use the same plastic technology. The paint is the same, he visits Vinfast paint factory, Piagio, Honda paint factory, even car paint factory uses the same technology and uses the same type of operation. So the quality of paint is even on par with cars, on par with cars! Whether Vinfast or Honda always, extremely standard.

This picture is very beautiful. Is this all right here? This child I still evaluate as the standard of a motorbike. That's right, not an electric car. But the only difference is that the motor is an electric motor. That's right, electric motor, we will dissect the motor later.

This is an example of this handle, this handle I think is made of aluminum or made of something. Here, let me see. This one I think is light and it's solid, metal. This is aluminum right? Or something metal. How about this? And this, he felt a bit heavier but sure, very sure. The back is also full of the 2019 production code. OK, and these little traces, also of interest from the mold, are very invested, extremely sharp, well-groomed, painted on the inside as well. Good paint, right? Well, not scratched, today we broke. How barbaric, not out always. This paint is indeed a technology. That's the metal, this metal face, it's not plastic. It is something it does not resonate with. Overall, the plastic part is also ABS. About quality is the standard quality always. Yes, the same. Maybe I think it's an international standard, high possibility. Not to mention but many electric cars why so many viewers asked, because there are so many non-genuine electric cars and then things are not good. That probably would not have a word meaning, not days and months that the public will be very crude.

Well now let us go to see the engine, to see how the electric motor of Vinfast car is like? Okay, this is the electric motor of Bosch 48V 1200W listed here. Or do I open it? You haven't seen what an electric motor inside Bosch will look like. All these screws have standard threaded locks like motorcycles. Here it is, it's got a green pin here. The green peg is the threaded lock glue to avoid when it runs away and it slips off. The large volume it has is, of course, the important screws on the cars are very well invested, right? Not just snails, just snails, but people do details. It's Bosch's engine, bro! Extremely many of the pole he sir. The deaf copper is very well arranged. This engine will be quite strong because of many pins like this. Normally I think the tram won't be that many pins, but the diameter of this one will get a bit smaller, and this pole will be wider, it won't split as much as this. If this is broken, it will work smoothly. This one is 1200W so it is terrible. 1200W will calculate how much horsepower will it be? I don't remember exactly, but this car is 1200W recorded here, right? Maximum is 1200W (48V is very strong). The maximum speed is also around 50, running spread. The other is the internal combustion engine, the engine is probably that if compared directly with each other is difficult, but the electric motor, it will be smooth, extremely quiet. But if compared directly, it is quite difficult because the LEAD internal combustion engine can 6-7 horsepower (Honda engine is good, durable) it is very strong. And this 1200W engine, if there is Google to convert, I remember not mistaken about 3 horsepower, 3-4 horsepower or something. But the moment Moment twists it more, Moment it is stronger, which means the ability to leap forward. In the beginning, the electric motor was more responsive than the gasoline engine, only a few meters above the electric motor in the city it was also very comfortable. I really like the electric motor in the fact that it's environmentally friendly, it's quiet. Well, the groups that people have to move in the inner city but move close to go to school, go to the market, go to work, then it makes sense to have something very reasonable. But they do it very well, like this one, you said, soak in the water, cover the lid, close it, soak in the water. Yes, the waterproofing is mainly made from these rings, it is very tight, normally it will not fit and clamp like this. But this animal that it is facing up is almost completely enclosed, completely closed, but the electric motor it avoids water is very durable, extremely durable, swimming freely, very nice.

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So, my brothers and sisters took this Vinfast car to Klara S, guys, here are any brothers who still freak about the furniture, using any durable furniture or not, then today we had to sacrifice a car, (I'll assemble you later, so I can go to work. Yes, okay, within my reach). Well, when you had surgery, would you see Long recognized? Long is a specialist in high-volume high-class vehicles but also has to admit that this is the correct one, right? I also don't think it's an electric car that people invest in depth both internally and externally so well. The engine is considered OK, I temporarily ignore it, considering that there is no engine, all these things deserve to be a car running on an internal combustion engine. From shock absorbers, chassis systems, lighting, brakes and all kinds of safety, electrical wires are all worth it.

I came here myself, the ones that the new technology is equipped with are also very good. For example, an electronic clock. It is also a luxury watch. Now that very expensive cars have an electronic clock like this. It was both electronic and the way it was clearly displayed. Large volume is also very new generation but very advanced it has a clock this big, (expensive to have). There are also 500-700 million types not sure. That's right, reasonable. There is a protection lock (including ECO rung, the ECO step is energy saving), it will not go too fast, it will go normally, (save electricity), I don't need to race with work . There is also a Sport mode which is sporty (if anyone is in a hurry). Like taking a car, right? Sometimes I have to buy a wife to work. This one is convenient, the battery tray of everything in it is OK.

Then do not understand that you have after watching our brothers dissect two cars, a Honda LEAD is a super durable, super genuine Honda car, extremely durable, national car. Then this car Klara S uses a lot of the same supplier and durability of things, then quality (the thickness of the equivalent frame) then how do you rate about this car, please comment on the side below for further discussion. Does this car deserve a car as durable as that super durable car? Comment below, don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and press the bell button to follow the videos more often. And now I and Long, the brothers assembled. Good bye and see you again.

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