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A Day Without Auto Review, Try Air Conditioning Review And The End

A Day Without Auto Review, Try Air Conditioning Review And The End

Hello everyone, your Covid situation is so boring! You are unemployed at all, have no work to do, no rice to eat, this service tells you to sympathize with unpaid work for some time then you will not listen, you will not go to work just at home . That's it, so now I am going to convince Mr. Nam to be in charge of my photo section to see if he will go and turn this car for 0 dong or not?

This area is so cool! Do not know how are my brothers now? Hungry friends! Here it is, press the bell. 

Oh hello Nam. I greet you, I invite you into the house. Put on your shoes! Yes, I keep putting on my shoes. If you wear a new house, you will get dirty shoes all over the house, never mind, is it delicious? Here, come and take off the mask, the air is fresh, cool, around the whole forest, cool. Yes, the best part is over there. Sometimes you never have to use fans or air conditioners, just opening the door is delicious. Oh no honey! But this side of me is good for the air outside, but the trees have lots of insects! Insects? The net kept opening, but right now? I am high above, cool, now do not take advantage. But I also get into the habit of coming home when I close the door, turn on the air conditioner to make it happy. Hungry these days, turning on the air conditioner, the house still uses electricity for air-conditioning is a great deal. But my air conditioner saves electricity, extremely saving. Now move to air conditioner review? Or do the two of us do the conditioning review? Right? If you are hungry and don't have a car to review, do the review for air-conditioner, right? Alright.

A Day Without Auto Review, Try Air Conditioning Review And Conclusion 1

Now I will describe the exterior air conditioner, then operate the air conditioner to see how much horsepower, reasonable? Good, but your air conditioner looks good, just bought? Do you remember when your brother went to Daikin's factory last time? Yes, my family also uses Daikin. After that, I decided to change to this air conditioner. Really? Yes, the air conditioner is delicious, has the latest technology, bro! What technology? Inverter technology. Where is the newest inverter, and it is nonsense, Inverter is a long time ago, but it seems smooth, is it turned on? Yes, I am turning it on. Calm? I also know that inverter has a long time, is saving electricity, but importantly it is both power saving and quiet. When I learn about Daikin, Daikin's Inverter is different from other brands, thanks to the exclusive Swing compressor technology. This technology is the secret to help reduce gas leakage, operate very smoothly and help optimize energy savings. In addition, when shopping, I was advised how to know how to save the most electricity, is to look at the CSPF energy efficiency index. As this conditioner has a very high CSPF 7.4 index on the market today. There must be a reason that even though I am unemployed, I don't have a car to spin, I am still confident to turn on the air conditioner all day. That is an advertisement, I now review the product I have to be honest, not advertised, I keep teasing you. This air conditioner is noisy, this air conditioner is expensive, this air conditioner is not good, say it all out for you, so it is just like a review. But now it's so good, what kind of criticism are you making right now, I'm being ridiculous that the audience will laugh again. It's also true.

A Day Without Auto Review, Try Air Conditioning Review And Conclusion 2

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Now, how, do a review test now. Now I have to review instead of you. I use this one very well, I feel it is a very modern air conditioner, very technology, then I came to you to feel your first time when I walked How did you feel about the atmosphere in the room? Then I saw right, I thought you opened the window, found it very cool and pleasant, the feeling it was comfortable but it was not like it was outside, very comfortable. But do you feel the wind is different from the other air conditioner? How? Recently used, I just came in here, actually my air conditioner is very smooth, what's your difference? This is because I'm setting the mode where the wind is blowing, the wind will blow it up in the ceiling and then it spreads around the room, it just comes down. That makes sense. Unlike the other air conditioner, it does not have the mode, the wind blows directly into it, it causes discomfort.

This particular cross, Daikin's side called Coanda based on the physical phenomenon applied to the wing design, which helps the aircraft fly on the air surface. Not only helps create a comfortable wind but also a highlight with the curved mask design.

I think I think like this, after this video, Nam will open a channel called Air conditioner, do you find it reasonable? Air conditioner or anything else, a month, more than a month from the start of the season, how many hours do you take off from work, it should be nearly two months, right? Well, you don't have a salary, so if we don't have, you'll sympathize with each other. So now I have a suggestion that you open up a YouTube channel Air conditioner good, specializing in air conditioning, a month sometimes eat 1-2 air conditioners are also delicious, reasonable. I'm carrying the machine on the channel I'm used to. Well, now I come back to Xe Hay. I am very hungry, I can earn a million and a half weeks salary, how can I live two million a month? This makes a new channel, sometimes a hundred months naturally earn. Are you open to business? Reasonable, more economic. Now that the demand is nearing summer, many homes need air-conditioning, now I open a channel called specialized review air conditioner, which sometimes earns billions. But I have no experience speaking. So I hired him as a guest, pay me 200 million a month. For example, my brothers for example always. Oh yeah.

Now that I am a guest, I review for you this air conditioner, there is nothing good for you to install. When I first came to your house, I found that this air conditioner in a room like this is elegant, the color is similar to other air conditioners, but the shell seems to be smooth, like that that shadow. Well, it is the same as the review of the car, but when it comes to operation, I see that the noise is not there, if you sit right down here, the noise is not there, as well as genuine cars it has no noise. As for the open air, the moment I entered the door, I also found that it was cool, airy, the feeling of it was very comfortable, that's all. But this air conditioner has one to say it's humidity. The humidity is ... Do you think it's different from another air conditioner? I've been using this for a long time now, I feel that the humidity of one conditioner is better than another. Normally, he would use the other type of air conditioner, but he could not say the name here, but the coldness and the humidity of it, he went in and sat down for a while.

A Day Without Auto Review, Try Air Conditioning Review And Conclusion 3

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Surely he also knows that Hanoi has a very high humidity, sometimes in the hot season up to 90%, such high humidity, the person it screeches uncomfortably, not to mention, it is easy to cause respiratory disease and furniture damage. the seventh. I bought this air-conditioner, I heard that the Hybrid Cooling mode helps to balance the humidity very well, that is, both cooling and ensuring the best humidity from 55 - 65%, so you guys I have a cool, pleasant feeling like that. I turn on the air conditioner all day and I am not afraid of respiratory diseases. My children also play comfortably in the house without fear of runny nose.

What else is there? Now, for example, cars, my brother often talks about technology is automatic braking and then keeping the lane, so this is what it ... A have a technology again, bro! Where? It's the one here, the sensor mode is on this air conditioner, it has an external eye. When we turn on the Sensor mode, when we are not in the room, the air conditioner automatically increases to about 2 degrees Celsius to reduce power savings. Alright when I first came in, I was not shocked, well, intelligent. When we enter, the air conditioner recognizes that someone is cold down to 2 degrees Celsius as the temperature we have set initially. How does it recognize or miss? Horizontal car? When a car sits in the car like my brothers do, it also recognizes that someone sitting on it without fastening it will squeak. This is good.

Well the air purifying capability of Daikin air conditioners is also worth the money. I read the newspaper and found that in 2019 Hanoi had 282 days of pollution, a fine dust concentration of 2.5 times 50 times higher than WHO standards. Now I go home, I close the door, open the air conditioner all day because my family has children, fresh air is very important. The air conditioner in the house has a mold filter, Titanium Apatite deodorizing filter layer and 2.5 fine dust filter so the air filter is very effective. This air conditioner I find is relatively modern. It's modern, but I don't know why it's so good, it's cool like this without hearing any cries. Normal air conditioner but it is, at night it goes to whooping.

Not only is it in this cold unit, but it makes a cold sound outside, it also cries loudly, if that air-con .. The hot outside outside if it is stupid, it sounds like a tractor. But do you believe that the hot air conditioner unit doesn't make a sound? Really? I put it right outside, I invite you to come out here. Today, my brothers and sisters have to review in detail, wholeheartedly. Good channel today is air conditioners review, after this program is open good air conditioning channel.

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Here he is! Is this right? Yes, I tried drawing close to him, very smooth. It didn't feel like it was vibrating, but it was running, so cruel, so soft, so surprising. Here, do you know what R-32 is? What? R-32 is a gas R-32 is currently the best environmental protection gas. Generally speaking, it is also on the top of the market, one of the best, isn't it?

Recently, Mr. Nam left the job of filming for Xe or he came to him to review air conditioners here. It sounds reasonable, he is planning to make another channel to review houses, motels and hotels. Review beds, mats, cushions, now have this good air conditioner. If I review the bed, the activities on the bed will be hot, right? There is no good condition, too good reasonable, my brother combined. Yes, I will do your show for you later. Yes, we did it, but when you came, I didn't invite you to drink water, it sounded a bit weird. Well today, air conditioner review is here, don't drink water, come and ask. Well, let me take water to invite him.

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