Quick Experience Hot Goods Lexus UX 200 Just Arrived in Vietnam

Quick experience HOT goods Lexus UX 200 has just returned to Vietnam

Lexus UX 200
Lexus UX 200

Hello friends, today we will learn about the Lexus UX 200 with Premium package. For UX, we have versions to choose from such as: UX200, UX250, UX250H and UX S sport version. In addition, we also have a high-end and luxury package for S sport. For the Lexus UX250H is a very hot car on the market because of its fuel economy, full-time 4-wheel drive, and for the UX200 this is only front-wheel drive. UX200 will compete directly with rivals such as Mec GLA, Audi Q3 or BMW X1. 

Lexus UX 200
Exterior Lexus UX 200

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This is a car with a more coupe-oriented design than competitors in the segment, so overall, the car has a larger size with a longer tail.

Lexus UX 200
Engine equipped is 2.0 Liter

The engine is equipped with a 2.0 Liter, I4 engine block producing 169 horsepower and 151 Nm of torque at 4800 rpm along with a CVT gearbox. The grille has a familiar spindle design, has the typical Lexus logo and has very subtle chrome details at the front of the car. The car light cluster has a sharp design with cut lines inside the lamp, very eye-catching. 

Lexus UX 200
The body of the car is firmly designed

The bodywork is quite similar to the Toyota Corolla Cross, only its ground clearance is better than this Lexus UX200. The car is equipped with 18-inch wheels, comes with Bridgestone Turanza tires. The mirror is designed in the sporty style of Lexus, divided into 2 colors black and gray with a chrome rim in the middle and LED daytime running lights. 

The most noticeable point of the car comes from the rear light cluster, this tail light strip reminds us of a spaceship through space, swiped quite long from left to right. Details of the spoiler combined with the taillights are slightly pushed out, contributing to the aerodynamics of the body.

Lexus UX 200
The rear of the car is equipped with a safety sensor system

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At the front and rear of the car, there are safety equipment such as a sensor system. This sensor part supports the Lexus in the LSS package including lane departure warning, blind spot warning assist on the mirror as well as warning when an object approaches or crosses behind. At the front of the car there is also a radar, support for forward collision warning as well as brake support.

Lexus UX 200

Compared to cars from Europe, Lexus always has design details in the interior with more layers, creating a space that seems more sophisticated. When touching the surface of the material inside the car, you will see a more subtle finish from the leather to the soft plastic on the dashboard. The design in the front row position such as the screen, buttons, ... are all towards the driver. Touch screen with Apple carplay and Android auto connection, the entertainment experience is very complete. 

Lexus UX 200
Steering wheel with adaptive cruise control

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The steering wheel is very familiar from Lexus, with adaptive cruise control. Right behind the steering wheel, there will be mode switches such as eco, normal and sport that are moved onto the dome of the speedometer, like sports cars, but there are no gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel. The car is equipped with steering wheel heating, cooling, and seat heating. The driver and passenger seats are equipped with electric adjustment. 

Lexus UX 200
High quality leather seats

The second row of the car has not been given much priority because there is little storage space, the seating position is not comfortable. However, there are still armrests, air-conditioning vents for the second row, 2 2 A charging ports, a space enough for 2 people in the car. 

The ceiling is designed in black, the leather is white, the details around the dark color make the seats stand out, looking very luxurious. Unfortunately, the speaker system on the Lexus UX200 is not equipped with the familiar Mark Levinson speaker of the Lexus brand, but the standard speaker system that follows the UX will give us an interesting feeling.

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